20 Steamy Pictures Of The US Women's Soccer Team Stars You NEED To See

The days of Mia Hamm have come and gone, and it’s time for you to renew your minuscule knowledge about who’s who when it comes to Women’s soccer. Not only are these women one of the most winning teams representing the United States, they are also the most successful team in the history of international women’s soccer. Under their belt, they have three World Cup titles, including the first-ever Women’s World Cup, four Olympic gold medals, seven CONCACAF wins for gold, and racking in a decade worth of Algarve Cup Champion titles.

It’s pretty safe to say that these women are successful at what they do. So successful that they have not only been behind the fight for equal pay for women (and who really is to argue with that, seeing as the men’s national soccer team couldn’t even qualify for the World Cup?) but have succeeded in gaining international attention when it comes to the world stage, using their platform for so much more than just fame.

The icing on the cake? These elite athletes are not just fit beyond comprehension, they are drop-dead gorgeous, too. They want to make you tune into every international friendly from now on and will have you asking, Mia — who?

Here are our top 20 pictures of some of the names you may have heard of from the women’s national team, and some that you wish you heard of a lot, lot sooner.


20 2o. Hope Solo


Her piercing stare always holding the cameras a bit longer when she the ball in her hands in the eighteen, Hope Solo is one of our most attractive, or most successful players on the USWNT. She is now moving on to bigger and better things, after running into a bit of trouble with the law, which was spread all over the media.

Fortunately, our bad-girl USWNT goalkeeper has not only be ranked as having the record for the most international appearances for the national team as a goalkeeper. Of course, her technical abilities and talent were unmatchable, but we like to think they kept her around also just for us to be able to look at her a little longer, or at least, we always “hope”d.

19 Julie Johnston Ertz


This national team player is formerly known as Julie Johnston, JJ, or Jules, the American blond haired blue eyed midfielder can make you second guess your nonchalant attitude towards the sport. The talented Arizona native rose to stardom playing at Santa Clara University and plays professionally now as a midfielder for the Chicago Red Stars. She is successful at the national team level, clocking in 55 caps with 13 goals.

The 25-year-old is unfortunately already taken, but it doesn't hurt to look unless you are facing NFL Philadelphia Eagle’s tight end, Zach Ertz. Whom you will be, seeing as he is her husband. The Communications major and talented soccer player is also gorgeous and has posed for The Body Issue if you want to check it out.

18 Alex Morgan


Olympic Gold Medalist and FIFA World Cup Champion, we really hope you know who Alex Morgan. If it isn’t for her attack and reputation of being an insane soccer player, it should be for her amazing looks, as well. The beauty queen of the national team, Alex Morgan has been sought out to represent brands, commercials, and everything people could get her face on. Because she really truly is a beauty.

Known worldwide for her pink headband, Alex Morgan made the pink band movement famous throughout the world. As she graces the U.S. and the Orlando Pride with her presence, she also plays with superstars like Marta. She is also a great entrepreneur, using her platform to write books to get her story and her message spread. But sorry boys, like most, she is taken.

17 Abby Dahlkemper

Dawn patrol

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The UCLA graduate and Puma athlete is new to the squad, playing in only 11 games. But we are happy she has joined, all the more reason to follow her. This skater, adventurous defender from California is a goofy, yet gorgeous go-getter.

On her page you will not only find gorgeous shots of her living her life as a professional athlete and being beautiful, you can also find rare videos where she's showing off her dance moves — which makes you love her even more. Here’s to hoping the USWNT loves her in the backline and keeps calling her back for more. If not, check out the North Carolina Courage, the professional team that she plays for.

16 Sydney Leroux


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Known for her looks, it wasn't hard to find a few snaps of this forward that showed off her better assets. She plays in Kansas, which is another, if not only, a reason to visit the state in the middle of nowhere. Leroux is also an accomplished soccer player, holding an Olympic Gold Medal to her name.

A fun fact to know about this USWNT player is that she actually is also Canadian. She represented team Canada during her youth in the younger national teams, then chose to play for the U.S., and of course, we are so, very glad she did. She has also been dawned the “wild child”, pushing buttons and doing something, unable to sit still. Fortunately, she geared all that energy to soccer and look how far it’s gotten her. Well, let’s face it, it was either that or modeling.

15 Kelley O’Hara

Waikiki got me like 😄😄😄

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This Gold Medal and World Cup Champion is gracing our presence with her many endorsements, including one that you might have seen promoting chocolate milk. On her Instagram you can catch Kelley not only doing various sports including ripping out on the waves as a surfer, you can scroll through various posts of her drinking various glasses of chocolate milk.

However, this professional soccer player playing for Sky Blue FC is a Georgia native who walked through the halls, (and probably ran through them, as well) of Stanford University. She is no stranger to various awards and accumulations of her successful sports career —but if we could, we would give her an award for being absolutely gorgeous, there’s no wonder why not only because of her accomplishments, that she is regularly featured on television through advertisements.

14 Allie Long

Honeymoon onesie. 🌴#allwhiteeverything @lolaandlamar #lolaandlamar

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There’s a benefit of playing one of the most taxing sports in the world and training for straight 90 minutes of running at an elite high level. Take a look at her other pictures and you won’t be disappointed unless of course, you run into that gorgeous photo of her in her wedding dress. Which means, yes, sorry again guys, she’s taken.

This Olympian plays for the Portland Thorns, though she hails from New York. Though she doesn't have as an extensive history with the National team with 32 caps, she has capitalized on them, being a member of the USWNT Olympics squad, starting in three out of four of those games, and scoring six goals for the team in the process.


13 Hope Solo - Part 2


 Yes, we know she‘s on here twice, but there‘s a reason why she was number one in the world. Not only is she a great goalkeeper, which is easy to find, the cameras just couldn‘t stop looking at her. Fortunately for all of us, she had a lot of airtime to herself and we had a lot of airtime to watch her.

Luckily, she is still on the world stage since she was trying to win the Presidential election for the U.S. soccer federation, but it doesn’t seem very likely. But, nevertheless, she was approved as a candidate, and we are jumping for joy because there will be more TV time. Unfortunately, the position probably won’t go well with her bad girl attitude we love to hate, but at least we can still look at her.

12 Christen Press


This beauty not only loves her two dogs, (who wouldn’t), she is also extremely lovable herself. The World Cup Champion is captain of the Chicago Red Stars, along with a variety of senior career teams in Sweden and here in the U.S.

She still holds the scoring record at her alma mater, Stanford University, was the first American to receive the Golden Boot award in Swedish’s league and is a recipient of the 2010 Hermann Trophy. Bottom line is that this accomplished, world-class athlete not only holds plenty of means of recognition to her name, she is also drop dead gorgeous. The Californian native started playing at age five and hasn't really stopped since. We love to watch her play and well, just look at her. She’s stunning!

11 Lynn Raenie Williams

☀️ || holding onto summer

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This babe from California and Pepperdine plays for the North Carolina Courage. She quickly gained recognition for her skill, starting in all 20 games, which is extremely difficult to do. Which brings us to recognize her as well.

Her Instagram is not only peppered (see what we did there?) with photos from her Pepperdine days, bikini-clad beach spreads and athletic professional photos of her and her man. This beauty is not only famous, gorgeous, and fun, she is also a seemingly pro at taking ripped beach pictures, showing off her discretely placed tattoos in various places. Amongst her pictures of athletically inclined action shots and apparel, she also shows off her girly-girl side, showing how feminine she can still be even though she is tough on the field.

10 Alex Morgan - Part 2


This girl not only is beautiful, she also proves that soccer girls have the best bodies, and fortunately, she’s not afraid to flaunt it. Even FIFA acknowledges her good looks. The official site actually published an article back in 2015 that described the star forward. It had said: “Alex Morgan is one of the most popular players in USA women's football. A talented goalscorer with a style that is very easy on the eye and good looks to match, she is nothing short of a media phenomenon.”

Fortunately, for her, that raises her popularity and media potential, and lucky for us, that means she will be in the public’s eye a lot more than usual — and we see no reason to complain.

9 Ashlyn Harris

Gameday 🙅🏼 📷: Brad Smith #isiphotos

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Bringing out some competition for her fellow position counterpart, Hope Solo, Ashlyn Harris is fierce and know what she wants. She knows who she is and even better, she isn't afraid to show it. Playing for the Orlando Pride and growing up in Florida, she feels right at home in the sunshine state.

The first in her family to graduate from college, Ashlyn attended UNC and graduated with a 3.33 GPA. So, if you think you can’t have beauty, brains, and brawn, Ashlyn Harris will prove you wrong. She is also a highly decorated athlete — winning three national championships with the Tar Heels. This beach lover loves to surf and hang out in the sun. She is also a giving soul, donating her time and money to various charities and organizations.

8 Sofia Huerta


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This USWNT defender made the switch from being a Mexican national soccer team queen to playing for the United States. She’s actually the first player in the history of the USWNT to come from Idaho.

So not only is Sofia talented and athletic enough to play for both teams and countries, she’s also bilingual. She is one of the most recent members of the squad and we are so glad she made the switch — now we can see a lot more of her! She played her first cap with the U.S. national team just a few months ago on September 15th, 2017. She follows teammate Julie Ertz from Santa Clara into the national team and is also met by a few friendly faces from her club team, the Chicago Red Stars.

7 Sydney Leroux - Part 2


The bad girl of the gang, Sydney Leroux seems to have it all. She also loves to bring attention to herself, but we’re not too disappointed about all the pictures the paparazzi has snagged. Especially when she’s enjoying a day on the beach.

Not only is this Canadian-American superstar amazing to look at, she also has the talent, skill, and strength to go with her beauty. Her personality also draws us to her. She seems to be outgoing, charismatic, and she is a great soccer player — she played on both the Canadian and American national team. The great thing about Sydney is that she has a unique body for someone that runs so much, with her vivacious curves and muscles to match.

6 Casey Short

Nothing like a good quad stretch 📸: @ncoskyphoto

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From Illinois and moving to Florida to attend and play for FSU, Short has had an extensive pro soccer career with three different teams here in the U.S. and in Norway, and three stages of the USWNT — from the U20 team to the full national team.

This successful athlete is not only highly branded with amazing notches to her soccer career, she is also highly gorgeous. Not actually short despite her name, the 5 foot 8 Illinois native graces her presence in 19 caps for the USWNT. Her curly, light hair sets her apart in her unique appearance, creating those blond locks as one of her trademark looks. It also doesn't hurt when it comes to looking fly. This soccer player’s Instagram is filled with professional photos showcasing not only her amazing hair, but also her insane fit form.

5 Hope Solo - Part 3


We could make a whole list of pictures showing off the good looks and trained body of Hope Solo, but we hope this is enough for you. On to Hope Solo’s picture number three. This goalkeeper not only has a unique look, with her light eyes and dark hair but also since she was an athlete, she has the physique to match.

Fortunately, with all her antics, she has never failed to gain camera time, and always seems to be on the news. There isn't much to complain about, however, because it gives us more time to look at her. Hope has stepped down from her soccer career and tried to take the limelight in the FIFA presidential election. We don't know how it'll go, but having a president that looked like this, wouldn't be that bad.

4 Emily Sonnett

Avocado and poached abs [caption credit @lindseyhoran11 ]

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We think it’s safe to say that female soccer players have some of the fittest bodies out there and Emily Sonnett is no exception. Not only is Emily classy, pretty, and fit, she also has an Adidas sponsorship, has her dream job, and claims to have a sense of humor to tie it all together.

Her dream job not only includes playing for the USWNT but also playing professionally here in the U.S., which she does for the Portland Thorns F.C. She is following her dreams, which accentuates her curb appeal for everyone, but especially for us, by living her life here in the states, but also has had the fortunate opportunity to be loaned to Sydney FC and is out there playing and being gorgeous. Hopefully, they give her back!

3 Carli Lloyd


Talk about successful babes, Carli Lloyd has two FIFA World Player of the World awards under her build along with being a World Cup Champion and have two gold medals from the Olympics. She is also an excellent entrepreneur, promoting her brand — herself. And we totally love it.

One of the most successful and famous women’s soccer players in the world and on the USWNT, she also has her looks to back her up. Unfortunately, she isn‘t based in the U.S. anymore, having recently moved to Manchester City, but we can still see her on the home front every once in a while (thank God), either promoting her brand name, modeling products, or being on home soil to relish in her accomplishments. She also one of the leading ladies accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination. Go, Carli!

2 Christen Press - Part 2


Fortunately, Christen was one of those athletes that shot pictures for the Body Issue, so if you want to check this out as well, please, be our guest. The forward of the U.S. Women’s National Team has the beauty, brains, and skill of being one of the top international soccer players in our book, and if you see the picture above, we don't think you'll argue with us, much.

Unfortunately, she seems to stand in the shadow of names like Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, especially since they are all forwards, but we hope she gets a little more television time as her career goes on. Until then, we’ll keep looking at pictures and finding other ways to catch glimpses of her — without doing any illegal stalking, of course.

1 Alex Morgan & Sydney Leroux - BFFs


It’s no secret that Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan are both on our list, various times, but a picture that features the both of them in one shot is definitely a reason to celebrate. That’s why we chose them as our number one. That, and the fact that they are in revealing bikinis on the beach.

We all know that soccer players have the best legs, but this picture proves that the rest of their bodies are also pretty amazing. Fortunately, these girls are often together, seeing as they are BFFs and everything, so it won’t be too difficult to see them both together at the same time. Two birds in one stone, if you ask us. Either way, we wanted to end our list with this picture burned in your short-term memory — you’re welcome.


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