20 Times Danica Patrick Showed Us More Than We Could Handle

Danica Patrick has always been a game changer. From the first time she sat down in a go kart to her current career in NASCAR, Danica makes her presence known where ever she goes. Danica is one of the most famous and recognized faces in sports today and has done more to further women in motorsports, and sports in general, than most professional female athletes. After all, Danica is a super star not in a female dominated sport, but in a male dominated one. She had torn down walls and forged a path for women everywhere, inspiring them to be more and do more. Despite all of this, Danica receives her share of critics who are quick to shine a light on all of her mistakes and downfalls. Danica, however, refuses to give in to the detractors, instead choosing to use the negative comments to fuel her success.

Danica was a ground breaking personality from an early age. At ten years old she starting racing go karts and never looked back. She dropped out of high school when she was 16 to pursue racing full time (although later she would go on to earn her GED) and after venturing over the Pond to England to hone her skills, broke into IndyCar in 2005. She was Rookie of the Year that year and from there her career, and her popularity, exploded. NASCAR was the next inevitable step and once Danica made that leap her persona really took off. Danica is one of the most successful women drivers in racing and makes a mark on every race she is in. She is fast, hard driving, and plays with the big boys without blinking. She is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt about it.

Danica is not only hot on the track, she is hot off. Danica is one of the best looking women in sports today. Combine this hot woman with some hot cars and you have the stuff fantasies are made of. This fact alone has made more than one critic point out that at times Danica is too revealing and does more to set women back than to move them forward. Take a look at 20 of the most revealing Danica Patrick pictures out there and set your heart racing.

21 Start your engines…

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Danica looks back seductively while standing in front of a Shelby Cobra during her photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. Most of the time bikinis and racing don’t mix but for Danica it seems nothing but right. Her beguiling, come hither expression, and dangerous curves would start anyone’s engine and make even the most sedate person want to strap in the cockpit of that Cobra and go for a ride. Critics pointed out that even posing for SI was a decision that proved their point exactly, Danica was too revealing for her role in sports. However this was just the beginning for Danica, as she's built her brand name through posing for various photo shoots and not being afraid to go above and beyond being a racer.

20 Hot rod..

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What is hotter than a hot rod? A hot woman driving that hot rod of course. Danica takes this hot rod to the level of inferno with a flaming red corset and tiny black bottoms. Knowing that Danica can take most people at the line in the beast of the car only makes the combination of her and the car almost explosive. Danica can take the hottest car in the world and make it even hotter. That’s a sight you wouldn’t mind seeing in front of you which was exactly the problem. The combination of the car and the leather jacket with no top underneath caused a flurry of criticism that only brought more attention to the pictures, and Danica’s hot rod. Talk about giving a whole new meaning to the expression.

19 Who knew fire suits could be so revealing?

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Danica spends most of her time at the track in a fire suit. Fire suits are required for all drivers and team members that go over the wall. Most of the time, fire suits, while being terrific at protecting drivers and team members from injury, are cumbersome attire that could make anyone look like a shapeless blob. Danica, however, is the exception to that rule. She can make even a fire suit look hot and especially so with the help of a white string bikini. Detractors stated that these pictures were demeaning to Danica’s position as a race car driver and showed that it was her body, not her skill that put her in the car. Danica seemed to use those dark comments to drive her on the track and prove her skill to be her biggest asset. That being said, that fire suit would set more than one heart on fire.

18 Ms. Patrick, your door, and your jacket, are open…

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This picture sent critics and detractors over the top with exasperation. Danica is smoldering in the front seat of that hot rod, her door and her jacket open invitingly, while her expression dares anyone to draw any closer. She looks fierce, powerful, and is one brisk breeze away from revealing her assets underneath. While some people complained, once again, that this picture was displaying much more than it had too, the countless downloads, posters, and wallpapers testified to the fact that many people thought it was just right-and were probably praying for a brisk breeze to blow through. Traditionalists in racing may have a problem with it, but they can't deny that Danica brings a whole new dimension to the sport, one that many appreciate.

17 Nothing like a good pair of sunglasses…

Sometimes there is nothing like a good pair of sunglasses, and a little swimsuit, to add that certain something to a picture. Danica certainly does that and in this picture reveals a little bit of her hobbies to her fans. Her fun side comes through in this picture and she gives her fans a glimpse of her off of the track and relaxed when she is who she really is. It is a picture that reveals a softer side. Danica enjoys her fine wines and what's better than enjoying a bottle on the beach? She's endorsing a product here, but she's doing it in the best way possible, as it definitely puts you in the mood to hit the beach, enjoy a fine bottle... and hope that Danica will join you.

16 A little yoga on the beach…

Danica has become as famous for her yoga poses as her racing and this is a perfect example why. Danica is always proud to reveal how flexible and athletic she is, as she demonstrates here. Danica’s barely there bikini is stretched as tight as it can be as she and her vacation buddy stretch and create a perfect pose on a picturesque beach. She also has quite the partner here, wouldn't you agree?

Danica revealed why she practices yoga in an interview with USA Today: The practice of doing yoga is about being mindful and about allowing what your body will give you and accepting what your body will give you,” Patrick said. “Some days, it’s there, and some days, it’s not. Some days you balance like a guru, and then other days, you just don’t so it (helps with) accepting as well.”

15 Firestone is a sponsor after all…

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Danica once again raised eyebrows when these revealing pictures on sponsor, Firestone’s tires were released. Danica was chastised for again being too scantily clad for her position as a role model and heroine to people around the globe. The tiny dress and provocative position caused many people to say the photo shoot was too revealing. Once again Danica made sure she took the negative and turned it into a positive, garnering the bad publicity into good and selling more posters and downloads of the image because of the outcry.

Patrick may soon be doing more endorsements, as it was recently announced she'd be leaving Stewart-Haas Racing next season. Tony Stewart didn't seem to doubt that she'd bounce back:“I’ve always been a believer in Danica’s ability as a racecar driver and that continues to be the case. She’s one of the most fearless people I’ve ever met. She has never backed down from a challenge,” Stewart wrote on his Facebook page. “In fact, she’s sought out new challenges throughout her career, and that’s what brought her to NASCAR and Stewart-Haas Racing.”

14 Dangerous curves ahead…

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In this set of pictures Danica revealed that it wasn’t just roads that have dangerous curve. In her tiny black bikini little is left to the imagination and dangerous curves abound. Danica received a mountain of heat for the pictures, critiquing her barely there bikini and a pose that was interpreted as being demeaning to women. Danica didn’t take it lying down, however, well except in the picture. This time she addressed her critics and the pictures stating that it was empowering for women.

Many people agree and her series in the black bikini and the Cobra were some of the most popular with her fans. This was quite a while ago, almost 10 years, but yet, it's among the first pictures you see when you Google Danica Patrick's name and for good reason.

13 Rear views…

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In another shot that burned up her fire suit, Danica revealed her tattoo and more on the beach. The shot was one of Danica’s most revealing and hinted that the next one would be even more so. Critics slammed Danica for using her fire suit in a photo shoot that many felt was demeaning and not the image Danica should be portraying. The tiny white bikini bottoms barely cover her, well, bottom, and Danica’s challenging expression would set any heart on fire. Revealing on or not this was one of Danica’s most downloaded and sought after pictures. In any event, who's to say what image Danica Patrick should be portraying? It's her career and she should be able to decide where she wants to take it. Our only question is, when's the next beach shoot?

12 Remember to breathe…

Danica has been very open about her passion for yoga. She is a big advocate for learning to properly breathe and stretch. This photo is a revealing look into Danica’s world as she practices yoga in her home and takes a moment on a Sunday afternoon to breathe, relax, and get in touch with herself outside of her mega career. She definitely shows her peaceful side, as she captions this photo: "Inhale life, exhale everything else. It's amazing how great just breathing and stretching can feel. ✨Sunday vibes." With all the stress Danica goes through in being the most famous female racecar driver in the world and having to answer to critics every day, it's probably a good idea for her to get those peaceful Sunday vibes in when she can.

11 Selfies can be very revealing…

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Selfies can be some of the most revealing shots taken of people as Danica learned the hard way. Celebrities’ phones are often hacked, as was the case in this situation where Danica had her phone hacked and this selfie was let loose on the internet. Danica was, understandably, angry and embarrassed. The pictures, nonetheless, is one of the most revealing of Danica as it reveals not only her body, but is a look inside her world and her life. Out of all the celebrities who have suffered from a hack, Danica actually was quite lucky that it wasn't worse, as only part of her bare breast was exposed, while certain women had everything out and had their privacy violated. Hopefully this is as far as it goes for her.

10 Once again-careful with the selfies…

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The previous picture wasn’t the only one that made it to the internet when Danica’s phone was stolen. This picture also found its way there and caused waves from haters and lovers alike. Needless to say, the picture was a lot more revealing than Danica would have ever liked to be made public. Unfortunately being a public figure sometimes means that private things aren’t private, no matter how intimate they are. Danica handled the public display of her pictures with her usual blend of spunk and sass and turned the stumbling block into a stepping stone for her career. Once again, Danica fortunately had something to cover her delicate areas, but this was still an intimate moment that was clearly not meant for the whole world to see.

9 A helmet, a swimsuit, and a driver…

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Once again that little white bikini came under scrutiny from critics of Danica Patrick. When these pictures were released detractors complained, once again, that Danica was revealing way too much and hinting at revealing more. The fact that she included her helmet made many people complain that someone who was supposed to be a role model was instead posing for revealing pictures and objectifying women.

While the tiny white bikini is very revealing and Danica’s thumb hooked seductively in her bottoms, is most definitely enticing, Danica looks amazing as always and used her good looks to parlay her career into something more than anyone could have ever imagined. Oh and side note; anyone else notice that guy in the background catching a snap? Creepy...

8 Can’t beat some time with friends..

The team. @theespys

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There is nothing like a little down time with friends. Danica allows her fans a sneak peek into her world when she is just being herself and hanging with friends. This picture is a revealing look at a super star who is known to be temperamental on the track, and anytime she is competing. Here Danica is relaxing though, no make-up or photo shoot perfection, just Danica and her friends having a good time. What could be more revealing than that?

This year on her 35th birthday, Danica shed some more light on how she views life and reflected on what she'd accomplished: "Thank you my love for putting together a nice surprise birthday dinner! 35 and proud of it!" she wrote on Instagram. "I earned all the gray hairs and wrinkles I got."

7 Big event, tiny dress…

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As a superstar, Danica gets invited to many big events all over the country. When she showed up at the ESPYs in this variation on the little black dress, jaws dropped. The tiny black leather dress, while being beautiful revealed a lot of skin both on the top and the bottom, causing many people to say the dress was too revealing and risqué. The short hemline, coupled with Danica’s long legs made the outfit seem like it showed even more than it may have. Despite what critics said, Danica rocked the dress and showed the most important quality of role models-confidence. Danica never fails to impress on a red carpet and if her full-time racing career is indeed coming to an end, she'll find plenty of events to keep herself busy.

6 Workouts do make you hot…

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There is no doubt that the point of a good workout is to make you sweat. Danica, who has been known to be into health and fitness, and even has her own fitness book, has always been a promoter of being fit. This picture shows just how fit Danica is, and maybe a little more. The picture, while showing Danica’s fantastic body, also shows a lot of her hard earned muscles, and focuses not on Danica as a whole but her ample assets. The picture drew a fair amount of fire and detracted from the positive, healthy image that Danica was trying to portray. That aside, with this picture Danica makes everything extra steamy. Who said that being a driver doesn't require you to be an athlete?

5 Just a little off the shoulder…

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Revealing is often up for interpretation. This picture caused commentary not because it showed any more than the other photos of Danica in the same white bikini but because it hinted at more. Danica is looking seductively over her shoulder into the camera, with the strap of her bikini top, sliding down over her shoulder. It looks like Danica is barely holding her top in place and she is making no apologies for it. She is drizzled with a layer of sand and just daring anyone to get close while seeming to beckon them in. The suggestive nature of the picture is what makes it so revealing and what caused critics to denounce the bareness of the shot. But the hell with with the critics, right Danica?

4 Tiny Clothing and big poses…

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The photoshoot with the Cobra became one of Danica’s most famous photoshoots. Posters, wallpapers, and downloads abounded of the numerous shots and poses. This one in particular drew some heat as well as caused some. The little black top, while not only show off Danica’s dangerous curves, they also barely cover them making this shot one of the most revealing one’s taken of her.

Patrick addressed some of the criticism she receives back in 2013 in response to Kyle Petty, a former racing analyst: "I really don't care," she said. "I don't. It's true there are plenty of people who say really bad things about me. I hear about them or I read them or I read them on Twitter. People want me to die. At the end of the day, you just get over that kind of stuff. All you can do is trust that you're doing a good job and that's all that matters and the people around you believe in you."

3 That Hair...

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Danica’s photo shoot with her racing gear sparked quite the controversy at the time. Critics claimed that since Danica was a role model, especially to young girls, posing in provocative pictures with her racing gear was counter-productive to her positive image. Danica shook off the criticism though and the above picture came from another shoot in which she ditched the racing clothing altogether and just let her feminine features pop out.

Danica Patrick has the beach behind her and she flails her wet hair up for all to see, which makes you wonder just how you'd react if you saw Danica Patrick hanging out by the beach. It really is amazing how Danica is able to shake off critics and keep doing her thing.

2 Nothing like a little sand and surf…

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There are few things as fun and relaxing as a little sun and surf as Danica shows us in this picture. What she also shows in this picture is her features up top. Danica, while playing in the sand and the water ended up showing off a lot of her lovely chest and giving everyone a peek down her bikini top in the process. While the picture may have been taken spur of the moment and in fun, the picture was steamy enough to be considered revealing-a fact many people would not lament. Danica seems just as comfortable by the water as she does on the racetrack and she never fails to impress when she hits the beach. It's probably overdue that we get another shoot from her, isn't it?

1 Upside down

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Just when it seemed like the photo shoot in the little white bikini couldn’t get any hotter, it did. Danica went upside down on camera for the end of the shoot, the sunset casting just the right amount of light to make her glow a little. The bikini stuck in just the right places, it left just barely enough to the imagination without leaving much at all.

Danica’s detractors offered sharp criticism, but again the sales and downloads spoke louder than any criticism and Danica used the publicity to help further her career to new heights.

If these 20 pictures prove anything, it's that Danica Patrick will dictate just how much of her we will see, not NASCAR. Whatever the future or her racing career holds, Danica's given us all we could handle, but we won't say no to more.

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