20 Times Female Tennis Players SERIOUSLY Regretted Their Choice Of Outfit

Tennis has become quite the spectacle over the years, and there’s no doubt that the women’s game has done a lot for the sport. Many a male fan was recruited by means of watching well-dressed women perform with the racket, and the fan-base will continue to grow. Heck, I turned into a fan writing this.

The attention women's tennis receives is higher than ever and the athletes have Anna Kournikova to thank. The ravishing Russian turned the sport on its head when she stepped onto the scene, giving women's tennis an air of provocativeness and celebrity status with her alluring outfits. It's a shame how her career got cut short, but she's left an indelible mark, with many others following suit, quite literally. While she never was the most talented, she brought a whole new dimension to the sport.

Well of course the short skirts and dresses don't fare very well under the constant movement and windy conditions. Plus there's plenty going on upstairs too. That does make for good viewing, and ever so often, a female tennis player exposes some part of her body inadvertently; although it's understood that they probably don't mind.

If you haven't rushed the thing and scrolled down yet, here are 20 such cases below.

20 Angelique Kerber's Little Lady In Red

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So we kick this one off with what some may consider a smashing photo of German national Angelique Kerber. The 29-year-old is a former world No.1, who has also won two Grand Slam titles. Kerber is quite the decorated performer, having won the German Sportswoman of the Year Award, the WTA Player of the Year Award and the ITF World Championship last year.

She is also a major earner in the game, with Forbes recognizing her as 2017’s second highest paid female athlete. In the picture above, our lady in red gives us quite the peek at another such lady; but truth be told, she couldn’t have expected any less.

The cheeky camera goes off at just the right moment, as she swings her racket for a shot, paying no mind to what’s going on down below.

19 Justine Henin's Point Of View

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Henin suffers the same embarrassment in the preceding photo, only a whole lot worse. Despite having a reasonably cut dress, the former pro still has her lower parts exposed, with her underwear failing to hide the details and contours.

The Belgian, also an erstwhile world no.1 who held the rank for nearly 120 days, is famed for being one of the only females to perform a single-handed back hand. In fact, John McEnroe once described hers as the best single backhand in both men’s and women’s tennis.

Last year, Henin became the very first Belgian to be inducted into the International tennis Hall of Fame. She was forced to retire from professional tennis (for the second time) in 2011 as the result of an aggravated elbow injury, but is recognized as one of the best women to ever play the game.

18 Ana Ivanovic Showing Her Stuff

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The 30-year-old Serbian is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women to ever grace a tennis court, which is why it’s extra pleasurable seeing such photos of her clothing going up and letting her down.

Ana won the French Open in 2008, beating Dinara Safina in the final to claim the world’s No.1 spot. She lost to Sharapova in the Australian Open that year, also bowing out to the above Henin in the French Open the year before.

The former player has a famous husband as well. Ana married ex-Bayern Munich and Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger in 2016, and announced being pregnant with their first child in November of 2017.

Schweinsteiger, 33, has taken his talent to the MLS and plays for the Chicago Fire. And as you might imagine, the above photos are two he wishes would go away.

17 Lauren Davis Getting Stung

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Lauren Davis is a seven-time singles winner on the ITF tour, who is known for her pacey play and expert backhand strike.

Now 24 years of age, Lauren was treated to quite the mishap as a 19-year-old player. Performing in the Sony Open, the American just didn’t have a great time, and her losses were exacerbated by a cheeky wasp who somehow decided to sting her on the behind.

Lauren didn’t let the sting prevent her from carrying on against her opponent, Alize Cornett, neither did she blame the loss that followed on the untimely incident. But she must have regretted wearing such a short skirt.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the 32C heat had both players leave the court hogging ice and in wheelchairs.

16 Maria Sharapova's Twin Peaks

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There was just no way Maria Sharapova was going to escape this list. The Russian has given us more than a few moments to choose from over the years. And the hovering pic is relatively mild.

Sharapova, surely the best female tennis player who hails from Russia, is also one of the hottest in all of sports. The 30-year-old’s game has dropped with age, but her looks are still to die for.

She can boast winning five grand Slam titles, as well as ranking No.1 in the world on five different occasions, with the first coming in 2005 as a teenager. She also dated Adam Levine at one point that year after meeting him at her 18th birthday party.

As mentioned before, Sharapova has given us several such moments to choose from. Yet this particular image ended up being the chosen one (for now).

15 Michelle Larcher De Brito's Upskirt

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Michelle Larcher De Brito is another 24-year-old who has done well on the ITF scene, winning four singles titles thus far. Hailing from Portugal, she became only the second female from her country to feature in a Grand Slam main draw.

Back in her teens, the Portuguese became embroiled in some bizarre controversy, with people accusing her of grunting excessively to distract opponents - well imagine that.

She seemed quite recalcitrant upon first mention, but later backtracked and said: "I'm 16 and I'm still learning. Maybe I can eventually put it under control. I don't know, but I'll try. It comes from Seles; it comes from Sharapova. It comes from great players."

Eight years later, no one seems to care. She already does a good enough job of distracting just about everyone when she wears stuff like this.

14 Maria Kirilenko Showing Some Skin

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Well to be fair, Russian star Maria Kirilenko has no qualms showing off her body. She appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2009 after all. And rather amazingly, it is believed that she mailed one of her panties to a certain platoon in the US Army whilst they were on tour in Afghanistan.

Kirilenko hasn’t won any Grand Slam tournaments to date, but she has captured a WTA tour title and reached the quarter-final stage in three Grand Slams. Pictured above, the 30-year-old beauty gives us quite the spectacle while competing. There’s not much exposed here, to be honest, yet it’s still worth a second look, and possibly a few more after that. Hell, why separate the glances? Just stare at the damn thing…

13 Nicole Vaidisova Being Perky

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Well there’s really no need to explain what’s going on there, but I will anyway – because I simply wouldn’t be fulfilling my duties if I don’t.

Nicole Vaidisova, a retired tennis pro, did the right thing and drew more male fans to the game when she did this. The German, obviously wearing nothing under her outfit – well the top half – made things all the more evident when she raised her arms to further expose her near-bare chest. And we are indeed thankful some cameraman made sure to immortalize the moment with a neat snap.

Vaidisova announced her second retirement in 2016 due to injuries, having previously called it quits and putting it down to a lack of interest in tennis. That is a shame as she’s only 28, mostly because we’re probably never going to see such pics from her again.

12 Serena Williams Flaunting Her Stuff

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Well you just knew she’d be on here right? Given that she has a penchant for wearing some of the most amazing outfits in the history of the game. And what’s more, her body is just ridiculous.

Serena Williams, like her sister Venus, has already attained legendary status in the sport of tennis. The pair have won 14 doubles titles together, and are still unbeaten as a team. The 23-time Grand Slam winner won’t be hitting the court until 2018, due to her recent childbirth; but at 36, she still looks like she still has lots to achieve.

She certainly doesn’t seem the type who’d regret an outfit, as she knows she’s super sexy and flaunts it at every opportunity. And you happen to be in luck; there’s more goodness from her below.

11 Venus William's Wardrobe Malfunction

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Serena’s older sister Venus is currently ranked No.5 in the world, and she’s already 37. As mentioned before, the sisters are unrivaled in doubles competition, having smashed all who have come before them in women’s doubles.

Serena has far surpassed her in Grand Slam singles competition, as she’s only won seven. But by no means is that something to shirk at; it’s still a remarkable achievement.

As far as regrets go, though, Venus must have scolded herself for wearing the dress pictured above. The self-designed outfit gave way during a match in Milan, with the left strap snapping and leaving the star needing a pit stop. She was forced off the court, all in good cheer, mind you. And she even came back with a light snack for her opponent after she changed outfits.

10 Caroline Wozniacki

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Another stunning gem of a woman who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Caroline Wozniacki is used to her body being on display. The Dane is the first woman to appear in the said edition on three occasions, having also featured in the magazine’s body paint shoot.

“I am sooooo excited about being back in this year’s SI Swimsuit!” she told the magazine in February of 2017. “We always have a blast on set and I love how the magazine promotes different body shapes and sizes. I am really proud to be in the issue again this year!”

The 28-year-old is now in a relationship with former Golden State Warriors forward David Lee. The pair got engaged in November of 2017, and should be tying the knot pretty soon.

9 Agnes Szavay's Liftoff 

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Agnes Szavay is a former player who originates from Hungary. Her highest world ranking is at No.13, and there are no Grand Slam title wins to show, unfortunately. In her case, it’s not her skirt that’s too short, but her blouse – although we can’t be too sure.

It would seem that her things got rather bouncy during the pertinent event and would not let her top sit still on her body while she competed, causing it to go up and expose her torso and belly button.

This photo, despite the perceived mildness, could be one of the best on this list due to the cameraman’s timing. (What is it with tennis photographers and timing?) While only her belly is exposed, it’s just an overall alluring pic.

8 Serena Williams' Cat Suit

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You were bound to see Serena here again, and you probably will yet another time if you keep scrolling. But let’s keep that a surprise. Of course there’s no way she revealed anything she did not plan to, but this pic was always going to get its recognition (you’re welcome boys).

The Williams sister’s dark, skin-tight get-up makes for extremely good viewing. And having seen it, I’d be lying if I said I don’t wish I did in person. I mean just look at the cargo on there!

This outfit, made by PUMA, was designed with Serena’s help and is still regarded as one of the best ever worn on a tennis court, despite being displayed 15 years ago. She did receive a bit of criticism for wearing it, but we are all on her side, are we not?

7 Anna Kournikova Standing Firm

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Ana Kournikova was more than a tennis star in her day, she was a celebrity (well now she’s just a celebrity). The Russian never won a singles title, but she still managed to reach world No.8 at one point and enjoyed success as a doubles winner with Martina Hingis.

The pair called themselves the ‘Spice Girls of tennis’, and who could dispute that? They are, in fact, two of the most gorgeous women in the history of the sport.

Kournikova is now 36, but her professional career ended 15 years ago due to a series of spine issues. Fortunately, she didn’t give up the racket before blessing us with the wonderful moment pictured above, drenched in sweat and with her headlamps on.

Ah, the good old days.

6 Flashy Martina Hingis

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So yes, we move on to the other half of the tennis Spice Girls, Martina Hingis. Unlike Kournikova, Hingis won five singles Grand Slam titles during her career, also spending over 200 days as the world’s No.1.

The Swiss beauty fought her own battles with injuries and was forced to step back from tennis on a temporary basis in 2002. By then, she had already won a whopping 40 singles titles and 36 doubles titles, though, and was the highest-paid female athlete for five years running (1997-2001).

The 37-year-old is now a Hall of Famer, having gotten inducted in 2013, and will go down in history as one of the game’s best-ever.

In the image above, and much like her former partner, Hingis gives us a bit of a flash. Spicy, right?

5 Maria Sharapova's Unlucky Blue

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Maria Sharapova has already featured on here. But hey, who’s counting? Save the revelation, this is actually a very nice outfit. Nike did quite the job with this one, getting both color and design on point. And it did give us just a glimpse of what was going on underneath.

Perhaps it just wasn’t lucky, though, as she lost to her practice partner and friend Maria Kirilenko in the first round of the 2010 Australian Open. It was actually her first exit at this stage of a slam tournament since she was 16.

It made sense that she lost to Kirilenko, as she was probably the most informed as it relates to Sharapova’s game. And by beating her friend, the other Maria achieved the biggest feat in her tennis career up to that point.

4 Simona Halep In Rack City

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Simona Halep doesn’t have such big breasts anymore, due to reduction surgery, and it probably left quite a few people disappointed. It has definitely helped her game, though, as she’s currently world No.1.

While her 34DD size must have made her a great many fans, they hindered her progress and had her ranked at 500 in the world. In 2009, however, the Romanian had them reduced to 34C, and she has been on the up ever since.

“My ability to react quickly was worse and my breasts made me uncomfortable,” she said after having the procedure. It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.

“I didn’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.”

3 Venus Williams Blending In

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Much like her sister Serena, Venus loves going for the extravagant, even when she knows it will leave her looking a little bit naked. Gearing up for the 2010 French Open, the American star donned a red and black corset-themed outfit with brown tights underneath.

The tights matched her skin color, giving her the appearance someone who forgot to wear underwear.

“The design has nothing to do with my rear,” she said afterwards. “It just so happens that I have a very well-developed one.”

She has admitted getting called by her publicist in the middle of the night due to such antics, but she isn’t breaking any rules, is she?

A poll taken back then revealed that 40% of fans thought that someone should ask Venus to cover up. It’s quite safe to assume that it never happened.

2 Serena Williams Being Very Extra

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So we got some more from Serena. Told ya! Those of you who are familiar with the star’s outfits must know that she’s fond of the outrageous. And taking part in the 2004 US Open, the sexy athlete came out wearing something ladies going to nightclubs would normally sport.

The black top seemed okay enough, but the short denim skirt and black boots must have dropped a few jaws. To make matters worse (you know I mean better), she gave the crowd a bit more to look at when she lifted said skirt with her hand.

One would think that it’s pretty difficult to play tennis in such an outfit, but it obviously wasn’t a problem for Serena. She didn’t win the tournament, however, exiting at the quarter-final stage.

1 Maria Sharapova Can't Keep it Over

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Well just what was Maria Sharapova thinking when she chose to wear risqué orange knickers under her dress with no shorts? What was she trying to do here!?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means complaining, but this stands out as very absurd in a sport in which females are constantly exposed. And what’s more, she doesn’t even seem to care!

“I have always had an interest in fashion and design and I appreciate style and timelessness within my footwear and accessories both on and off the court,” she once said. But obviously, this get-up did take it a bit too far. Like I said, though, I’m not complaining – it’s just that I’ll never really understand what I did to deserve this lovely sighting.

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