26 Athletes Who Have Been Accused of Soliciting Prostitutes

This topic is as funny as it is confusing. It's funny because reading about any man with his pants around his ankles trying to explain his way out of being caught with a "woman of the night" is hilarious. But on top of that. confusion sets in, as how difficult can it be to walk into a bar, find a girl who knows you're a pro athlete and then find a hotel room, cab, dark alley or what have you?

Look at the facts; most athletes are attractive and take care of themselves, have plenty of money, and have confidence coming out their ears. These are things that can help make a person attractive and, therefore, there should never be a problem finding a lady to spend the night with.

There is one possible explanation and that is that a woman who is picked up in a bar or similar situation is likely to want breakfast in the morning, a second date later in the week and somewhere down the road, a ring, followed by half of the athlete's stuff. As the greatest actor of our time, the Warlock Charlie Sheen, has said, you don't pay a prostitute to come, you pay her to leave. That may be all the answer we need when it comes to the question "why do athletes need prostitutes?"

Whatever the cause, this has been a trend for decades, and here is our extended list of athletes who have been caught with prostitutes. Remember folks, there may well be plenty more, but these were the sad, unfortunate ones who were caught.

26 Edwin Moses


25 Derrick Rose

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

24 Derek Bell and Scott Sanders


23 Greg Anthony


22 Greg Raymer

21 Warren Sapp

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

20 Dave Stewart


19 Quentin Groves

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

18 The Czech and Mexican National Soccer Teams

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2007, a group of players on the Czech Republic's national soccer team had a few prostitutes show up at their hotel room for Tomas Ujfalusi's birthday, according to Bloomberg. This happened just after a loss to Germany during the qualifying period for the 2008 Euro Championship. The team was fined but the players insisted they had done nothing wrong.

17 Kevin Stevens


16 Lamar Odom

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

15 Andray Blatche

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

14 Ronaldo


One of the best players of world football was caught in one of the funniest prostitution controversies that the sports world has ever seen. After picking up three ladies and getting up to the hotel room, he made a discovery, which was that the three ladies were not ladies at all, but sure dressed like it! The three then tried to extort money from the soccer star and one alleged that Ronaldo had tried to hit them, according to BBC. He can't really be blamed, as most guys would probably take a swing at someone for posing as a woman and then trying to extort money.

13 Mario Balotelli

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

12 Lawrence Taylor

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

11 Wayne Rooney

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

10 Charles Barkley

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

9 Darryl Strawberry

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

While the 1980s treated Darryl Strawberry very well, as he was one of the best in the league and won a World Series in '86, the 90s saw him win two more World Series' with the Yankees, but his performance fell through the floor, as did his personal life.

8 Peter Crouch


For those of you who consider yourselves casual or occasional soccer fans, Peter Crouch is that tall English fellow. The name "Crouch" is both his last name and what he has to do in order to enter normal sized doorways. But enough of the terrible one-liners, on to the prostitution scandals.

Peter Crouch has been accused twice, once back in 2010, when he was in Spain for a friend's bachelor party. A 19 year old prostitute who went by the name Monica Mint, claimed that Crouch had paid just under 1,000 pounds for her "company," according to The Daily Mail. A year later he was found to have visited a high class escort in Dubai while on a trip there. This occurred just a few days after his now wife, then fiancee, Abbey (Abigail) Clancy had given birth to their child.

7 James Worthy


6 Zach Randolph

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

5 Denny Neagle


After a thirteen year career that involved two All-Star appearances for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves, along with a World Series ring with the Yankees, Neagle retired after 2005, having missed 2004 and 2005 due to injury.

4 Alex Rodriguez

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

While he is considered one of the most talented athletes ever to play professional baseball, A-Rod is also considered one of the sport's most prolific dirtbags. He's been implicated with a couple of high profile perfromance enhancing drug cases and on top of that he was alleged to have been involved with multiple prostitutes throughout his career.

3 The 2005 Minnesota Vikings


Back in 2005, about a month into the NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings organization received news that over ten of their players had rented yachts and prostitutes and had a sex party on Lake Minnetonka. The players were accused of various sex acts performed in front of members of the boat crews with hookers but rumors of drug use on board the boats were never proven.

2 Eugene Robinson


Eugene Robinson is one of the greatest examples of a brilliant undrafted free agent signing in NFL history. He was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks in 1985 after a solid collegiate career at Colgate. He wasn't expected to do much, but went on to have an outstanding eleven years with the Seahawks, two years (and a Super Bowl win) with the Green Bay Packers, before two years with the Atlanta Falcons and a year with the Carolina Panthers.

While playing for the Falcons, he was arrested the night before the Super Bowl in 1999. He had ventured into a rough part of Miami and was caught trying to solicit a prostitute just a day after he had received the Bart Starr Award; praising leadership at home, on the field and in the community, according to The New York Times. Teammates commented that many had found company in that part of Miami with ladies from that area but he was just the one who got caught.

1 Tiger Woods

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Probably the most significant public opinion slide in the history of sport belongs to Tiger Woods. Okay, maybe that's too harsh, it's not like he's O.J. Simpson. However. Tiger cheating on his wife with over a dozen women was still a huge surprise.

While he had a decent variation in his women, from marketing managers to cocktail waitresses, he also had several women who were career escorts and some women who he just paid for sex, while quite a few were paid, and well, for their silence. Among the whistle blowers was Hollywood madame Michelle Braun, who claimed that Tiger would often drop thousands of dollars on call girls, often two at a time, as he was (is?) a fan of the girl-on girl action, according to The Daily Mail.

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26 Athletes Who Have Been Accused of Soliciting Prostitutes