4 Last Minute Bold Predictions For The WWE Draft

Here at TheSportster, we like to think outside of the box and that's exactly what we're aiming to do with this piece. There's a chance that none of these predictions will happen tonight, but we're to look at some trends and make some last second calls on where certain wrestlers might be going.

While we have already done a lengthy predictions piece, which you can read in full here (and we suggest you do), we're going to look at some more predictions that are out of left field and are based on some things we feel like we've noticed over the last couple of weeks.

Here are 4 Last Minute Bold Predictions For The WWE Draft!

4. Nia Jax And Bayley Are Drafted

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Many have been quick to assume that Bayley will be drafted tonight, and while we think that's what will happen, we don't think she'll be the only female drafted. While it appears obvious that Bayley will be Sasha Banks' partner at Battleground on Sunday, where she's set to face off against Charlotte and Dana Brooke, that doesn't mean she'll be the only female star drafted tonight.

With two separate female divisions, they'll need a lot more depth and a monster heel like Nia Jax could help with that. They won't move Asuka as the champion, while Alexa Bliss and Carmella should remain in NXT a little bit longer to make sure the division remains strong. Mandy Rose and Eva Marie will be emerging in NXT as a heel team soon, so WWE can afford to move a heel to the main roster.

At the same time, Jax and Bayley could also do double duty in NXT, while allowing Alexa Bliss to surpass them as the number one contender for the NXT Women's Championship.

3. The Dudley Boys Will Be Separated

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WWE loves callbacks. If they're looking for a draft callback, then they should consider splitting up The Dudley Boyz. At the original WWE draft back in 2002, Bubba Ray and D-Von were split up, with Bubba Ray going to Raw and D-Von going to SmackDown. They can do the same thing to them tonight and even play the clip from the first time they were separated.

The legendary duo has lost the momentum they generated back when they returned to the WWE in 2015. Fans were hoping they'd be able to have another run with the titles, but they could never best the New Day and are far away from title contention at the moment.

While WWE is lacking depth in their tag team division, they're also missing heels and Bubba Ray proved in TNA that he can be a top heel on a show. While they wouldn't need him to be a World Champion on Raw or SmackDown, he could still be an effective midcard heel who puts over younger talents.

2. Bobby Roode Will Be Drafted

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Every WWE draft needs a surprise wrestler to be drafted and we believe this year's surprise will be The It Factor of Professional Wrestling. While Bobby Roode hasn't made his televised wrestling debut on NXT yet, he's already been working matches at live events and we've seen glimpses of him. At TakeOver: Texas he was seen sitting in the crowd and at TakeOver: The End, a short clip was shown of him walking into William Regal's office.

He's a big enough name that wrestling fans would be surprised by his selection and it could be a genuine jaw-drop moment in the draft. If we had to bet, we'd say that Daniel Bryan will draft him to the Blue Brand and claim that SmackDown Live needs to take some risks, so they're drafting the hottest free agent in the sports entertainment industry.

1. Randy Orton Will Go Before John Cena

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Have you noticed that WWE are heavily publicizing Randy Orton's return? Not only will he have a high profile match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in August, which we believe he should win and you can read about that here, but they also showed a lengthy vignette of Orton on Raw, showcasing his career and the fact that he'd be facing The Beast at their huge summer show. They'll also be featuring him at Battleground, where he'll be appearing on The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho.

With two separate rosters, the WWE needs Randy Orton to be a big deal again, as they need established draws on each roster. Firstly, we believe that he and John Cena will be on different shows for that very reason. However, we also believe he'll be selected early in the draft, ahead of Super Cena himself. We can even envision a scenario where Stephanie McMahon will choose him because of their past relationship, before Shane selects John Cena with the next pick.

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