5 Post-Draft Character Changes That COULD Happen

The wrestling character can, in many ways, compare to the greatest characters of literature, film, and television. As fans, we grow to love these characters. We see Oliver Twist, Travis Bickle, and George Costanza within these wrestlers.

With the WWE Brand Extension Draft officially complete, we now face the reality of losing or gaining certain aspects of certain characters. WWE is looking to "shake things up" and what better way than with the altering of its characters?

Take a look back at the 1990s. One part of the decade would consist of cartoon-like, occupational, and downright awful wrestling characters. Then, a shift in character development would allow for the greatest stars of The Attitude Era to emerge.

The New Era is now in full-swing and it certainly has its upsides. However, there remains a few downside to this Era as well, mainly with the state of current characters. Of course, this situation can be rectified.

These are 5 post-Draft character changes that could happen:

5. Cesaro

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Cesaro has been a long-suffering victim of poor booking decisions in WWE. During the Draft, Cesaro was selected later in the evening by Monday Night Raw; a situation with which Cesaro was not pleased.

In an exclusive backstage interview on WWE Network, Cesaro would voice his displeasure with where he was selected. Cesaro would also state that he would rather have gone to SmackDown Live.

In this semi-shoot interview, there was definitely a spark within Cersaro. Sure, Cesaro is a crowd favourite, but has nothing to show for that admiration. There could very-well be a heel turn in the works for Cesaro.

4. Roman Reigns

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Personal Note: I have already touched base on this in two recent articles: 15 Huge Takeaways From The 2016 WWE Draft and 10 Bold Predictions For WWE Battleground. Now, let's get deeper into this topic.

Once upon a time in the wrestling world, it was easy to force-feed the audience. Think long and hard about Hulk Hogan: if such a character debuted in today's WWE, would it really get over with the crowd?

The adults hate Roman Reigns and keeping him face for the sake of the children makes little sense. The company has John Cena to assume this role and Reigns will never reach the level of Cena.

The fact that Roman Reigns was recently suspended for a WWE Wellness Policy violation discredits his hero-like status with the children anyway. It's time to turn Reigns loose on the people and the roster.

3. Mick Foley

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Over on SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan is going to serve as the quintessential babyface General Manger. Evidently, the "Yes Movement!" has not faded in the least, as fan reaction for Bryan remains at an all-time high.

This means that Mick Foley will need to alter his character as General Manger of Monday Night Raw. Having two pure babyface GMs feels rather redundant. Therefore, Foley will need to administer the shift.

While Mick Foley does not need to be a complete heel General Manger, the idea of being a "tweener" will suffice. Foley will need to do much of Stephanie McMahon's bidding in the process, which could ease this process along.

2. Eva Marie

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The strangest part of Eva Marie's selection is the fact that she will make her way over to SmackDown Live. Fans are supposed to believe that Daniel Bryan - a purebred wrestler - would choose Marie over the likes of Bayley?

Meanwhile, Mick Foley has gone on record in support of Eva Marie in the past. Therefore, if Marie was coming up to the main roster one way or the other, it would have made more sense to place Marie on Monday Night Raw.

Now, what to do with Eva Marie? If positioned properly, Marie can become the Social Media Superstar. The Kim Kardashian of WWE. Marie would work best as character who is "cursed" with beauty and searching (in a condescending way) for sympathy.

1. Finn Balor

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A.J. Styles may be parting ways with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, but that does not necessarily mean The Club will go extinct. In fact, a more than suitable replacement as the leader of The Club has been selected to Monday Night Raw.

Finn Balor will make his long-anticipated debut to the main roster soon enough and "The Demon" needs to quickly make an impression. In NXT, Balor was one of the most beloved Superstars in the history of the promotion, but this is WWE.

There will be a number of casual fans who are unfamiliar with Finn Balor. Therefore, keeping Balor face is not a must. Balor taking over The Club from A.J. Styles and turning heel in the process would ignite a firestorm on Monday Night Raw.

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