7 Must See Pics Of Tiger Woods & His New Girlfriend (And 8 He Wants To Keep In The Past)

Oh Tiger Woods, his career is seriously made of two tales. From the mid 90s all that way till 2009, his name was making headlines for almost everything good. However, as of 2009, his personal and professional life took a turn for the worst as he was involved in a terrible infidelity scandal as a plethora of females declared they in fact also had a relationship with the golfer despite his marriage to ex-wife Elin Nordegren. From arrests to more romantic links, Tiger’s life continues to spiral till this day. In late May, his mugshot was the absolute rockbottom moment of his career.

He recently finished up rehab and appears to be in decent shape. Woods appeared at the Presidents Cup and made headlines for not only appearing, but for who he was with. It looks like Woods has found himself a new partner as Erica Herman was the one identified cozying up with Woods throughout the tournament. It was revealed that two do in fact have a history together as Herman manages Tiger’s restaurant, The Woods (no, not "The Wood").

In this article, we take a closer look at Tiger’s new partner with seven photos from both on and off the green. We’ll also take a unique look at some of the most forgettable photos from the golfers storied personal life. Enjoy the article folks!

15 New Girlfriend - Herman Outside Of The Green 

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No, shockingly she isn't the blonde in the picture. Following Herman rocking spouse credentials at the Presidents Cup Tournament, tabloids went nuts digging for more. Of course, as usually, boundaries were crossed and some personal pics of Erica’s past came up such as the one you see in the photo above. A good sign for Tiger, Herman is quite the looker as evidenced by such photos from her past. If you know Tiger, you're well aware he loves girls with a blonde head of hair, so this chick must be pretty special.

Herman works as the manager of Tiger’s restaurant, The Woods, which has be open since February. According to various tabloids, the two have been in talks for quite some time, which is odd, cause like, wasn’t he dating the next girl on this list just a couple of months prior? Oh Tiger!

14 Keep In Past – Recent Ex, Kristin Smith

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Personal stylist Kristin Smith was the recent name when it came to Tiger’s personal life. According to the gossip, the two shared a relationship lasting a couple of months. Though Tiger denied these claims stating the two had broken up some time ago.

The story took many bizarre twists which included Smith’s recent reaction to Tiger getting arrested. His ex was caught saying “I knew it” and took her frustrations out by going on a crazy spending spree. At the end of the day, it was another forgettable relationship for Tiger and one he wants to keep in the past. Looking at all the signs, it seems as though this was yet another instance of Woods not being faithful. Once again, oh Tiger!

13 New Girlfriend – A Candid Photo From The Past

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Pics of the two prior to the Presidents Cup weren’t the easiest to find, however, there was this picture from the past showing the two alongside one another. Managing Tiger’s restaurant, one would assume that was the way these two met but then again, you just never know when it comes to Tiger and the chicks!

One alarming factor when it comes to his new girlfriend is the fact that one, she isn’t blonde and two, she isn't blonde, but most importantly, she isn’t blonde, okay you guys get it.... Looking at Tiger’s strange past, his girlfriends have generally been blonde whether it was his ex-wife Elin, or recent ex’s Lindsey Vonn or Kristin Smith. It looks like this time around he’s starting fresh opting for a darker colored head of hair. Will see how long this lasts (we joke...not really)?

12 Keep In Past – The Diner Chick

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Mindy Lawton was one of the many names Tiger allegedly had an affair with. For most followers of Woods and his unfaithfulness, when hearing his most recent girlfriend worked in a restaurant, we couldn’t help but to think back to Mindy, a restaurant worker that made eight bucks an hours working at a diner.

Woods would come in for breakfast with his wife Elin and ogle at the waitress, the two would form a connection and before you knew it, she was one of the many having an affair with Tiger inside of his SUV and meeting him at various other locations. This is yet another one of those stories Tiger wants to keep in the past, however, such a disturbing tale won’t be silenced that easily.

11 New Girlfriend – She Had Credentials

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As you see in the photo above, Erica had credentials around her neck which is quite significant. Such credentials are only given out to spouses or partners of the players. Basically, it’s the equivalent of setting your status to "In A Relationship" on Facebook. The credentials sparked the backlash online as she was Tiger’s plus one for the day.

Rarely has Tiger involved any of his various partners on the green in the past. Of course, his ex-wife Elin was spotted at various points throughout the peak run of his career. Even Lindsey Vonn got the opportunity to roam the green alongside her former man when the two were together till 2015. It seems like Herman is the next in line and only the third female to “make the cut” on the green.

10 Keep In The Past – The Lindsey Vonn Aftermath

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Speaking of Lindsey Vonn, the gold medalist was the first official girlfriend of Tiger following his awful divorce to wife Elin. The two actually shared a decent relationship which began in 2013. The couple had known each other years prior to dating. In 2015, the couple quietly went their separate ways undergoing an amicable breakup. Vonn blamed the media for the downfall of their relationship.

Despite ending things on good terms, the former relationship recently took a turn for the worst when photos from Vonn’s phone went viral due to a hacker exposing them to the public. In the photos, was a pic of course, of you guessed it, Tiger Woods. Thankfully, the photos were deleted quickly, though it’s another moment Tiger wants to keep safely in the past.

9 New Girlfriend – Eating Together

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Really confusing seeing Tiger without a Nike shirt, in all likelihood, the check mark's on the back of his sweater.... Anyways, Tiger enjoys a nice steak along with what appears to be a refreshing beverage. He knows a thing or two about refreshing beverages.... He’s also alongside his new partner Erica Herman who seems to be loving every second of her time spent with the golfer.

Seeing the two together in pictures outside of the green really confirms the two as an item. Although Woods “hooked up” quite a bit in his past, rarely did you see any pictures of himself with the said mistresses, yea, the guy knew what he was doing. When he wants you to know he’s with someone, we'll know about it. Clearly, he and Herman being an item isn’t something he’s shying away from.

8 Keep In Past – Adult Star Connections

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You know things aren't going too well when you went from the most popular and clean cut athlete in the world to being offered a position to star in an adult film. That’s basically the story of Tiger’s second life and what led to his public downfall.

When the mistresses started unveiling their identities, a couple of them worked in the adult industry. From Holly Sampson who called the intercourse “incredible”, to Joslyn James who wasn’t afraid to spill the beans when it came to explicit texts send by Tiger, none of the situations did any favors for Woods’ personal life. Of course, if he is to resurface his image, such stories need to be kept far away in the past and that includes those adult related offers.....

7 New Girlfriend – Waiting With Bae By The Club Car

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Oh how we wish we were the driver of that club car at that very moment as Tiger was in his chill position alongside his new squeeze, one Erica Herman. Tiger once again highlighted the event with his presence, although Herman ended up stealing the show ultimately. Seriously, was it a golf tournament or Days Of Our Lives episode? Hell, even Paulina Gretzky was at the event but received little recognition due to Herman and Tiger stealing all the headlines. Judging Paulina’s steamy look, we wish the tabloids spend a little more time snapping photos of the beauty but that’s a conversation for another day.

In terms of his play, Tiger is taking the proper steps as he continues to rehab. A return should be in the works soon as he slowly gets back into form.

6 Keep In Past – The Crashed SUV

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We’ll never really know for sure exactly what happened on November 27th, 2009, just two days after the National Enquirer ran a story about Tiger’s unfaithfulness towards wife Elin Nordegren. Things took a dramatic turn for the worst as Tiger crashed his Escalade SUV, Woods made the claim he crashed into a tree while others claim Elin was the one to inflict the damage on the SUV after she found out about his affairs via his personal text messages on his cell phone.

Following the accident, Tiger’s life began to spiral. One after another after another, women stepped forward making the claim that they had a prior relationship with the golfer. Without a doubt, this picture of his crashed SUV must still send shivers down his spine.

5 New Girlfriend – Walking The Green

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Dressed in all white, Woods looks like a type of God, however, all his past mistresses, wife and girlfriends would beg to differ. Herman seems like she was able to put Tiger’s past in the rear-view mirror as she proudly stormed the green alongside her new man. The photographers had a field day with the couple as a slew of photos are available of the two alongside one another. Tiger seems serious when it comes to this relationship, the question remains, will the pro golfer finally stay faithful?

Judging by his track record, we wouldn’t like to bet on those odds, however, trying to get his life back on track, a steady relationship might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Yes, we hear on The Sportster also offer some genuine and heartfelt dating advice!

4 Keep In Past – The Somers Connection

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2017 was another crazy year for Tiger both on and off the green, well, particularly off the green cause he was hardly on the green, but maybe he was taking in another kind of green? Okay too far.... One of the biggest stories yet again involved Tiger’s romantic life as the name Laci Kay Somers was thrown into the fold. Tabloids speculated that the two were in fact an item and some even made the claim that Woods was with Laci on the night of his arrest.

Somers would comment saying she wasn’t with Tiger on the night. If the two had anything, it looks like ended with Tiger’s recent relationship making all the headlines. With close to nine million followers via Instagram, it’s a shame things didn’t work between the two. Why you ask? Take a quick glance at her social media photos and you’ll understand...

3 Keep In Past – Living In The Fast Lane

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Platforms such as TMZ haven’t made life the easiest for Tiger. He’s been spotted out and about on various occasions including partying it up in the Vegas nightclub strip. Of course, given his past, Tiger loves to party as he met a slew of women in the clubbing scene, heck a large chunk of his mistresses had somewhat of a connection to the club life. Rachel Uchitel, the first connection made to Tiger being unfaithful was also a nightclub host out of New York city at the time when the two met.

Such connections and pictures are something Woods wants to keep out of his reach for the time being. Such atmospheres and establishments ruined his name and judging by the recent examples posted by TMZ, they’ve continued to haunt his personal life. It’ll be interesting to see how his personal life plays out with this new relationship.

2 New Girlfriend – Getting Cozy

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This was the photo that went viral on various publications featuring Tiger and his new girlfriend getting cozy on the green. We here on The Sportster salivated at such a photo and felt the need to compile a list discussing Tiger’s new love interest. When you’re getting with cozy on the green with Tiger, you deserve some love from us that’s for darn sure.

In all seriousness, we hope nothing but the best for Tiger during his ongoing recovery. Many so called golf experts claim re-finding his game is nearly impossible at this point, however, a large portion of his fan remains optimistic he can somehow resurface his name and get back to being great. For now, we wait to see what the future holds.

1 Keep In Past – The Arrest

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We took the optimistic approach in the last point, however looking back at 2017, Tiger’s personal life has been anything but that. A couple of months back, on May 29th, 2017, Woods hit a new low which seemed impossible as Authorities found the star golfer passed out in front of his wheel. The onslaught of embarrassments continued with the public release of his mugshot, along with footage of Tiger being completely out of it during the arrest and after it when he was brought to the police station.

Looking back at 2017, most of the year needs to be kept in the past for Tiger’s sake. He seems to be ending the year decently. Now let’s see if he can carry that minor momentum into 2018.

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