7 Pictures Danica Patrick Wants Us To See And 8 She Doesn't

A trailblazer and polarizing figure; that explains Danica Patrick’s run in the spotlight. It was unthinkable of a female competing against males but that all changed with Danica’s success in the field. Though, her accomplishments came with criticisms as some of her "fellow" drivers quickly indicated that she had an unfair advantage due to her smaller figure and weight. Ever since then, it’s been a bumpy ride for Patrick with a lot of good and some bad. For the most part, the bad consist of a lot of envy as some are skeptical of Danica’s motives claiming she’s nothing but a marketing machine, we’ll dive further into that topic during the article.

From historical victories back in 2008, to leaked pictures she didn’t want the public to see, these are both sides of the coin featuring photos Danica wants us to see, and pictures she’d rather we didn’t click. Whether you’re a fan of Danica or not, you’ll be amused by the images featured in this article.

So without further ado, let’s get started Sportster Nation, here are eight pictures Danica doesn’t want us to see and seven she does. Be sure to share the article with a friend and like always, engage in article conversation via Facebook. Let us begin!

15 Doesn’t: The Latest Lawsuit

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The most recent storyline involving Danica Patrick is something she’d like us to forget about as the sponsorship giant is currently involved in a lawsuit with a bakery out of all business ventures. The lawsuit was issued by Danica after the company Nature’s Bakery breached a three year contract by cutting it into a one year deal without properly negotiating to do so. Once Patrick got word that company dropped her, she filed a lawsuit worth a staggering $31 million.

According to the recent news, Danica and her team can breathe a little easier as the case seems to be settled with both sides agreeing on a deal. However, as you’ll see in this article, it wasn’t the first time Patrick would get prematurely released by a sponsorship deal.

14 Does: Yoga Wizard

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When we hear the name Danica Patrick we instantly think of two things; one, NASCAR, and two, Go Daddy. However, it seems like there’s a third element Patrick wants us to know her for and that’s Danica’s yoga prowess as its been on full display more than a couple of times.

Just go on Google and see for yourselves, just be typing in "Danica Patrick yoga", a slew of pictures will come up showing her in an array of different poses. You can also check on her personal accounts like Instagram and Twitter which are also linked with loads of yoga footage and yoga pictures (both in pic and video form). It seems to be her new passion away from the race track and looking at the evidence, she wants us to know about it.

13 Doesn’t: The Leaked Picture

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The iCloud hacks have deeply affected those who have a certain type of mainstream popularity. Whether it be female athletes or celebrities, the hacks have exposed their personal lives unveiling private content to the masses, something that’s truly unacceptable no matter how you look at it. Some got it really bad, like Hope Solo back in 2014 who had some insanely revealing photos go viral. Even lately, the world of pro wrestling was affected by the leaks as the likes of WWE Superstar Paige and several others saw their privacy go out the window.

Danica Patrick was another name to be mentioned in the leak, although the severity of the revealing photos really weren't all that bad. Nonetheless, it breached her privacy making it pictures she absolutely doesn’t want us to see.

12 Does: History Making Moment

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When the word trailblazer gets thrown around, you know you’re a big deal. Danica was exactly that for female race car driving. She received tons of criticisms throughout her career, such as having an unfair advantage because of her weight, but one thing nobody can ever take away from her is the fact that her name is engraved in the history books forever.

The photo you see above has some serious historical significance as Patrick became the first ever female driver to win an Indy Car Series race. The accomplishment took place back in 2008 when Patrick took home first place in the Indy Japan 300. She had some other great accomplishments which included a third place finish in the Indianapolis 500 in 2009 and winning the Rookie of the Year in 2005 for the Indy Car Series season.

11 Doesn’t: Cheerleading Days

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Something we don’t associate Danica with is cheerleading, however, something she likely doesn’t want us to remember is the fact that she was in fact a cheerleader back in her earlier days attending Hononegah High School. Danica managed to put a cool spin on the forgettable story however, claiming she was eventually kicked off the team.

Along with the cheerleading background, she also spent a lot of time in her earlier days as a babysitter, just another thing you wouldn’t expect from Patrick. Go-karting since the age of 10, Patrick would eventually opt out of high school to pursue a full-time career in the field of racing. At the age of 35 and seeing everything she’s accomplished, we commend her decision making skills and not staying in the cheerleading and babysitting fields.

10 Does: Cameo On The Simpsons

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When we think of Danica on television, we usually associate it with commercials (Go Daddy) and not actual television shows. However, she did make a cameo on an iconic show which truly cemented her legacy as an all-time great in the sporting world. Back in November of 2010, Danica made her first and only appearance on The Simpsons, appearing as herself on the program. Appearing on such a show is a privilege and quite the accomplishment, one she’ll truly never forget.

Patrick also appeared on other shows including CSI: NY, Chopped and Blaze and the Monster Machines. Adding to her impressive resume, Patrick was also featured in a couple of music videos as well. It seems like there really isn’t much the Wisconsin native can’t do!

9 Doesn’t: Another Failed Sponsorship

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A major critique of Danica, particularly coming from her racing peers is the fact that she’s nothing more than a sponsorship wizard. The claims seem to be rather harsh, but her history does back up the statement with a plethora of sponsorship deals throughout her lengthy career in the race car industry.

One deal she’ll want us to forget about took place many moons ago during her earlier days when she was new to the field. The deodorant company Secret signed Danica to a deal, and she was employed during 2005 and 2006 as a major face for the brand. However, this would be another company that would eventually cut the race car driver as she was replaced by pop music sensation Rihanna in 2007. No shame in losing out to such a face, but it’s something Patrick likely doesn’t want us to remember nonetheless.

8 Does: Romantic Life

So proud!!!!!! @stenhousejr

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Kids still aren't on Danica’s agenda, however she does have some lovely dogs to her disposal as documented via her Instagram account. As for her love life, she underwent a big change in 2012 when she announced she’d be getting a divorce after a seven year relationship with her ex-husband Paul Hospenthal, a physical therapist. According to reports, the separation took place on amicable terms.

Nowadays, Danica has found a new love interest as she’s currently dating a stock car driver, 29 year old Ricky Stenhouse Jr. The couple isn’t married yet but you’d think they were judging by the plethora of pictures included on both of their social media accounts. Without a doubt, her new relationship seems to be something she wants us to know about when it comes to her personal life.

7 Doesn’t: Grabbing The Goods

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Another problematic area for Danica amongst her fellow drivers is the fact that she sells insanely high as a marketing machine, but sometimes, she does so in a manner that people aren’t on board with. Let’s be honest here, it helps that Patrick is a pretty sharp looking gal and we can only assume that it’s aided her quite immensely throughout her career.

This picture clearly indicates her heat factor as she rocks the white bra while holding the goods. The problem some might have with the picture is the fact that many youngsters out there that want to be like Danica get a false message by seeing such pictures. Patrick has a slew of revealing photos online, including some from her Sports Illustrated shoot. It’s a touchy side of her career, and one that many folks out there don’t want you to see and that might include Danica herself as she gets older.

6 Does: Insta Fit

We discussed her love for yoga in a previous entry, and we now stick along the same lines and discuss Danica’s love for fitness in general. Without a doubt, it’s something she wants us to know about and that’s evidenced by her Instagram account which contains loads of training videos and pictures. Not to mention the countless healthy food posts by Danica as she’s also a wizard in the kitchen when it comes to cooking up healthy foods.

Her love for fitness actual began while rehabbing an injury with her ex-husband. During the rehab, she was introduced to yoga and from then on, she was hooked to everything fitness related. It’s a new side of her life she wants us to know about, and a new field she continues to exploit for sponsorship deals.

5 Doesn’t: Candid Camera

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Being in the public spotlight certainly has its perks, but it also has an array of downfalls which includes ones privacy. Patrick has been a victim of paparazzi shots time and time again, particularly when she’s trying to enjoy some fun in the sun while rocking a bikini. Some photos released left our eye sockets to be quite red, as Danica’s lower back American flag tattoo was exposed. This picture shows Danica using her board while looking quite displeased.

Looking at the candid shots taken of Danica, rarely is she smiling, especially the pics taken of her on the beach trying to enjoy some relax time away from the spotlight. It’s a reality we believe Danica truly despises, and one she doesn’t want us to see... unless it’s professionally done and photoshopped that is.

4 Does: Still Endorsing

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Men have always been front and center when it comes to exposure in the world of sports. However, as we’ve seen in recent years, the women continue to make a splash constantly growing in popularity and fame. Danica is no exception to that, and someone that broke the mold a long time ago competing in a racing sport dominated by men.

Due to her success and continuous popularity, Patrick remains a marketing machine at the age of 35. She still maintains a number of sponsors including her latest venture, a deal with Six Star, a fitness company. We discussed Danica’s love for fitness earlier and this endorsement deal is another example of her newfound love and passion for the field. The endorsement deal proves that Danica still has the “it” factor, and that’s evidenced by her beautiful mug on the cover of the Whey Protein shake you see in the picture above.

3 Doesn’t: Milka Duno Heat

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Known as the “Towel Snapping Catfight”, this was an intriguing heated moment Danica likely regrets when it’s all set and done, however, looking back at her career, it’ll always be a moment featured in highlight reels, sorry Danica.

The heat took place during a practice run believe it or not. Patrick grew angry when driver Milka Duno almost hit her during a turn. The situation turned sour quickly with Duno even throwing a towel at Danica’s face, no folks, cooler heads did not prevail in this one. Patrick was actually the cooler head in this situation believe it or not. The towel throw remains an iconic incident from her career and one she’d probably love for us to forget about seeing as it did nothing for her career.

2 Does: Go Daddy Legend

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It was a sad moment in 2016 when it was announced that Danica Patrick was no longer going to be the primary face of Go Daddy ending the epic relationship between the two sides. Both Go Daddy and Danica benefited greatly from the relationship as they rose to stardom together.

Even though the sponsorship deal came to an end, Patrick will always want us to remember about the good times which included a plethora of memorable commercials which skyrocketed her fame, particularly the Super Bowl commercials which included her latest when she was given a bodysuit as she played the role of a built female. The public also remembers the edgier Danica commercials which included a steamy massage ad. At the end of the day, there all moments she wants us to remember as they cemented her legacy as an endorsement deal icon.

1 Doesn’t: Revealing Selfie

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This was another picture published during the Danica Patrick leak, although it really isn’t all that bad and doesn’t really expose much thankfully. However, it still breached her privacy as she appears to be in the nude with only covers, covering up her body. Oh the visuals her fans must have gotten after seeing such a picture.

As we stated earlier, such photos were taken from her private collection making them photos we had no right to see, and surely, pictures Danica didn’t want us to see. Thankfully, they weren’t all that bad especially compared to the explicit content we’ve seen from other sporting figures and celebs in the past. At the age of 35, Patrick looks to put such pictures behind her as she's only looks forward continuing her path as a trailblazer in the world of stock racing.

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