8 Athletes Who Looked Terrible After Getting Off The Juice And 7 That Actually Still Look Good

Nowadays in western society, more people than ever before are using steroids. Regular gym users are now using, using steroids in an effort to get bigger and more built. It truly is widespread, but it’s not just recreational use that is a problem. Steroids are being used in competitive sports as performance enhancing drugs, and this has been a problem for decades. Using steroids in sports where they’re a banned substance is essentially cheating. Authorities have done their level best to stamp out steroid use, different detection methods are being used etc. But as such methods are being developed, dopers and their crews are getting more sophisticated in their attempts to hide the substances in their systems. But more often than not, they get found out in the end.

What happens after someone’s taken steroids, been on steroid cycles? It largely depends on the individuals. If the person was built before juicing, he or she would most likely go back to that level. If not, it’s very possible to lose gains. Also, by taking synthetic testosterone, which is essentially what steroids are, the body’s natural testosterone production is going to be all out of whack. So, when off the juice, the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, and this can result in weight gain. There are of course many other factors that affect people’s bodies when they come off the juice. I bet that wasn’t really a consideration for these athletes when they took the plunge and decided to start juicing! These are 8 athletes who looked terrible when they got off the juice and 7 that are remarkably still in decent shape, still look good.


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Mark McGwire is a former baseball pro who’s still in the game as a bench coach. He broke records, was known for his big hitting, even as a rookie. But evidently, he decided to take it up a notch, take his game to the next level. He took his physique to the next level too, by juicing. He’s admitted that he was juicing for a large portion of his career. The steroids certainly had the desired effect on his game and his physique. When he first broke into the big leagues, he was skinny, but still lean and muscular. But he just blew up on steroids, resembled a strongman competitor rather than a baseball player. But it’s amazing how he looks now at the age of 54 – amazing in a terrible way. Sure, 54 is old, but Mark looks seriously old and haggard, at least a decade, if not more, older than he actually is. It also looks like he’s never touched a weight in his life.


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Antonio Gates currently plays for the Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL as a tight end. He’s had an illustrious career, and is still going strong at the age of 37. Going strong is the right word. The guy’s built like an ox, is a beast of a man, and that’s in part due to his steroid use. He tested positive for PEDs in 2015, and was subsequently banned for four games. He said he didn’t knowingly take steroids, that the failed drugs test was as a result of him taking a range of supplements and holistic medicines. Make your own minds up – those who fail drugs tests always have an excuse. Anyway, the guy’s still built, has arguably gotten bigger and harder with age. He’s reached muscle maturity and looks awesome for a 37-year-old.


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This former baseball pitcher played in the MLB for a hell of a long time. He was in the ranks of various teams for 24 years, but unfortunately for him, his name will always be associated with steroid use. Roger was always being accused of juicing. Evidence emerged that he had taken to juicing later on in his career. There were trials and mistrials over the coming years, and things got rather messy. On the baseball field, Roger certainly looked bigger and more built. Perhaps he took them – if at all he did – to help prolong his career. That didn’t really work. After his career came to a close, it seems as if juicing took its toll on Clemens. He’s put on weight, and his face just doesn’t look good, looks all puffy and he looks constantly bloated.


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MMA competitor Ken Shamrock has tested positive for anabolic steroids a couple of times. He tested positive at Bellator 149, and also tested positive following his defeat to the late Kimbo Slice. His brother’s also been pretty vocal when asked about Ken’s steroid use, saying he knows he’s been on the juice for most of his career. Ken though has always maintained that he’s a clean athlete. But the fact remains he has had steroids in his system, otherwise he wouldn’t have failed drugs tests. Ken’s a guy that likes to keep in shape. He’s been in shape for the majority of his career, and still looks amazing. When it comes to who has the best body, he could beat others hands down, which is pretty good going considering he’s 53.


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This former Cuban American Major League Baseball first baseman and left fielder is deemed to be one of the best players the MLB has ever seen. He had a tremendous record which he put together over many years in the sport. During this time, he also acquired an almighty fan following. But he let all his fans down, and the sport he loved, when he was found guilty of doping. He failed a drugs test and was handed a very short suspension. Rafael’s always denied he’s juiced, but some of his fellow players have come out and said that they knew that Rafael had been taking steroids. Steroids derailed everything, including his looks. The guy’s in his 50s, but looks around a decade older. He’s also put on weight, and seems to have lost his gains.


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Alex Rodriguez is an A-list celeb if ever there was one. It’s not just fans of baseball that know his name. He hangs with the rich and famous, dates some massive names in the celebrity world, and is always out and about giving the paparazzi something to snap. He’s grown accustomed to that lifestyle, and although he’s no longer playing in the MLB, he just can’t give it up. Most athletes would ease back on the training or stop it altogether when they retire, pig out on food etc. But because A-Rod live this flashy lifestyle, he’s got to be seen to be looking good. He evidently still trains, still takes care of himself, because his body hasn’t turned to mush like it does in a lot of people’s cases post-steroid use.


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Baseball’s a sport that’s been riddled with plenty of cases of steroid scandals over the years. But cycling’s been hit by such scandals too. There are a couple of big names who have taken steroids in an effort to boost their performance. One of those names is Floyd Landis. It’s safe to assume he doesn’t have many fans left from the world of cycling. He always denied steroid use, and even had the audacity to crowdfund for his legal fees. Then he eventually came clean and was ousted from the sport. Nowadays, he earns his bacon as a cannabis farmer. You can’t make this stuff up. The guy’s also put on weight, and in no way looks like a former professional cyclist. He’s 42 but looks at least a decade older.


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This recently retired British track sprinter was one of Europe’s fastest men. He holds many European track records, but that’s not really why a lot of people know his name. Sprinters are normally pretty muscular, but Dwaine Chambers was someone who was seriously ripped. A lot of people became infatuated with him, with his physique, during his running days. He did get some help though to attain that physique. He was banned for two years after testing positive for a banned anabolic steroid. He came back and went about his business, still possessed that awesome physique and still does at the age of 39. Fitness and bodybuilding is obviously a big part of his life, and he hasn’t taken his foot off the pedal now that he’s retired.



This former baseball right fielder was regarded to be one of the greats. But his career was tarnished due to steroid allegations. He failed a drug test, but no one’s quite sure what he took. It’s all very sketchy. But, have you seen how muscular Sammy got after being a skinny youth when starting out? Make your own minds up as to whether or not he was ever juicing. Since retiring, the guy’s put on a bit of weight.

On top of Sosa coming off the juice, he's undergone drastic procedures. He’s lightened his skin and the look is pretty dramatic, some may even say freakish. He looks good in his own eyes, but I reckon 99% of people deem him to look terrible.


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Former MLB designated hitter, Jose Canseco, is a name that’s synonymous with steroids. Plenty of people on this list, many people in sports full stop, have failed tests, but have always denied they’ve taken steroids. Jose Canseco is someone who came clean and has divulged everything. The steroid-stained pariah claimed most people used anabolics in baseball, including himself. It was pretty obvious due to his transformation. Jose was one of the biggest, most built baseball players of all time. He was always going to be accused of juicing, and these accusations held true. Even though he’s retired, the guy still looks fantastic. He’s not as built as he was before – he is in his 50s – but he’s still got size, still possesses a decent physique, which isn’t easy to do once getting off the juice.


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Taking steroids when they’re a banned substance is one thing, but taking them when the sport is a combat sport is another entirely. Do this and you’re not only putting your own health at risk, but the health of your opponents too.

When it comes to boxing, it’s fair to assume that a lot of you don’t have the foggiest who James Toney is. But he’s acquired a pretty impressive record, and going by stats alone, you’d have to deem him to be one of the greatest fighters who’s ever lived. But people aren’t going to remember him for that. They’re going to remember him for taking steroids and failing two drugs tests. They may have affected his strength, but certainly didn’t affect his body. Toney has never had the best physique. Now that his career’s winding to a close and he’s approaching his 50s, he’s gotten considerably heavier.


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Justin Gatlin is arguably the most hated man in athletics. All you have to do is watch him line up on the track next to the likes of Usain Bolt and other 100m sprinters, and hear the boos ring out from the crowd when his name’s announced to know what little love there is for Gatlin. That’s because he’s the poster boy for steroids in athletics. He was found out, banned twice, and came back to achieve a tremendous amount of success, become the fastest man in the world, which he is at the moment.

People hate the fact that he’s achieved so much success after being found guilty of taking steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. But Justin doesn’t care; he’s still running, is enjoying the best time of his career, and still looks good, just like the fastest man in the world should look like, lean, mean and hungry for success.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger has been pretty open when it comes to him taking steroids. He’s admitted using steroids back in his bodybuilding days. Bodybuilding’s a sport that gets a bad rap, mainly because steroid use is rife. Steroids were also being used back when Arnold started out, but not anywhere near the dosages taken today. People didn’t really know what they were doing, so dabbled in it, took some steroids here and there, didn’t really juice religiously or stick to a steroid cycle. But the fact remains they did take them. Arnold himself was taking them as a teenager. A lot of people attribute his heart problems and various other health issues to his steroid use. It’s had an affect internally, but externally too, the way he looks. There’s been times when Arnold’s looked seriously out of shape, like he’s never touched a weight in his life. Fair dos to him, he has slowly gotten back into shape, but there’s no doubting the fact that steroids have had adverse effects on Arnold, the way he looks and his health.


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When it comes to steroids and sports, people tend to think of Barry Bonds. The guy’s name is synonymous with steroids, and the steroid scandal he was involved in really marred his career. He’s still known as one of the greats, but this scandal was a massive stain on his otherwise glittering career. There’s plenty of speculation regarding Bonds and steroid use, many different types of allegations have been made. Well, he certainly did something, because he suddenly became jacked.

At the age of 53, he’s still in decent shape. He’s no longer massive, but he’s still lean and muscular, lots of people would say he actually looks better than he did at the time of his alleged steroid use. Health and fitness is evidently a big part of his life.



When Ben Johnson became a disgraced athlete after being found guilty of juicing, he was in tremendous shape. The guy had a perfect body for a sprinter. He was lean, ripped and muscular, which is a look we now know he attained because of steroids. Ben Johnson is of similar age to the athlete before him on this list, Barry Bonds. He’s 55. But unlike Bonds, Johnson evidently doesn’t live the whole health and fitness lifestyle. Combine his sedentary lifestyle with his steroid use in the past, and it’s little wonder this former cheating sprinting great’s body has turned to mush. The guy’s fat, looks seriously unfit. It’s actually an embarrassment, because he in no way resembles a former athlete. Considering he used to look like a bodybuilder, he looks totally different.

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