8 Female Athletes We'd Wife Up And 7 We'd Keep On The Side

There are fans all over the world that argue about who are the hottest female athletes. Are they soccer players? Are they basketball players? Are they gymnasts? Everyone has their own opinion. There are a lot of stories that go on now a days about athletes cheating on their wives with other girls. These mistresses love to expose an athlete's personal life because they feel belittled about being a "side chick". There are some girls that we would love to claim as our own forever and ever. There are other girls that we wouldn't necessarily want a relationship with, but still would like to have fun with from time to time. Then there are just some girls we would stay away from entirely whether they are not visually appealing or seem to have a crazy side that is better not dealt with. Maybe one day, all of them will be ready to be wifed up and raise a loving, supportive family.

This list takes a look at 15 women that we would consider having some sort of relations with. Some of them we would love to hold and cherish for as long as we both shall live, until death do us part. The other girls we wouldn't be ready to get into a relationship with, but we still would want to hang out with them and have a good time every now and again. Some girls are just not suited to be the relationship type, but hey that's life; it happens! But without further adieu, we give you eight female athletes we would love to wife up and seven we would love to keep on the side!

15 Wife Up: Danica Patrick

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Starting our list girls we would wife up is THE NASCAR beauty that is continuously making headlines. Her name is Danica Patrick and she gets engines going with anything she wears. In this picture for example, she is wearing a white bikini. But man, does she know how to work it. Her legs, while only shown partially; give off a feeling of excitement as they are shapely. Her stomach is on full display, showing that even though she sits on her butt and drives continuous laps around a track for hours; you have to be in shape to do so.

We all love Danica Patrick and hope she takes home her first INDY 5oo race as soon as possible. But until then, we will keep dreaming of the day we go down on one knee and ask her to be our wife for as long as we both shall live. I'll take a GoDaddy commercial right now if it were on!

14 Side: Hope Solo

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The number one side piece to consider is the former USA National Women's Soccer team goalie who didn't have a great outlook on life after her soccer career came to an end. Hope Solo was one of the most famous names in World Cup soccer history with the United States. She made big save after big save and knew how to fire up a crowd. But this didn't come without some scrutiny. She was known as a problem for coaches as she became that "uncoachable player". She also had to deal with legal issues of supposed abuse of her nephew after an argument at a family event. Eventually the charges were dropped, but you have to wonder if Solo has a dark side that none of us want to ever encounter. The bottom line is Solo is attractive and athletic, but her attitude makes it questionable that a sane man would put up with her antics. She might be great as a side piece, but compares to being an appetizer when we reveal the number one woman we would want to make our wive!

13 Wife Up: Alex Morgan

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This girl has been the dream of many boys and young adolescent men for many years now. She was the youngest member at one point on the USA Women's National Soccer Team at age 21 and made her way into our hearts. Her name is Alex Morgan and boy is she a sight to behold. This woman has an amazing set of soccer legs that help her sprint past opponents down the field to score crucial goals for the USA team. She has a smile that could light up an entire village and also has a great personality as well! Some athletes are stuck up knowing they are so good, but that is not the case for Morgan. Beautiful, athletic, smart, kind, and loving; how can you possibly find somebody better than that? You can't!

12 Side: Camille Leblanc Bazinet

CrossFit is becoming the latest worldwide sensation that is challenging and gets people into unbelievable shape. With exercises like 10 rounds and the Murph kicking your butt, you will feel the effects right away. This next side piece knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a champion at this particular sport. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet has stayed very active throughout her childhood and even in her 20's. She had played soccer, did gymnastics, played flag football in college, and now is an avid CrossFit fanatic. She was the champion of the 2014 CrossFit games and has competed in the games for seven years. She has married a fellow CrossFit advocate as well.

This is good because she isn't wife material for the common man. Guys don't want their friends thinking his girlfriend/wife is tougher than he is (I know, men are insecure). Bazinet would be good to have some fun with, but it would probably be done on the side if she wasn't already married!

11 Wife Up: Paige VanZant

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Some girls who fight can look rough and tough, causing most guys to turn the other way. When this girl fights, all eyes are on her as she knows how to win the fight and win the guys over. Paige VanZant has had quite the life for herself up to this point. She was brought up doing all forms of dance, from ballet to tap to jazz to hip hop and whatever other genres you can name. She is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and recently appeared on "Dancing with the Stars". She definitely was prepared for the Stars with her background in dance. She was a part of the UFC's strawweight division and ended her career as the number 12 strawweight fighter of all time.

She is incredibly beautiful too. Her long, slender legs along with a tight, in-shape body make her an instant knockout. She shows she can look good, kick butt for her family if she needs to, and she can get down on the dance floor! Who wouldn't love a wife like that?

10 Side: Julia Rohde

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Weightlifters have a unique way about them. You can usually see them crushing protein shakes, trying to find new pre-workout recipes that work, and break down everything they eat by carbs, fats, and proteins as well. This next lady would probably be the potatoes of this meal and come best served on the side. Julia Rohde comes from Germany and is a known weightlifter. She competed in the 2012 Olympics in London in the Women's 53 kg competition and finished 11th. Good for Rohde for having the God gifted ability, strength, and patience to perform an art like that to near perfection. She definitely would be fun to fool around with, but some men wouldn't want a woman that could squat and lift more than he could.

Nothing wrong with that at all, but some men just would not be able to handle that. Rohde will be better off with a personal trainer or fellow weightlifter as her husband to make her wifed up and off of the market for good. For now though, she will continue to press on for better personal records and find the man of her dreams!

9 Wife Up: Paige Spirinac

One sport that gets a bit lost in the shuffle in the beauty department. Like the USFL or XFL compared to the NFL or MLS compared the World Cup, sometimes they just seem to get lost and forgotten about. The next woman to wife up on this list makes long drives on the course and stands up for what she believes in off of the course. Paige Spiranac is an LPGA golfer with an incredible body and face. She knew how to get fans (particularly male) to come out to her matches by wearing revealing clothing while hitting some big putts along the way. She has not won any major championships, but she is still trying hard to do so.

She also doesn't mind speaking up when she thinks something isn't right. When the LPGA came up with stricter dress requirements, she didn't sit there with her mouth shut. She didn't like the code, but sometimes there are rules that we as citizens don't like, yet we have to follow them. She sure is a beauty though isn't she? A flat stomach with blonde hair and big, beautiful, confident smile that can make any guy's day better. She is beautiful, can swing the stick, and fight for what she believes in. That right there is definite wife material that any guy would feel lucky to put a ring on!

8 Side: Michelle Waterson

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Going back to the UFC world, this next woman is so good-looking she was given a nickname of "The Karate Hottie". That is not bad word choice if I do say so myself. Anyways, this woman is getting a little up there in age for a professional athlete, but she still knows how to make any opponent fear for their lives in the ring. Michelle Waterson is ranked number six in the strawweight division currently and is 15-5 in her career. She has a black belt in American style karate and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Bottom line is, this girl can defend herself and lay out anybody in her path. For that reason, she is better off on the side. Think about it, one night you are having fun on a date and you say something you don't intend to be harmful; but she sees it as offensive?

Want to know what will probably happen next? A swift kick to the jaw and probably force you to tap out in a chokehold. She definitely knows how to perform in and out of the ring. But this is something you wouldn't want to deal with on a daily basis, hence why a side piece is the perfect amount.

7 Wife Up: Lindsey Vonn

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Anybody remember when Tiger Woods went into the dating world after his marriage to Elin Nordegren fell to shambles and he tore his family apart? Now, do you remember the beautiful, young blonde he had by his side? That was none other than famous Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to Vonn's success. She has nine career medals, three of each kind to be exact. She made her World Cup debut at the age of 16! She was competing against the world's best athletes just when she was getting her driver's license! That is pretty crazy to sit back and reflect on. The best part about Vonn is she is rumored to no longer be dating Woods.

She is on the market and she is shredding in the looks category. Her beautiful blonde hair and toned body give off the vibe that she works 24/7/365 to win her medals and championships. She can handle the cold and be a "snow bunny" for any man lucky enough to take on the challenge. So gentlemen, get your skis and hot chocolate ready if you want to wife up Lindsey Vonn, because eventually; somebody will be first in winning her heart!

6 Side: Elena Delle Donne

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The next side piece we talk about can literally match up with the best of the best in the post on the basketball court. She has plenty of accolades and can swat back anybody that comes in her way. Elena Delle Donne has been a force ever since she entered the WNBA in 2013 with the Chicago Sky. So far in her brief yet successful career, she has been named to the WNBA First Team twice, was Rookie of the Year in 2013 and was also the MVP of the WNBA in 2015. She also helped the USA Women's National Basketball team come away with a gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic games. She has accomplished quite a lot already and at 28 years old, she still has some good years ahead of her.

So why is she exactly a side piece girl rather than one you'd marry? The main answer: the height! She is 6'5 and towers over most people. Now if you are 6'6 and up, you have no problem. But anybody shorter than that would feel extremely self-conscious about dating a girl like that. Sure, she is great to hang around and have fun with and maybe brag to your friends about for a good story. But it is hard to believe you and Elena would continue onto the next step if you were shorter than her.

5 Wife Up: Melanie Adams

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To kick off the festivities, we start with an Olympic pole vaulter that definitely would be worth getting a ring for. Melanie Adams is an Australian born pole vaulter who competed in the 2012 Olympics. Based on seeing this picture of her, she is definitely worth giving a look at! Here we see her doing her job of training for future pole vaulting events. She is a blonde haired beauty that definitely knows what it takes to be at the top of her game. She has a flat stomach that she has clearly worked countless hours on and strong, athletic legs that give her the push to excel. S

he knows how to work hard and knows how to work a pole; what more could you want in a woman? She is definitely worth going out and spending thousands of dollars to call your wife every single night!

4 Side: Ronda Rousey

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Her MMA record features an astonishing 12-2 record, the key number being two in this sequence. This is the number two side piece we could think of and she is one for the ages. Ronda Rousey has been out promoting herself and making appearances on television and in movies such as "The Entourage". She had three knockout wins in her career along with nine by submission. She definitely has some looks, but she is a side piece and here is why. First off, when she gets angry; get out of the way! You do not want to get in the ring with her. Her knockout in the movie made that very clear. I wouldn't be able to last one second in the ring if Rousey got mad, not even with all of the protective equipment and pillows in the world! Second, she already is married to a fellow MMA man.

Sure, we have picked women already married as girls we would wife up, but this is different because it shows the type of man Rousey wanted all along; tough and relating to what she did in her sport. We loved seeing you put on a show in the ring Ronda, now you have bigger and better opportunities ahead of you.

3 Wife Up: Blair O'Neal

Coming in at the number two spot for women we would like to wife up comes none other than Blair O'Neal. O'Neal is a creature that defies logic. She won several long drive contests when she was in college. She also won the hearts of millions of fans and particularly men with her outfits like these. Even though she is not in a golf outfit in this one, she still shows off very nicely. She is wearing a nice, blue dress while laying down on a picnic table with the golf course in the background. This is a great picture as she combines her profession as well as her beauty all in one. She loves the golfing aspect and she loves the modeling aspect, which make for a sizzling photo. O'Neal knows what it takes to win and with long drives like hers as well as that winner's attitude and smile; she is going to go far in life. She could be number one on a lot of other lists, but the number one woman we would all wife up is just too perfect to not have at that respective spot!

2 Side: Winifer Fernandez

Volleyball players have a unique sexiness that we cannot ignore...probably because of the spandex. This Dominican born volleyball player made headlines...but not because of her play on the court. Winifer Fernandez is a libero that is known for getting down and dirty to get to any ball for keeping volleys alive. But she is known for her picture of her laying down watching competition while the camera zooms in on her butt. She definitely is good-looking. Her derriere is obviously on display on her photos, with a pretty face and nice, petite body. She just doesn't have the movie star good looks though to be able to settle down with for the rest of her life. She has plenty of volleyball left in her career as she is only 22. Maybe time will be the key factor to consider her wife material. But for now she is best served on the side!

1 Wife Up: Maria Sharapova

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Why wouldn't you want to wife up Maria Sharapova? If you live with her, you're living like a king! She's been one of the biggest names in tennis for the past decade and she's sure to show you an amazing time. She has the blonde hair, the long legs and you'd have a wife with a sexy Russian accent.

Yes, some may feel hesitant due to her being caught with a banned substance earlier this year, but it wouldn't affect life at home, would it? Sharapova is likely to retire from tennis within the next few years, meaning if one were to wife her up, they'd have more time to spend together and she has money pouring in all the time. That doesn't sound like a side girl to us!

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