8 Female Athletes Who Are Now On The Market (And 7 Who Are Next)

As we approach the ending of another great year of sports, we begin to prepare for what is next. In 2018, we will be treated to both the 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup and the 2018 Winter Olympics. Of course, we will also be greeted with the standard pro league championship events such as the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series. The volume of amazing sporting events coming up in the next 365 days will keep even the most casual sports fan busy for a good amount of time.

For women, they will have to wait another year before experiencing the FIFA World Cup. Their's begins in 2019 and should be just as thrilling as the upcoming men's tournament this summer. In the mean time, we have to find ways to entertain ourselves between national women's sporting events similar to the FIFA World Cup and what better way to do that than to discuss some of the most gorgeous, and most talented, of all female athletes? Even better, we'll help you all dream big by letting you know which of these talented women are still on the market, and which ones you can only hope will join them next! While it's not at all a guarantee, we can't stop you from dreaming.

Here are eight female athletes who are single and seven who are not, but could be very soon.

15 Single: Michelle Jenneke (Track & Field)

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There are two current female athletes whose warm-up routine belongs in the fitness Hall of Fame. Anastasia Ashley, a gorgeous female surfer who enjoys twerking on the beach to get warmed up, and Michelle Jenneke, who became famous for her pre-race warmup after it nearly broke the internet back in 2012.

Since then, Michelle's rise to stardom has been accompanied by her abilities on the track, representing Australia in the 100 m hurdles during the 2016 Olympic Games where she wound up finishing 6th in her heat, failing to advance beyond that first race. Will she be back in 2020? Or will we simply have to settle for a modelling career for now?

14 Next: Kira Kazantsev (Golf)

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What can't Kira Kazantsev do? In 2015 she was crowned Miss America, a feat that only 92 other women have the pleasure of claiming since the beauty pageant began back in 1921. Before she could get a shot at the Miss America crown she had to win her state of New York, which she did easily in 2014.

She is also fluent in Russian, can speak Spanish after spending a semester studying it, has her very own food blog, attended Hofstra University and is planning on becoming a lawyer having already been accepted into the prestigious Notre Dame Law School. When does she even have time to play a round of golf let alone spend time with a boyfriend? She is a busy person with dreams and goals on her mind so if her man can't keep up, it is time for the pink slip on that relationship.

13 Next: Eugenie Bouchard, Tennis


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By the time Eugenie Bouchard was 19 years old, she was already an experienced pro tennis player and she found herself heading to her first singles final during the 2013 HP Open. She lost but it was her introduction to the world that day and the following year, she exploded.

During her amazing 2014 run, Eugenie Bouchard surprised a lot of pundits by reaching the Semi-Finals of both the Australian Open and the French Open, two Grand Slam tournaments. She followed those two showings with a finals match at Wimbledon before simply running out of stem that year. Since then she has battled injuries and found herself battling to get back to the form that got her to 5th in the world rankings. Once she finds it, any man by her side is just going to get in the way.

12 Single: Carmen Jorda (Racing)

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Before Danica Patrick ventured into NASCAR, she was an IndyCar racer from 2005 until 2010. She earned notoriety from her beauty and skills, not just because she was a female race car driver. Her biggest downfall was her inability to win, anything. She won a race in 2008, her only win in her entire career of racing.

Carmen Jorda has been racing since 2006 but she is doing the Formula-One racing, which is basically the same as IndyCar except for a few engine differences and what not. What makes her better and more enjoyable to watch than Danica Patrick is that she was 15 years old when she was racing in the Spanish Formula Three before moving up to the European F3 Open in 2009. She finished 14th at Le Mans when she was 18 years old and no one noticed. Well, do you think they will start noticing her now?

11 Single: Lucy Robson (Golf)

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Saying Lucy Robson is a professional golfer is a bit of an overstatement at this point in time but do not tell her that. She is 100% focused on becoming one, and no one is going to stop her, not even a man.

If you take a stroll through her Instagram, you will find an interesting character emerging like when reading a novel and a non-main character keeps showing up and you can't stop wanting to know more about her. That is Lucy Robson. She loves working out, playing golf, and taking selfies. The best part about that last statement is that she is drop dead gorgeous too. That always makes it easier to scroll through her Instagram (Don't stay for too long though). The former Cal Poly golfer has since graduated and is forming a plan for the rest of her life, which apparently will involve golf.

10 Next: Ekaterina Vandaryeva (Kickboxing)

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Remember when everyone talked about how dominating Ronda Rousey was in mixed martial arts, until she lost of course? Ekaterina Vandaryeva is the Ronda Rousey of international kickboxing, only she is better, much better. She goes by the nickname Barbie for obvious reasons and cuts through her opponents like a knife through hot butter. Of her 65 fights, she won 58 of them with 16 knockouts. She was even given the "Best Fighter World Cup" award from the IFMA.

It is not a normal thing to see such a powerful female kickboxer that looks like a supermodel but for Ekaterina, this is nothing new for her. In fact, she has not really won an award or fought in a match in several years in order to live her personal life, in solitude.

9 Single: Cheyenne Woods (Golf)

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If your uncle is Tiger Woods, do you really think you are going to have an option as to what sport you are going to play as an adult? In the case of Cheyenne Woods, the thought of anything besides golf was just plain silly. She was raised around it her entire life and her first coach was even the late father of Tiger, Earl Woods. She spent a few years in the amateur circuit, winning 30 tournaments before getting her shot at the LPGA in 2009.

Even with her incredible golfing bloodline, Cheyenne Woods still earned her spot in the LPGA after busting her hump at Wake Forest and climbing the ranks to get herself into the 2012 U.S. Women's Open. Is she single? As far as we know she is and will remain so as she hustles her way into the top of her game.

8 Next: Sydney Leroux Dwyer (Soccer)

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When we say someone is next to be single and we mention someone like Sydney Leroux Dwyer, who just recently got married and has a child with her husband, we are not reporting anything or starting rumours, we are simply going with what we know about her and these relationships.

Of course, we all remember Sydney Leroux for her time with Team USA and her Instagram posts with teammate Alex Morgan. She has been a member of Team USA since 2011 and continues to earn playing time as one of the team's forwards. Her talent was noticed back when she was attending UCLA and got noticed as one of the nation's best female soccer stars. Since then, her stardom has risen and she has become one of the faces of women's soccer in America.

7 Single: Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)

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The only, and we mean only, reason Lindsey Vonn is on our list is due to the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. The skier was so incredible on the slopes that she became an international superstar, nearly eight years ago. Since then, she has gone through some tough times, getting severely injured following a fall down a mountain side and spent several months dating Tiger Woods before the two broke it off.

But since the Olympics are coming, you are going to hear about her more everyday, she might even be covering the games, it is too soon to tell. So we decided it would be fair to treat her with that same respect and feature her in our post now that she is a newly single woman.

6 Next: Mattie Rogers (Weightlifting)

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In 2016, she was considered to be the best weight lifter in America but failed to reach the Olympics because the front office believed the team of Jenny Arthur, Morghan King, and Sarah Robles would do a better overall job and bring home an Olympic medal. So she has been around for a few years now and should already be a household name.

In fact, when you look at what she did in 2016 while appearing in four events (National Olympic Trials, National University Championships, World University Championship, American Open), in which she finished first in all four of them, then you would understand just how dominating a figure she is for the sport. This past year she finished first, second, and third in the three events she entered, winning the National Championships in Chicago earlier this year.

5 Single: McKenna Pautsch (Golf)

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Where did she come from? No seriously, how did this gorgeous blonde golfer all of a sudden become an international celebrity? Golf game aside, when McKenna Pautsch was back in college, she played for the University of Redlands golf team. That is a Division III school so she is either not that great or is very talented and decided to go to a better school. She is the latter and helped the school win its' first ever SCIAC title and leading to a 8th overall ranking nationally during her senior season.

So even if she never swings a golf club again, we already know what she can do with one so no need to prove it. Unless, of course, she decides to swing a club in one of her sexy outfits that she rocks on Instagram daily.

4 Next: Ellen Hoog (Field Hockey)

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Field Hockey is not a sport Americans are found of. In fact, it is mostly popular in Europe and Asia. But since the mere volume of people that live in that part of the world is so tremendous, the sport has a good portion of fans and aspiring athletes. However, the women's side struggles because, outside of an Olympic year, who cares about field hockey?

Ellen Hoog has helped to change that by allowing her beautifully fit frame to become the new face of the sport, since 2008. She is 31 years old today but was asked to carry the sport on her back when she was just 22 years young and we have watched her grow into a gorgeous Dutch athlete we hope to see at the next couple of Summer Olympic games.

3 Single: Winifer Fernandez (Volleyball)

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If there is one sport that is downright sexy, no matter how you slice it, it is volleyball. It does not matter if you are talking about indoor or beach volleyball, the sport is stacked with tall skinny women with long legs and a love for wearing short shorts.

Winifer Fernandez represents the Dominican Republic as one of their premier indoor volleyball stars but her fame did not happen on accident. She was noticed on the court during multiple events, and once her pictures hit the web, it was game over. Everyone had to know more about this amazingly sexy volleyball star. Before long, she turned her volleyball career into a launching pad for something else later in life, possibly modelling.

2 Next: Alicia Schmidt (Track & Field)

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Alicia Schmidt went from being a German track star to an international supermodel overnight. Her sudden rise to fame occurred not long after the internet got a hold of an article that introduced the beautiful blonde track star to the rest of the globe. She quickly earned the title of the hottest female athlete alive, which she seems to wear like a badge of honor, according to her continuous modelling pics on Instagram.

Unfortunately for her current beau, when a woman of her beauty and unbelievable talent on the field gets discovered, she can no longer live the normal life. She now has to deal with countless proposals, Twitter DM's, and other forms of contact potential mates might use to get to her. To no fault of either party, they just grow apart and eventually are left standing alone. Alicia Schmidt is on her way to being single and she has probably not even realized it yet.

1 Single: Paige Spiranac (Golf)

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Is there a corner of the internet that has not heard about Paige Spiranac by now? Her insanely good looks matched with an impressive pro golfing career makes her one of the hottest, and most amazing, female pro golfers we have ever seen. Although she is not putting on the LPGA greens yet, she is working hard to get there one day while supporting herself as an international supermodel.

But seriously, she is so blessed in the looks department that one wonders why she would continue to pursue a professional golf career when we all know her chances of making money is not in women's golf, it is in modelling and breaking the internet with her Instagram posts. "All I ever wanted was to be a golfer on the LPGA tour," she said during an interview with Golf.com. She is following her dreams and will not give up until she reaches the top, regardless of how popular she becomes from her beauty. How can you not respect that? She is every bit amazing and is single.

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