8 Female Athletes Who Go Both Ways (And 7 You Didn't Know Were Out)

There are many female athletes in the world that we're sure you are incredibly fond of. But if you find yourself getting all hot and bothered over some of the women on this list, you may find yourself disappointed to hear that if you're a man, they wouldn't even give you a 2nd look, maybe not even a 1st.

Granted we're sure it's not like you stood much of a shot anyway, but a man can dream, right? Below we have 7 names in the sporting world that while you may know their accomplishments in the world, you may not know that their bed is being warmed up by another female. In one instance, it's two Mexican soccer teammates that are helping each other stay satisfied!

If you did have aspirations of winning over a female athlete, you may find yourself with more success on the other side of our list. Because for these 8 women, they seem to be a lot more open to whether it's a man or female keeping them company. Though for several of them, it was their involvement in a certain type of industry that let their orientations become apparent to the public. Either way, you have to admire the courage of the women who have come out as one's orientation can bring with it backlash from certain groups. But we say more power to these talented women!

These are 8 Female Athletes Who Go Both Ways (And 7 You Didn't Know Were Out!)


15 Both Ways: Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes showed the WWE Universe all kinds of sides of her whenever you tuned into watching her on Total Divas. But one thing fans may not have been expecting was the revelation back in 2014 that Mendes went both ways; a feat she later backed up by making out with a girl she met at a bar. When talking about her orientation, Mendes stated: “I’m more into guys, but I have been with girls before. I get emotionally attached to guys when I’m intimate and I’m scared.” Mendes later engaged in a relationship with Bobby Schubenski, whom she also has a child with. Her ability to be candid about her openness in relationships is admirable and shows emotional intelligence and maturity.

14 Both Ways: Paige

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Paige has had several high-profile moments in her life that involve men. This includes taking several superstars to task and having those encounters getting leaked online, as well as having a significant relationship alongside Alberto Del Rio. But just because Paige has dabbled with men on more than one occasion, doesn't mean she isn't also apparently into the ladies.

Perhaps the biggest element of proof we have is this photo of Paige making out with another female. Granted the night in question was definitely motivated by alcohol! Either way, it's definitely a safe enough bet to say Paige has played on both sides of the fence, even though her inhibitions may have been lowered by her favourite beverages.


13 Out: Megan Rapinoe

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Megan Rapinoe is one of the most accomplished female soccer players to ever suit up for the United States. This includes being apart of the team that won gold at the 2012 London Games and the 2015 Fifa Women's World Cup. But if you spend too much time being enamoured with what she does on the pitch, you may find yourself not realizing the action she gets up to off it.

Rapinoe has been in several relationships with women, including dating fellow footballer Sarah Walsh for several years. She is also currently engaged in a relationship with Sue Bird, who plays on the Seattle Storm. We suppose we at least know her type. Even if you are athletic though, men need not apply!

12 Both Ways: Tylene Buck

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If Tylene Buck tried to make it in the WWE today, they'd probably send her the door pretty quickly. She's gorgeous, but she definitely didn't get her stint in the WCW for her talents in the ring. Especially considering her in-ring name was Major Gunns! Buck's life outside of the ring included working in the film industry (no, not Hollywood) - including stretches where she would only work with other women.

When talking about her first experience with a woman (not on film), Buck said "Did the clubbing thing, went back to this party, hanging out there, and one thing led to another". While we can't say we think a party (where judgement usually takes a vacation) is the best place to discover this orientation, what's done is done and she seems happy.


11 Out: Bille Jean King

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Billie Jean King's life is recently being covered with the film Battle of the Sexes where she is played by Emma Stone. The film is allegedly largely fiction, but one thing that they did at least get correct was the fact that Billie Jean King has had relationships with men and women. We found out later though that she definitely only had one real preference.

Her relationships included a marriage to Larry King, that also included an affair with Marilyn Barnett. King later came out of the closet and upon the end of their relationship, also started a relationship with Ilana Kloss; a relationship she is still in today. While Billie Jean King has past experience with men, it's abundantly clear that she identifies today as a lesbian.

10 Out: Nicole Bass

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Nicole Bass may be best recognized for her contributions to the world of female bodybuilding. This included being named the NPC National Bodybuilding Champion in 1997. And trust us when we say that bodybuilding is absolutely a sport that requires an incredible amount of dedication.

Bass also lent her talent to the world of wrestling, including working in the ECW and WWF. At the time of her passing in 2016, it was reported that she was in a relationship with her female business partner, Kristen Marrone. Her cause of death was steroid-influenced pancreatitis; something that surely would have been avoided had she gone into another line of work. Sadly due to the pressure to maintain their incredible shape, many bodybuilders resort to methods that can really harm them.


9 Both Ways: Sheryl Swoopes

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Sherly Swoopes has been well-recognized for her contributions to the world of female basketball. This includes her even being inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame! And while there are plenty of things about her on-court talents to talk about, you may be more interested in her activities away from the court. Especially considering Swoopes has been married twice - once to a woman, and once to a man!

Swoopes' love history started with a marriage to her male high-school sweetheart, before later getting divorced and starting a relationship with a female assistant coach, Alisa Scott. Sadly the relationship didn't end well and within the same year of their breakup, Swoopes got engaged to male Chris Unchlesho.

8 Out: Larissa Franca

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When you are deciding on if you prefer winter or summer Olympics, there definitely needs to be some serious points in favour of summer if only because of the involvement of Beach Volleyball!

One of the most accomplished women in the sport is Larissa Franca, who played for Brazil and throughout her career took home 57 FIVB gold medals (the International Volleyball Federation), and took home a Bronze when she competed in the 2012 games in London. In 2013, she married another beach volleyball player, Liliane Maestrini. We're sure they take plenty of vacations where swimsuits are the most needed item. While men are often guilty of ogling beach volleyball players, they have no chance with Larissa.


7 Both Ways: Shelly Martinez

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Shelly Martinez bounced around a few different wrestling organizations. This includes working with the WWE under the ring name Ariel and appearing in TNA under the moniker Salinas.

One of the most exciting things that Martinez may have done, however, didn't happen in a wrestling ring. Instead, it was the very raunchy tape made alongside fellow female Jewel De'Nyle that leaves nothing to the imagination, as well as making it clear that Shelly has gotten very familiar with another woman. Though granted Jewel is an expert in her industry, it can be said she was the one who took charge that day. Martinez also entered into a relationship with male Kris Pavone and allegedly was also dating the male A.J. McLean.

6 Out: Bianca Sierra (And Teammate) Stephany Mayor

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We wouldn't blame you if you weren't super up-to-date on the world of Mexican Women's Football. But if you were a fan of the national team, you may be well aware of who Bianca Sierra and Stephany Mayor are.

And while the two have chemistry on the soccer field, that chemistry is even stronger off the pitch. It was reported in June 2016 that the two were in fact knocking boots... or should we say cleats? They were the first public sports figures in Mexico to identify as openly gay; a decision they sadly said did earn them some scorn including from professional coaches. We're glad they were able to lean on each other for support and stay strong at each other's side!


5 Both Ways: Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle was no stranger to embracing her sensual side during her tenure with the company. But it appears that some of her past actions, including filming videos that allegedly include her and other women in intimate settings, seems to indicate that Michelle is very well-familiar with how to dance with any kind of partner.

Michelle has been married to a man, Ken Gee Ehrlich, since 2005 which seems to indicate that any filmed interactions with other people would date back over a decade. We wouldn't judge her if she wasn't the biggest fan in the world about talking about how she seemed to make money before the WWE came along! Either way, she seems happily married now so we'll leave it at that.

4 Out: Abby Wambach

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There are plenty of athletes who made a very public statement where they come out about their orientation. These announcements were usually made to much controversy, as certain groups are quick to take to social media to disapprove of these choices. That wasn't the case for Abby Wambach who had always self-identified as a lesbian, and didn't think it needed an announcement, "For me, I feel like gone are the days that you need to come out of a closet. I never felt like I was in a closet. I never did. I always felt comfortable with who I am and the decisions I made." Wambach has had several relationships with women, including marrying Sarah Huffman - though the two later divorced. She is currently married to Glennon Melton.


3 Both Ways: Glory Johnson

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Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner went through a very public divorce. But what didn't take the heat off of the two WNBA stars was that Johnson found herself in the arms of a man within a month of their divorce. Making matters all the more complicated was the fact that Johnson was in fact made pregnant through IVF treatment.

A report in DailyMail stated how Johnson found herself dating Christopher Fry, who at the time stated that Fry (who was 30) was living with his parents. We're sure that didn't make the breakup any easier for Griner to deal with! We can only hope that this difficult situation didn't harm the child involved.

2 Out: Brittney Griner

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There were moments in Brittney Griner's career where she was literally considered one of the best female basketball players in the entire world. Her accolades have also allowed her to score various endorsement deals, including one with Nike.

Despite her success, Griner has admitted to being bullied throughout her life - including for her orientation. As a result, she's used her platform to help others in the LGBT community that may be suffering and in need of mentorship. At only 27 years old, Griner still hopefully has decades ahead of her to help make the world a better place. Considering the high-profile nature of her divorce to Glory Johnson, we hope Griner's next relationship is a more positive one.


1 Both Ways: Chyna

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Chyna did many things in her life that we're sure she was not proud of. But we hope one of the moments she didn't regret was getting dolled up in green paint as She-Hulk and starring in a film that we doubt was played in any major theatre chain. Because if you're going to do that, you may as well get into it! The film saw Chyna explore her sensual side in a variety of settings that we're sure you aren't soon going to forget; even if the scenes may not be as steamy as she had hoped.

Chyna did not have any public relationships with women, but she did have a high-profile relationship with Triple H as well as Sean Waltman; the latter of whom participated in a homemade "tape" with Chyna.


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