8 Female Athletes Who Look Better Without Makeup (And 7 Who Need It)

A lot of female athletes are popular because of their looks. They may not like it, may not be too fond of being ogled and would rather be known for their sporting prowess, but that’s just the day and age we live in. People tune in to watch them in action because they look great while competing. People follow these celebs on social media because of their sizzling pics. It’s just the way it is.

Like I mentioned, some female athletes hate the fact they’re thought of in that manner. Others embrace it. Some post sizzling pics on purpose, because they know their posts will boost their popularity. They’re always glammed up when out and about, when they think their might be cameras pointing in their direction. Some, actually a fair few, even get glammed up when they’re playing their sport. They wear makeup, often sweat proof makeup, so they look what they think is beautiful no matter what the situation. We’re thankful for that. On those rare occasions we’ve seen some celebs without makeup, it’s not a pretty sight. They need makeup, and thankfully they wear it most of the time. Some celebs though are naturally beautiful.

I’m not saying that those who wear makeup aren’t beautiful, it's just that some athletes don’t feel the need to wear makeup all the time, and still look stunning. They’re naturally beautiful, and being makeup free allows that beauty to shine through. These are 8 female athletes who look better without makeup, and 7 who need it, who we feel should be glammed up all of the time.


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Lindsey Vonn doesn’t exactly partake in what many people would consider to be a mainstream sport. She’s an alpine ski racer, and it’s fair to say that many of those who tune in to watch the sport do so to watch her in action. She’s made the sport popular, and one of the main reasons for that is because she’s hot. She looks gorgeous when out on the slopes and when out and about going about her everyday life. Lindsey is therefore no stranger to makeup. She probably has a few draws full of the stuff, different types of makeup for different occasions, different situations. And there’s no doubting the fact that she looks amazing when wearing makeup.

But Lindsey is someone who’s naturally beautiful, and doesn’t need to cover her face with makeup. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing her without makeup, and it’s still a splendid sight.


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There are many super-hot tennis players who are part of the WTA tour. Tennis, more than any other sport, is filled with sultry beauties. They just keep coming, every year it’s as if someone new just pops up, comes through the ranks. Maria Sharapova though has seemingly been around forever. She was winning Grand Slams as a teenage sensation, and she’s still on the circuit today as a 30-year-old. One of the reasons Maria’s so popular and has a higher net worth as a tennis player, is because she knows how to market herself superbly. It helps of course, that she’s hot. But is she actually hot, or is it all that makeup she plasters on her face that makes her so?

There have been pics of Maria that have surfaced that make us think that perhaps she’s not all she’s cracked up to be in the looks department. Maria’s someone who definitely needs makeup, and thankfully, for her and our sake, she does more often than not.


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Hope Solo is without doubt one of the most beautiful soccer players in the world. Team USA’s women’s soccer team is filled with beauties, and Hope is certainly one of them. The feisty goalkeeper is getting on a bit now, she’s 36 years old, but is still as spritely and athletic as ever. Hope is someone who’s attracted a lot of attention over the years. She’s no stranger to controversy, but is also popular because she is of course beautiful, and she’s known for her sizzling physique.

Ever since she posed nude for ESPN’s Body Issue, people have seen Hope in a different light. She looks great in front of the cameras, but arguably looks better when focused on the game, when she’s between the sticks and focusing on the action. Sometimes she wears makeup when playing soccer – make of that what you will. But there have been occasions when she must have forgotten her makeup bag, and she still looks fabulous. Makeup is good but au naturel is best for Hope. Her natural beauty still shines through.


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Ronda Rousey’s responsible for making women’s MMA and UFC what it is today. She’s done a massive amount for the sport, and although she’s currently in the wilderness, pursuing other options, her name will always be synonymous with the UFC. She’s got this star quality about her, but when it comes to being hot, she wasn’t always regarded as being a steamy athlete. Ronda did some shoots all glammed up with makeup, the whole shebang and looking fabulous, and then people began to see her in a different light.

But Ronda was never preoccupied with looking glamorous in the octagon. She was there to do a job and couldn’t give a toss what people thought she looked like during fights. We’ve therefore seen a whole lot of her without makeup, during fights, and post-fights when she’s trying to cover up. I think most would agree, she looks far better with makeup – we’ve gotten used to those steamy shoots and so people expect to see her in that light all the time.


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Eugenie Bouchard is someone who created quite an impression when she burst onto the scene. It seems as if every year there’s a new female tennis player who comes through the ranks to become the subject of people’s attention because of their looks. But the Genie effect hasn’t died down. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing this glamorous Canadian beauty on court over the years looking a million bucks in those short skimpy outfits, and wowing us with her sultry social media posts – and we’ll never tire of seeing such images either.

In a lot of those pics Genie gets dolled up, wearing makeup for the cameras. She’s been quite open about revealing her makeup routine. But we’ve also seen her without makeup. She looks fresh and beautiful without makeup, it makes her seem more real and down to earth and she should ditch the makeup bag more often.


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Guys love their girls and their cars – it’s as if it’s in our DNA. So, when a hot woman starts to achieve success on the racing scene, obviously she’s going to be popular. Danica Patrick is one of the most successful female racers in history. She’s got a ton of achievements to her name, and because of that, and the fact that she’s stunning too, she’s branched out into other stuff, and has made quite a name for herself as a model too. Due to all the posing she does for the cameras, we’re used to seeing her dolled up wearing plenty of makeup. But we’ve also seen her without lots of cosmetics plastered across her face, and we definitely prefer Danica with makeup. She needs it, and thankfully she’s prone to wearing it most of the time.


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Skylar Diggins is someone who’s emerged from the WNBA as a superstar. She’s one of the most successful and popular players in women’s basketball, with a huge fan following and plenty of sponsorship deals that have come her way. We love her and the camera loves her too. That’s because when she gets glammed up, she really is a pretty sight. But the camera loves her more so because of her smile. We love her for it too, as it endears her to us. As Skylar’s become more of a superstar over the years, she’s kind of done what she’s had to do and wears makeup. But she’s admitted that she doesn’t really like the whole makeup thing too much. She only began wearing any at all at college.

Even nowadays she packs really light when it comes to makeup. You’d be kidding yourself if you thought players in the WNBA don’t wear makeup on court. Skylar does too, but all she wears is a bit of bronzer. Most of the time she wears little to no makeup. You can’t really tell though because Skylar, is striking on the court and off it, and it’s not because of anything she slaps on her face.


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In terms of worldwide popularity, Sania Mirza has got to be up there amongst the world’s most popular athletes. In her home nation of India, she’s revered like a Goddess, and is treated like an A-list Bollywood megastar. That might puzzle a lot of people around the world who aren’t really aware of her, and there’ll be a fair few who aren’t. That’s because Sania Mirza applies her trade in tennis in doubles events.

In India, turn on the TV, flick through the pages of glossy magazines, look up at billboards, and chances are you’ll see Sania’s face beaming down at you. It’s a beautiful face, but one that’s covered in a ton of makeup. We’ve seen her without makeup, and she certainly doesn’t look like an A-lister.


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The fact that during the most recent soccer World Cup, most of team USA’s soccer players wore makeup during matches is something that’s sure to divide opinion. It was picked up on and plenty of people decided to voice their opinions and give their two cents. On the one hand, you get female athletes moaning about being sexualized, saying they want their athletic skills to be appreciated. But then they wear makeup to make themselves look more glamorous. I’ll tell you one player who really didn’t need to wear makeup, and that’s Alex Morgan. She’s another hottie from team USA, and she’s admitted that she only wears light makeup, applies some bronzer and that’s about it. But we think she looks better without. There’s plenty of color in those cheeks already.


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Nowadays we’re used to seeing Gina Carano with makeup. After calling time on her MMA career, she’s made a successful go of things as an actress, and has become a TV personality too. So, when we see Gina on screen, attending various events, partaking in interviews and what not, of course she’s all glammed up, has gone through her makeup ritual. And that makeup routine is certainly something that she should continue to do. Remember, we’ve also seen her without makeup, plenty of times during her days fighting in the octagon. She looks totally different from when she’s got her game face on to when she’s doing her duties as an actress. Gina looked hot as an MMA competitor, but I think most would agree that she looks even hotter looking all glamorous as an actress.


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A lot of athletes, especially a lot of the world’s top athletes, wear makeup when they’re in action. Some say they don’t, but when pushed on the matter, they say they apply a bit of this, wear a bit of that – so although they may be so in their minds, they can’t really be classified as being makeup free. Tennis players are among the hottest athletes of them all. Very few are hotter than Ana Ivanovic. When she was doing her thing on court, people sat up and took notice. She was a sultry tennis beauty if ever there was one. Ana’s famed not just because of her tennis ability, but because of her modeling shoots too.

She’s taken part in a number of steamy shoots over the years, but also looks super-hot on court. It came as a surprise to a lot of people when she admitted she never wears any makeup on court. Her reason? She doesn’t want to worry about her makeup running. Ana also gets a good night’s sleep, to keep her refreshed, and she stays hydrated. She had a no makeup on court philosophy, preferring to remain au naturel, and if she didn't say she wore no makeup, we’d certainly be none the wiser.


I know I’ve said this quite a few times, with every soccer player on this list, but Sydney Leroux really is rated by many as being the hottest soccer player on the planet. She’s another soccer superstar from team USA, having moved over from the Great White North early on in her career. Her choosing to pursue a career in The States proved to be a wise decision as it propelled her onto the global stage. Despite what people might think of her, Sydney Leroux hasn’t held back letting people know her makeup ritual, how she wears lots of makeup all the time. When is say all the time, I mean all the time, including on the soccer field.

She’s said that she feels naked without makeup. Sydney just enjoys the process of putting on makeup, getting glammed up. That’s just as well because we’ve seen her in one or two pics in which she appears not to be wearing any. We’ve seen her in a ton of pics in which she’s wearing makeup. There’s no comparison.


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Serena Williams isn’t really your stereotypical female tennis player. She’s big, she’s imposing, she’s very muscular on court and many think she possesses very manly features. That’s why although she’s the greatest female tennis player who’s ever lived, and arguably the greatest sportswoman who’s ever lived due to her sheer dominance, she wasn’t really regarded to be hot, not for a long time. But then she grew up and became all woman. But she’s not the type of woman who gets glammed up all of the time. That’s just not Serena. She’s happy being herself, au naturel, and we’re happy she’s happy like that, because she still looks amazing. Being covered in makeup – that’s just not Serena. Serena is different from the norm, in more ways than one.


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And the tennis players just keep on coming. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because women’s tennis is filled with sultry beauties on court. Garbine Muguruza is one of the latest hotties to have hit the big time. She’s hot and mightily successful, having already won Grand Slams at the still relatively young age of 24. Garbine has got it all – the ability combined with drive and determination and beauty to get people watching, keep people engrossed. She is seriously hot, looks amazing on and off the court. But a lot of that’s got to do with makeup. You can tell that Garbine covers herself in the stuff. Perhaps that’s because she’s had skin problems in the past. She’s tried to hide it, but hasn’t been successful. So instead she chooses to mask those blemishes by applying tons of makeup. We’re not complaining though. She needs to wear makeup and thankfully she does.


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Hilary Knight was essentially an unknown entity – aside from among women’s ice hockey fans of course – before she decided to take the plunge and pose bare. That decision propelled her onto the world stage, to superstardom, and made her one of the hottest athletes on the planet in a lot of people’s eyes. Sure, in that shoot, and the tons of other since then, she’s all glammed up and is wearing makeup. That much is obvious, and it’s not a bad thing because she looks splendid. But we’ve also seen her without makeup and she looks just as hot. She’s pretty comfortable in her own skin too, because she regularly posts pics on social media of herself without wearing any makeup. Most stars wouldn’t dream of doing that, but it just shows how comfortable Hilary is with herself. She’s got nothing to hide and plenty to show.

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