8 Female Athletes Who Were Recently Taken Off The Market (And 7 Now Single!)

The strains of the modern athlete are tough and demanding. Up at dawn to train. Don’t slip on your diet. Always stay focused no matter what is happening in your personal life. Who has time for dating, boyfriends, girlfriends, falling in love, falling out of love? Apparently everyone! Every year athlete couples break up and make up, tie the knot or call it a flop. Athletes attract the limelight and find themselves in relationships with celebrities, politicians, and sometimes just the guy or girl next door.

On this list we’ll take a look at the female athletes who broke our hearts this year and were taken off the market as well as their counterparts who swung the other way on the relationship pendulum and landed themselves in the singles column. Some long time couples tied the knot and some speculative couples made it official while other flash-in-the-pan couples imploded and some marriages sadly came to and end. The life of a professional athlete is anything but dull and you can count the arena of love as one of the battlefields that they, as we all, compete on everyday to try to become a champion. Some will win, some win lose, some can only sing the blues. Let’s see who we still have a chance with and some who’s posters we should finally take down.

15 Taken: Caroline Wozniacki 

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Caroline Wozniacki is a tennis superstar with a million dollar smile and amazing figure. She has been stealing the hearts of male tennis fans over a 12 year professional tennis career. The sexy star has even strutted her stuff for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and we have to say that we liked what we saw. But it’s time for men everywhere to stop hoping and praying that someday they’ll find themselves with the Woz as she has recently said yes to an engagement proposal from professional basketball player David Lee. Lee currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA and has played for some accomplished teams in his career including the Warriors and the Celtics. We’re happy for Caroline and David and sad for the rest of us.

14 Single: Lindsey Vonn 

Lindsey Vonn is an amazing athlete when it comes to the world of skiing. She’s fast, fit, and my lord is she gorgeous on and off the slopes. Vonn has had some high profile romances in the past that included a solid stint with PGA great Tiger Woods on her arm just to name one. Late in 2016 she moved on to Los Angeles Rams Assistant Coach Kenan Smith which bummed out her male fan base who thought they had a shot after Tiger. Smith, no slouch athlete himself competing in both collegiate football and track and field, was seen on Vonn’s arm for about a year and then recently a light at the end of the tunnel. It was recently reported that Smith and Vonn split late in 2017. Oh my! Better race to the ski hill fellas.

13 Taken: Kealia Ohai 

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Kealia Ohai is a stunning soccer player who plays for the Houston Dash and has a few games with the senior women's American National Team under her belt. She is an absolute beauty on and off the pitch. The 25-year-old Utah native can snap necks with her looks as well as she snaps ankles with her moves with the soccer ball. But I hate to tell you boys that she is taken and I wouldn’t want to challenge her current beau to a fight for her love. Kealia is in a very committed relationship with 4 time Pro Bowler and 3 time Defensive Player of the Year for the NFL, J.J. Watt. Talk about a good looking couple. And talk about some broken hearted male soccer fans.

12 Single: Paige VanZant

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Paige VanZant is a foxy MMA fighter who can handle herself in the ring and on the red carpet. The native of Dundee, Oregon is anything but the girl next door and could probably kick the butt of any suitor stupid enough to treat her poorly. Paige hasn’t had as much luck in the dating arena as she has had in the ring and in the public eye. VanZant has landed herself television appearances not only in the octagon but also on tv’s Dancing with the Stars and the Food Networks hit show Chopped. Why can’t Paige find a man to dance with, cook with, and hopefully roll around with (talking jiu jitsu her guys)? Early this year VanZant announced she would be accepting applications for a husband on Twitter. Get Tweeting guys!

11 Taken: Serena Williams 

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Serena Williams is a goddess in the sport of tennis and ranks up there as one of the all time greats on the court. She has so many awards and accolades under her belt that it is hard to imagine that she could accomplish anything more on this planet, but Queen Serena has reached the top once again, this time on the court of love. Serena found love online, not on a dating site, but in the form of Reddit founder and internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian. The pair got married in 2017 and we couldn’t be happier for them. They welcomed daughter Alexis Olympia 3 months ago and haven’t stopped smiling since. It looks like the queen of tennis has found a doubles partner for life.

10 Single: Sally Fitzgibbons 

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Sally Fitzgibbons isn’t a well know name to those who don’t closely follow the sport of surfing. The 27-year-old Australian has been a staple on the pro surfing circuit since 2007 and has a handful of wins to her name and has made well over a million dollars cruising the waves and looking good while competing at the sport she loves. Sally is definitely not hard to look at and her chosen sport just happens to have her wearing a swimsuit more often than not. It was tough on her male fans for a long time as Sally was in a very committed relationship professional rugby player Trent Merrin who represented his country at the national level. But no fear guys! The Australian power couple split mid-2017 so Sally is looking for a new beach buddy!

9 Taken: Peta Murgatroyd 

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Dancing is a sport, and those who participate in it might be some of the toughest athletes on the planet. I dare any macho dude to strap on some ballet shoes and attempt to point step their way across the floor. You’ll end up crying before your toenails have a chance to split or your ankle explodes. Pro dancers are amazingly fit, amazingly beautiful, and in some cases amazingly popular due to their affiliation with a hit reality show. Peta Murgatroyd is a New Zealand born dancer and choreographer who has won Dancing with the Stars US, TWIC! What a fox and a champion as well! But before you start sending in your date requests to the show, I have to let you know that she got married in 2017 to her costar and fellow dancer Maksim Chmerkovsky. Start practising that ballet boys.

8 Single: Michelle Kwan 

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Michelle Kwan is American figure skating royalty who skated into our hearts in the late 90’s when she started mopping up medals at the olympics with a Silver at Nagano 1998 and a Bronze in Salt Lake City 2002, not to mention her five World Championship Golds between 96-03. A beautiful skater with a beautiful smile we all wished the best for Americas sweetheart on skates. But this year Michelle’s love life fell apart as she learned about her husbands intent to file for divorce over a TWEET! Her husband of 4 years Clay Pell, a failed politician, filed for divorce in California earlier this year without warning and Kwan responded by filing for divorce in Rhode Island where the couple lives. We’re on your team Michelle, all 6.0’s for staying strong.

7 Taken: Nikki Bella 

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Nikki Bella is a professional wrestler who has worked for the WWE since 2007 and in that time has done a lot of kicking butt in the ring and putting butts in the seats and on couches with her personality and wonderful physique. In 2015 she was named Rolling Stones Diva of the Year, and well deserved at that. Divas of the WWE are wildly popular and have huge fan bases so it might be intimidating for some guys to be with them, but Bella doesn’t have to worry about that intimidating her new husband, John Cena! Cena, one of the biggest names in wrestling over the past two decades, proposed to Nikki at Wrestlemania 33 and the two superstars tied the know late in 2017.

6 Single: Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick has broken many barriers in her career doing many things a woman had never before done behind the wheel of a race car. She drove away with our hearts early in her career and never gave them back. Danica went through a divorce in 2013 and before she ever really hit the open road she was snapped up by Ricky Stenhouse a NASCAR driver with a few wins to his name. For a while life in the fast lane worked for Danica and Ricky as they cruised along side by side, but after a relationship lasting 5 years Patrick and Stenhouse decided it was time for the checkered flag late in 2017. It looks like Danica is once again looking for someone to fill her passenger seat. Gentlemen, start your engines.

5 Taken: Anna Kournikova 

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Ok, ok, ok, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been playing cat and mouse with the media about their relationship for more than fifteen years now. The Russian tennis babe has been linked to two of the greatest Russian NHL forwards of all time in Sergei Federov and Pavel Bure, the former who she had reportedly been secretly married to. But for years now it’s been public knowledge that Anna and Enrique have been an item after she starred in the singers ‘Escape’ music video. They have been secretive about wether they are married or not leaving the whole world guessing. Well I’m calling this one! The former tennis star and latin crooner gave birth to twins late in 2017 so it’s safe to say Anna is taken (and Enrique too for that matter), MYSTERY SOLVED!

4 Single: LoLo Jones 

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Lolo Jones is an incredible athlete and super babe who competes at the highest national level in a summer and a winter sport, stretching those amazing legs over the hurdles and rocketing down the track in a skin-tight bodysuit on the bobsled. Hurdling is naturally a solo sport and you only have yourself out there on the track as you compete against the worlds best. Bobsledders work together as a team to overcome obstacles and reach for the gold. It seems these days Lolo has leaned towards to solo aspect of the wide world of love as she and New York Giants punter Brad Wing called it quits in spring 2017. That’s ok Lo, you’ve got plenty to keep you busy as you train for either upcoming Olympics while you get back out there and search for love.

3 Taken: Julianne Hough

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Julianne Hough is more than a triple threat. She’s an incredible dancer, singer, actress, and all-around superstar mega-babe. She danced into our hearts on the television sensation Dancing with the Stars and we haven’t been able to take our eyes off of her since. The Utah native is also an accomplished country singer and their met be something in the water down their in Nashville because country singers can’t seem to stay away from Hockey players. Carrie Underwood has been famously married the Mike Fischer for years and now it seems Julianne has swooped herself up Brooks Laich who plays for the Washington Capitals of the NHL. The pair got married in 2017 and we wish them all the best, even though we’re a little sad that we’ll never get that dance we dreamed of.

2 Single: Paige 

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Paige is the resident bad girl of the WWE and has had male fans swooning since she debuted in on the big stage in NXT back in 2012. Paige comes from a wrestling family and was destined to strut her stuff in front of the big crowds eventually. Paige has been a WWE Divas champion as she climbed to the height of her career, but what about the man in her life, who could Paige share her success with? Paige was in a relationship with professional wrestler Alberto Del Rio but the tag-team of Paige and her man recently split up as the demands of both their careers were just more than the popular couple could manage and happily stay together. So Paige is now single and we hope she’ll pin us next!

1 Taken: Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey is a legend in the octagon and a fox on the red carpet. She works hard and plays hard and every warm blooded fella out their has probably had a fantasy about Rousey hip tossing them onto a bed at some point or another. Ronda has always seems to make her work in the ring look effortless as well as her looks in the spotlight. And I hate to be the one to tell you guys but she’s found a permeant training partner outside of the ring in fellow MMA competitor Travis Browne. Rousey married Browne, 5 years her senior, in lovely Hawaii, his home state. I’m not going to be the guy stepping in between this couple. We’ll still see you in our dreams Ronda. All the best to the both of you.

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