8 Female Bodybuilders Revealing A Little Too Much (And 8 We Didn't Need To See)

The common misconception about bodybuilding is that the biggest and most massive person always wins. That is not always the case and there is much more detail that goes into it. The bodybuilders that win competitions actually have the most symmetry between both sides of their body and have muscles that all look like they fit well together. In essence, it's all about proportion.

It is no secret that bulging biceps and rippling pectorals are not something that most men normally look for when checking out a member of the opposite sex and it is not exactly the prototypical look when they're thinking of someone attractive. However, there is a fine line between the right amounts of muscle, tip toeing the line between attractive and testosterone. It is man's  instinct to be attracted to the best looking female that has the best “assets,” and female bodybuilders definitely have curves in the right places. But no guy wants to feel like his girl can throw him around like a rag doll (well maybe most guys anyway).

The women on this list show the difference between being the perfect balance of muscular and going way over board with their muscles. The beautiful athletes on this list show the finer side of women’s bodybuilding, where good looks can be more important than the men’s side of the sport. The rest of the women on the list find themselves here because they went a tad too far with their muscular physique. The aren't not beautiful in their own way, just not the conventional way. Yet that is what they get paid to do, so who could blame them for getting shredded? Even though the muscular look is not always considered the most elegant, beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.

16 Revealing A Little Too Much: Sarah Ainsley Harrison

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Sarah Ainsley Harrison is a gorgeous Canadian bodybuilder that has won the title of NSABBA Provincial Champion. This is just one of many of her accomplishments and her looks have even given her the opportunity to participate in several beauty pageants including Miss Universe Canada. In addition to fitness, she is also an actress and a model as well. With all of her success you would think she would be satisfied, but in an interview with muscleinsider.com she said, "I don't believe in resting on your laurels; I'm always striving to grow, to experience something new, and achieve a new goal."

This type of passion is how she maintains her rock hard physique and still stays motivated to get better. It is no question that Sarah is one of the most attractive bodybuilders in the sport and being in the Miss Universe competitions means she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

15 Didn't Need To See: Irene Andersen

Being muscular is being beautiful and proud!!

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She was born in Denmark on September 9, 1966, making her one of the older professional bodybuilders (which is hardly noticeable by her photograph). You can tell by looking at her that she is a very impressive bodybuilder with a rippling physique. However when she added all of those muscles she almost lost all of her femininity. She looks terrific for what she wants to do and at over 50 years old anyone that age would likely do anything to be as fit as her. Even though she is not as massive as other bodybuilders that look very masculine, she still has the same issue even though she is very lean and ripped. She is definitely still beautiful and if anyone can look like that after having three kids ,then anything is truly possible.

14 Revealing A Little Too Much: Heidi Vuorella

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This professional fitness competitor is a Swedish blonde bombshell, and she definitely has the body to go along with the gorgeous locks. Some people would not consider her a full-fledged bodybuilder because she is not exactly huge. Right now she competes in the Women's Physique division, but she has proven that she has the potential to take the next step up into the bodybuilding division. Her body is perfect for where she is right now because she is so lean and ripped. This does not make her less feminine and that is what helps her on stage in competition. She works really hard to maintain her physique and she even helps other people do the same by working as a personal trainer when she is not training. It is safe to say that fitness is a huge part of her life and her body seems to agree with that statement as well.

13 Didn't Need To See: Kim Chizevsky

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Hailing from Charleston, Illinois, she is one of the most well known and successful female bodybuilders of all-time. Honestly if she shaved her head she could probably compete at the male level and no one would even bat an eye. With the nickname "thunder thighs", it is to be expected that she found herself on this side of the list. Before she earned her pro card she placed first in every amateur competition she participated in except for only two at the very beginning of her career. When she turned pro she won the first competition she ever attended and placed fifth in her first Ms. Olympia competition that same year. After that she went on to dominate the Ms. Olympia competition, winning from 1996 to 1999. Her spectacular career inevitably ended with her being inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

12 Revealing A Little Too Much: Oksana Grishina

This Russian beauty has been into fitness her entire life. She started with gymnastics before she eventually became a successful fitness model. As a young girl competing in gymnastics, her coaches noticed she had a unique physique and encouraged her to become a bodybuilder. She listened to them and had a very successful amateur career. Before she turned pro she won both European and World overall championship titles. This lead her to receiving her pro card after five years of amateur competition. She has a long list of accomplishments as a pro as well, but most recently she has won the last three IFBB Olympia Fitness Division Championships. All this success as a fitness competitor is even more impressive considering she also has an aspiring acting and music career to manage as well. This photo manages to capture her beauty as well as her powerful figure.

11 Didn't Need To See: Joanna Clare Thomas

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It looks like she could easily beat someone up if she found out she was included on this list. Bodybuilding sparked her interest when she was about 14 and she saw a bodybuilding magazine that someone who was staying at her house was reading. After this she became so enthusiastic she went down to the local gym and tried to train. The gym owner’s wife then shot her down and said that building muscle should be left to the men. This lead her husband to train her and she discovered she had a talent to become a bodybuilder. She has been bodybuilding for a long time and was actually the youngest British bodybuilder ever to receive her IFBB pro card at the age of 21. She was able to to attain the pro card by winning the British Championships in 1998. For someone over the age of 40 she is in amazing shape.

10 Revealing A Little Too Much: Jennifer Rish

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It easy to tell that Jennifer Rish is amazingly beautiful and it is easy to tell by this picture that she is not shy in front of a camera. These two traits made it effortless for her to transfer over to bodybuilding where she has competed in a few competitions and modelling, where she had success as well. Rish also grew up in California which is a perfect place to get noticed for modelling. She is another female bodybuilder on the list that started out with gymnastics and converted over to weightlifting. All of this activity has allowed her to have huge muscles while maintaining her beautiful figure. This picture is a perfect example of Rish flexing and showing off her calf, but somehow maintaining a model pose. She has the entire package and it is no wonder why she is great in both facets of her career.

9 Didn't Need To See: Iris Kyle

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It is incredible that she is the most accomplished bodybuilder (male or female) of all-time. This picture might scare a few people, but she has won ten overall Ms. Olympia competitions including two in the heavyweight division. She has also won seven Ms. International competitions including one in the heavyweight division. She has been an athlete her entire life, receiving a basketball scholarship to Alcorn State University where she graduated. She then built her gargantuan body after becoming motivated by living in Orange County, California and seeing all the fit and attractive people. When she first joined a gym she even remembers being intimidated by all the machinery that they had. Her story proves that the number one bodybuilder body of all time can be built through hard work and determination even with little experience to start.

8 Revealing A Little Too Much: Jennifer Broomfield

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Jennifer Broomfield was born in Bolton, Massachusetts and currently competes as a professional body builder out of Hartford, Connecticut where she now lives. She was always muscular growing up and she even admitted to beating all the boys in arm wrestling competitions in school growing up. Even without her chiseled and rocking bod she would still be really attractive. Her pretty blue eyes and nice smile make her one of the most beautiful women in bodybuilding. After battling depression, she said she turned to god and that gave her a new passion towards fitness and health. She also told herbiceps.com that,  "I now see my body in a new light, I am a temple of God, and I strive to do all I can with the gift that he gave me."

7 Didn't Need To See: Debi Laszewski

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She is on the borderline of showing up on the other side of this list, but if you look up other photos of her in competition she definitely looks more like Schwarzenegger than Sharapova. On the other hand she has beautiful eyes and facial features. She has even shown up on other lists for being one of the hottest bodybuilders out right now. Her size and muscularity would make any bodybuilder jealous. So it is very hard to believe that it took her 18 years competing as an amateur before she earned her pro card. This proves how hard it is to break into the industry of bodybuilding, if it takes almost two decades for someone with bulging muscles like that to become a professional. Now at 47 years old, Debi is in the middle of her pro career and is in prime physical shape to win competitions.

6 Revealing A Little Too Much: Erica Cordie

It goes without saying that Erica Cordie has a rocking body, and this photo in bright green definitely does it justice. Her career came out of nowhere and pretty much happened by accident. She had a bad skiing accident that injured her knee and created some substantial damage. This lead her to start working out in the gym to build up her leg muscles in that area and help her through rehabilitation on her injured knee. She thankfully made a full recovery and it actually sparked her successful career in female bodybuilding. Erica took a negative event in her life and turned it into the body that she flaunts today. Thankfully for everyone in the bodybuilding community and beyond that she did that so we can see the spectacular results.

5 Didn't Need To See: Rene Campbell

This IFBB Pro Female bodybuilder hails from the United Kingdom. Her physical statistics are very impressive for a female bodybuilder. She stands at 5'8" and weighs 85 kilograms. Her back is an astounding 47 inches, her biceps measure 16.5 inches, her thighs are 27 inches, while her calves are 17 inches. All these measurements are perfect for a female bodybuilder, but they do not make her the most attractive, although she does rank among the better looking bodybuilders. An unfortunate symptom of serious workout is having a chest that looks masculine. This is why many female bodybuilders turn to getting work done to make their chest stand out more. Her facial features are quite feminine, so it balances out her lower half on stage.

4 Revealing A Little Too Much: Moorea Wolfe

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Moorea Wolfe is a professional bodybuilder originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. She might be hotter than the Arizona sun judging by this picture. Not only is she showing off her impressive muscles, but she is flaunting herself in little clothing that makes her such an impressive bodybuilder. Just like Oskana Grishina and Jennifer Rish, she attributes her physique to growing up as a gymnast. Her parents enrolled her in gymnastics classes when she could barely walk and she competed very seriously throughout her childhood. This experience trained her body and gave her a solid base to work with once she decided to convert into a bodybuilder. Her gorgeous eyes mixed with her beautiful body makes her one of the hottest bodybuilders out there. It is easy to tell why her other job is as a model when she is not in fitness competitions.

3 Didn't Need To See: Nicole Bass

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She could be the most recognizable face on the list because she was more than a bodybuilder. She has also been an actress and professional wrestler, wrestling for the World Wrestling Federation and Extreme Championship Wrestling. From 1993 until she unfortunately passed away this year, she made a bunch of appearances on the Howard Stern Show as well. Her bodybuilding career was very long and successful and her biggest accomplishment came in 1997 when she won first place at the NPC Nationals. Her masculine look and broad physique made her perfect for both female bodybuilding and professional wrestling where she had success as well. In a tragedy in February of 2017 she was found dead in her apartment after having a stroke. At the age of 52 she was taken far too soon, but she left a positive impact on both bodybuilding and professional wrestling.

2 Revealing A Little Too Much: Brooke Ence

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Sometimes super shredded abs on a woman can be a turn off for guys. However Brooke Ence makes the ultra ripped look one to stop and stare at for the right reasons. She never is shy to show off her best asset and almost flaunts her abs more than infamous Jersey Shore star Mike the Situation. She is one of the hottest bodybuilders that was home grown in the United States, being born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Holladay has been competing in bodybuilding competitions since the late 2000s and has even won a couple of competitions along the way, proving that her hard work has paid off. She now works as a muscle model and she has slowed down on competing on stage. With her amazing body, beautiful blonde hair, and blue eyes it is no wonder why she is on this list.

1 Didn't Need To See: Maria Segura

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She is a prime example of how you can cross the line from being physically fit to just having too much muscle packed in one place. She has the perfect physique to be a successful bodybuilder in competition, but it is unlikely that she turns heads for anything other than her massive muscles. In her latest competition (the Wings of Strength Chicago Pro) she placed fourteenth which is not bad, but it is not great either. One of the things that can help a female bodybuilder maintain their femininity is their delicate facial features. To put it nicely she lacks the qualities to help her in that category as well. There are probably tons of men out their that would love to be with her, and that is why the most important thing to remember about this list is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in a bodybuilders case beauty is in they eye of the judge.

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