8 Female Sportscasters Employed For Their Looks (And 7 For Their Talent)

It’s become more common throughout today’s society that on television and businesses like to use attractive women to help drive sales in their business. It seems that beautiful women many times attract more males to spend more or to watch more television that has those women in the shows they watch. This has become very common in sports media as a lot of women have taken over jobs that men once had.

Do these women always know what they are talking about? And do they really deserve to have time on the screen over those who spend their whole lives going to school or playing the game? Granted, some of these women know what they’re talking about when it comes to sports and provide great information. But, there’s also a lot of these women that are sportscasters that only seem to have a job because of their looks. What it seems like most television networks are doing is hiring young beautiful women that have enough knowledge about sports to talk on television, but that can act and attract the men that are watching these networks, and maybe try and have them continuously watch these networks to see these beautiful women. Maybe that isn’t the case, but it sure seems like it. Beautiful women and sports is too good of a combination to pass up.

15 Looks: Leeann Tweeden - Fox Sports

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Alright, we look at Leeann Tweeden and it looks like we are looking at the most beautiful women we have ever seen in our lives. Tweeden has the perfect package all around, why wouldn’t a male sports lover want to watch her on television? She currently works as a sports commentator for Fox Sports 1’s UFC Tonight. Her track record speaks for itself, as to why she could have been hired for her looks.

It all started for her when she started working for Hooters as a hostess, which led the beginning of her modeling career. She was a fitness model, modeled for Hooters, Venus International, and Frederick’s of Hollywood. She also has experience working with other news channels, which may give the indication she is just meant to be on television, rather than having the job because her knowledge of MMA.

14 Talent: Meredith Marakovits - YES Network

This has nothing wrong with Meredith Marakovits looks because she does indeed have a beautiful smile, but she is also one of the best sportscasters out there. The YES Network has always had some great commentary, as it’s different from a lot of other sports networks. The network doesn’t really have that median person to switch up the conversations all the time due to the fact that they are really only concentrating on one team at a time.

Now, Marakovits has been great at interviewing players and providing information from the clubhouse as quick as possible. She always seems to have the latest information, and the most accurate. The one thing that really proves that she was hired for her talent: her experience. This isn’t Marakovits first time as a sportscaster, she actually has quite a resume under her belt. The YES Network, like the Yankees, have very high expectations for their commentary, and Marakovits lives up to it.

13 Looks: Sara Carbonero - World Cup Coverage

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Sara Carbonero really didn’t have a long career as a sportscaster, and there were no real highlights of her that defined her career. The only thing she was really known for besides her looks, we’re during the 2010 World Cup, she took part in distracting a player which led to an unusual victory by Switzerland. Just a year before that, Carbonero was voted “The Sexiest Reporter In The World.”

Instead of her skills, she’s known for that accusation and her looks. She had a short career with being a sportscaster before she married Iker Casillas, the player who she supposedly distracted during the World Cup. Maybe instead of distracting players on the field, she should go look for a job modeling where she can distract men for as long as she would like.

12 Talent: Heather Cox - NBC Sports

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Like many male sportscasters, Heather Cox started out by actually playing sports before starting a career on television. Before she was a reporter, she played beach volleyball. In 1994, the time came when she decided to become a reporter for some of the biggest sports broadcasting companies in the world. Her track record speaks it all, as she has worked for many outlets including ABC, NBC, and ESPN. When she started off, she actually covered men’s and women’s college volleyball. It made the most sense for her as she just finished a career with volleyball, so she has a lot of knowledge about the sport.

She continued to do a lot of work with the NCAA and volleyball, going with what brought her to this occupation. She is now currently a sideline reporter on Thursday Night Football and NBC, as well as working with the Golf Channel.

11 Looks: Marisol Gonzalez - Televisa Deportes

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The above picture says it all. No sportscasters go on stage wearing a tight skimpy dress when they’re trying to provide information about sports. The only time you really see women wearing outfits like that, is when they’re either going out to a nightclub or modeling. If you google Marisol Gonzalez, all you see is racy pictures come up. Most sportscasters that are dedicated to providing information about the sport don’t pose half naked all the time.

Gonzalez also has experience as a model, when she competed in Miss Universe in 2003, and also acting. Gonzalez seems like she has the ability to just be good on television, rather than providing the best information about the sport. Maybe her soccer knowledge isn’t all that great, but many men wouldn’t mind turning on the television to watch Gonzalez in that tight dress every day.

10 Talent: Michele Tafoya - NBC Sports

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If you watch Sunday Night Football every week, you probably know who Michele Tafoya is. Tafoya is NBC Sports sideline reporter, and is constantly being checked down for information on the sidelines dealing with injuries, struggling players or interviews during the game. Tafoya actually went to school for mass communications, so she is very knowledgeable about the occupation she holds.

Tafoya has been within the sports industry for over 20 years. She has also worked for CBS Sports, ABC, ESPN, and has done work with different radio stations. If you’re wondering why you know as much as you do about what goes on during these Sunday night games, it’s because Michele Tafoya is on top of everything. Even at age 52, she is one of the best women sportscasters in the game.

9 Looks: Ines Sainz - Deportips

You haven’t seen a sportscaster with a real booty till you have seen Ines Sainz on television. The Mexican journalist even at 39 years old still is killing the game with her sexy looks. A lot of what Sainz is known for is her modeling, not really with her sports broadcasting skills. Although she hasn’t done an awful job reporting, what initially got her this job seems to be her incredible looks.

Sainz seemed to be all over the place, not even with just sports. Besides having an incredible body, she was just naturally good for television. In 2016, she announced that she would be hosting a Netflix reality show called “Ultimate Beastmaster.” Her ability to attract people to her looks and voice on television makes it an easy decision for why companies would want to hire her.

8 Talent: Suzy Kolber - ESPN

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Suzy Kolber may be one of the most recognizable faces out of all female sportscasters. Even before Kolber got to the big stations, she worked in West Palm Beach, Florida for a local news station, as the sports anchor for that station. That started the beginning of what would become an extremely successful career for Kolber. Kolber has done some work with NASCAR, but mostly has been working with the NFL throughout her career.

Kolber has gotten some heat from some of the interviews she has conducted throughout her career, including one with Mark Ingram. But, she has been able to provide a lot of helpful information to NFL fans around the world. She has built up from a small news station, all the way to one of the biggest sports stations in the world.

7 Looks: Charissa Thompson - Fox Sports

Apparently, the dream of Charissa Thompson was to become a sports broadcaster ever since she was little, but it seems like that was more because she had the opportunity. Thompson is drop dead gorgeous, and is eye appealing to many men who love to watch sports. Thompson has bounced around a bit covering the NFL, NCAA, and NHL. She has also been involved with boxing events, NASCAR events, and some reality series.

If Thompson didn’t have her looks, maybe she wouldn’t be a sportscaster. But because she has that beautiful smile and is always dressed up to par, it makes sense why Fox Sports would give her the job. Unfortunately for her though, she hasn’t been able to stay in one place for a long period of time as she’s constantly bouncing around different locations.

6 Talent: Hannah Storm - ESPN/ABC

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I guess part of the reason Hannah Storm grew up to be successful and talented, was from the family she came from. Her father is Mike Storen, who is the commissioner of the American Basketball Association. Storm grew up in an environment that relied heavily on sports. She worked for multiple radio stations, but even there she was doing work that involved sports. Storm has been lucky enough to be featured on many programs that include almost every major sport.

Storm also hosted other events outside of sports including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and news events such as Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War. A lot of what she does involves being in the studio going over highlights, and continuing to become more versatile by associating herself with more sports.

5 Looks: Rebecca Grant - Fox Sports

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Granted, Rebecca Grant is incredibly beautiful. But it’s clear that the only reason she ever had a job as a sportscaster was because of her looks. Grant has done so many other things in her life including being an actress and modeling for a video game, that many people don’t even look at her as being a sportscaster.

In the past, she has worked with Fox and ESPN as far as sports go. But, sports have never been her focus throughout her career. She has gotten roles for anything you can think of, which makes it seem that her role dealing with sports was just given to her so that these channels can have a beautiful median to help boost ratings and keep a conversation going.

4 Talent: Pam Oliver - Fox Sports

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Pam Oliver is truly a natural when watching on television. Seeing her on the sidelines on Fox Sports, you know that the information she is going to tell is usually very informative and important. She always gives injury updates, as well as hashes up what some teams may have talked about during halftime. She is known for covering both the NFL and the NBA. If you have ever watched a game on Fox Sports and a player got injured, you probably found out from Pam Oliver.

She is always delivering information before anyone can release it, keeping fans up to date about everything they need to know in sports. She may be one of the most popular sideline reporters that cover the NFL and it's because of the amazing job she does every week.

3 Looks: Jimena Sanchez - Fox Sports

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Oh, my oh my, Jimena Sanchez is one bad girl. Sanchez may be the steamiest sportscaster in all of sports around the world. Besides working with Fox Sports, she models on the side. And if you see her pictures, you may fall in love immediately. Always letting her assets flow outside of her clothing, she has no issue showing off what she's got.

It seems that in fact she is a sports fan, but Fox Sports saw her assets and knew those watching the Mexican version of Fox Sports would love to see a woman like this presenting them with sports knowledge. She has a pretty big following on social media due to the posts she’s posting with her assets out. And for many sports networks now a days, a big following means the world.

2 Talent: Erin Andrews - Fox Sports

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Here comes who may be the most popular female sportscaster there is today. Many may actually believe that Erin Andrews was given her job because of her beauty, but she’s one of the most knowledgeable sportscasters out there, and that includes men as well. She’s another Pam Oliver, as she took Oliver’s spot on the sideline for a bit. Andrews was originally employed by Fox in 2000, and after traveling through different outlets, she sees herself as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

Andrews has become so popular that she has actually landed herself some endorsements. Andrews is looked at as one of the more reputable sources when it comes to reports about the NFL, as many other sportscasters take her word for when she provides information. Although Erin Andrews is beautiful, she got the job the right away: with her talent.

1 Looks: April Rose - Comcast SportsNet

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Between April Rose and Jimena Sanchez, I don't know who is more appealing to look at. April Rose is another sportscaster that has absolutely no issue putting all her assets out for everyone to see. Before working for Comcast, she was apart of the MTV series, Guy Code. She has even seen herself in theatres where she played in Grown Ups 2. Rose is lucky enough to be as attractive as she is, as it helped her land a job as a host for a hockey show based in Chicago.

Nothing about Rose would make you think that she's a sports freak. A lot of her following has came from her flaunting her body and showing the world how stunning she is. Although there's no issue with that, she didn't get the job the way some others had to get it.

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