8 Female Tennis Players We Used To Crush On, But Don't Anymore (And 7 We Still Do)

Tennis, more than any other sport, is notorious for the number of attractive athletes on show. A lot of women watch tennis to ogle at the muscular, athletic men on court, and men tune in to do the same when the women are out in action. It really is amazing the number of stunning women who are in the WTA side of the draw. It seems like every year, there are new sultry female tennis players popping up, wowing audiences with both their tennis prowess and their grace and beauty on the court. It keeps people watching, that’s for sure. Due to these newbies, the older guard have slowly started to disappear from our minds. Many of them are still stunning, are still killing it on court, but are no longer thought about in the same light. Players such as Maria Sharapova; I reckon pretty much everyone who’s into women’s tennis had a crush on Maria at some point or other. I don’t think many do now.

This could be due to various reasons, which you’ll find out in a bit. But some players, we’ve always thought of as attractive and have always had a crush on them. These are 8 female tennis players we used to crush on but don’t anymore and 7 we still do.


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It’s pretty amazing that Martina Hingis is still around doing her thing, although she won’t be for much longer. The 37-year-old Swiss international has announced her retirement for the third time, and this time, due to her age, I reckon she’ll be sticking to her plans. Martina has enjoyed a glittering career. She was a force to be reckoned with in single’s competition, and in an effort to prolong her career, she then began playing doubles, and won pretty much everything there is to win.

Martina’s someone who’s gotten hotter with age, and in recent years, she’s really been enjoying her tennis, and has been playing with a constant beaming smile plastered across her face. She looks amazing for a woman of her age, but the fact remains that she only plays doubles – not the most popular side of the draw in terms of viewing figures – is getting on a bit, and won’t be around for much longer.


Dominika Cibulkova is probably the biggest underrated beauty of the tennis world. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. It’s not really any glamor on the court that gets her noticed. But people have begun to pick up on the fact that she’s a glamor puss off the court. She is to all extents and purposes, a model, and a stunning one at that. Dominika has probably got the hottest Instagram profile around when it comes to female tennis players. She snaps to impress, to get followers, and she knows what people want. People have slowly begun to become infatuated with Dominika. Although it might not instantly be entirely obvious watching her on court, they’ve realized she’s a real beauty, and personality-wise, she’s a real sweetheart too.


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During the initial stages of Serena Williams’ career, she wasn’t really regarded to be hot. Actually, having said that, there’d be quite a lot of people who never rated her to be hot. That’s because she’s not your stereotypical, lean, svelte, tennis beauty. She’s bigger than most, being very strong and muscular. But she possesses one hell of a physique and that’s what’s grabbed people’s attention over the years. But she’s recently spent some time out of the game due to her pregnancy. Her body’s changed – not drastically, but it’s changed – and she’s no longer in the limelight as much as she was, so consequently, people no longer think of Serena as they did.


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Eugenie Bouchard is just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. When she’s on court, whether she’s practicing or in the middle of a strenuous match, it’s as though she doesn’t feel the heat, it’s as though she’s just walked in from a sultry modeling shoot. That could very well be the case, because Eugenie is a firm favorite among all sections of the media. Not only is she hot, does she have the physique and the looks, but she’s a very confident woman too, says what’s on her mind, and that’s something that’s won her a lot of plaudits. Eugenie’s also someone who loves to interact with her fans. It’s little wonder she’s acquired 1.5m Instagram followers – probably all of them have a crush on Eugenie.


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Maria Sharapova used to be all people in the tennis world could talk about. She still is, but nowadays it’s more so for the wrong reasons. Her drugs scandal has blighted her career massively, and it’s fair to assume that people no longer think about Maria in the same light. She was once revered as the kind of goddess of tennis. She sat on this pedestal and pretty much every woman in the game wanted some of what she had. She’s beautiful, graceful, and despite her indifferent form, still managed to remain one of the most famous athletes around. It’s fair to say that Maria’s more a businesswoman, a marketing woman, than a tennis player. She markets herself superbly, knows what people want to see, and consequently has gained a whole heap of fans over the years. But recent events have meant people no longer think about her in the same way.


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It’s fair to say that when Angelique Kerber started out, she was the underrated hottie of the WTA tour. People didn’t really see her in that kind of light. But as she developed, career-wise and physically, she’s become the talk of the town. Angelique is naturally stunning. People don’t crush on her because she’s done a ton of steamy modeling sessions or anything like that – she hasn’t. The German tennis beauty is a natural stunner, and she’s so hot that even the majority of her candid snaps look utterly gorgeous. She’s got the physique, beauty, and a smile to melt hearts. It’s little wonder people still crush on her. Oh, and she’s pretty decent on court too, is one of the best female players in the game, so we see plenty of her throughout the year.


British tennis player Heather Watson is still young, is still gorgeous, but she’s slowly begun to fade from people’s minds in recent years. The 25-year-old is a former British number one, and at that time, the nation really took her into their hearts. She still shows shades of brilliance, takes part in some epic matches, but hasn’t kicked on and has remained inconsistent which is seriously infuriating. When she started wowing audiences, it’s fair to assume plenty of people had a crush on her. But her yoyoing form means we haven’t seen enough of her. She’s been plagued by injuries too, which is certainly a factor.

Having a crush on Heather would mean you’d want to see her on court, want to see her improve. But that hasn’t been the case and her career’s stagnated. Having a crush on Heather would be infuriating, she’d put you through the wringer, which is why we don’t crush on her any more.


Petra Kvitova is another interesting one on this list, but not for the same reasons as the player before her. Petra is someone people didn’t used to crush on, then did and still do. When she started out, she wasn’t the stereotypical stunning female tennis player. She was bigger than most, looked rather ungainly, and it’s fair to say that she wasn’t the subject of people’s attention. Then she started winning things, started giving interviews, making more media appearances, and people gradually began to see her in a different light. Petra is someone who’s shy, uber-cute, and when she’s posing for modeling shoots, can look really stunning. She’s also a looker on the court. A lot of people crush on this Czech beauty and if she continues her path to success, a lot more will do in the future.


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When Caroline Wozniacki arrived on the scene, she wasn’t really thought about as being hot. Don’t get me wrong, she was decent-looking, but she didn’t really get people’s attention like some of her fellow players. That all changed when she started showing more and taking part in sizzling shoots. She’s gone nude for ESPN’s Body Issue and has posed in skimpy attire for Sports Illustrated and various other publications. During that period where she was showcasing her body left right and center, people became infatuated with her. But that’s all died down. She still does the odd raunchy shoot, but people have realized that there are an abundance of gorgeous female tennis players on the pro circuit. She’s the current world number three, but is surrounded by hotties and tends to get lost in the mix.


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Lucie Safarova is a Czech player with a big heart. She’s really sweet off the court, but a tigress on it, when it comes to getting down to business. Lucie’s got these piercing eyes, eyes that strike fear into her opponents, but fans generally tend to find quite alluring. That piercing gaze means she’s ready for battle, and she has had a fair few battles on court over the years. Lucie’s someone who’s always been at the top end of the women’s draw, although she’s had more success in doubles competitions. That means we’ve seen a whole lot of her over the years, seen her tennis game develop and seen her blossom into a fine female athlete. She’s different from her Czech counterpart, Petra, but still just as hot.



Mandy Minella’s an interesting one. During the early stages of her career, what seems like many moons ago now in the early 2000s, she was rated highly. She also received plenty of attention because she’s hot. The thing with female tennis players, is that even if they’re hot, if their careers’ don’t progress, if they don’t achieve anything of note so that they stick in the memory, they disappear from people’s radars. That’s what’s happened in Mandy’s case. She’s been playing for a very long time, and has received a career high ranking of 66. That’s not anything to shout about. During this time many stunning female tennis players have come through the ranks and have surpassed her, and so Mandy Minella no longer features in people’s minds as a crush.


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Agnieszka Radwanska is a sweetheart in every which way. She really is the darling of the tennis world – everyone thinks so, has nothing but good words to say about her. Ever since she first came onto the tennis scene, people have become enamored by her. She has a unique, attractive style of play, and a really cute down to earth personality to match. It’s little wonder people have had a crush on her – she seems to be the perfect woman. Seeing her in her Wimbledon whites is a sight to behold! Her form’s been inconsistent of late, but she’s always remained at the top of the rankings. Thankfully, we therefore see a lot of her on court and plenty of tennis fans still crush on her.


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Sabine Lisicki has a really hot physique and is drop-dead gorgeous, but it’s her smile that gets people’s attention. Sabine has a wide foxy smile; a flash of those chiclets is enough to get the pulse racing! Sabine was taken in the tennis world’s heart due to her exploits at Wimbledon. She’s done pretty well at Wimbledon, and has endeared herself to the public and to tennis fans around the world because of the way she goes about her game. She’s all smiles and wears her heart on her sleeve, and her tennis ability isn’t bad either, making her matches engrossing spectacles. But the fact remains, that after her feats at Wimbledon, her form’s been non-existent. Sure, she’s suffered injuries, but that’s meant she hasn’t been the same player. It’s also meant that she doesn’t go far in tournaments, and so has disappeared from people’s minds. There’s another German number one in the tennis world that people crush on, as you’ll find out in a bit.


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Spanish-Venezuelan beauty Garbine Muguruza created quite a stir when she came on the scene. She instantly grabbed people’s attention, because she’s a real stunner, but also her demeanor off the court, how she carries herself. For a woman in her mid-20s, she seems wise beyond her years, like she’s been smiling for the cameras her whole life and it’s just second nature. Garbine has a steely gaze, is a strong and sophisticated woman, is now known as a style icon, and in case you hadn’t noticed, she’s drop-dead gorgeous too. Her career’s also been going from strength to strength, so she spends plenty of time in the limelight, posing for cameras in sultry shoots. When Maria Sharapova burst onto the scene and started winning major titles, there was a craze that developed. In that respect, Garbine’s the new Maria on the block, having started a new craze.


When Ana Ivanovic was playing, she was rated as one of the hottest tennis players around. Her tanned skin, her beauty, that smile. her physique – she brought one sultry package onto the tennis court. She also showed off plenty of that package posing in steamy modeling shoots. It wasn’t long before she established herself as a firm fan favorite. Ana Ivanovic is still hot, there’s no doubt about that. People still ogle at her pics on Instagram – she’s got over a million followers which says it all. But she’s no longer active on the pro circuit. She retired at a pretty young age in 2016 in order to focus on other endeavors. Due to new up and coming talent, she’s already faded from most people’s memories.

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