8 Female Tennis Players We'd Wife Up And 7 We'd Keep On The Side

Female tennis players are among the most stunning athletes in all of sports, but there are some we'd definitely want to keep.

Let’s look through the sporting world for a sec. There are plenty of stunning female athletes on the big stage, wowing fans with their athletic prowess, sporting capabilities, and because they look amazing on the main stage. But very few sports offer up the number of beautiful women like tennis does. It really is amazing, the fact that tennis is a sport that seems to breed beauties. Every other woman on the WTA tour seems to be a stunner. But there are some that really stand out. We’ve followed their journeys and have gotten to learn quite a bit about them too.

They may be lookers, but some have personalities, stories, that make you think a tad differently about them. Knowing what they’ve gone through, may make you see some of them as more than just lookers, more than just athletes who are around for your viewing pleasure. Seeing these tennis beauties on show, people can’t help but fantasize. Some fantasize about getting up to no good with them, having some raucous fun, call it what you will. But others, you just want to be with, hold, care for, cherish, till death do you part. These are 8 female tennis players we’d wife up and seem like they would be perfect spouses, and 7 we’d keep on the side for a bit of fun.



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British tennis player Heather Watson is just adorable. We’ve seen her progress through the ranks, but as of yet, she hasn’t quite made it work for herself. For many years she’s had the weight of her home nation on her shoulders, and has partaken in some epic matches, but you’ve got to say that she’s fallen short, hasn’t yet reached the heights expected of her. You just want to give her a massage, massage those load-bearing shoulders, get her to relax and take it easy. But having said that, she is pretty easy going. Whenever interviewed, she’s all smiles, is jolly by nature – oh, and she’s gorgeous too. When she gets glammed up, boy is she a real stunner.

She delights her Instagram followers by regularly posting sizzling pics, and it means we get to see her in a different light. Heather’s certainly wifey material. She’s cute yet hot at the same time, and has this unique charm about her. It’s why she’s achieved superstar status in the UK.


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Andrea Petkovic is an absolutely stunning German tennis player. It’s fair to say that she’s not the most popular, well known player on this list. Her compatriot, Angelique Kerber, steals the spotlight, and Andrea’s been left in the shadows. It’s a real shame, because she’s also extremely beautiful, just nowhere near up there in terms of her tennis ability. She’s got these piercing eyes and is feisty by nature. The fact that she’s been second best, perhaps even third best because of Sabine Lisicki, for most of her career, means she’s probably all tense inside, has that fire burning inside of her. But for a wild time of it, dial Andrea’s digits and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



Okay, so Aga Radwanska has just recently gotten married, but we can all still imagine the prospect of getting wifed up to this Polish beauty. Aga’s been around on the WTA tour for quite a bit of time. During this period, she’s established herself as a firm fan favorite. She’s got hot shots on the court, dresses provocatively – it has to be said more than most of her female counterparts – has got the body and looks that makes people tune in and see her in action. But she’s also a real darling, on and off the court.

Aga’s got an air of cuteness about her – she’s cute, has this shyness to her personality, but is confident too, which is a blend that makes for a pretty interesting combo. People love her because of what she brings to the game, and her personality too, making her one of the most popular players on tour, and someone we’d wife up in a heartbeat.



When Eugenie Bouchard burst onto the scene, what seems like quite a long time ago now, people were instantly enamored by her. Take a wild guess why. She became another hottie to become part of the WTA, and became one of the hottest of the current crop. It’s as if she just walked onto the court off a modeling shoot or something, and people took to her, took to her tennis. Eugenie’s been around seemingly forever, so it’s staggering to learn that she’s still only 23. She’s in the infancy of her tennis career, and so now might not be the best time to wife her up. She’s also proven that she’s pretty volatile, a fiery competitor, and doesn’t shy away from controversy. If someone was to wife her up, there’d be a hell of a lot of drama.



It’s a real shame that Sabine Lisicki’s been plagued by injuries in recent years. She was once regarded to be one of the best players in the world. Sabine really rose to prominence in 2011. She entered Wimbledon as a wildcard and went all the way to the semi-finals – a remarkable feat. It wasn’t just that unexpected run that made people fall in love with Sabine. It was her entire demeanor, the fact that she loved to play and wore her heart on her sleeve. Sabine’s someone who displays plenty of emotions.

Sometimes there are tears, but they’re mostly tears of joy combined with that wide beaming smile that makes people go wild over Sabine. This range of emotion has meant that the tennis world and adoring fans have taken Sabine into their hearts. Quite a few people would want to take her into their hearts and homes too – not in a sinister way, simply as a wife.



These sultry tennis players just keep on coming through the ranks. Garbine is one of the latest hotties to have hit the tennis circuit. I say that, but she’s actually been around for a good few years, and is certainly wise beyond her years at the age of 24, having achieved all she’s achieved to date. She’s already won two Grand Slams, and has already been spoken about as being one of the hottest athletes around. Set your eyes on some of her sizzling pics and it’d be hard to disagree.

Garbine wants to rule supreme over the tennis world, and she’s well on her way to doing that. She’s another one who’s also pretty fiery by nature, so there could be some interesting times to be had if we keep her on the side.



The stereotypical German athlete is very regimented, serious, does what they need to do to get the job done. You don’t really associate German athletes with being graceful, smiley, and inviting. I know, that may seem unjust – but it is the generally perceived stereotype. The Germans on this list have certainly done away with that stereotype. Angelique Kerber may not be all smiles, jolly and jovial, as her compatriot Sabine Lisicki tends to be. But she is incredibly hot, and is a supremely confident woman. It’s a combination that means she just oozes sex appeal. She’s charming during interviews, is a tad sassy, and seriously steamy when posing in front of the cameras. Oh, and she’s raking in the cash through being one of the best players in the world.



Maria Sharapova’s been rated as being one of the hottest, not just tennis players, but athletes, in the world, ever since she won her first Grand Slam as a teenager. She’s tasted some more success, but more so in regards to her other ventures. She’s a business woman, markets herself superbly, and at one point was the wealthiest female athlete in the world. Maria’s hot, successful and would be great for someone on the side. But she’s also very high maintenance, rubs a lot of people up the wrong way, doesn’t have many friends in the game – which says a lot – and essentially just cares about herself. Also, we can’t forget about that whole thing about her being a disgraced athlete after her recently failed drugs test.

She’s basically not the most popular person at the moment, controversy follows her around, and being her wife could bring a lot of heat on you, which we’re guessing you could do without.



Martina Hingis is just adorable. The 37-year-old has just announced her retirement for the third time, and tennis fans will be mightily sad to see her go. If someone was to wife her up, they’d have plenty of time to spend with her in the near future. And you’d definitely want to spend plenty of time with her. She truly is an ageless beauty. As one of the oldest players on tour, she’s still one of the hottest. And her smile, the joy she gets out the game will certainly translate to joy and happiness in other aspects of her life.

Since she’s only been playing doubles, her magic’s come back. If someone was to wife her up – forgetting the small fact that she’s already married of course – there’d be plenty of magic to go around and it’d make for one awesome relationships. Her husband’s a lucky man.



Sania Mirza’s probably the person on this list with the greatest fan following. She’s one of the top sportswomen in India, and is revered like a major A-list celeb. She’s married to a cricketer, but overlooking that small fact, there are probably millions – and that’s no overestimation – dreaming of having Sania Mirza on the side. Sania’s like a Bollywood movie star, has the looks and that star quality. She also has that typical celebrity personality – you wouldn’t exactly say she’s down to earth, approachable, just like you or I. That’s one of the reasons she wouldn’t necessarily make great wifey material. But due to the cash she’s raking in through endorsement deals and what not, her celebrity connections, and her attitude, there are fun times to be had having Sania on the side.



The only reason that we may not wife Caroline Garcia up is because she’s young. She’s 24, and until this past year, was still a relative rookie on the tennis circuit. It’s fair to say people didn’t really know her name until 2017, which has been her breakthrough year. But boy has it been a special year for Caroline. She’s shone, and has most definitely come to the attention of plenty of tennis fans. That’s because she’s hot too. Caroline’s probably the most underrated hottie on this list. Think of hot players on the court, and Caroline wouldn’t necessarily be the person that comes to mind. That’s unfathomable – for the life of me I can’t comprehend why that is.

She’s one of the hottest players on tour. If there was any doubt in your mind, check out her steamy pics off the court. Caroline’s also pretty shy, perhaps due to her age. That shy, cute smile makes her adorable; she’s not the type of woman to be kept on the side, she’s a woman that’d make perfect wifey material.



A lot of people deem Caroline Wozniacki to be a bit of a diva. It’s just her persona, the way she carries herself on and off the court. The perception about Caroline is certainly warranted. But she’s also a pretty sensitive soul. She desperately wants to do well, achieve success in both her professional and personal life. On the court, she’s been doing mightily fine of late. Off it, no one’s put a ring on it. Actually, golfer, Rory McIlroy did, but got cold feet and backed out of the wedding. He said he just wasn’t ready, but who knows, perhaps, there’s something else about Caroline he hasn’t divulged. So, perhaps marrying her right now probably isn’t the best thing to do. We all know how hot she is due to those steamy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoots. It’d be best to keep her on the side, for now.



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Dominika Cibulkova is another underrated hottie on this list. It truly is staggering that she’s not spoken about in the same breath as Maria Sharapova and Garbine Muguruza for example. She’s right up there in terms of her looks and sexy appeal. She may not appear to be that sultry on the court. She’s rather short, stocky even, but off it, boy does she transform. Her Instagram account is a hive of activity, with people following her to ogle at the numerous steamy pics she posts. She’s basically a model, and one fine one at that. That may make you think she’s all high and mighty, which she certainly isn’t. She’s regarded to be one of the nicest players on tour, and is pretty down to earth, always smiling. She’s got the personality and the looks, the complete package, and she’d make the perfect wife.



A lot of you who know something about tennis will probably be shaking your heads having read Victoria Azarenka’s name. She’s a woman who divides opinion. She’s not exactly renowned for being graceful, a looker, or appealing to watch on court. But Victoria doesn’t give a damn, and that’s part of her appeal. She doesn’t care what people say about her shrieking, about the fact she looks like a sweaty mess on court – she’s determined and wants to win, and that’s all she cares about. Victoria exudes confidence and is feisty by nature – you could definitely have a good time with Vika. She’s also incredibly hot when off-court, posing for the cameras in sizzling shoots.

But tennis will and always will be her priority. She’s very driven which doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Vika’s recently become a mom, so motherhood and tennis will remain her priorities. There won’t be much time for married life.


Petra Kvitova is someone that all tennis fans love. Perhaps not everyone loves her solely based on her looks. She’s not the most glamorous player on the court – there are no airs and graces about Petra. She doesn’t exactly glide around, you wouldn’t say she’s svelte, and she’s just got a different look to most players. But off the court, when she gets dolled up for shoots, even when she posts Instagram pics, she’s shown that she’s incredibly beautiful. Petra’s also one of the nicest players around. Initially when she achieved all that fame, she was very shy, hated all the attention. She’s still a tad shy – which just adds to her cuteness – but she’s also come out of her shell a little bit, hence we know a whole lot more about Petra. Look at that shy, cute smile, look into her eyes, lap up her beauty, and you can just envisage that she’d make a perfect wife.

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8 Female Tennis Players We'd Wife Up And 7 We'd Keep On The Side