8 Hookups A-Rod Wants Everyone To Know About & 7 He DOESN’T

Tall, dark and handsome. Oh, and he’s worth millions upon millions along with being arguably one of the great sluggers of the 2000s. If that wasn’t enough, his dating resume certainly ranks right up there as one of the very best in all of pro sports. Some would say his dating and hookup history outmatches the likes of Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo, know that’s saying something folks. Even with all those enhancement allegation controversies, most would switch lives with the slugger in a heartbeat. He’s currently dating J-Lo, which somehow, someway, seems to be his greatest upgrade yet!

In this article, we walk down memory lane and take a look at A-Rod’s entire dating resume featuring 15 beautiful ladies. Some he dated, others, he well, we’ll leave that to your interpretation. We’ve split the females in this article, labelling eight that he’s most proud of and seven he’d rather we forgot about.

From the likes Torrie Wilson to legendary performer Madonna, we’ve got it all in this article. Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Here are eight smoking hot hookups A-Rod wants everyone to know about and seven he doesn’t. We begin with his current love interest!

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15 Wants You To Know: Jennifer Lopez

For those out there that dislike Alex Rodriguez, that hatred likely climbed up following the announcement that he was officially dating mega celeb, Jennifer Lopez. After rumors of the two began to surface, it was finally confirmed that they were in fact dating back in February of 2017. It seems like J-Lo put her Drake fling aside for the former Yankee slugger.

Of course, A-Rod wants everyone to know about this relationship, cause like, it’s kind of his current girlfriend and a chick who’s regarded as one of the hottest in the entire world. Even if the relationship doesn’t work, we have reason to believe A-Rod would still dwell on the Latina beauty for quite some time.

On a total side not, it’s said the couple recently got Yankee hitter Gary Sanchez out of his rut, is there anything these two can’t do?

14 Doesn’t: Joslyn Noel Morse

via blesk.cz

Every professional athlete has that regrettable hookup and we have reason to believe Joslyn Noel Morse was exactly that for the former MLB star. A-Rod’s marriage started to crumble back in ’07, and the infidelity stories were fueled by numerous incidents including this one specifically with the “private dancer”. While still married, the two were spotted leaving a strip club together. It’s also said that Joslyn served as A-Rod’s private dancer.

Following the allegations, A-Rod’s marriage would come to an end shortly after as his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis would file for divorce claiming A-Rod checked out a long time ago (which seems like a fair allegation). Looking back, Rodriguez likely would have taken better care of this situation if he had a second chance. Instead, it’s one of the many regrettable hookups from his personal life.

13 Wants You To Know: Melissa Britos

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Dating a model for an athlete is like hitting a layup when no one’s around, or in Alex’s case, swinging the bat for a single. It’s easy to do, and heck, it happens more times than not. Looking back at some of the most prominent dating or hookup resumes in all of pro sports, the likes of Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan and heck, even Tiger Woods have taken that route when looking for love, or, in many cases, just a casual hookup.

Models are without a doubt pleasing to look at and Melissa Britos takes that statement to another level. She`s a pure smokebomb and many can’t believe A-Rod let such a beauty go. The two dated briefly in 2009 following his divorce, however, they’d break up shortly after. Shame on you Alex, shame on you.

12 Doesn’t: Ella Magers

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Add fitness chicks to the resumes of high profile athletes. Nowadays, we’re starting to see that trend move upwards as more and more males are taking a liking for chicks that have discipline outside of their everyday job in the gym. However, when it came to this past hookup of A-Rod’s, fitness was her life as Ella is a fitness/life coach, along with being a fully committed Vegan. If you’ve never met a Vegan, and plan on doing so, prepare to hear hours upon hours of veggie talk and how it’s beneficial for your life...

Turns out A-Rod had no problem with that kind of talk, even being spotted with Magers in his Miami home back in 2011. The couple had various candid pics, however, Rodriguez kept the short-term relationship on the down low rarely talking about it. For that reason, we have reason to believe the Vegan chick is something the former MLB slugger wants to keep in his past.

11 Wants You To Know: Cameron Diaz

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Similar to A-Rod, Cameron Diaz has looked for love in various places going from pop singer Justin Timberlake to the MLB star A-Rod. That’s like drinking a lovely glass of white wine to downing a shot of Jack Daniels.

The relationship was actually said to be quite genuine, making it something Alex wouldn’t want to hide from us. The two got along quite well and shared several passions including fitness. Diaz hasn’t aged a day and we can say the same for A-Rod, the fit life is important to both.

The couple would eventually breakup, although the paparazzi had a field day with the two stars snapping various candid pics such as the one above during the relationship. Diaz admitted, the breakup stung quite a bit.

10 Doesn’t: Kate Hudson

via timeincuk.net

Some of you might be asking how in the blue hell does someone as ravishing as the beautiful Kate Hudson land in the “doesn’t” side of things on the list. Please, give us a second to explain, yes, at the age of 38, she’s still smoking hot, however, the details of the relationship were ice cold if you know what we mean.

According to the gossip mill, the relationship between A-Rod and Hudson wasn’t the healthiest. The two got into various fights, even Hudson’s mom worried about her well-being claiming Alex being on the road so much wasn’t good for the two. She furthered the statement claiming A-Rod was more than likely to “cheat and be tempted” while away from Kate and on the road. Things would only get worse following the breakup as Hudson took shots at both A-Rod and Lance Armstrong for their enhancement use. So yea, that’s why he doesn’t want us to know about her...

9 Wants You To Know: Bethenny Frankel

via peopledotcom.files.wordpress.com

Again, another theme for high profile athletes is going after a successful cougar, what can we say, they like a high powered female that’s confident in her abilities. Frankel is the poster child for that notion, the 46 year old is insanely successful, for those of you that aren’t aware she’s the founder of Skinnygirl Cocktails, the alcohol that has the word skinny in it, making women feel like it’s acceptable to drink. Along with that, she’s a big reality star being featured in shows like the Real Housewives of New York.

The relationship was actually on the down low and was recently leaked to the public. Just a couple of months ago, Frankel admitted to dating the MLB multi-million dollar man. Although the relationship was secretive, looking at her accomplishments and beauty, we have reason to believe A-Rod didn’t mind the reveal one bit. J-Lo is likely thinking otherwise...

8 Doesn’t: Julianne Hough

via gooyadaily.com

We turn the clock back to 2013 for this relationship. Like we mentioned with Cameron Diaz earlier in the article, the Dancing with the Stars beauty wasn’t afraid to change gears when it came to her personal love life. She went from dating Ryan Seacrest to A-Rod Putting things into perspective, that’s like walking into a gym and curling five pound dumbbells and then, grabbing 70 pounds....

Making matters worse, according to the gossip, the claim was made that Hough underwent the relationship with A-Rod as a ploy to make her ex-Ryan jealous. So basically, he was a rebound. Apparently Hough wasn’t into the slugger and ended things herself making it a relationship Rodriguez likely doesn’t want us to remember about. Nowadays, Julianne is married to a former NHL player, one Brooks Laich.

7 Wants You To Know: Erin Simmons

via usatthebiglead.files.wordpress.com

This particular relationship was actually quite recent dating back to 2015. A-Rod’s former love interest was another fit chick, and someone much younger than Rodriguez. Along with that, Simmons had an insane 12.5% body fat, now that’s impressive folks.

Simmons was also an established athlete taking part in several sports during her University and high school days. This relationship was a different path for A-Rod as for the first time, he dated someone much younger than himself. For the most part, A-Rod stayed in his age category throughout his hookups, aside from this one. We have reason to believe Rodriguez was proud about picking up this lean young beauty. Without a doubt, the former Yankee upped his cardio game during the relationship in order to keep up with the youngster.... we leave that statement to you interpretation!

6 Doesn’t: Elaine Spottswood

via nydailynews.com

Known as his new “gal pal”, Elaine came from a high profile family as a member of Key West. The relationship between these two took place following the Kate Hudson heartbreak. Although many see this one as a relationship rebound, speculation claims it was a little worse than that.

What do we mean? Well, according to the rumor mill, Alex was actually seeing Elaine while still dating Hudson, which seems very possible given the fact that he cheated in the past and well, things weren’t the smoothest with Hudson. Following the breakup, he went public with the relationship, though, shortly after, even this romance would fizzle out. Looking at the details and labelling this relationship as an act of infidelity, A-Rod likely wants us to forget it ever took place.

5 Wants You To Know: Kyna Treacy

via media.nj.com

The context of this relationship is truly hilarious. According to the speculation, the two were caught flirting during an actual MLB baseball game, to make matters worse it was a playoff game, to make matters even worse, it was game of the ALCS!

Treacy was an Australian model and its believed she was the one that started the flirting, however we can’t confirm that and it wouldn’t shock us all that much if it was the other way around. In any event, it’s said that after the flirting, A-Rod tossed the bikini beauty a ball with his digits on it. The situation was light hearted to be quite frank and the media had some honest fun with it. For that reason, we doubt A-Rod cares about this story going public.

4 Doesn’t: Cynthia Scurtis

via zimbio.com

A-Rod was married once, and looking back, he likely regrets making the decision to do so as it cost him a serious amount of cash. Terms and details of the divorce settlement went undisclosed when it was all done with, however, reports suggests Rodriguez was forced to fork over millions of dollars in the settlement. He isn’t the first nor the last athlete to do so. Just ask the likes of Tiger Woods and Hulk Hogan who were also forced to hand over a wad of cash for their infidelities.

The two met at a gym and married back in 2002. They would start a family having two kids, shortly after, Cynthia claims A-Rod “checked out” on her and the family. The relationship had lots more negative than positive only hurting his reputation that much more. For that reason, he wants to keep this marriage far away in his peripherals.

3 Wants You To Know: Demi Moore

via cdn.mgift.vn

Caught having a dinner date together, it’s believed the two shared a brief hookup type of fling. Although the relationship was pretty high profile given their name recognition, it wasn’t all that acknowledged by the masses due to how short it all was.

Demi being single was a rarity if you’ve followed her love life like we have here on The Sportster... She first tied the knot back in 1980. That would be the first of three marriages, she proceeded to get hitched to one Bruce Willis for 13 years and later, she made an unlikely jump over to heartthrob Ashton Kutcher. The two were married for almost a decade breaking up in 2013. It was then, after her final marriage to date that the two shared the brief, harmless romance.

2 Doesn’t: Madonna

via huffpost.com

Here’s a name many of you did not expect to see on this list, unless of course, you heard about the story. Age 59, Madonna was more than 15 years elder than A-Rod, though, that didn’t stop Alex’s obsession towards her according to the rumor mill.

Madonna seems to be the one many blame for Alex’s relationships ending. Gossip websites report that two might have been intimate with one another during his marriage. Even the previously mentioned Kate Hudson spoke out claiming his friendship with Madonna was way too much and that he was still hung up on the legendary songstress. Given all this information, without a doubt, Madonna is a name A-Rod just doesn’t want to hear about. We hope he pressed the delete button on her name once he started dating J-Lo!

1 Wants Us To Know: Torrie Wilson

via zimbio.com

Pro wrestling fans likely joined the bandwagon in hating A-Rod once it was revealed that he was in fact dating the lovely former WCW and WWE star Torrie Wilson. Wrestling fans are critical when it comes to talent, however, Torrie was always embraced by the wrestling community with open arms, in large part, thanks to those stunning physical features (in the ring, she wasn’t the most gifted however, but seriously, when you look like that, who gives a damn).

The relationship actually lasted quite some time nearly spanning three years. Judging by the candid photos, A-Rod wasn’t afraid to showcase his love for the beauty in public. Sadly, things fizzled out in 2015, reports indicated Wilson grew frustrated with A-Rod and his inabilities to commit to her in the long-term. Shame on you Alex, shame on you.

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