8 Pictures Of Caroline Wozniacki And Eugenie Bouchard: Who's More Attractive?

Genie or Caroline? That's a tough decision, so let these pictures help you determine who is the hotter female tennis player.

There's no doubt that tennis is one of the sports that has some of the most attractive athletes. The spotlight in tennis is bright primarily because it's one of the most popular individual sports and hence, whenever an attractive woman takes the court, people will take notice. There's endless debate as to who is the hottest female tennis player in the world at the moment, and two names that always come up in that debate are Eugenie Bouchard and Caroline Wozniacki. The Canadian and Danish beauties have both taken part in some very steamy photoshoots and thus have given observers plenty of opportunities to compare the two. That's what we'll try to do here today, while leaving the decision of who is more attractive up to you. After all, when you're done looking at these 16 photos, you're probably going to have trouble coming up with a decision as well.

So just sit back, and try to come up with a decision as to who meets your taste more. Lie we said, you really can't go wrong with either and can make a strong case for both. Either way, you're all guaranteed to enjoy the ride. So here are eight pictures of each Genie and Caroline and the decision of who's more attractive is up to you.

16 Wozniacki Scores Big


Not sure if it's actually prohibited to play tennis in a swimsuit although after seeing Caroline in this single-strap one piece I'm thinking most of the male demographic wouldn't mind a few wardrobe rule changes to the rather reserved sport. For now this is probably the last time you'll ever see anyone let alone Caroline in this little clothes on a court. The blonde bombshell looks amazing just like she's glowing from the sunlight. The former number 1 ranked champion is absolutely gorgeous. Currently sitting at number 6 on the singles list, the Danish superstar is no stranger to killing the competition. She scores big again in this cover shoot taking the win and also a little piece of your heart. Unfortunately, the fantasy only lives in this photo shoot.

15 Bouchard Beach Shot


Genie looks so hot in this beach shot. She's got an incredibly fit body and that bikini looks ridiculously good on her. Genie is a total babe there's no doubt about it but it's not her looks that earned her the spotlight in the tennis world. The Former Singles Champion has now earned the reputation of one of Canada's greatest of all time. Bouchard is no doubt still considered a fan favorite despite her current rank of 70. She recently said that she carries a heavy burden being Canada's major tennis star, but Canada will loves her.

As of right now Eugenie sits rather far down on the WTA ranking but she's most definitely still at the top of the list when it comes to gorgeous female athletes any sport over.

14 Wozniacki's Danish Buns


Wozniacki is a smoke show, this we know. She has posed half naked or fully nude more times than I've seen any another tennis player I remember. Most of us have seen that completely nude photoshoot she did. She is certainly not afraid to let it all hang it and why should she be she looks fantastic. Lets be real this specific picture is for one thing and one thing only to show off those Danish buns. Caroline has a great butt, we can all see that. She clearly takes extraordinarily good care of her body and is proud of it. Showing off her curves is something she's far from ashamed of and we truly appreciate the fact that she's not shy whatsoever.

13 Bouchard Strikes's Back


Bouchard might be one of the hottest women in tennis to date. The native of Westmount, Quebec is at least in the conversation. Some people think Bouchard is hands down the hottest women's tennis player of all time while obviously others disagree. One thing that there's absolutely no denying for anyone is that's a pretty nice butt. This picture kind of makes you wish Genie wore spandex on the court every time. Seeing someone look this good while in the middle of a match or training is the most shocking part to me. Clearly in her element and looking damn fine while doing it. This picture is proof the Eugenie Bouchard is not just a top tier competitor but also a world class hottie.

12 Wozniacki's Spectacular


This is the kind of poster photo that teenagers put up on their walls all over the world and Caroline Wozniacki is the kind of woman that makes you wish you were actually from Denmark, or would make you want to move there. Caroline Wozniacki is impressive by all means and I'm not just talking about her insane figure. Not only is Caroline considered one of the world's most beautiful athletes her professional record is outstanding. With 2 doubles titles and a combined 25 total singles titles Wozniacki is far from just a pretty face Caroline is one of todays top active competitors. So far this year she holds a winning record of 42-15. I don't care what sport you play, you go 45 and 12 you're spectacular.

11 Eugenie On The Beach


This tiny bikini shot is the perfect picture to show off how hot Genie is. Bouchard obviously does not have the most bodacious body in the world but she's got nice curves for someone with such a tiny frame. Eugenie is listed at 5 foot 10 and approximately 130 pounds so she's not short at all for an average woman. She is extremely fit and keeps herself in pristine health. Last year her hard training paid off as the stunning Canadian received the highest honour of representing her home country for the first time at the 2016 Rio Olympics where she finished in 2nd in both singles and doubles competition giving Canada high hopes for the future.

10 Caroline In The Sun


This picture is straight up smoking hot. Her body looks incredible arched over and down on her knees in the sand. She has such a seriously alluring look in her eyes that it actually takes the attention off of her curvaceous hips. Wozniacki makes it hard to look away for even a minute. The way the sun is shinning right on Caroline like a stage light makes it all eyes on her and I don't think she minds the attention one bit. Caroline is  definitely used to being in the spotlight now since she made her break out in professional tennis in 2005 at just 15 years old. Now, 12 years later she is one of the most dominate female tennis players on the planet.

9 Eugenie In The Sun


Bouchard shows off her seductive nature and sweet curves again in a white bikini that leaves us wanting to get in the water with her. The Canadian has great skin and an astonishing physique. Since bursting onto the scene Eugenie has managed to maintain a very healthy fit looking body type. Her glistening skin and voluptuous curves just make her hour glass like figure undeniably sexy. As she grows older and becomes more comfortable in her body and as an individual it will be very interesting to see what sort of transformations Genie makes to her daily routine to maintain her body and progress her game to another level, hopefully one day making Eugenie an accomplished veteran of the sport. But we're already more than happy with how she looks.

8 Caroline On The Red Carpet


Wozniacki looks mighty fine on that walkway. Stopping to pose for the photographers is no biggie when you look that good. Not only is the Danish sensation on the top of everybody's hottest female tennis players list but she's also on everyone's top 10 or 15 currently active best WTA players. With all the titles she has already won the experience she has already is bound to make her one of the best the sport has to come in the next few years. We are seeing Caroline dominate all aspects of her game and with her just hanging around outside the top 5 in rankings right now it could potentially be another fabulous year for Caroline. Whether on clay, grass or red carpet, she looks great and steals the spotlight.

7 Bouchard In Blue


Genie kills the red carpet with her pearly whites and all blue outfit. Dolled up isn't how were used to seeing Genie but every time she gets the opportunity she knocks it out of the park. If only Eugenie could maintain the same consistency with her game as she be sitting a lot higher on the WTA ranking. It may be easy to call Bouchard a shimmering star but at 23 she has so much time ahead of her it seems unrealistic to not believe someone of such skill and potential won't turn her game around for the better. Genie is a tremendous athlete who will no doubt continue to improve. Thankfully this is who is hotter not who is better at tennis because right now according to WTA rankings Wozniacki over performs Bouchard in every statistic.

6 Caroline Showing Off


Caroline wants everyone to see how sexy she really is. That's the look of temptation on her face and she wears it as well as she wears that beach crochet. With a body like that you knew another celebrity would come along again after the break up with fiancé Roy McIlroy. Wozniacki now has a new boyfriend David Lee a 6 foot 9 NBA player who last played for the San Antonio Spurs. Wozniacki's celebrity status has made her a must see for any tennis fan. Her record only continues to impress as she progresses as a player and at only 27 years old if she can stay healthy she still has plenty of time to buildmon her game as well.

5 Bouchard Twins


Anyone feel like watching tennis all of a sudden? Genie gets a little racy in one of the more seductive pictures by the Quebec star Bouchard yet. Going to go out on a limb here and say pressing her twins together in an unzipped top is probably the hottest thing we've ever seen Eugenie do. Speaking of twins Bouchard actually has a fraternal twin names Beatrice who is six minutes older than her. The twins also have two other siblings all four of which were named after member of the royal family. Genie normally isn't known to be overly sexual at all which makes this picture even hotter. Genies naughty side isn't something the public has really seen yet so this teaser just makes everyone want more.

4 Sweet Caroline


Hellllo! I know what you're thinking is this chick a tennis player or a model right? The 27 year old from Odense, Denmark is the full package. She's got the looks to kill and the forehand to back it up. Wozniacki started playing tennis at the young age of 7 by 14 she was winning prestigious singles titles for juniors. In 2010 Caroline became the first ever Danish player man or woman to reach the top of the world ranking.

If you're wondering where Caroline gets all her natural ability from both Wozniacki's parents were professional Polish athletes, her father a soccer player and mother a volleyball player. Caroline's brother Patrik also plays professional soccer so it was probably a no brainer that Caroline would turn out to be such a phenomenal athlete. The question is did anyone know she'd be such a smoke show?

3 Genie In White


Genie Bouchard became a national sensation in 2014 after becoming the first Canadian born tennis player male or female to rank in the top 5 in the world. As if that wasn't enough to get the whole country behind her at the time the up and coming star was an impressive age of only 20. Three years later Genie still inspires young women across Canada to chase their dreams whether it be tennis or anything else. Unfortunately when it comes to her game lately it's been a struggle for Bouchard.

Genie has fallen out of contention but thankfully not out of our lives. The beautiful young Quebec star has plenty of time to turn her career around and keep aiming for the top. Perhaps it's all between the ears.

2  2. Wozniacki Looking Back


Anyone wanna take a dip with this exquisite Dane? Caroline Wozniacki barely covers her rocking body its this super sexy swimsuit shot. Again we see the pride the superstar has with her body. Being one of the best in the world at something surely helps boost ones self-esteem. Since becoming the first ever number 1 Danish player Caroline has oozed confidence and it shows in her game and in photoshoots like this one. Giving 20 years of hard work and dedication to tennis is no small feat. Wozniacki deserves to be recognized for her contributions to the game for sure. However it's the potential future hall of famer's good looks that make her well known to everyone outside the tennis world. She'll be famous for a long time.

1 Bouchard's Black Dress


This picture is going to make everyone want a taste of tennis. Genie slays them again in a black dress on the red carpet. The outfit is dynamite, she looks stunning. Eugenie has such a nice smile and it's on full display in this one. Her tiny figure looks fantastic as always in her tight lace dress and her long legs look great. Bouchard looks good off and on the court which is a task not very easy to accomplish but it's not about looks to Genie. She just needs to string together some wins and attempt to mount the comeback everyone wants to see. When she's on her game Bouchard has proven that she can be a serious threat to the rest of the women in WTA.

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