8 Pictures Of Eugenie Bouchard And 8 Of Dominika Cibulkova: Who’s More Attractive?

There are plenty of sports out there that feature a lot of very attractive women. However, one could make a strong argument that hottest women in all of sports can be found on the World Tennis Association (WTA) Tour. The ladies of the WTA are often tall, lean and almost always in peak physical condition. In this article we are going to showcase two of the best looking gals in the sport today, Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard and Dominika Cibulkova.

Genie Bouchard is a native of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After a breakout season in 2014, Bouchard went on to become one of the most popular stars in the sport. While she wasn’t able to build on her successful 2014, Bouchard’s undeniable beauty has helped keep her in the limelight. The 5-foot-10 blonde  is one of the most beautiful women, in a sport full of beautiful women.

Bratislava, Slovakia’s Dominika Cibulkova has the distinction of the being the shortest woman on the WTA tour. However, don’t let her 5-foot-3 stature fool you, Cibulkova is one of the most talented and gorgeous ladies in all of tennis. The tiny superstar had an outstanding 2017 and was even ranked 4th in the world at one point.

Now for the hard part; it’s time to take a look at 16 photos of two of the best looking ladies to ever set foot on a tennis court and decided who's hotter.

16 Bouchard: Nike Promo

via Speakerscorner.com

This photo is from Genie Bouchard’s famed Nike shoot. It is probably the photo most commonly associated with the young tennis player. Following the shoot, Bouchard took to Instagram to say “Finally! High waisted tights! My new fav workout piece. @nikewomen’s new Zoned Sculpt tights.” She then when on to tell her followers how they make one’s rear end look good. While this may be borderline boastful, it may also be quite accurate, as Bouchard looks amazing in this image.

Fun Fact: Bouchard has a twin sister named Beatrice, who is (unsurprisingly) also a very attractive woman. However, Beatrice isn’t her only sibling. She also has a younger brother named William and a younger sister named Charlotte. Beatrice was born 6 minutes before Genie, making her the eldest of the Bouchard siblings.

15 Cibulkova: The Good Life

via twitter.com

Cibulkova appears to be enjoying some downtime, in what looks to be a resort near the Mediterranean Sea. The 28-year-old's stylish black swimwear is a stark contrast to all the white buildings in the background. Contrast or not, the outfit looks nothing short of amazing on the Slovak beauty. Her black top helps to highlight the tennis stars toned midsection. The addition of the cruise ship in the background defiantly helps give this image a vacation-like vibe.

Fun Fact: The highlight of Cibulkova’s singles career, thus far, was her appearance in the finals of the 2014 Australian Open. While she did advance to the finals, she would ultimately wind up losing to China’s Li Na. Interestingly enough, Li also defeated Cibulkova’s article mate, Eugenie Bouchard, in the semifinal round of the same tournament.

14 Bouchard: Tennis Outfit

via Sharenator.com

In this image, we see that Bouchard looks as good in a standard tennis uniform, as she does in one of her popular bikini pics. This particular pic helps showcase the 23-year-old’s natural beauty, as she poses for the camera. It’s images like this one that helps Eugenie Bouchard lay claim to being one of the hottest women currently competing in the sport of tennis.

Fun Fact: Bouchard represented her home country of Canada in the 2016 Summer Olympics Games, which were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That year she competed in both the singles and doubles tournament. In the singles bracket, she defeated American Sloane Stephens in the 1st round before falling to Germany’s Angelique Kerber in the 2nd. She was also eliminated in the 2nd round in doubles competition.

13 Cibulkova: Short Skirt

via Reddit.com

This 5-foot-3 tennis starlet definitely has a passion for fashion, and it really shows in this breathtaking image. This flirtatious short skirt helps to highlight Cibulkova’s powerful lower body. This photo makes it clear that the Slovak sensation doesn’t skip many (if any) leg days at the gym. Dominika Cibulkova looks more than ready for the runway, which is conventionally, only a few feet in front of her, with this stylish outfit.

Fun Fact: One of Cibulkova’s biggest achievements came back in 2016 when she won the WTA Tour Finals. She defeated Russian standout Svetlana Kuznetsova in the semifinal on her way to the finals. The Slovak standout went on to defeat Germany's own Angelique Kerber to capture the Tour Final’s Championship for the very first time.

12 Bouchard: Swimsuit Fun

via FHM.com

This classic Bouchard photo is from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. As we can see here, the 5-foot-10 blonde could easily be mistaken for one of the magazines regular models. The white swimwear helps to showcase the physique that helped make Genie Bouchard an international  star. If the 23-year-old ever decides she's tired of tennis, a career as a bikini model would definitely be doable. When it comes to modeling swimsuits, Bouchard is in a league of her own.

Fun Fact: Bouchard made headlines following last year’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and The Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons had a big lead going into the half, which prompted Bouchard to except a bet with a Twitter follower. The terms were that if the Patriots ended up winning, the tennis star would go on a date with the fan. The Pats pulled it off, and the fan got his date.

11 Cibulkova: High Fashion

via Koktail-Pravda.sk

The first line of Cibulkova’s Instagram page says “Fashion is my passion.” In fact, she even mentions fashion before tennis. As we can see here, the Slovak standout appears to be as good at picking out clothes, as she is performing on the court. This white dress helps to showcase some of the most toned legs one will ever see on a woman (or even a man for that matter). Moreover, the Chanel perfume helps add a touch of class to an already amazing photo. If there is ever a list of athletes who you don’t want to get kicked by, Dominika Cibulkova will certainly be on it.

Fun Fact: Cibulkova was born on May 6, 1989, which makes her a Taurus, for those into astrological signs.

10 Bouchard: Relaxing

via hawtcelebs.com

Being a star on the WTA Tour can be exhausting at times, so it’s good to see she that Genie Bouchard found time for a little nap. The Canadian looks gorgeous in her blue bikini as she lays back to soak in some rays. Bouchard, like many other tennis players we see on social media, always seems to be hanging out on the beach or some exotic, tropical destination. While being a tennis pro requires a lot of hard work, it definitely has its advantages.

Fun Fact: Basketball fans may remember Bouchard for her appearance in the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game. She competed in the game as a member of Team Canada, along with fellow Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic. She scored zero points and made one rebound as a starter.

9 Cibulkova: In Action

via tennisplayersinfo.blogspot.com

Cibulkova steals the show, yet again, in this stunning action shot. The top-ranked contender’s practice gear leaves very little to the imagination, as she prepares to return a serve in this photo. This is an outfit that doesn’t hide any physical flaws. Fortunately, Cibulkova doesn’t appear to have any flaws and manages to  look phenomenal in this pic. It would probably be difficult for an opponent to keep their eye on the ball, when standing across from the 5-foot-3 star in that attire.

Fun Fact: Cibulkova and her partner, former French tennis player Marion Bartoli, began their own clothing line back in 2014. Cibulkova’s signature expression “Pome,” which roughly translates into “Let’s go” in English, was featured on a number of the outfits created by the brand.

8 Bouchard: On The Phone

via Celebmafia.com

There are probably more than a few folks out there who would love to give this gorgeous tennis star a call. Fortunately, for whoever was on the other line in this instance, the Canadian beauty decided to pick up. Bouchard looks smoking hot in this unique one-piece swimsuit, which helps showcase many of the blonde bombshell’s finer points. This is an outfit that likely turned a few heads. In fact, one might even say this bathing suit choice was a good call.

Fun Fact: While Bouchard had a somewhat forgettable year in 2017 as a singles player, she had a great year as a doubles competitor. In fact, she finished the season as the 111th ranked doubles player in the world, eight spots shy of her all-time best ranking (103) back in 2013.

7 Cibulkova: Enjoy Coke

via Pluska.sk

The folks at Coca-Cola deserve some credit for this particular ad. Seeing Dominika Cibulkova in an outfit like this will definitely get folks attention. The tiny tennis star puts her world-class figure on display for would be Coke drinkers, in a photo her fans aren’t likely to forget anytime soon. Based on the shape she's in, if Cibulkova does, in fact, drink Coke, it’s probably of the diet variety. The vivacious tennis standout helps create a photo that even die-hard Pepsi drinkers will likely appreciate.

Fun Fact: Dominika Cibulkova is not only beautiful, but she is also filthy rich. The Slovak sensation was taken home over $11.7 million in prize money, over the course of her career so far. It would appear that some women have it all.

6 Bouchard: Red Dress


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@eugenie_bouchard_) on

Bouchard looks ready for the cover of a fashion magazine in this stylish red dress. The blonde queen of the court doesn’t need to model in skimpy bathing suits to looks like a ten - not that she gets many complaints when she does. After seeing images such as this one, it’s clear that pro tennis features some of the best-looking women alive and this young Canadian starlet helps to drive that point home.

Fun Fact: Bouchard has managed to win over $5.7 million to date. This, of course, doesn’t take into account all the money she’s earned from endorsements. While 5.7 mill may not sound like much compared to what the Maria Sharapovas of the world make, it is still a lot of money, especially for a 23-year-old.

5 Cibulkova: Island Vibe

Mojo vibe,island vibe.. colorgrade by @palo_photography

A post shared by Dominika Cibulkova (@domicibulkova) on

One thing there isn’t any shortage of in the world is pictures of hot tennis players hanging out on the beach, which is a good thing, of course. In this Instagram post, we see Dominika Cibulkova showing off her toned abs, wearing a black shirt and bikini bottoms. After seeing this pic, it probably won’t come as a surprise that this post got almost 30,000 likes on social media. When it comes to looking gorgeous on the beach, few do it as well as this Slovak beauty.

Fun Fact: Cibulkova’s second best Grand Slam tournament showing came at the 2009 French Open. That year she managed to beat the likes of Hungary’s Agnes Szavay and Russia’s Maria Sharapova, before losing in the semifinals to Dinara Safina.

4 Bouchard: A Walk On The Beach

Genie is so hot😍🔥running from the storm haha

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In the caption below this post, Bouchard appears to be taking a page out of WWE Wrestler The Rock’s playbook by referring to herself in the third person. That being said, the caption is correct, Genie does look pretty hot in her extremely revealing swimsuit. The tennis starlet is putting her long legs to good use, as the evacuates the beach in order to avoid the oncoming storm. Despite the fact that the bathing suit looks like it’s been attacked by a wild animal, it still looks great on the WTA standout.

Fun Fact: Genie Bouchard has been able to land endorsement deals with some big name companies over the course of her career thus far. Aviva Canada, Rogers Communications and soft drink giant Coca-Cola are just a few of the corporation shes been involved with.

3 Cibulkova: Best Buds

In this photo, Dominika Cibulkova is taking a boat ride her friend, Top Fashion Magazine’s Barbora Frankekova. The 28-year-old tennis pro proudly displays her bikini bod for those who follow her on Instagram. Moreover, her “hot babe” Frankekova is also a very beautiful woman in her own right and definitely adds some extra sizzle to an already smoking hot photo. There are certainly plenty of guys out there who would love to spend a day at sea with these two lovely ladies.

Fun Fact: At the 2017 Ricoh Open, Cibulkova managed to capture her first ever WTA doubles title. During the event, she was paired with Belgium standout Kristen Flipkens. The duo defeated the team of Kiki Bertens and Demi Schuurs, both of whom hail from The Netherlands, in the final round of the tournament.

2 Bouchard: Yoga Pants

via Celebzz.com

Due to the amount of physical training that is required to become a successful professional athlete, most pros are in outstanding physical condition. This is why so many women in sports look great in a pair of yoga pants. While many females look amazing in the popular form-fitting attire, few look as good as Canada’s Genie Bouchard. The stylish athletic pants help to showcase the popular tennis star’s fit lower half in this action shot.

Fun Fact: Genie Bouchard made history back in 2014 by becoming the first Canadian-born player to reach the finals of a Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon. She defeated tennis stars like Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep, before ultimately losing in the finals to Petra Kvitova. This is Bouchard’s best Grand Slam performance to date.

1 Cibulkova: Short Shorts

This image shows the that Cibulkova isn’t afraid to go all out with her fashion choices. In this Instagram post, the Slovak beauty is wearing a pair of short shorts that seem to be in the process of disintegrating while she is wearing them. The bodacious blonde is also sporting a top knot in her hair for something a little different. Stunning photos like this one are the reason that the beloved tennis star has 342,000 Instagram followers.

Fun Fact: Dominika Cibulkova represented her home country of Slovakia at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, held in Beijing. She beat French player Pauline Parmentier in the first round and Bulgaria’s Tsvetana Pironkova in the second, before losing in the third round to Serbian standout, Jelena Jankovic.

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