8 Pictures Of Eugenie Bouchard And 8 Of Elina Svitolina: Who’s More Attractive?

Anyone who has followed the WTA tour knows that pro tennis features some of the most attractive female athletes in the world. They are often tall, lean, and could be easily mistaken for models in some instances. And this edition of “Who's more attractive” features two of the most beautiful young ladies to ever set foot on a tennis court, Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard and Elina Svitolina.

Genie Bouchard is a 23-year-old right-hander who originally hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She stands at 5-foot-10 with long, flowing blonde hair. It was during her breakout season in 2014, that sports fans first discovered the Canadian beauty and have been memorized ever since. While she may only be ranked 82nd in the world as a singles player at the moment, she is defiantly number 1 in the hearts of her loyal fan base known as The Genie Army.

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina is one of the hottest stars in tennis in more way than one. The 5-foot-9 Ukrainian beauty is fresh off her best season ever in 2017. Off the court, the 23-year-old has established herself as one of the most beautiful women in professional sports.

Both ladies are roughly the same height, age, and even have the same hair color which makes determining who is the more attractive tennis star a very tough call.

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16 Bouchard: Tan Lines

Working on the tan lines

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genie Bouchard puts the double o’s in cool with her stylish sunglasses as she cruises along the river in Jupiter, Florida. The 5-foot-10 blonde looks nothing short of amazing in her white top and bikini bottoms as she stares off into the distance. According to the caption, Bouchard is, “working on the tan lines.” There is likely more than a few sports fans out there who would love to be on a boat with this stunning tennis starlet.

Fun Fact: One of Genie Bouchard’s best friends from childhood is British tennis star Laura Robson. The two met while they were being coached in Flordia by former tennis pro Nick Saviano. Robson, who is also 23 years of age, is probably best known for winning the silver medal in mixed doubles competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

15 Svitolina: Rock Solid

via tennisforum.com

The Ukrainian stunner looks ready for a career as a swimsuit model in this fun, candid shot. The blonde tennis star stares at the floor as she leans against a stone-like structure in her one-piece bathing suits. Considering the structure in the background, one might even go so far as to say that this photo really rocks. Bad jokes aside, Elina Svitolina proves she is one of the hottest gals in tennis with this memorable photo.

Fun Fact: Both of Elina Svitolina’s parents competed in sports as well. Her father, Mikhaylo Svitolina was an amateur wrestler. Moreover, her mother, Olena Svilolina was accomplished draught (a game like checkers) player. She also has an older brother by the name of Yulian who played tennis (at an amateur level) as well.

14 Bouchard: The Strawberry

via dailymail.co.uk

Bouchard looks marvelous in her all-white dress as she poses with a bowl of strawberries. Strawberries can be a bit messy at times and might not be the best thing to eat while wearing that color. Food hazards aside, Bouchard shows us her winning smile and set of teeth that any dentist would be proud of. Despite being a tennis player by trade, modeling appears to come naturally to the 23-year-old. One might even say that this is one her “berry” best photos.

Fun Fact: Genie Bouchard took part in the 2016 National Basketball Association’s (NBA) All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game. The contest pitted Team USA against Team Canada. While she was named a starter, the 5-foot-10 tennis star went scoreless and managed just 1 rebound.

13 Svitolina: Locker Talk

Friday mode on

A post shared by Elina Svitolina🤞🏼 (@elisvitolina) on

It appears that Elina Svitolina may have forgotten an article of clothing prior to showing up for this photo shoot. On the plus side, at least there was a jacket nearby, to keep the photo somewhat PG. The blonde Ukrainian models in front of several lockers with this image, which almost looks like it was inspired by the popular sitcom, Saved by the Bell. The young tennis star looks phenomenal in this image. There are definitely plenty of guys out there who love to share a locker with this stunning tennis standout.

Fun Fact: Unfortunately, for those hoping they might be able to land a date with Elina Svitolina, she is already spoken for. Svitolina is currently dating an English cricket player by the name of Reece Topley.

12 Bouchard: Baywatch Beauty

via twitter.com

In this photo, Genie Bouchard gives us her best Pam Anderson impression as she poses in this Baywatch-inspired swimsuit. The lovely tennis star looks as good as Anderson in her Baywatch days with this fun photograph. Interestingly enough, the original television show was already roughly five years into its run when Bouchard was born in 1994. If television producers ever decide to bring back the popular '90s television series, based on this pic, Bouchard should definitely try out for a role. After all, even if she isn’t the best actress, it likely wouldn’t be an issue, as Baywatch wasn't exactly known for producing award-winning performances.

Fun Fact: Bouchard’s favorite tennis player is none other than Swiss legend Roger Federer. She even got a chance to meet him at Wimbledon in 2012.

11 Svitolina: Pull

via tipsbetting.co.uk

One usually doesn’t become a world-class athlete without spending some time in the gym. Moreover, one doesn’t end up looking like Elina Svitolina without putting in countless hours in the weight room either. In this photo, we see the blonde tennis star working her arms and back while pulling the blue ropes. Svitolina is also modeling her Nike gear which, in this instance, helps to highlight her washboard abs. The tennis star looks ready to compete for a Grand Slam title in this eye-catching photo.

Fun Fact: 2017 was by far Svitlana's best season to date. The Canadian Open, the Italian Open and the Dubai Tennis Championship are three of the Premier 5-level tournaments she won this past season. She had not won a Premier 5-level tournament prior to 2017.

10 Bouchard: The Bahamas


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Young Genie Bouchard appears to have quite the life. Besides being a gorgeous professional athlete, she also seems to always be hanging out at some tropical location in a bikini, much to the delight of her social media fan base. In this post, we see the tall tennis standout hanging out by the pool in Albany, Bahamas. By the looks of things, Bouchard appears to have to pool all to herself. This would appear to be the perfect opportunity for the popular Canadian to enjoy a relaxing day sunbathing in her figure flattering swimsuit.

Fun Fact: Genie Bouchard made tennis history back in 2014 when she became the first Canadian-born player (representing the country) to reach a Grand Slam singles final, at Wimbledon that year.

9 Svitolina: Black Dress

via celebheights.com

As fans, we often get used to seeing tennis players in uniform or their workout attire. However, as we can see here, certain athletes have a remarkable sense of style when it comes to dressing for formal events. In this instance, we see Elina Svitolina posing for the camera in this fashionable, form-fitting, black leather dress. The 5-foot-9 tennis star appears to be a natural in front of the camera as she looks every bit the VIP in this particular image.

Fun Fact: At the 2015 French Open, Svitolina reached the quarterfinals of Grand Slams singles tournament for the first time in her career. She defeated players like Yulina Putintseva and Germany’s Annika Beck, before being eliminated by Ana Ivanovic. Serena Williams would ultimately wind up winning the French Open that year.

8 Bouchard: Yoga Pants

via i.imgur.com

Yoga pants have become an extremely popular fashion choice for women, even those who don’t compete in athletics, in recent years. After all, athleisure wear is comfortable and, in most cases, also quite affordable. In this image, we see that Genie Bouchard is capable of rocking a pair of yoga pants with the best of them. The proud Canadian always looks to be in amazing shape, and this photo is no exception. The blonde tennis star always seems to be smiling, and with her millions in winnings, combined with her model-like figure, it would seem that the 23-year-old has a great deal to be happy about.

Fun Fact: Bouchard was given one of her most impressive accolades when she received the WTA Most Improved Player Award back in 2014.

7 Svitolina: Flexing

While Harrods Champagne Loung, is obviously best known for their champagne; it would appear, at least based on this post, that they also have a cryo chamber. Cryo chambers are used for what is known as cryotherapy which relives things like muscle pain and soft tissue swelling. After competing at the highest level in professional tennis, cryotherapy might seem like a great option for an athlete like Elina Svitolina. The 5-foot-9 Ukrainian looks refreshed as she flexes for the camera, following her cryo treatment. As we can see here, feeling good can often translate into looking good.

Fun Fact: Elina Svitolina is best known for her outstanding play in singles competition. However, she has also won two titles in doubles play, both of which came at the Istanbul Cup in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

6 Bouchard: Black Swan

Tbt to when this swan was being super pushy 🤔

A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

An argument can be made that Genie Bouchard’s photo for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edtion are some of the best images the famed publication has ever produced. The tennis sensation seems to have a naturally playful demeanor which comes across in her shots and makes for some outstanding pictures. In this Instagram post, we see Bouchard hugging an inflatable black swan with the caption, “Tbt to when this swan was being super pushy.” After seeing this incident, it’s clear that this swan needs to learn how respect people's personal space.

Fun Fact: During the 2015 season an unfortunate incident occurred when Genie Bouchard slipped and fell in the locker room. The fall resulted in the young tennis star suffering a concussion. As a result of the incident, she would play only one more match the rest of the season.

5 Svitolina: High Heels

via pinterest.com

After seeing this pic, one might think that Elina Svitolina worked a regular office job as opposed to being one of the top pro tennis players in the world. That being said, the blonde superstar definitely manages to look super stylish in this form-fitting blue dress, complete with black high heels. The tennis champ shows fans her playful side in this fun, flirtatious photo. Pics such as this one help Svitolina secure her status as one of the most photogenic tennis players in the game today.

Fun Fact: Elina Svitolina made her 2nd appearance in a Grand Slam quarterfinal in 2017 at the French Open. She defeated Poland’s Magda Linette and Croatia's Petra Martic before being eliminated by Simona Halep, who would ultimately advance to the tournament finals.

4 Bouchard: All Class


A post shared by Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard) on

Genice Bouchard appears to the type of girl that looks amazing in whatever she wears. That being said, the blonde Canadian really shines in this fashionable black dress. As we can see here, Bouchard doesn’t need to be wearing skimpy bikinis in order to turn heads. The popular athlete shows she is more than able to get folks' attention while keeping it classy in this black dress. The dress serves to highlight Bouchard’s hourglass figure in an Instagram post that received over 95,000 likes from her loyal fan base.

Fun Fact: Bouchard best Grand Slam singles performance came back in 2014 at Wimbledon. She defeated top tennis stars like Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep to advance to the final round of the tournament. She would end up losing in the finals to Petra Kvitova.

3 Svitolina: Clear Water

#tb missing this 👙☀️🌊🔥

A post shared by Elina Svitolina🤞🏼 (@elisvitolina) on

In this photo, Elina Svitolina’s complexion appears to be as clear as the waters she is relaxing in. The 5-foot-9 blonde steals the show, yet again, with this marvelous bikini pic. Like her article mate Bouchard, Svitolina also appears to spend a great deal of time in exotic, tropical destinations based on her Instagram posts. Apparently, her fans appreciate this pic, as it received over 6,000 likes from her loyal Instagram followers. It won't be surprising if we see Svitloina in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at some point, as the magazine has been known to feature tennis players.

Fun Fact: In 2017, Elina Svitolina achieved her highest singles rank ever, number 3 in the world, last September. She finished the season as the sixth ranked player and looks poised for big 2018 campaign.

2 Bouchard: Making A Splash

via myfitness.pl

There are few athletes in the world today who look as good as Genie Bouchard in a bikini. This is likely why she was selected to pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and produced amazing photos such as the one that can be seen here. The 5-foot-10 blonde appears to have a blast as she splashes water in the air, while grinning from ear to ear. Bouchard is clearly one the hottest Canadain athlete in the world today, and photos such as this one reiterate that point. This white bikini showcases the figure that helped make Bouchard a social media sensation.

Fun Fact: 2014 has been far and away Genie Bouchard’s best season to this point. Her appearances in either the semifinals or finals of three (of the four) major Grand Slam tournaments resulted in her being ranked as high as number 5 in the world that season.

1 Svitolina: Fed Cup Dinner

If Elina Svitolina ever decides to leave the world of professional tennis, she would likely have an easy time finding a job as a stylist. The 23-year-old always manages to pick outfits that look both flattering and classy. The 5-foot-9 superstar looks ready for the runway in this black and white outfit. The watch and purse also serve as great accessories to complete an already outstanding look. Between bikini pics and fashionable photos (such as this ), there are several reasons to follow the Ukranian tennis star on social media outlets such as Instagram.

Fun Fact: At just 23 years of age, Svitolina was already won a small fortune playing professional tennis. She has taken home over $7.3 million USD over the course of her career thus far.

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