8 Steamy Photos Of Kristina Mladenovic On The Court (And 7 Steamy Photos Off It)

24-year-old Kristina Mladenovic was born in Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, part of the commune of Dunkirk, located in Northern France. She stands at just over 6-feet-tall (6 ½ to be exact) with long blonde hair and a lean, slender physique. Mladenovic is without question a very attractive woman. However, she is also an accomplished athlete and a fierce competitor on the tennis court.

The right-handed blonde bombshell has had an excellent career as a singles competitor. In fact, 2017 is shaping up to her best season as a solo player thus far. That being said, her most impressive accomplishments on the court have come as a doubles player.

She has won an impressive three Grand Slam titles as a doubles competitor, with two of three titles coming in mixed doubles tournaments.

As Mladenovic begins to enter the prime of her career, the young tennis star looks to become one of  the games best players in the coming years. Moreover, if she continues to have the type of success she has had up to this point, in 2017, Mladenovic is poised to become a household name.

In honor of her outstanding season, let’s take a look at 8 times Kristina Mladenovic looked hot on the court (and 7 times she looked hot off it.)


15 On: White Shorts


This photo was taken back in 2013 when the French superstar has sporting her dyed blonde hair. The tall star looks great in her white tennis outfit as she sends the ball in her opponent’s direction. Mladenovic is one player who always shines on the court and this photo only serves to remind us of that.

Fun Fact: One of Mladenovic’s best tournament performances as a singles competitor came in 2017 at the French Open. The tall blonde defeated the like of Shelby Rogers and Gabine Muguruza, en route to the quarterfinal round of the tournament. Unfortunately for Mladenovic and her fans, she was unable to advance to the semifinals. She was eliminated by Swiss tennis star Timea Bacsinsky, who would go on to be eliminated in the following round by the tournament's eventual winner, Jelena Ostapenko.

14 Off: Soaking Up The Sun

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It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to find that a gorgeous, blonde, pro tennis player, who also happens to be over 6-feet-tall, looks amazing in a bathing suit. This stunning Instagram post will quickly erase any doubt that Kristina Mladenovic is one of the most beautiful women in the sport today. The picture highlights her long legs that appear to go on for days. Her movie star good looks and amazing figure will only help to make her an even bigger star in the coming years.

Fun Fact: Mladenovic comes from a family of athletes. Her father was a handball player for Yugoslavia. Moreover, her mother was a volleyball player and an accomplished athlete in her own right. It’s pretty clear where Kristina got her athletic ability from.

13 On: Yoga Pants


Tennis players and yoga pants seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, yoga pants have become a popular style in recent years. That being said, there are few (if any) women who look quite as good in a pair of these stylish bottoms, as professional tennis players. As one can see, from this particular photo, the tight-fitting bottoms serve to flatter the young stars figure as she prepares to serve the ball.

Fun Fact: Mladenovic did exceptionally well in singles competition at the 2015 US Open. She bested such tennis stars as Daria Kastatkina and Russian player Ekaterina Makarova on her way to the quarterfinals. However, she was unable to defeat Italy’s Roberta Vinci and advance to the semifinal round of the tournament.

12 Off: The Hat


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When you’re a high profile athlete finding time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures can be difficult. Fortunately, it would appear, based on this Instagram post, the Mladenovic has found time to enjoy this lovely beach. She even found time to take a quick selfie which showcases her lean top half and stylish white hat. The tall tennis beauty will certainly be able to keep her social media followers interested with images such as this one.

Fun Fact: Besides being one of the hottest ladies in pro tennis, Kristina Mladenovic is also filthy rich. She earned $6,681, 825 in prize money thus far, which doesn’t even include any endorsement deals that she may have on the side. She has made almost $7 million and still isn’t even 25 years old!

11 On: The Swing


Kristina Mladenovic shows off the swing that has made her so successful in the sport of professional tennis. Her skimpy on-court attire helps to highlight her lean frame and impressive height. Her dyed blonde hair seems to glisten in the sun, as the French beauty's facial expression indicates that she is both focused and determined in this pic.

Fun Fact: Mladenovic’s first Grand Slam tournament win came in mixed doubles play at Wimbledon back in 2013. She teamed with Canada’s Daniel Nestor on this occasion. The duo was able to defeat Horia Tecau and Sania Mirza in the quarterfinals. From there, they would go on to defeat Nenad Zimonjic and Katarina Srebotnik on their way to the final round. In the last round, the pair would beat Bruno Soares and Lisa Raymond to capture the tournament championship.

10 Off: Blue Carpet


While it may not be a red carpet event, a blue carpet event is certainly nothing to sneeze at. But enough about carpet, let’s talk about Mladenovic’s stunning black dress instead. The gorgeous black gown shows off the tennis star’s flawless figure in this breathtaking Instagram photo. Kristina Mladenovic is one athlete who clearly has a keen fashion sense, which is evident based on her choice of attire.

Fun Fact: The article's intro mentioned that Mladenovic is having a career year in 2017; this is supported by the fact that she has achieved her highest singles ranking to date this season. Wins over top stars like Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, and Angelique Kerber have resulted in the Mladenovic being ranked as high as 12th in the world back in June of this year.

9 On: Aim High


In this photo we see Kristina Mladenovic preparing to execute one of the servers that helped make her famous. Her tan, slender physique is on full display in one of her hottest on court photos yet. The blonde starlet resembles a young a Maria Sharapova. And for those folks out there who are fans of Sharapova (or just beautiful women in general), be sure and take a look at Tennis Beauties: 15 Hot Photos Of Eugenie Bouchard And Maria Sharapova That Will Blow Your Mind. You will be glad you did.

Fun Fact: Kristina Mladenovic is an extremely accomplished doubles player. In fact, she was even ranked as high as number 2 in the world back in October of 2016. As of July she currently ranked number 9.


8 Off: With Mathilde Johansson

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In this captivating image, Kristina Mladenovic poses next to another French tennis star, Mathilde Johansson. As one can see from the photo, Johansson is also a great beauty in her own right. Mladenovic once again steals the show in her fashion forward multi-color dress. Mathilde Johansson looks gorgeous as well. However, one has to wonder what the photographer said to Johansson, as her facial expression might lead one to believe that she is slightly offended. That being said, any time you can get two hot tennis players in one photo, it’s a good thing.

Fun Fact: Despite representing France throughout the course of her career, Mathilde Johansson was actually born in Gothenburg, Sweeden. The 32-year-old retired in 2016, after being eliminated in the 2nd round of the French Open.

7 On: Roland Garros Collection

Kristina Mladenovic knows how to look stylish, even when she’s competing on the tennis court. In this Instagram post, the Grand Slam winner is proudly sporting her black and white dress from the Adidas Tennis Roland Garros collection by Y-3. And what better way to show off a black and white dress than featuring it in a black and white photo? Like the hash tag in the caption below the photo says; Mladenovic is definitely making her mark in this pic.

Fun Fact: As one might conclude from this photo, Mladenovic wears Adidas apparel when competing on the tennis court. The right-handed native of Saint-Pol-sur-Mer is also known to use a Wilson tennis racquet while taking on the most fierce competitors in all of women’s tennis.

6 Off: An Evening Out


The French giant stuns the masses once again with this extremely stylish low-cut white dress. This photo proves that the fashion world might not be able to handle this smoking hot tennis star. Her small handbag shows that Kristina Mladenovic is an athlete who knows how to accessorize. There no question that the 24-year-old turned more than a couple of heads, while walking around in this lovely gown.

Fun Fact: Mladenovic won her second Grand Slam mixed doubles title at the 2014 Australian Open. She teamed up once again with Canadian Daniel Nester, the man she previously captured the Wimbledon title with back in 2013. The duo got the better of Daniela Hantuchova and Leander Paes in the semi-finals. They would go on to defeat Zheng Jie and Scott Lipsky in the finals and capture the Grand Slam title.

5 On: Game Face


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The 6-foot plus tennis starlet looks ready to murder the ball in this memorable Instagram post. Kristina Mladenovic leaps into action with her game face on, in this photo that highlights her extremely toned long legs. Her signature Adidas apparel helps to make the break out star look like the champion she is. Mladenovic proves that she looks as good on the court as she does away from it.

Fun Fact: Kristina Mladenovic has represented her home country of France in the prestigious Fed Cup as far back as 2012. The Fed Cup is considered to be the premier team competition in all of women's tennis. Her record in singles competition stands at a modest 6-6. However, she is 9-2 when playing doubles matches at the cup.

4 Off: Selfie Fun

Those shorts.

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Selfies have become extremely popular among folks in their 20s, during the current age of social media. That being said, when you look like Kristin Mladenovic, it’s likely difficult to resist the temptation to take a photo of yourself, every now and then. The 4,859 likes suggest that this picture meets the approval of her legions of followers on platforms such as Instagram. It seems like Mladenovic is always wearing a new and amazing outfit.

Fun Fact: At the 2017 St. Petersburg Ladies’ Trophy, Kristin Mladenovic captured the first WTA singles title of her storied career. She upset Venus Williams on her way to the final round, where she would go on to defeat Yulia Putintseva. In doing so, she became the first Frenchwoman to win a WTA title since 2011.

3 On: Having A Drink

When you’re are a successful athlete, who also happens to look like a supermodel, it’s likely that there will be more than a few brands out there that will want you to endorse their product. In this Instagram post, Kristina Mladenovic poses in her tennis uniform after practice. The caption states “#MySmartBars are a post practice must. Loving the coconut cashew flavor.” Whatever diet she is on appears to be working, as Mladenovic looks stunning in this picture.

Fun Fact: Mladenovic incorporates what is known as an all-court playing style when she competes. This means she combines aspects for every style and combines them. When an all-court players net-game isn’t working, they may switch to a baseline game. The versatility that this style offers has helped to make Mladenovic the star she is today.

2 Off: With Caroline Wozniacki


Kristina Mladenovic is standing side-by-side with none other than the legendary Caroline Wozniacki. This rare photo features two of the most beautiful women in all of pro sports, both of whom happened to be professional tennis players. Mladenovic states in the comments section, “Here we are on our home soil, The Queen, and The Princess.” I wonder which is which? For readers who happen to be big Caroline Wozniacki fans (and who isn’t?), be sure and take a look at Tennis Beauties: 15 Hot Photos Of Daniela Hantuchová And Caroline Wozniacki That Will Blow Your Mind.

Fun Fact: Wozniacki has faced Mladenovic in singles competition 4 times thus far. Wozniacki leads the series 3-1. However, it should be noted that Mladenovic won their most recent encounter at Indian Wells Masters this year.

1 On: Celebration Time

Speechless #FedCup

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Kristina Mladenovic is celebrating with her teammate and fellow French tennis star, Caroline Garcia. The tall, slender beauty jumps for joy in her white tennis outfit and ultra cool Adidas sneakers. These two lovely ladies represent their country well and know how to look good doing it. This celebratory photo was able to get over 1,000 likes on Instagram, suggesting that this was a moment that many Mladenovic fans greatly enjoyed.

Fun Fact: Despite only being 23 years of age, France’s Caroline Garcia has been a pro since 2011. She was won almost $4 million in prize money over the course of her career. Garcia's current rank, which is 19th in the world, is her all-time best. As a doubles player, the French star has been ranked as high as number 2 in the world.


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