8 Times Maria Sharapova Looked Hot On The Court (And 7 Times She Looked Hot Off It)

She is rich, successful, and quite possibly the most beautiful athlete walking the face of the earth. Of course, we are talking about none other than Russian tennis sensation, Maria Sharapova.

At 6-foot-2, the blonde beauty is considered tall even by pro tennis standards. Moreover, her height and legendary long legs have created numerous modeling opportunities for the native of Nyagan.

The 30-year old has already accumulated over $36.5 million in prize money, which is likely only a fraction of what she has made from her numerous endorsement deals over the years.

The career Grand Slam holder has become one of the most recognized athletes in the world since her breakout season back in 2004.

It would be fair to say that Sharapova has conquered the world and looked pretty darn good doing it.

However, one of the things that makes the tennis champ so unique, is the fact that she often looks as good on the tennis court as she does off of it. This raises an interesting question; does Maria Sharapova look better on the court or off of it?

Here are 8 photos that show Sharapova looking amazing on the tennis court, along with 7 that show the blonde bombshell being gorgeous off of it.

15 On: The Pose

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While she looks beautiful as always in this shot, Maria Sharapova also seems a little sad. Perhaps the tennis starlet is tired of being photographed by the paparazzi 24-7. That being said, if she continues to look as good as she does in this pic, then they certainly won’t be going away anytime soon. A young Sharapova pose in her signature Nike gear in an on-court photo that is sure to please.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova is originally from a town in Russia known as Nyagan. Nyagan is located near the Ob River. In fact, the town is actually named after the Nyagan-Yugan River, a smaller river which flows into the Ob. As of 2010, the town currently has approximately 54,890 folks living there.

14 Off: In Black


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When it comes to utilizing social media to promote one’s brand, there are few who do it better than Maria Sharapova. How many athletes, or celebrates in general, do you see with over 100,000 likes on their Instagram posts? Of course, to be fair, there isn't many athletes who can create a photo like the one, which shows the tennis beauty in her breathtaking black attire. Her keen fashion sense is on full display in this particular image.

Fun Fact: On September 12, 2017, Sharapova will be releasing her autobiography entitled Unstoppable: My Life So Far. According to the detailed description on Amazon, the book is, “the captivating―and candid―story of her rise from nowhere to tennis stardom, and the unending fight to stay on top.”

13 On: Red Top

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Maria Sharapova stretches her incredibly long legs as she leans against the net in this glamorous photograph. The blonde casts a serious, yet seductive, gaze at the camera in her white tennis skirt and red top. Images such as this one serve as a reminder that few female players can even come close to looking as good as Maria Sharapova on a tennis court.

Fun Fact: Most tennis fans knew that Sharapova served a lengthy suspension for failing a drug test back in 2016. However, most people know very little about the drug found in her system called meldonium. Meldonium is a drug that is most commonly used to treat heart conditions. It was developed in 1970 and can be purchased in various parts of Eastern Europe. The drug can affect how a person takes in oxygen, but its classification as a performance enhancing drug is debated among scientists.

12 Off: Leopard Print

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Maria Sharapova looks like the queen of the jungle in this stylish, fashion-forward leopard print top. This outfit shows off the tennis star’s wild side in more way than one. It also displays the blonde’s flawless midsection. It is quite clear from this pic that Sharapova has definitely been doing her crunches in the gym. The gorgeous Russian always manages to come up with a fresh new look in seemingly every photo and this one is certainly no exception.

Fun Fact: While Sharapova originally hails from Russia, these days she resides in Manhattan Beach, California. It is one of the cities that make up the famed South Bay. Those who would like to live near the stunning tennis star better have some money. That’s because the median home price in Manhattan Beach is around $2.8 million.

11 On: Dressed In White

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This photo just barely qualifies for the on court section of the article. Another step of two and Maria Sharapova would no longer be in-bounds. However, she still has one foot on the court, so let’s go with it. This beautiful white dress shows that Sharapova doesn’t need to be showing a ton of skin in order to prove that she’s a perfect ten. The old saying that, “sometimes less is more,” is definitely true with this particular photograph.

Fun Fact: Sharapova’s rise to fame has caught the attention of many sports memorabilia collectors. Her autograph is one of the most sought after by tennis fans. Those looking to purchase an authenticated signed 8 x 10 should expect to pay between $100 and $150 US dollars.

10 Off: Bikini Fun

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After seeing this photo, it’s easy to see why Maria Sharapova was asked to model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The vivacious blonde look as good, if not better, than the magazine's regular models and that is truly saying something. The image showcases her slender physique and the legs that helped make her famous. One would be hard pressed to find a tennis player (or any other athlete) that looks as good in a swimsuit as Russia’s Maria Sharapova.

Fun Fact: In 2010, the tennis star decided to create her own clothing line known as the “Nike Maria Sharapova Collection.” As the name indicates, the line was a collaboration with Nike. The collection was mostly made of dresses she helped design for tennis tournaments. They have been worn by such stars as Eugenie Bouchard and Sofia Arvidsson.

9 On: Game Time

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Sharapova looks both focused and relaxed in this memorable photo. The tennis starlet is sporting a pair of short shorts. The stylish blond is also sporting a leopard print under shirt underneath her see through white top. Sharapova is able to look fashionable even when she is competing at the highest level. She manages to look gorgeous even when her face is a little sweaty from the action.

Fun Fact: Sharapova has dated her fair share of celebrities over the years. She was even romantically linked to Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine at one point. The band is known for hit songs such as “Moves Like Jagger” and “Payphone." Interestingly enough, Sharapova isn’t the only Russian Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Levine was been involved with. He dated Anne Vyalitsyna, a swimsuit issue cover model, from 2010-2012.

8 Off: Special Night

Maria Sharapova’s stunning blue gown can defiantly be considered worthy of the "#oscars.” The blonde bombshell looks like a movie star in her own right in this popular Instagram post. The tennis star’s “glam team” have outdone themselves this time, with a dress that would steal the show at any event. Maria Sharapova redefines the word class in an outfit that flatters her world class physique.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams may be rivals on the court, but the two women do have an ex-boyfriend in common. That man is none other than Bulgarian tennis star, Grigor Dimitrov. Dimitrov has had a very successful career as a pro. The 26-year-old has won over $10 million in prize money, and as of August 2017, he is ranked #9 in the world as a singles competitor.

7 On: Black Skirt

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The career Grand Slam winner looks pretty dressed up for playing tennis with her red lip stick and stylish gold earrings. The Wimbledon winner flashes a warm smile as she stares seductively into the camera. No one does the black tennis skirt quite like Maria Sharapova. The 6-foot-2 model lights up the court once again in another awesome outfit.

Fun Fact: When it was announced that Sharapova had failed her drug test back in 2016, she received little support from her fellow tennis players. Retired tennis legend Jennifer Capriati stated on twitter that the Russian should be stripped of her 35 titles. Slovak tennis star Dominika Cibulkova was quoted by the New Zeland Herald stating, “I will only say that I don't feel sorry at all for Sharapova and I don't miss her on the tour.”

6 Off: The Wind

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Maria Sharapova does her best Marilyn Monroe impression in this immaculate dress. The Russian appears to be promoting the Land Rover in this particular picture. Her toned legs are on full display as the wind appears to have picked up. The gentleman in the background certainly appears to approve of Sharapova’s choice of attire in this instance. Being next to the lovely Maria Sharapova can make any product look more appealing.

Fun Fact: Sharapova's rivalry with Serena Williams may get all the hype, but she has actually had more competitive contests against her sister, Venus Williams. Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams have played each other eight times in singles competition. Sharapova leads the series 5-3 thus far. Though it should be noted that Williams emerged the victor in their two most recent encounters, the last of which took place at the Australian Open in 2013.

5 On: Nike Gear

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Nike defiantly makes some of the most figure flattering attire for female tennis players on the market today, and this uniform is certainly no exception. The 30-year-old offers a warm smile as her blonde hair blows majestically in the wind. This picture reminds us that Maria Sharapova is always capable of drawing a large crowd.

Fun Fact: Maria Sharapova was recently defeated by one of her emerging rivals Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard at the 2017 Madrid Open. The two ladies exchanged jabs on Twitter and don’t appear to be getting along too well these days. However, if you want to see e both these ladies peacefully sharing an article together then check out Tennis Beauties: 15 Hot Photos Of Eugenie Bouchard And Maria Sharapova That Will Blow Your Mind.

4 Off: One Piece

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Sharapova shows us her flaw free figure as she models this stunning one piece. The swimsuit model gives the cameraman a flirtatious glance back as she twirls her golden blonde locks. This international star is without question one the best looking women one can ever expect to find in a one piece bathing suit. Any article of clothing, especially swimsuits, always looks exceptional when being worn by Maria Sharapova.

Fun Fact: Way back in 2008, Sharapova was involved in a relationship with television producer Charlie Ebersol. Charlie Ebersol is the son of legendary television executive Dick Ebersol. Charlie was also named one reality television's most powerful producers back in 2012 by The Hollywood Reporter. While the exact length of Sharapova and Ebersol’s courtship in unknown, they appear to have lasted less than a year.

3 On: Early Evening

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The tennis diva poses for yet another outstanding photo in a black tennis skirt. Sharapova stares vacantly into the camera as the sun appears to be getting ready to set around her. However, Maria Sharapova always seems to look amazing be it day or night. The Russian manages to create some of the best photos in female athletics today. The 6-foot-2 star looks ravishing even when she just hanging out on the court.

Fun Fact: One of the most serious relationships Sharapova has been involved in was with NBA basketball star, Sasha Vujacic. Vujacic is a shooting guard who has played for several teams throughout his career. He was most recently a member of the New York Knicks. The couple was briefly engaged, but ultimately separated in early 2012.

2 Off: Long Legs

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This image shows a young Maria Sharapova modeling an extremely short skirt and a not so PC fur coat (maybe it’s not real fur). The blonde starlet still looks like a 10 even when she looks slightly annoyed, as she does in this photo. Sharapova might have the best legs in the world, and she seems to know it since they are the focal point of almost every picture and justifiably so. This image shows her being both stylish and sexy.

Fun Fact. Maria Sharapova’s first coach was her father, Yuri. However, she was also coached by Michael Joyce from 2004-11, Thomas Hogstedt from 2011-13, and even by the legendary Jimmy Connors at one point back in 2013. Her coach these days is Steve Groeneveld, whom she was worked with since 2013.

1 On: Fierce Gaze

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The 6-foot-2 athlete doesn’t look like someone you would want to tangle with based on her expression in this photo. That being said, even when Maria Sharapova appears to be a bit angry, she still manages to look smoking hot. Her Nike uniform shows off her mid section in this terrifyingly beautiful photo. The lovely Russian puts the “f” in fierce with this memorable on court photograph.

Fun Fact: Sharapova has had some very impressive accomplishments over the course of her career. She has been ranked number 1 in the world an impressive 5 times, she won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games, and is a career Grand Slam winner, meaning that she has won every Grand Slam title at least once.

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