8 Wrestlers Who Were Banned By WWE (And 7 Who Will Be Next)

Being in the WWE is every wrestler’s dream. Working for the top wrestling company means performing for millions of viewers, fame, and earning a hefty paycheque. Yet all it takes is one move and a wrestler could be banned from WWE. Vince McMahon and co are known not to tolerate bad behaviour from their Superstars. Although, in some instances they tend to let a certain star’s behaviour slide. But in the WWE, you’ve got to know your limits if you want to stay in good graces with the company.

Wrestlers could be banned for a number of reasons. The most common is having a backstage attitude. If you get on the bad side of the McMahon family or any of higher-ups, then your career’s screwed. Other reasons for banishment include: legal troubles, nude leaks, or publicly ranting about the company. All it takes is one wrong move from the wrestlers to get them banned from the WWE forever. Once you’re banned from the WWE, it’s an uphill battle to get back into the company. A few stars such as The Ultimate Warrior, who was once banned, managed to make amends with The McMahons. However, for a majority of wrestlers it’s not that easy.

In the past, we’ve seen lots of popular wrestlers who were banned from WWE. You’d think that current stars would learn a lesson from these banned wrestlers, but no. A few wrestlers on the roster have done some inexcusable stuff that could lead them to being banned.

15 Banned: Victoria


Victoria is one of the sweetest WWE Divas. Fans and other wrestlers have praised the former Women’s champion for her friendly nature. By all accounts, nobody has had any trouble with her.  In the past, there appeared to be not bad blood between Victoria and the company. Despite leaving WWE for TNA in 2009, she remained in good terms with her ex-employer. She often hung out with the current roster of stars, plus she even attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies.

But in 2017, Victoria had found herself in trouble with WWE. She posted online about being denied backstage access at a WWE event and she even begged fans to help her purchase tickets to the Hall of Fame. Many feel that Victoria's banishment from WWE could be because of the recent leaked photos of her. Whatever issues the company has, it's obvious they want to distance themselves from her.

14 Will Be: Rich Swann

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Independent wrestlers Rich Swann achieved every wrestler’s dream when he signed with WWE in 2015. Less than a year after signing on, he was thrust onto the main roster as a member of the Cruiserweight division. Swann’s athleticism led him to becoming Cruiserweight champion and he was one of the leading stars to watch.

However, Swann’s career and freedom is now in jeopardy. In December 2017, he was arrested for battery and false imprisonment following an argument with his wife, Su Yung. WWE immediately suspended Swann due to their zero tolerance policy regarding domestic violence. Swann’s still awaiting his day in court, but whether he’s charged or not, his career in WWE is already over. Just like many banned wrestlers before him, expect the company to remove all traces of the star from their content.

13 Banned: Scott Steiner

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When WCW star Scott Steiner joined WWE, fans of Big Poppa Pump had high hopes for career. Yet, they along with Steiner were disappointed when his WWE run bombed. Although, he had a title feud with Triple H, nothing about Scott’s WWE tenure was memorable.

After two years with the company, Steiner was officially released in 2004. Like a few other WWE stars, Steiner was bitter following his departure. He’s not afraid to voice his criticism towards Triple H, whom he believes sabotaged Scott’s career. He’s also voiced his disdain for Stephanie McMahon and her inability to run the company. Aside from his public rants, Steiner also has a history of instigating fights with other wrestlers. These two elements are enough to keep Scott Steiner on WWE’s banishment list forever.

12 Will Be: Neville


High-flyer Neville’s WWE career seemed to have gotten off to a good start when he was in NXT. But on the main roster, he was stuck in the Cruiserweight division much to the dismay of fans. Despite the setback, Neville became the number one star in the division and won the championship twice.

Just as he was about to begin a feud with Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight championship, Neville walked out on WWE during an episode of Monday Night Raw. Reports stated that Neville had been unhappy for quite some time and he was angry about losing to Enzo. Despite rumours that the wrestler could be on his way back, all signs are pointing to Neville officially being gone from the company. WWE has begun to officially remove all mentions of Neville, leading the star to earn on spot on the banned list.

11 Banned: Sable

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The longstanding battle between Sable and WWE dates back to the late 90s. Sable was one of the most popular Divas of the Attitude Era and found mainstream success with a photoshoot in Playboy. Yet, in 1999, Sable abruptly quit the company and later filed a harassment lawsuit. Sable said the backstage atmosphere was unsafe and she feared for her life. WWE retaliated by saying that Sable was a difficult person to work with.

By 2003, things appeared to have settled between Sable and WWE. The blonde bombshell returned to television and was featured in storylines with Torrie Wilson and Vince McMahon. But Sable’s return lasted a little over a year before she left again. Despite the fact that her husband Brock Lesnar is still employed by WWE, Sable doesn't attend many of the company's events, leading many to believe she's not welcomed at WWE.

10 Will Be: Sasha Banks

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There’s no doubt that Sasha Banks is one of WWE’s biggest female superstars. The Boss has set incredible records by winning the RAW Women’s championship four times, competing in a Hell in a Cell match, and main eventing RAW.

Despite having short title reigns, Sasha is still beloved by the WWE Universe. Yet, the same can’t be said about her relationship with backstage officials. Since joining the main roster, Sasha has developed a huge ego, which has lead to reports of her being difficult. Aside from her ego, many feel that she’s an unsafe worker. Alexa Bliss, Emma, and Paige are just a few of the stars who’ve been injured during a match with Sasha. If all these reports about Sasha are true, she may have a WWE ban in her future.

9 Banned: CM Punk

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In January 2014, CM Punk stunned the wrestling world when he walked away from WWE. Punk’s departure came months before his contract was due to expire. The reason for his departure was due to his unhappiness with the company. Punk was very vocal about his desire to main event WrestleMania and his disdain for part-timers coming in to steal the spotlight.

Months after leaving, Punk was officially fired from WWE. He would receive the news on his wedding day. Punk is an outspoken individual and he hasn’t held back in his feelings for WWE. He’s stated in numerous interviews how difficult it was working for the company and he even filed a lawsuit against the company’s doctor for negligence. Fans are wishing that Punk will one day return to the WWE, but given the animosity between him and the WWE, don’t expect them to call a truce anytime soon.

8 Will Be: Enzo Amore


Enzo Amore became popular with WWE crowds when he was partnered with Big Cass in a tag team. The two lit up the scene on NXT and on RAW. With Cass being the muscle of the group and Enzo being the mouthpiece, they quickly won over audiences.

Yet, their partnership came to an end when Big Cass turned heel on his former partner. After his feud with Cass abruptly ended, Enzo was thrown into the Cruiserweight division, where he’s exceeded as a heel. It appears that Enzo’s persona is part of his real life as well. The wrestler is known to have an inflated ego that has annoyed his fellow co-workers. In fact, during a recent WWE tour of Japan, Enzo’s behaviour got so out of control he was kicked off the bus. If Enzo doesn’t straighten up soon, he’ll end up losing more than just his championship.

7 Banned: AJ Lee

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Popular diva AJ Lee is considered the saviour of the women’s division. She was beloved by fans and help jumpstart the new women’s revolution in WWE. However, don’t expect the company to give her any credit or mention her name ever again. Lee’s banishment from the company began when she married CM Punk, who was embroiled in a battle with WWE. AJ was stuck in a tough position with her husband and her employer. Eventually, she ended up leaving the company and taking Punk’s side.

The move was taken well by WWE and just like with her husband, the company has removed traces of the former Diva. To show how far the WWE went, they had Nikki Bella break AJ’s record of longest-reigning Divas champion. Just like with Punk, don't expect an AJ Lee return.

6 Will Be: Lana

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The ravishing blonde beauty rose to WWE fame as valet for her husband Rusev. But now she and Rusev have been split up onscreen with Lana pursuing a career as a wrestler in the women’s division. While Lana’s wrestling career may not be going anywhere, her popularity continues thanks to her role on Total Divas.

Yet, if the rumours of Lana having a backstage attitude are true, don’t expect the Ravishing Russian around much longer. For years, Lana has been rumoured to have heat backstage. It first started when she publicly announced her engagement to Rusev on TMZ, despite the couple being broken up on WWE television. Along with backstage heat, Lana has also gotten into trouble with fans on social media. She’s been known to fat-shame and harass people who criticize her work. If Lana keeps this attitude up, she and Rusev may find themselves future-endeavoured.

5 Banned: The Ultimate Warrior

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The Ultimate Warrior was another one of WWE’s top stars throughout the late 80s and early 90s. Fans loved to watch him run down to the ring and shake the ropes before gearing up for his match. While he was portrayed as a hero onscreen, behind the scenes Warrior and WWE often butted heads.

Warrior had a reputation of being difficult to work with. His unprofessional attitude led to many arguments with superstars and Vince McMahon. Things got so bad that Warrior began missing house shows and TV tapings. Following his departure from the company in 1992, WWE hardly acknowledged his presence, except when they released the infamous DVD The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior. But they were able to patch things up in 2014 when Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Sadly, a few days later, he passed away.

4 Will Be: Paige

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2017 was a bad year for Paige. Not only did she have to deal with a neck injury, but there was also her two suspensions, the release of a tape and nude photo, and her tumultuous relationship with Alberto Del Rio. But in November, she made her long-awaited return from a neck injury. As the leader of the faction Absolution, she’s regaining her spot as one of WWE’s top female stars.

While Paige appears to have her life straightened out at the moment, we’re afraid her past may come back to haunt her. WWE was very welcoming to having her back, yet most of that could be because of fan backlash due to their hypocrisy. When Paige decides to leave wrestling, we have a feeling WWE may change their feelings towards the anti-diva. Due to the PG nature, they may decide to phase Paige out because of her nude leaks.

3 Banned: Chyna

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Chyna’s banishment from WWE began in 2001 when she was fired from the company following the revelation of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s affair. Not only did Chyna lose her boyfriend, but she lost her job. The double losses didn’t set well with The Ninth Wonder of the World. Chyna would publicly criticize Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince for the horrible way they treated her. Chyna’s downfall after exiting WWE continued when the star struggled with addiction and worked as an adult film actress.

In the final months of her life, Chyna tried to make amends with Triple H, but her attempts were ignored. The WWE did acknowledge Chyna when she passed away in April 2016. As for a Hall of Fame induction or any other mention, don’t expect much else. Given the pettiness of The McMahons along with Chyna’s personal problems, her banishment will continue even after death.

2 Will Be: Dolph Ziggler

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Fans love Dolph Ziggler. He have the looks, charisma, and athletic ability of a huge star. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t help but admit The Show Off is a great wrestler. Despite being a two-time WWE World Heavyweight champion, Ziggler has been relegated back to the midcard scene.

The star has been known to publicly vent his frustration with his role in the company. His outspoken attitude has reportedly got him into trouble with higher-ups, including Triple H. Recent rumours suggest that Ziggler is still annoyed with the way WWE is treating him and may be on his way out. Since Ziggler's at the point now where he doesn't care, odds are he'll continue to speak out despite any punishment the company dishes out. When and if Ziggler does leave, it wouldn’t be surprising if WWE decides to ban him.

1 Banned: Macho Man Randy Savage

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Randy Savage was one of WWE’s popular stars in the 80s and 90s. He main-evented numerous WrestleMania matches and won lots of championships. But in 1994, Savage decided to leave WWE and head to WCW.

For years after his departure, WWE refused to acknowledge Macho Man’s presence. Many felt it was due to him jumping ship to WCW, which would be a slap to Vince McMahon’s face. However, there are some who believe that the banishment was due to Randy’s rumoured relationship with Vince’s daughter, Stephanie. Whatever the reason, there was obviously some animosity Vince had towards Randy. The company did finally acknowledge Macho Man with a tribute, following his death. In 2015, WWE reached an agreement with Randy’s family to induct him into the Hall of Fame.

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