9 Eugenie Bouchard Halloween Outfits You NEED To See (And 6 Of Other Tennis Stars)

Oh Halloween, the older we get, the more the holiday somehow begins to change in our minds. As children, all we really cared about was candy, we’d go from door to door not even making eye contact with the home owners and just taking their goodies. Our only focus was on getting our favorite candies and opening them up for the next couple of days. Some of us are still burning off those calories to this day....

As we got older however, that same concept began to shift. Now, all of a sudden, it was all about ogling at those steamy “Not So PG” costumes. A lot of women love to flaunt their stuff and men around the world aren’t arguing one bit (unless that's your daughter). In the sports world, athletes have also taken a liking for the day and one of those people is Eugenie Bouchard. Whether it’s a costume alongside her twin sister or a cat outfit that will drop your jaw, Bouchard Has grabbed our attention more than once. In this article, we pay homage to her Halloween outfits from the past.

We’ll also included six outfits from other tennis stars. From Cat Woman to Pippi Longstocking, the tastes are quite diverse. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend! Happy Halloween Sportster Nation!

15 Eugenie Bouchard - The Army Sisters

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Let’s face it, if Canada ever went to war Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can easily put Eugenie ahead of everyone on the battle lines. Why you ask? Well, peace would be made immediately when the enemy would graze and lock eyes at such a beautiful human being. What makes this picture even better is the fact that you get double the fun as Eugenie poses alongside her twin sister Beatrice. Yes, it seems as though the family pipeline was pretty gifted when it came to DNA, both Eugenie and Beatrice are without a doubt blonde bombshells of the five-star caliber.

What makes their relationship that much better is the fact that they’ve matched outfits in the past when it comes to Halloween. This ensemble is arguably the best the two rocked together. Though we hope they decide to match once again this year and quite frankly if possible, raise the bar even higher. Yup, we’re talking about Genie raising the bar in Halloween outfits and not her tennis game....

14 Caroline Wozniacki – The Female Robin

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Make a quick search for yourselves online and pictures of Caroline online are littered with steamy shots from her SI shoot. If you didn’t know who she was, you’d think she was a bikini model based on a quick search. She’s literally holding a tennis racket in one out of first 20 pictures available... yup, she’s quite the stunner and a chick that can easily go toe-to-toe with Eugenie in the looks department. Both females took part in mouth-watering SI shoots and let’s just say both weren’t shy especially Caroline who posed in a painted on bodysuit....

As for this photo, Caroline makes a Robin costume look quite steamy. However, oddly enough, instead of Batman by her side she had to settle for Slash.... she loses points for that.

13 Eugenie Bouchard – The “Not So PG” Bowser

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As kids we loved Mario and despised Bowser. He was that evil big slob like character that always got in the beloved Mario’s way. Seriously speaking, the dude was just evil and had nothing going for him. Enter Eugenie, who manages to make us forget about all that as she rocks her take on Bowser to perfection. Where to start with this costume, how about that yellow skirt which is enough by itself to make us go blind. The Bowser inspired bikini top is just another level as well but the true hero in this picture goes to Eugenie’s perfect physique which puts the icing on the cake in such a picture.

Of course, one thing that hasn’t subsided (unlike her game) is those darn good looks. Looking at the recent Halloween photo above, admit you’re a little more excited to see what she’s going to rock this year. If it’s another Bowser costume, we’re not objecting.

12 Eugenie Bouchard – Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter 💪🏼🎃👻

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We stalked Eugenie’s Instagram page for this one as she dressed up like Rosie the Riveter back in 2015. Seriously though, did denim ever look better? For this of you that aren’t aware (if you aren’t shame on you), Rosie the Riveter is that icon face that became a mainstream figure back in World War II due to not only having her picture on that memorable piece of propaganda, but for also representing women in the factories, something that was not a norm back in the day. You can say she was a major advocate for women empowerment movement before it became a thing.

Eugenie pulls off the outfit easily looking stunning. Heck, let’s give her some love for those darn forearms, those things look like baseball bats for toddlers.

11 Serena Williams – The Workout Costume

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We’ve seen this costume a lot in the past as Serena rocks an 80s inspired fitness theme. The outfit was appropriate for the setting as the Halloween party she attended on the night was inspired by an 80s theme. Williams who’s obviously a recognizable face was swarmed by the paparazzi before and after her night. We’re thankful she was cause like, it gave us this picture. If you need a little more “Not So PG”, there are in fact photos available on the backside of the costume....

Not only did Serena make the headlines for her costume but the tabloids also went nuts due to her flirtatious ways alongside F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. The gossip reports indicated that the two were rather flirty and that isn’t too shocking giving the slew of women Lewis hooked up with in the past.

10 Eugenie Bouchard – Polar Bears

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For us dudes, Halloween isn’t too difficult, we throw on a mask or something we already had and that’s about it. If we do make the effort to actually buy a costume let’s face it, it’s usually the day of and at that point, all that’s left are those lonely gym teacher outfits. Seriously, who the hell would want to wear a gym teacher outfit for Halloween? On second thought, it is pretty comfortable....

Okay, so the point we’re trying to make here is that girls are the complete opposite when it comes to Halloween, usually planning out their outfits a month in advance. Eugenie definitely seems like one of those people, however in this particular year, she might have gotten a little lazy with the Polar bear outfit. Even Eugenie wrote the caption, “why are we Polar bears” when posting the picture of the outfits online.

9 Eugenie Bouchard – Austin Powers Baby!

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Things just got a little steamier up in here with Eugenie rocking the Austin Powers outfit. Of course, she’s a smoking hot "fembot" and we wish she was a little older at the time of the film being released so she could wear this costume in the actual film. In terms of looks, she would have most definitely made the cut. And hey, Mike Myers is a fellow Canadian himself, surely he would have casted such a beauty in the film. If there’s ever another Austin Powers on the horizon, get Eugenie on board with the outfit!

Once again, Bouchard is rocking the costume alongside one of her friends. We love that about Eugenie as she’s not all about the solo glory, incorporating others in most of her other smoking Halloween costumes.

8 Maria Sharapova – Pippi Longstockings

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You’ve got to be really confident in yourself when picking a costume like Pippi Longstockings. Now that goes double if you’re attending an exclusive Halloween party out in the LA area which is littered with paparazzi at every stop. We credit Maria for having the confidence in taking on such an outfit, the costume went mainstream as the paparazzi were just waiting to pounce on such an ensemble. To Maria’s credit, she wasn’t fazed one bit getting a kick out of her costume.

Now who knows if the costume took a “Not So PG” twist at the party but nonetheless, she still gets the pass cause like, she’s Maria Sharapova, one of the hottest tennis players to ever walk the earth. Due to her beef with Eugenie, we have reason to believe Bouchard was not impressed when it comes to the outfit.

7 Eugenie Bouchard – Throwback Beauty

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Eugenie really doesn’t have any terrible costumes, aside from a Sponge Bob outfit that we refused to put on this list cause it just didn’t make the cut. Even this throwback photo isn’t her greatest as she rocks an 80s like fitness/tennis outfit, but once again, even if the ensemble isn’t the greatest, she still somehow looks smoking.

We tend to forget cause she’s already been around for so long but Eugenie is still extremely young at the age of 23. She started taking her tennis play to another level by the age of 12 moving overseas and by 2014, she was the new kid on the block reaching the finals of several Grand Slam tournaments. She’s lost her game since then, however, her rise was enough to blast her fame into a different stratosphere. Today, many would argue that she's one of the most popular Canadian athlete on the planet.

6 Ana Ivanovic – Cat Woman

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Cat Woman is never a bad idea for a Halloween costume and that works double when the likes of Ivanovic rock such an outfit. Rocking the tight black “pleather” material, we surrender to the power of this steamy goddess. We can argue Ana’s costume is one of the better ones on this list and you wouldn’t be wrong for granting her the honors of top costume in this article. However, the Eugenie fanbase would beg to differ. Maybe we should put this clash to the test in a classic Sportster head-to-head battle between the two in a, “who’s hotter” bout? We’ll give Eugenie a chance for a rebuttal on this costume a little later in the article.

We know who’s better on the court and given the fact that she’s won a major, that honor goes to Ana over Eugenie.

5 Eugenie Bouchard – SWAT Sisters

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Looking like they’re a couple of drinks deep into the night, the Bouchard sisters once again rock a battle inspired costume, this time dressing up like SWAT team members. Oh if only SWAT members looked that good.

Obviously, Eugenie is an absolute beast via social media with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Nowadays, she’s known more so for her fame off the court than on it. It turns out, her sister is no slouch either, Eugenie’s sister is an absolute smoke bomb and it seems like the people agree as she has a follower count of almost a quarter of a million. Beatrice has a slew of “Not So PG” photos, and many would make the argument that she’s got the better looks than her twin sister Genie. I think we’ve got a future clash between these two sisters here on The Sportster, stay tuned folks!

4 Caroline Wozniacki – Stir The Pot

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This one was taken from Caroline’s social media account as she stirs the pot acting like a witch. Of course, pulling off such a costume is an impossibility for such a beauty as those eyes just don’t lie. The Denmark native is an absolute beauty even with such a costume.

We’ve praised her good looks a lot in this article but she’s also one heck of a player on the court lasting 67 weeks at one point with a number one ranking on the WTA Tour. The 27 year old recently found her name in the winning column winning her first title of the year far, far away in Tokyo. Again, we can argue who’s got the better looks between Caroline and Eugenie, however, when it game to their games on-court, you can’t even compare the two.

3 Eugenie Bouchard – The Kardashian Outfit

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Like Eugenie, Kim has made a living through her viral fame which has been sparked by reality TV and you guessed it, social media. Nowadays, you can go from zero to hero due to the power of social media, yes folks, it’s a special time to be alive.

For Eugenie, despite the fact that her game has suffered in more ways than one since 2014, she’s been able to hang on to her fame due to multiple media outlets whether it’s Instagram, or PR work for one of her various sponsorship deals. Many claim her game has been lost due to the fame, but that’s truly up for debate. Only Eugenie knows the answer to that question. Nonetheless, we applaud her costume choice and we don’t mind that it’s a “Not So PG” costume!

2 Serena Williams – Prom Queen

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With a singles record of 783 wins along with 130 loses, Williams is by far the greatest female tennis player still active. Despite being on the other side of her 30s at 36, she’s still getting done with a career winning percentage over 85%. Now that’s something. She also puts Eugenie’s popularity to shame with close to seven million followers via Instagram, yup, there’s just nobody better than Serena.

It seems like nowadays, she’s putting a little more focus off the court as she’s allegedly setting up for a wedding. After such a long and dominant run, she’s without a doubt earned some valuable time off. We hope she dresses for Halloween this year, if you need further motivation as to why, the Prom Queen costume from the past is a good reason!

1 Eugenie Bouchard – One Hot Cat!

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Okay, so earlier in the article we applauded Ana Ivanovic for her take on Cat Woman. We even made the claim she had the best costume on this entire list, however, that was until this costume. Yea, she ain’t really Cat Woman but were not losing any sleep over that. Instead, she’s simply a “Not So PG” cat and gosh darn that’s good enough for us!

This smoking ensemble went absolutely viral as it was posted via Eugenie’s Instagram account. The cat ears and face netting are truly something, but that shirt is the true hero of such a picture. You’ve probably fallen off your chair looking at his outfit, so we’ll wrap it up while you get yourself off the ground. Can Eugenie top this costume in 2017?

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