On Tuesday, Alex Rodriguez apologized to New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and team executives for his performance-enhancing drug use and for the hostile behavior he used to defend himself following allegations, according to ESPN.

And sure, juicing is bad. His behavior following was offensive to the people around him, and so acknowledging it is a great way to move forward with the people you hurt.

But, none of that is as offensive as this old “Got Milk” ad is.

via pic.yesky.com

via pic.yesky.com

No, A-Rod, no.

The text is hard to read because the ad is old (if you couldn’t already tell). It’s from the era when people thought milk was healthy.

It says stuff about drinking milk for muscle development after workouts (as it turns out, that wasn’t quite what he was doing).

A-Rod’s hair grease is Jersey Shore worthy and his jeans are inexcusable. He looks like a DJ at the worst nightclub in Miami.

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