15 Little Known Facts About David Beckham's Marriage To Victoria Beckham

David Beckham is one of the best-known footballers in the world, after turning a number of heads in his early years at Manchester United, he went on to be a stand out star in the England Squad before opting to join Real Madrid back in 2003. As well as having a successful professional life, David went on to marry former Spice Girl Victoria Adams back in 1999 and the couple has been one of the most talked about duos in the world ever since and have even managed to move from a charming four-bedroom house in Worsley to their very own mansion in Los Angeles.

Together the couple has four children, Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo, and Harper and were dubbed "Posh and Becks" by the media for a number of years after they started dating. Despite obvious issues between the duo over the past two decades, the couple is still going strong and were most recently spotted together that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earlier this month.

The following list looks at just 15 little-known facts about one of the best-known couples in the world. Even though David is no longer playing football and Victoria gave up her singing career a long time ago, it appears that this couple is still never out of the spotlight.

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15 Their Behaviour At The Royal Wedding

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The Royal Wedding took place merely days ago, but it appears that one of the biggest stories coming out of the day that saw Prince Harry marry long-time girlfriend Meghan Markle was that Beckham and his wife didn't act the way that was expected of them throughout the event. Victoria was blasted for wearing what was considered to be a funeral dress, as well as refusing to smile, while her husband was seen chewing gum in church, which is seen as disrespectful.

The live stream of the wedding focused on the couple throughout with many of the commentators stating that Victoria looked miserable and that "she could crack a smile." Victoria later went on to Tweet that the entire ceremony made her proud to be British, but didn't state why she refused to smile throughout the day. It appears that Victoria's reputation for always being hard faced and having no sense of humour could have been one of the biggest problems for her here. The designer was also at the top of the list as one of the worst dressed guests at the wedding, since many fans decided to point out that Victoria also wore navy blue to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding back in 2011.

14 David Still Has The Plane Ticket Victoria Wrote Her Number On

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One of the cutest stories to come from the couple over the past few years is the fact that David Beckham actually kept the plane ticket that Victoria wrote her number on for him the night that they met. The couple chatted for around 25 minutes before Victoria asked if he was going to ask her on a date and she then gave him her number on a Manchester to London plane ticket.

David was so worried about losing her number after she had given it to him that the minute he got home he copied out the number onto another piece of paper.

He actually still has the original plane ticket. It's obviously something that meant a lot to him at the time and he's kept it all these years so that he can show his children how couples used to pass on phone numbers before mobile phones took over the world. It's not usually the male in a relationship that is seen as the sensitive one or the one that keeps mementos of their time together, but this shows just how much Beckham actually cared about Victoria when they first met and how much he obviously still does.

13 Victoria Was Famous Before David

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Something that many fans are unaware of is that Victoria Adams was actually more famous than David when the couple first met. Victoria had been a huge part of The Spice Girls for a number of years before the couple originally came together and was known all over the world. At that time David was still yet to achieve fame as a footballer for Manchester United, but he was someone that many football pundits thought had a lot of potentials.

The roles have somewhat been reversed now, to the point where David is considered to be more famous than his wife, since he is one of the most talked about athletes in the world and someone that definitely changed the culture of football as a whole throughout his time on the pitch. The Spice Girls split back in 2000, just two years after Geri Halliwell departed from the group and even though all five women embarked on solo careers of their own, none of them were as successful as their run as a group. There has been a number of reunions for the five women over the past few years, one which even saw them perform at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics back in 2012.

12 David Knew Victoria Was The One From The Moment He Saw Her

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The fairytale that many people grow up with states that love at first sight is real, and while there aren't many cases to back up this theory, it appears that David and Victoria's relationship is one of them. When the couple first met, David was playing for Manchester United and Victoria was known as "Posh Spice" in The Spice Girls, it was when Beckham saw his future wife on TV wearing a black catsuit that he released that she was the woman he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with.

It was like a moment for David when he first watched her sing, but surprisingly it wasn't David who decided to pursue his feelings, instead, he waited.

Even though Beckham wasn't someone who had kept up to date with The Spice Girls at that point and admitted that he wouldn't consider himself to be a fan of the group, he did enjoy watching Posh Spice. Incredibly, it was Simon Fuller, the manager of The Spice Girls who actually set up their first meeting because he believed that Victoria and David would have a lot in common. More than two decades later it appears that they definitely proved him right.

11 Victoria Wasn't Herself When They First Met

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Many couples remember the first time they met quite vividly and tell the story to their children and grandchildren in the years that follow, but it appears that Victoria isn't able to do this since she was a little drunk at the time. The couple met in the Manchester United players lounge after a charity game and it was reported that Victoria wasn't a huge fan of football so she spent the entire time watching the wrong team because she wasn't wearing her glasses.

Much like David, Victoria claims that the minute she laid eyes on the Manchester United player she knew that it was love at first sight. Even though this is what she claims, she did reveal that she was a little bit tipsy at the time so the exact details of their meeting are somewhat hazy. It was Victoria who walked over and introduced herself to David since he was sitting with his family at the time and all other Manchester United players were with their teammates and friends. Family was an important thing for Victoria and seeing David sitting with his rather than his friends convinced her that they would have a lot in common because she too was close to her family.

10 Exploits When The Couple First Started Dating

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Dating in the spotlight is always hard, but back in the 1990s David and Victoria made their relationship work by sneaking around whenever they could and trying to avoid the paparazzi who were obsessed with the couple at that time. Even though both David and Victoria were globally known stars at this time, their first kiss took place in a pub carpark near his parents' house in Epping, which isn't a story that anyone would expect from Posh and Becks.

When the couple first started dating, they would meet up at a Harvester car park in Manchester and just be together in his car.

It was low key and it allowed them to avoid any cameras and the couple even admitted that most of the time they were a little bit buzzed. The press covered everything to do with the couple throughout their dating phase and it was obviously hard for them to get any private time together that they wouldn't have to read about in the newspapers the next day. Harvester car parks are something that they later revealed they used to do when they first started dating and were obviously something that the media didn't know about at that time.

9 Brooklyn And Romeo Were Christened At Beckingham Palace

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David and Victoria were married back in 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin and their marriage cost around $800,000 and was an event that had OK Magazine secure the rights to all of the images so that the press didn't actually attend their wedding. Their wedding was also considered to be one of the most glamorous events of the year and included the duo releasing a single white dove to symbolize their marriage and a wedding cake that featured two naked figurines of the couple on top, instead of the traditional married couple.

David himself said that he thought that the wedding was over the top but this didn't prevent the couple from recreating the church that they were married in for the christening of their two oldest children at Beckingham Palace. Brooklyn and Romeo were christened in a purpose-built chapel on the grounds of Beckingham Palace and its entrance was overlooked by a statue of an angel that was an exact replica of the angel tattoo that David has on his back. Although a christening is typically considered to be a Christian ceremony, the chapel that Posh and Becks had built actually included two Buddhist shrines at its entrance.

8 David Always Warns Victoria Ahead Of TV Interviews

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Interviews are something that comes with being famous, but it appears that even though Victoria has had much more time to adjust to fame than David, she is the one who usually puts her foot in it. One of the best-known times that Victoria revealed a little bit too much in an interview was when she was on Parkinson back in 2001 and she declared to the world that she calls David "Goldenballs."

This then became his nickname in the press and fans chanted it at him when he played football as well, which he obviously wasn't too happy about. David revealed that he actually warns his wife before any interview that they are part of to try not to put her foot in it but she never listens and that could be why the public knows so much about their life. David isn't as forthcoming as Victoria in interviews because as a footballer he would have been taught how to react to the press and what not to say, this is training that Victoria would have also had, but it appears that she had decided to forget everything that she has been taught and wing most of her interviews.

7 Tried To Raise Their Children With Good Work Ethics

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David and Victoria have four children together Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper and it definitely must have been hard for the children to adjust to life living in a mansion and always having the press on the doorstep but despite this David and Victoria have tried to ensure that their children know how to work.

The couple moved into Beckingham Palace when Brooklyn was just two years old but even though the oldest son of the couple grew up in one of the biggest homes in the United Kingdom, his parents didn't allow him to sit around. Even though David and Victoria have more than enough money to give their children a weekly income, the couple decided to teach Brooklyn to have a good work ethic instead and actually got him a job at a local cafe. This is something that he was able to continue for a while and now the 19 year old has been featured in music videos and was even part of the Arsenal U16 before he was released back in 2015. It was hoped that Brooklyn would one day follow in his father's footsteps, but it appears that football is not something that he wants to pursue a career in.

6 The Couple Split The Chores In The House

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David and Victoria are very busy people and they obviously have busy lives since the couple has a number of commitments even though they are no longer seen as a singer and a footballer. Despite this, it appears that they have raised their children in a normal household because like many parents they are seen to split the chores between them and even allow their children to help out as well when it comes to cooking and cleaning.

David himself claimed that he always takes the rubbish out, which is something that many fans wouldn't expect David Beckham to be doing.

He and his wife split the morning school runs between them and were able to figure out a schedule throughout the years while their children were all in school, because they all went to different educational establishments. It's hard to imagine Victoria and David doing their own chores in the house since they have been portrayed as the classiest duo in the world in recent years and seeing Posh was her own dishes is a hard thing to imagine, even seeing David Beckham take out the rubbish is something that many of his fans would find hard to comprehend.

5 David Likes To Wear Victoria's Clothes

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It isn't uncommon in the current society for men to enjoy dressing up as women, but a few years ago when it was revealed that David likes to wear Victoria's clothes, it was seen as worldwide news. As already mentioned, Victoria has let a number of things slip in interviews over the past few years and as part of an interview on The Big Breakfast back in 2000, she told reporters that her husband likes to borrow her underwear.

This was then something that circulated all around the world before David himself was interviewed about the rumor and he admitted  “She said a few things in the past that we really laugh about. Um, about me wearing her underwear. She's just an honest person and it's all true.” David has also been known to enjoy wearing women's nail polish as well and has been photographed wearing black nail polish on a number of occasions. David's exploits have definitely gone a long way towards making this kind of thing acceptable in society in recent years and he himself has never shied away from the fact that it's something he likes to do in his private time away from the cameras.

4 They Support Each Other's Medical Conditions

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Even though David and Victoria are globally known stars, that doesn't mean that the couple doesn't have their own fair share of problems that they need to help support each other through. Both David and Victoria have been living with chronic health issues throughout their marriage and has relied on the other for support on a number of occasions. David has always struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which means that much of the time he has a need to organize things in a certain way. Victoria once claimed that the couple has three fridges, one with food, one with salads and one with drinks and if there are three cans in the drinks fridge then David will throw one away because it's an odd number.

Victoria also has her own struggles and has overcome acne, polycystic ovary disease, and an eating disorder while being married to David, but her eating disorder is one of the things that put a huge strain on the couple for a long time. It appears that their relationship has been very much about give and take and their struggles have only brought them closer and is one of the things that many fans have used as proof that they were meant to be together.

3 Beckham's Tattoo Of Victoria Is Spelt Wrong

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Like many couples who are still declaring their undying love for one another, David Beckham decided to get a tattoo of his wife's name on his forearm in Hindi, the only issue is that he actually spelled it wrong. Another cute tattoo that Beckham has is his "99" that he has on his finger which represents the fact that he married Victoria, helped Manchester United win the treble and watched his first son Brooklyn arrive into the world all back in 1999.

Victoria isn't a fan of any of David's tattoos and when they first met she tried to tell him to stop getting them.

She later gave up when it was obvious that he wasn't listening and she realized that they made them happy. Beckham has so many different tattoos all over his body at this point that even Victoria has no idea where all of them are anymore. It appears that the former footballer has managed to add a lot of ink to his collection over the past few years and it's an obsession that he has already managed to pass down to his eldest son Brooklyn, who has already added a number of tattoos to his collection even though he's just 19 years old.

2 The Couple Had Issues Getting Pregnant

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As already mentioned, Victoria struggles with a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which can often affect fertility, it is reported that the condition also causes an overproduction of certain hormones, enlarged overtires and other problematic symptoms. It's a shock that the couple has been able to overcome the issues with Victoria's illness on four occasions already, but it appears that some of the side effects of the illness are the real issue.

According to  a report from UCLA, “PCOS can adversely impair a woman’s health by increasing her risks for infertility, obstetrical complications, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.” The couple were originally planning their wedding when they found out that they were expecting their first child, they were actually in Brooklyn at the time which is why they decided to call their first son Brooklyn. The pregnancy forced the couple to put their wedding back and over the past two decades Victoria has gone on to give both to two more sons and a daughter, but her health has always been something that the media has been hung up on. Victoria has had many struggles with illnesses throughout her time married to David, but she has also managed to overcome so many more issues as well, which is incredible for a woman who suffers from so many chronic problems.

1 Victoria And David Grew Up Much Closer Than You Think

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The couple has both stated that it was love at first sight, which is something that has been backed up by the fact that they have remained together for more than two decades and have raised a loving family. The couple could claim that their meeting and a subsequent wedding was the work of fate and the fact that they actually grew up just 15 minutes apart shows that they could be onto something.

David and Victoria claimed that the connection was instantaneous and that they had so much in common when they first met, which could be because they grew up quite close together and both had already had their own taste of the spotlight. It isn't well-known that Victoria was born and grew up in Harlow, Essex while David was born in Leytonstone, London. Beckham later moved to Manchester when he was able to secure a contract with the club, but when the duo was much younger they were actually just 15 minutes apart. There's a reason why many fans feel that their story should be made into a modern day fairytale because it appears that it has all of the factors of a 20th-century romantic movie.

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