15 Little Known Facts About Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez's Relationship

Regardless of your thoughts on him as a player, Alex Rodriguez will always be one of the most recognizable baseball players of all-time. Not hurting his visibility is the fact that he's transitioned his career into talking about the sport as an analyst for ESPN. But as much as people may enjoy the insight that Alex provides, they might enjoy seeing his amazing girlfriend Jennifer Lopez even more. The two have been together for over a year and have already hit several big milestones as a couple. Though when you have the income that they do, perhaps their decision to buy a new house is like you and your partner deciding to save up for a new bed.

With the potential for J-Lo to turn into J-Rod looming in the potential near future, now is the time to dig deep into their relationship. Including Alex's decision to drop close to $200,000 on a ring (and no, not an engagement ring!), their luxurious vacation on a yacht and what one of her songs he loves the most. Though it's not all rays of sunshine and rainbows, as there were also allegations earlier in the year that Jennifer Lopez had to employ the services of a private investigator. Something that doesn't exactly scream the healthiest relationship!

While we can't tell you their future, we can tell you 15 things about their relationship that you're going to love to find out about.

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15 They First Met In 2005

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez first crossed paths with one another back in 2005. Lopez and her then-husband, Marc Anthony, were chosen to help throw out the first pitch during a game between the Yankees and Mets. And considering Lopez is a Yankees fan, we're sure that even without the opportunity to meet Rodriguez that this was still a pretty fun way to spend the day. Though we're sure the fact that the Lopez was married (and with her husband to boot) made the flirting non-existent at the time. Though this is still a fun photo of the first time they were side-by-side. If only they knew what would develop more than a decade later,

When the two sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair, Rodriguez made it apparent to her that he remembered meeting her, but we wouldn't blame him if he didn't have as positive an impression of Marc Anthony. Especially because he's decked out in Mets gear!

14 She Made The First Move

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You can imagine it must have been very nerve-wracking to meet Jennifer Lopez, but thankfully for Alex Rodriguez, she made it all the easier by being the person who approached him first. When discussing their first encounter, Lopez stated "For some reason, I just felt like tapping him on the shoulder and saying hi," leading to the two having a discussion about how Alex had relocated to Los Angeles.

It wasn't long after that the two decided to go out and grab dinner together. Though Alex admitted that he wasn't too sure if it was a date at first and was just excited for the opportunity to grab dinner with someone as amazing as Lopez. When she responded positively to him texting her from the bathroom of how she looked gorgeous, he knew it was on! They went public with their relationship in February 2017.

13 She Wrote A Song About Him

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Jennifer Lopez has known to use her musical side to express to her fans different things that is going on in her life. So, naturally, with a new and exciting relationship, Rodriguez was bound to work his way into a song. In this case, it's one of her more recent songs "Us", that was also produced with Skrillex. When talking about the song, Lopez stated "They played me about 20 different songs, and when I heard this one I was like, 'Oh, this is relevant!' Alex and I were just getting to know each other. And I was like, 'Oh, my God, could this be? Could this be us?'. While there are many awesome things about dating Jennifer Lopez, getting to inspire some of her newest music may be one of the things that Alex loves the most.

12 They've Bought A Home Together

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez may not be engaged yet, but that doesn't mean they haven't taken some extremely serious steps as a couple. This includes deciding to purchase a house together. It was reported at the end of March that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had purchased a house located on Park Avenue, New York that was estimated at being worth over $15 million.

It's far from the first home for either of them, as it was also reported that they both have their own homes in Miami, LA, as well as other properties in New York. Talk about having your choice when it comes to where you want to unwind. It also wouldn't be too surprising if this is not the only time that the two decide to buy a home together.

11 They Love Working Out Together

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Alex Rodriguez may no longer be playing baseball on a professional level, but he definitely still enjoys working out and staying in great shape. And considering the amount of dancing that Jennifer Lopez engages in during a performance, you know that fitness is also something that she takes incredibly seriously. Which is great because if it was only one of them going to the gym all the time, things may get a little awkward around the house.

But they're both dedicated to staying in amazing shape, so perhaps it can't be all that surprising that tabloid media has managed to catch the two working out on various different occasions. We are sure that despite Lopez being 48 and Rodriguez being 42 that they both are doing everything they can to stay in the best shape of their life for one another.

10 He Bought Her A $186,000 Ring

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were photographed earlier in the year looking at jewelry together. It's clearly something that Lopez loves receiving as a gift. At least, you'd really hope so after you read that Rodriguez dropped $186,000 on a Cartier ring for her.

It was reported on February 16th, leading many people to assume that he had picked up the pricey rock as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Though that definitely means the pressure may be on for him to step up to the plate in an even bigger way next year. Not to mention when he eventually picks out an engagement ring! While it wasn't reported on what Lopez gave to Rodriguez to help celebrate the special day, one only hopes it made Rodriguez as happy as the ring made J-Lo.

9 They Spend Luxurious Vacations Together

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Neither Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are exactly hurting when it comes to their bank accounts. Which means it may not be too surprising to hear that they have also been spotted having what must have been a pretty luxurious vacation. One in particular that caught the attention of tabloid magazines was when the two headed out to France and spent a day out on a Luxury Yacht. Which, naturally, meant plenty of opportunities for the paparazzi to try and catch shots of Lopez hanging out in her swimsuit.

While they both have lives that can bring with it unbelievable amounts of stress, you must admit that being able to say "Hey Sweetheart, would you like to go spend some time on a yacht that's located in France?" must be a pretty great way for them to realize how fortunate they are.

8 They Spent Christmas Together

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez started their relationship in February 2017. Which meant that the first time they got to spend the holidays together came in December of the following year. The two made sure to keep their fans entertained by uploading photos of them celebrating the holiday's together.

While they had several different houses that they could have picked to go to, to celebrate in; they elected this year to travel out to Miami. Lopez shared this photo on her Instagram account along with the message, "Hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas full of joy and laughter, surrounded by all your loved ones… sending everyone lots of love and good wishes for this holiday season!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS." It definitely doesn't look like that is shaping up to be the last holidays they spend together.

7 They Travelled To Puerto Rico Following The Disaster

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There have been numerous reports of the two taking a private jet to various locations, many of which we're sure were for some lavish trips. But one of the more serious visits came when Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez traveled to Puerto Rico shortly after Hurricane Maria ravaged the land.

Both Rodriguez and Lopez have strong ties to the Puerto Rico community and their support is invaluable to a community that is struggling. Despite the devastation, Lopez had positive remarks when asked by Good Morning America about how she felt visiting with the locals, "I'm hopeful. I feel hopeful. I feel that they gave me hope." It's heartbreaking experiences like this that can help bring a couple like Rodriguez and Lopez all the closer.

6 Their Four Children Get Along

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If this next point wasn't true, it's possible that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez wouldn't have lasted very long before they were giving each other the boot. Because there aren't many things that people value more than the relationship they have with their children. But, thankfully for them, one of the strongest parts of their relationship may be how well all of their children from pre-existing relationships get along.

Lopez has twins, Emme and Max, with her now ex-husband Marc Anthony who are 10 years old. Rodriguez has two girls, Natasha aged 13 and Ella aged 9 who he had with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis. The 6 of them have been spotted hanging out in a variety of settings, including all having first-row (because of course) tickets to a Lakers game earlier in the year.

5 They Have The Same Birthday Week

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Jennifer Lopez has no shortage of moments where she has stepped out for a night on the town and dropped the jaw of everyone in attendance. But some of her best outfits have come when she has had a special occasion to celebrate. Such as a red carpet event or y'know, her birthday.

Lopez has made a big deal of her special day in the past, but her birthday may become an even bigger deal as her relationship with Rodriguez gets more serious. Because not only does she have to celebrate her birthday on July 24th, but 3 days later, Rodriguez has his birthday on July 27th! Talk about an excuse every year for the two of them to go and have a lavish vacation together. And if you're into following astrological signs, perhaps the fact that they're both a Leo works to their advantage.

4 His Favourite Song

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You have to imagine that one of the questions that Jennifer Lopez had asked Alex Rodriguez at one of the earlier parts of their relationship was if he was a fan of her music. And while it's understandable if he wasn't, thankfully for him, he can't seem to get enough.

When discussing his favourite songs with Vanity Fair, Rodriguez stated "Ooh I have a lot, I've been going to her concert in Vegas a lot," before naming "'On The Floor' or anything from that era of Jenny From The Block, but my favourite thing is to watch her dance." It's a good thing he doesn't mind when she gets all up on her backup dancers during a performance. Perhaps it helps that she gets to practice some of those dance moves on him back at home!

3 Private Investigator

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Questions about Alex's faithfulness to the relationship came to the forefront back in June, in a pretty unfair way. The National Enquirer, which to be fair is far from the most reputable tabloid magazine, ran a story where Rodriguez's former partner - Lauren Hunter - claimed that A-Rod was attempting to see her as recently as May of that year and made claims that he wasn't attracted to her.

This was followed up by a report in Us Weekly that claimed Lopez had hired a private investigator to look into A-Rod's behaviour. The source claimed, “She’s really into Alex and wants it to work, so she’s trying to control as much as she can." Though we're sure you'd agree that hiring an investigator is not the way to do it! The whole thing seems very uncharacteristic of the two, and they look genuinely happy together.

2 He Is Ready To Pop The Question

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez both have schedules that keep them incredibly busy. And according to an exclusive source for HollywoodLife, it's their busy schedule that is the only thing holding Rodriguez back from popping the question. "He knows that she has changed him for the better and he wants to marry her and would love to already be married to her".

The source goes on to say that once their schedules are less hectic, that a proposal will be at the top of his priority list. We're sure many people would be quick to call Alex an idiot if he let Jen walk away because he can't show a commitment, so here's hoping that at the very least he's doing everything he can to be on the same page as her.

1 She Might Not Be Ready To Say Yes

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez definitely have a serious relationship, but considering both of them have gone through the pains of a divorce. In fact, Lopez has been married 3 times! So nobody would blame either of them if they were a little hesitant about taking the next step into marriage.

While Lopez has been open in the past about her praise for Rodriguez, she did mention not wanting to force the issue in an interview with Harper's Bazaar as well as saying, "It's good, it's healthy; we communicate well. We understand each other's lives in a way that most other people couldn't." There are plenty of relationships that can end because the couple doesn't communicate effectively, so we're sure it's a skill that Lopez and Rodriguez will continue to try and work on.

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