AEW Working On Some Specific Issues Prior To TNT TV Debut

AEW is aware of a few issues that need to work prior to debuting on TNT in October. Here are a few of the issues the company is working on.

Like anything new, having all the same little details nailed down takes time. When you're a company like WWE and you've been employing staff for years, sometimes decades, those little things seem they flow smoothly and no one misses a beat. In AEW, where many of the staff are new, there are a few things that need work.

So too, the brand itself has a few irons in the fire when it comes to their roster.

According to Kevin Berge of Bleacher Report, first, AEW is aware of the fact that their camera crew doesn't catch every bit of the action. If AEW has a big moment, a huge debut, an important spot or otherwise that the fans watching at home "must-see" the camera crew needs to improve their positioning and timing.

As far as the talent side goes, AEW is working on establishing both main roster stars that aren't necessarily the names most fans recognize and finding a female star to lead the Women's Division. Right now, fans who have watched AEW to date or were vaguely familiar with some of the stars know Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks. But, can AEW successfully turn MJF or The Best Friends into household names?

What about with the Women's Division where the company has a few names that could be stars but no one really knows for sure? Is Britt Baker, Awesome Kong or Brani Rhodes going to by the next Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair? AEW is hoping the female The Casino Battle Royale will change things.

What This Means

AEW is popular and they are doing a lot of things right. But, as they move to a two-hour weekly show, the company wants to nail down some of the question marks that linger around the promotion. Doing so will help keep an audience when they debut on TNT.

All Out will be a huge test for the company as it will be their biggest show to date.

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