America Vs The World: Who Has The Better Sportscasters

When you tune into the sports game, you're probably doing so because you want to see the teams play. But that definitely isn't the only appeal of watching sports. While the male athletes may seem to dominate the sports themselves, the sportscasters who present the game can perhaps be the most memorable part of your evening.

There have been several legendary male announcers and presenters that have aided the sports world over the years. They just don't exactly have the right assets needed to make this list. No offence to the likes of Chris Berman or Bob Costas, but if any fan had to choose between them or any woman on this list it wouldn't seem like much of a contest.

You can be expected to see nothing but the best in female sportscasters that America has to offer below. All wearing outfits that make it clear why they were able to stand out from their competitors. That is not to say they are not highly talented and hard working women. They earned their place in the sports world. They just also happen to have the added bonus of being absolutely beautiful.

Just don't take it too hard if America doesn't come out on top. After all, they're going against the rest of the world. At the end of the day though, with a list like this, the only way you lose is if you don't manage to get all the way to our steamy conclusion!


15 America: Melanie Collins

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There aren't many people who saw the success of the Las Vegas Golden Nights who at the time of this entry are the 2nd best team in the league behind only the Lightning. This is pretty impressive considering it is their first season playing in the NHL as an expansion team.

But if you wanted to look as to why they're succeeding, James Neal definitely needs to be given some credit. Perhaps part of his success on the ice is indicative of the success he has off the ice, as he bumps it up with the gorgeous Melanie Collins. The two have allegedly been dating since 2014. Collins, to her own credit, has padded her resume with various networks as a reporter, including CBS and NBA TV.

14 Mexico: Jimena Sanchez

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You don't have to live in North America to get an appreciation for the NFL. And if we're being realistic, you don't even need to be a huge fan of football to gain an understanding as to why fans may be tuning in to look at Jimena Sanchez.

She has been employed by Fox Sports' Lo Mejor de Fox Sports, but has also worked in the UK. When you consider the curves on her body, you can perhaps also see why some people have given her the nickname as the "Mexican Kim Kardashian". If she has it her way, she probably won't have a tape being released anytime soon though! It can't be denied that she does look very much like Kim, perhaps even better since she looks so naturally beautiful.

13 America: Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson made a name for herself in this industry by allowing her personality to shine on ESPN's Sportsnation. She has since spread her wings even wider, however, working for various networks and covering seemingly every major sport under the sun. She also teamed up with Terry Crews for season 1 of Netflix's parkour competition, Ultimate Beastmaster, but sadly neither returned for the 2nd season. Perhaps because she was too busy working on Fox's NFL Kickoff Show!

Outside of the sports world, Thompson also helps host Extra TV. While she isn't the only blonde to make an appearance on our list, it's possible that she is going to be your favourite competitor. We can only hope she continues to appear on our televisions for a long time.

12 Spain: Sara Cabonero

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Sara Cabonero clearly has a lot of passion for the game of soccer. Along with reporting on the sport, she bumped it up with the Spanish Footballer, Iker Casillas. As talented as she is as a reporter, Cabonero can also confidently state that at least in 2009, she was considered to be the most attractive reporter in the world. At least as far as FHM was concerned!

Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence that she started dating Iker that same year. After all, saying "Oh yeah, people think I'm the [most beautiful] reporter around!" is probably a pretty good way to lock in that second date. We just hope they're able to talk about things that aren't related to the sports world.

11 America: April Rose Haydock

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If we were being upfront, April Rose Haydock (better recognized as April Rose) has accomplished a lot in her life that is not related to the sports world. She's appeared in a movie, though it was Grown Ups 2, and also has an extensive modelling career. If it makes her appearance in the movie any better, her character was dating Steve Austin!

April is considered so good looking, that despite hailing from Chicago, she was actually the girl that Maxim Canada decided was fitting for their first ever issue. Hard to blame them though. Her sports accolades include appearing on Comcast SportsNet Chicago as a contributor for the past 8 years, as well as an active series where she interviews different Chicago Blackhawks players.

10 Italy: Federica Fontana


At the age of 40, Federica Fontana is one of the oldest entries on our list. But this fantastic forty-year-old has just used her age and experience to put together an incredibly accomplished career. It helps that in typical Italian fashion she is absolutely gorgeous and looks half her age.

As well as working as a model, Fontana started working as a sports broadcaster in 2002 for Guida al Campionato. She then left that for another sports program, Controcampo-Diritto di Campionato. Her Instagram page also promotes several different physical activities that she engages in. This includes the fact that she is an active runner, as well informing people that she is a healthy blogger. We suppose it makes sense why she is still in such phenomenal shape.

9 America: Rosalyn Gold-Onwunde

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There are some people who think a degree in Communications isn't the most valuable thing in the world. But for Rosalyn Gold-Onwunde, it was just the education she needed to help start her career as a reporter. While some sideline reporters have a great deal of versatility when it comes to the sports they've covered, for Ros, it's evident that basketball is her true love. At 5'10, she even played a little ball at Stanford!

While Rosalyn may have started being known for working on NBC Sports Bay Area, there is no doubt that her popularity has exploded since she has started working with NBA TV alongside TNT. It's no wonder why, as she is definitely more attractive than guys like Charles Barkley or Shaq during an NBA broadcast.


8 Britain: Millie Clode

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When Millie Clode was asked about what some of her biggest aspirations are, she admitted that she would love to cover celebrity news. But as of now, she is known for her extensive amount of work on Sky Sports News in Britain. At least she's getting her name out there though!

While Sara Cabonero, who also makes our list, was named the most attractive reporter in 2009, Clode was named the Top TV Sports Babe that same year by The Sun magazine. Clode has also helped host The Poker Lounge, but we don't know if her good looks were enough to make people intrigued to watch Poker on TV. It would be tough to keep a poker face while she's in the room though, as her beauty would surely have guys grinning from ear to ear.

7 America: JoJo Offerman

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Professional wrestlers endure a ridiculously hard schedule of travel and work that often leaves them feeling broken down. Perhaps JoJo, real name Joseann Offerman, realized that while she loved wrestling, the actual sport wasn't for her. Instead, JoJo has become one of the best backstage personalities in the WWE. She may interview some of the most beautiful women in the world, but many people are left talking about JoJo and her form-fitting outfits.

Her good looks were even enough to captivate the, then-married, Bray Wyatt into engaging in a little cardio behind the scenes. Considering the relationship cost him his marriage, let's hope he thought it was worth it! As for JoJo, her reputation hasn't been hit to hard and she continues to succeed in the WWE.

6 Canada: Renee Young

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Renee Young isn't the only WWE backstage reporter to make an appearance on our list. But if you had to ask Dean Ambrose who his favourite one was, she'd definitely have to be his first choice. The two started dating back in 2013 and officially got married in a low-key event this past April.

Ambrose recently received awful news from the doctor and it was reported his triceps injury is going to keep him out of action for upwards of 9 months. While this must be heartbreaking for Ambrose, at least you know he has Renee Young to hopefully help him feel all better when they're able to spend time together. While Young currently is living in Las Vegas, she will always call Canada (and Toronto in specific) home!

5 America: Leeann Tweeden

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Leeann Tweeden made headlines back in 2017 after she made allegations of harassment and assault against Al Franken. But prior to that, she was also still well known in society for her various roles in the world of broadcasting. This includes working with Fox Sports to help cover the Los Angeles Angels, but also helped out with UFC events.

Her good looks perhaps also made her a shoe-in to be one of the hosts on The Best Damn Sports Show Period which she did for 6 years. And while the above photo may be steamy, you may also be interested to hear that Tweeden has posed for Playboy on two separate occasions! That's always an added bonus when trying to figure out who the best looking sportscaster is.

4 Serbia: Katarina Sreckovic


When you entered this list, we wouldn't blame you if you didn't know the name of any Serbian sportscasters. But you're going to probably be kicking yourself if you can't remember one after this list, because how unforgettable does Katarina Sreckovic look? While she looks great on the sidelines, any fan of hers would be fools not to follow her on her Instagram page.

Along with steamy photos like the one above, Katarina makes sure to promote a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps she is inspired by the various sports that she has covered in Serbia. Though we wouldn't be flabbergasted if you looked at the above photo and thought she was a professional model and not a sideline reporter.

3 America: Erin Andrews

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If you're a fan of professional sports, there's a really good chance you have known about Erin Andrews for a significant period of your life. She has worked for various networks including ABC, ESPN and NFL Fox. Plus, you don't exactly take a look at this blonde bombshell and soon forget about her! Andrews also has a passion for dance however, and in season 18, took over as one of the co-hosts on Dancing With the Stars.

Several athletes have shaken their booty in front of Andrews, including Stacy Keibler, Nikki Bella, and even Terrell Owens! Andrews turns 40 in May, but something tells us she will be just as foxy in her forties as she was in her thirties.

2 Mexico: Ines Sainz

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Ines Sainz is considered one of the biggest names in International sports reporting. While her biggest passion seems to be in the world of soccer (who can blame her, living in Italy), she has lent her talents to various sports and can often be seen at the biggest events of the year.

This includes several stints at the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals. Though at only 5'0, the athletes that she interviews may end up needing to shrink down in order to fit on the camera at the same time. Sainz, like Charissa Thompson, was also a host on the Netflix parkour show Ultimate Beastmaster. As if having one on the show wasn't enough reason to tune in, you now have double the motivation to check it out.

1 America: Rebecca Grant

America has faced many forms of adversity over the years. But when it comes to battling international sportscasters versus America, you can rest assured that America has come out on top. And what better way to cap off the list than with Rebecca Grant? You wouldn't be the only person who is stunned to hear that Grant is 49 years old.

But it is clear that age hasn't reduced the amount of confidence she feels when she puts her assets on display. Something that we're sure both you, and her Instagram fans, are thankful for. Her sports background includes a stint hosting the NFL show, Under The Helmet, as well as working as an on-air host for the Buffalo Bills on the Empire Sports Network.


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