15 Current Sports Teammates Who Have Beef With Each Other

Any team that has a completely united locker room with absolutely no tension at all is almost impossible to have. In any work environment, there is bound to be a few people who don't quite get along. Even when things are going well, egos can get in the way or certain personalities just don't mesh well.

Sometimes teammates who don't get along like Shaq and Kobe is an example of teammates not getting along but still find ways to win. When Kevin Durant was playing with Russell Westbrook, they didn't get along and it showed as they always came up short in the playoffs. Durant went to the Warriors and has won a championship with Golden State while Westbrook is holding a grudge on Durant for leaving to win a championship with the Warriors.

Sometimes teammates have an argument during the game. Maybe they are in the heat of the moment and lose their cool. We've seen in baseball that teammates get into arguments in the dugout, but are quickly able to move past it. Sometimes that's tension boiling over in front of the world. We've seen past teammates that didn't like each other but how about currently? Here are some current sports teammates who have beef with each other. It's not always outright hatred, but there's definitely some unresolved tension.

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When Isaiah Thomas was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the offseason, LeBron wasn't happy Thomas would be missing half the season. When the trade was made, LeBron didn't know at the time of the trade how bad Thomas' hip injury was. In turn, Thomas was not happy when he first found out he was being traded away from the Celtics. Thomas held a grudge on Celtics team President Danny Anige.

This may be LeBron's final season in Cleveland and with Isaiah coming into Cleveland less than 100%, it certainly didn't give Cleveland an immediate upgrade or equal to Kyrie Irving.

Even though Isaiah is now in Cleveland's lineup, the Cavs have been slumping, which may come down to a lack of chemistry between LeBron and IT4.


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman reportedly still holds a grudge on Russell Wilson for the Super Bowl interception against the Patriots. Sherman intercepted Wilson once in practice and he said "You f---ing suck!" He later explained the incident saying "That's 100 percent true. And I've said worse. I've said worse to Doug [Baldwin]. I've said worse to [Jermaine] Kearse. Because iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another."

Sherman also called his relationship with Wilson professional saying "Professional, Because we're pros. We hang out from time to time. We get along. Everybody gets along. But is my relationship with Russell the same as it is with Doug [Baldwin]? Or the same as it is with Bobby [Wagner]? No. It's just different dynamics. But as teammates, we're phenomenal."

It's obvious they don't like each other all that much. ESPN ran a story last offseason explaining that there's still tension lingering in the Seattle locker room over the Super Bowl, and potential dynasty they threw away.


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After a playoff game in 2014 (as rivals) Michael Bennett called Jimmy Graham soft saying at the time. "Nobody likes Jimmy Graham. I think he's one of the softest players in the NFL I think he's overrated and I really don't like him as a person or as a player... When he's not in the game he's not in the game. He doesn't help on the blocking plays. I think he's just overrated."

When Graham was traded to the Seahawks, Bennett wasn't backing down form his words saying "I still feel the same way Just because he's on my team I don't stop feeling that way." Bennett told KIRO- AM in Seattle.

Bennett went on to say that Graham would have to toughen up if he wanted to play correct Seahawk football. Bennett and Graham have a professional relationship but don't see them hanging out outside the field.


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More Cavs teammates? No wonder this season has been disappointing.

When Dwyane Wade was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, J.R. Smith didn't realize Wade would be taking his starting spot. J.R. Smith didn't like that and made his feelings known on the Road Trippin podcast.

Coach Tyronn Lue didn't tell Smith that Wade would be staring until after the trade went through. Smith didn't like that either saying "So when you tell me something, I look at it as gold. So when you tell me something else, literally a couple of days later, it's like, ah, now I got to change my mind frame from where I was at the last three years to flip it back to me being the sixth man."


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During training camp on a hot summer day, Stephon Gilmore and Julian Edelman got into a scuffle on the practice field. Both were ejected from the practice and pretty much denied any rift between the two. Bill Belichick has a strict policy when it comes to his rules and obviously, fighting among teammates is not tolerated.

Team captain Devin McCourty said at the time "That stuff happens and everyone knows Jules is a fiery guy, I think the biggest thing is those two positions compete all day. Whether it's individual release drills, one-on-ones, 7-on-7 -- it's the same guys."

The beef between the two was short and brief as Edelman has been out all season and Gilmore has been a disappointment in his first season with the Patriots. That may have eased the tension for now, but will the two be able to co-exist when Edelman returns from injury next year?


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Malcolm Butler singed a $3.9 million tender for this season. However he was upset that free cornerback Stephon Gilmore got a huge contract with New England. Gilmore signed a five year $65 million contact with the Patriots. Butler has been around for a while and was a Super Bowl hero and feels he deserves to get paid.

Butler expressed disappointment in the Gilmore signing as late as training camp and said an extension with the Patriots was highly unlikely. His head was in the right place and is proving he is worth the money Gilmore got. There's got to be some tension knowing a disappointing player like Gilmore got paid while Butler still waits for his big pay day. You wonder if the Pats will cut Gilmore this offseason or if Butler will leave New England.


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In October of 2017 Roesthlisbrger called out teammate Antonio Brown. Roethlisberger told Pittsburgh's 93.7 The Fan "I just think that this is causing a distraction that none of us really needs," talking about Brown's sideline outbursts. Brown flipped over a cooler of Gatorade, he was also yelling at his coaches. Roethlisberger wished Brown approached him to talk about what happened during the win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4. Roethlisberger said "That goes a lot further than throwing a temper tantrum."

There was a play that triggered Brown's tantrum on the sideline because Brown was wide open while Roethlisberger didn't see him which sent Brown.The beef between Roethlisberger and Brown was short as he apologized after the incident. You wonder if there's tension lingering in the Steelers locker room with their recent playoff failures.


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott had a small beef with Ezekiel Elliott after Elliott posed in the ESPN Body Issue. Prescott told SI "I think Zeke should use his platform to do things like I'm doing with Bristol Meyers Squibb for Ready. Raise. Rise. instead of doing his thing for the body issue and doing photo shoots. I think it would have to be in order to promote something, but I'm not really sure. I would have to get that offer first and talk it over."

Elliott likes to tease Prescott about his hairline and shoes though. Elliott throws straws at Prescott when he's giving interviews while Prescott throws candy at Elliott's interviews. The Cowboys didn't make the playoffs this year and Elliott missed six games due to his suspension. The Cowboys look to bounce back after a disappointing season this year and the small beefs in the locker room can disappear.


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It seems unfathomable that after five Super Bowl wins together that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would have tension. However, an ESPN story from Seth Wickersham outlined a series of events that have created tension between the two. The tension seems to be rising from a power struggle between the two and who has more sway with owner Robert Kraft.

Reportedly, Kraft ordered Belichick to trade Jimmy Garoppolo this season, even though Garoppolo was seen as the successor to Brady, who will be 41 by the time next season starts. Belichick was unhappy about being ordered what to do, even after having won Kraft five Super Bowls.

Among other things, Brady has also reportedly grown tired of Belichick's coaching approach. Whereas Brady likes to keep things positive, he finds Belichick hyper critical and he wasn't happy about his personal trainer being banned from team facilities.

In any event, the Pats have still found a way to succeed, but you wonder if a split is coming in the near future.


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During a game against the Baltimore Orioles, Matt Barnes threw at Manny Machado. Pedroia was seen in the dugout saying "it's them, not me." The night before Manny Machado had a questionable slide into Pedoria that many believe was dirty. Barnes was sticking up for his teammate the next day while Pedroia was instead sticking up for Machado. “I love Manny Machado,”I love playing against him. I love watching him.”

Barnes however was only trying to avenge Pedroia for the dirty slide the night before. So in other words, Barnes's gesture was completely rejected by Pedroia. Pedroia has been on the Red Sox for a long time and his leadership is always in question. Did he get mad because someone was sticking up for him in Barnes?


via MLB.com

It was 2014 when thee two players got into a fight in the dugout. Kemp followed Puig in the dugout in a win against the Colorado Rockies. Puig would turn around and say something in return. Manager Don Mattingly got in the middle of the two and Kemp went into the clubhouse. He wouldn't comment as to why he was upset. After the game Kemp said "Good game! Go, Dodgers!" Puig called Kemp 'loco' after the game the Spanish word for crazy.

Mattingly downplayed the scuffle to and wouldn't really comment on the incident in the dugout. The Dodgers seemed not to want it be a distraction to the team. Kemp was traded after the 2014 season to the San Diego Padres then went to the Atlanta Braves. Now that he's back in 2018 with the Dodgers will the feud between Puig continue?


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are the defending champions on the Warriors. Durant took a shot at Under Armor, who is Curry's sponsor creating a short beef between the teammates. Durant said that no one wants to play in Under Armors. Durant downplayed what he said in a interview with ESPN saying "We was never in a bad place when I said that, so it's like we didn't have to patch anything up. ... Me and Steph, we talked about that. He had a conversation with me about it, and I understood. We moved on."

Sounds like people are trying to find a way to create something because the Warriors are so good and win a lot. Curry didn't like what Durant said but they talked about it and moved on.


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Lonzo Ball is nothing like his father LaVar Ball, who loves to run his mouth. Teammates weren't happy though when Lonzo walked away from a fight against the Phoenix Suns. Lonzo claimed he didn't want to get a tech or ejected for getting involved. However, coach Luke Walton and his teammates believed that Lonzo should've stood by his teammates and defended them.

Luke Walton said “Someone on our team talked with him, It’s all part of the learning process.” The Lakers aren't too happy with Lonzo's father either and could also be holding a grudge on the young Lonzo who is learning the ropes of the NBA. The longer LaVar remains a distraction for the Lakers, the more tension may rise against Lonzo, even through no fault of his own.


Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

These two players were talking trash to one another in practice. According to ESPN 'Mirotic charged at Portis twice before Portis threw a punch and connected with Mirotic's face, league sources said. Mirotic dropped to the floor and lay there for several minutes before getting up.'

One time Mirotic and Portis fought to the point where Mirotic was left with a fractured knee and Portis was suspended for eight games. When Portis was suspended he did apologize for his actions saying "“I’m wrong for what I did. I want to publicly apologize to Niko. I feel like I let my fans, the Bulls organization, and most importantly my teammates down. This is not who Bobby Portis is."

Mirotic would say it was either him or Portis and to this day they still aren't speaking to one another. That has to be a huge distraction to the team.


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015 Jose Iglesias and James McCann got into a fight in the dugout. Third baseman Nick Castellanos tried to calm it down but then things got worse. After the incident Iglesias spoke about it saying "That's in the past. Just miscommunication, and things got overheated a little bit." It started after McCann made a comment to Iglesias about his lack of effort on a ground ball in the previous inning. The beef was short and Iglesias said "We're on the same page and want to win a World Series. He's a good guy."

After going through 15 examples, you can see how beef can easily develop among teammates, but the best teams are able to resolve things quickly and get back to winning ways.

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