Red Handed: 15 Athletes Caught Cheating In the Worst Ways

It is often said, “all athletes cheat on their wives.” While this statement can be a bit exaggerated, it is true that a very large group of pro-athletes do cheat on their significant other. Yes, they are always on the road, and life on the road can be difficult. Yes, they do face constant temptation, and when temptation is paired with loneliness a whole different trouble starts brewing. When an athletic star comes to face this powerful downfall, sometimes even the strongest man can’t resist.

There have been tons of public breakups involving both celebrities and athletes. From some of the biggest names all the way down to the newcomers, no one seems safe from the world of infidelity. Taking on commitment is a big step, but committing to a famous athlete is a huge undertaking. There’s never really any way to know if he’s being faithful to your relationship or not. Granted, there are quite a few really good faithful men in the sports industry, they are often out shined in the tabloids by the scandalous ones.

Once the commitment is made to a pro-athlete, it’s all in their hands whether they choose to remain faithful or take the road more travelled. Not knowing what he’s doing when he’s out on the road can be one of the hardest parts of the relationship, but catching him red-handed in the act is unthinkable. These 15 unfaithful athletes were caught red-handed cheating on their partners in the dumbest and most embarrassing ways.

15 Dwyane Wade

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The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, Dwyane Wade got caught cheating in one of the most embarrassing ways – he got the side chick pregnant. Before Dwyane Wade was married to actress Gabrielle Union, he was in a long-term marriage with Siohvaughn Funches. It was rumored Wade cheated on his then-wife with Union. However, Union adamantly denies all allegations of her being Gabrielle “Break a Union.”

Wade got caught cheating again - this time on Union. Wade claims his baby with Basketball Wives star, Aja Metoyer was conceived while he and Union were on a break. Metoyer, on the other hand, states her baby is no “break baby.” Wade took to Instagram not to long ago to express his love for Union (who has forgiven his cheating), but in doing so, he kind of admitted to cheating… “My Life mistakes gave me you and my life mistakes almost made me lose you...”

14 Usain Bolt

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Olympic athlete and fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt’s infidelity was exposed in very public fashion. The Jamaican athlete just had some major gold medal victories at the Rio Olympics in 2016, and like any typical human, he wanted to celebrate big. His celebration didn’t remain as private as he probably hoped though, because the Rio local he chose to spend a raunchy night with shared personal images with the public.

Images showing a shirtless bolt holding Jady Duarte, the Brazilian student, went viral, along with Duarte’s personal reflection of the dirty and eventful night. She described the events following her meeting Bolt in a club in very extensive detail. Bolt’s affairs didn’t end with Duarte, though, he was caught with multiple other women and his longtime affair, model Nailah Dillard confessed she had been seeing Bolt on-and-off for a year shortly after the bad news started coming out.

13 Delanie Walker

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The Tennessee Titans football star was exposed to the entire world in one of the dirtiest ways. When Delanie Walker’s fiancé finally had enough of his cheating ways, she completely blasted him all over his OWN Instagram on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Although it’s not entirely clear how Racine Lewin discovered the sad news, she did explain in her rant that he allegedly would break up with her during every off season.

Lewin hacked into Walker’s personal social media account and let all of his followers in on his dirty ways and added that she was four months pregnant. The pair did stay together, but old habits die hard. Lewin took to Instagram again two years later to announce Walker had once again cheated on her; this time with a “hooker” and he apologized to Lewin with $20,000 in diamonds.

12 Tony Parker

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“If you’re gonna cheat, delete.” That’s who the phrase goes, right? Well, San Antonio Spurs baller Tony Parker apparently did not have that knowledge when he got caught red-handed cheating on his then-wife and actress Eva Longoria. Longoria found some very X-rated sexts on Parkers phone, but the drama doesn’t end there; the sexts were sent to his ex-teammate, Brent Barry’s wife, Erin Barry. The Barry’s were going through their own dirty divorce at the time. While both Barry and Parker continuously denied any real physical contact, the hundreds of dirty text messages were enough to send Longoria into filing for a divorce.

During the divorce hearings, the Desperate Housewives actress expressed Parkers infidelities during their four-year marriage went way farther than “just some texts.”

11 Kobe Bryant

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This basketball superstar’s immoral behaviour got blasted to the entire world when he was accused of raping a 19-year-old hotel employee in 2003. The former Laker legend denied the sexual assault, but he did admit to an adulteress sexual encounter with her that was consensual. The case was dropped after the accuser refused to testify, but a separate civil suit was filed and was settled outside of court.

Years later, tons of other Bryant mistresses started appearing. Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, had to endure the news of not only the alleged rape, but also that her husband had been sleeping around with countless other women. Bryant bragged to other basketball players about his cheating and they told their wives. The wives then told Vanessa. This must have been the last straw for Vanessa, because she filed for divorce shortly after learning of his habits over the years.

10 Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods is one of the most successful pro-golfers of all time. He is also one of the most notorious serial cheaters in sports. Tiger Woods was married to the beautiful Swedish model, Elin Nordegren at the time his life took a turn for the worst. Tabloid magazine, the National Inquirer was set to publish their latest issue with the headline, “Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal.”

Woods knew he had to get ahead of the fire, and connected his wife with New York hostess, Rachel Uchitel over the phone who denied their affair. This didn’t convince Nordegren. After reading the tabloid, Nordegren went through Woods’ phone and saw some telling texts with Uchitel proving his infidelity. Nordegren lost it and attacked Woods with a golf club. Following the break of this affair, loads of porn stars, strippers, escorts and party girls came forward claiming they, too, had sexual affairs with Woods.

9 Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

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Chad Johnson’s then-wife, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada married the former football player in 2012, but she went into the marriage with an open-mind knowing things weren’t going to be perfect. Less than two months after their wedding, Lozada was simply bringing in the groceries from Johnson’s car when she found an incriminating receipt for a box of condoms dated shortly after their wedding day. Lozada was not messing around; she insisted on a divorce that evening, leading Johnson to rage in abuse on Lozada.

Johnson’s mistresses began coming out of the wood words after news of their fight went public. One woman, Beverly Shiner said she dated Johnson for months during the pair’s engagement. Model and stripper, Amber Priddy also came forward announcing her affair with Johnson claiming he even paid for her apartment. Johnson kept a string of women in different cities in hopes of never getting caught.

8 LeBron James

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This basketball star has been married to Savannah Brinson-James for almost five years, and she is by far one of the classiest WAGs in the NBA. That didn’t stop Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James from cheating on her, though. Rumors of James’ alleged infidelity started flying all over the internet. While visiting former U.S. President Barack Obama, NBC associate producer Stacey Klien caught James asking a girl for her number just months after marrying Savannah. Klien wasted no time going public with the news and posted all about it on Instagram.

Years after that incident, Instagram model Rachel Bush blew up James’ game when she too went public with accusations against the baller. Bush published screenshots of her direct messages with James showing him trying to get with her.

7 James Harden

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This Houston Rockets baller has been accused of cheating multiple times with multiple women and he’s been caught in the act, too. James Harden is big on strippers and big on partying and oftentimes, pictures are taking. After the 2012 London Olympics, Harden wanted to celebrate and he did so by throwing a white yacht party. Numerous images showing him frolicking with many other women appeared online the day after. Harden’s girlfriend at the time, Trina saw the images and quickly broke things off.

Harden and Khloe Kardashian were linked together in the beginning of 2017, but only for a short period of time because Harden was once again caught with another woman in a photograph. Harden was captured sitting at a stripper’s bedside and couldn’t explain himself. Twenty-three-year-old Australian model Rochelle Relf also went public claiming she hooked up with Harden during his brief relationship with Kardashian.

6 Brett Favre

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Former football star, Brett Favre has been married to his wife Deanna for over 20 years. While their marriage may seem stone strong on the outside, the Favre’s have been hit with adulteress scandal on more than one occasion. While Favre was playing for the Green Bay Packers, his wife walked in to Brett talking on the phone with another woman. Deanna wasn’t going to stand for that behavior and told him she was done. Brett pulled his life together, though, and the pair remained together.

The real scandal broke when Brett was toward the end of his career when he was playing for the Minnesota Vikings. While playing for the New York Jets, Brett sent the side-line reporter, Jenn Sterger some very explicit nudes. Sometime later, Sterger, now working for The Daily Line, spoke out about the strange voicemails Brett would leave her and the unwanted filthy picture messages.

5 Nick Young

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Golden State Warriors’ Nick Young literally got caught red-handed cheating on his (now ex) fiancée, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. It all started with an innocent prank war between some of Young’s teammates. Fellow baller, D’Angelo Russell recorded Young bragging on how he had other women while with Azalea. Somehow, the incriminating footage got released to the public and Azalea found out. Azalea found it in her heart to forgive Young and move on from the scandal.

However, shortly following this video, Azalea caught Young sleeping with multiple other women on the security cameras in the home Young and Azalea shared together. Rumors also began sprouting claiming Young had impregnated his baby mamma, Keonna Green while in a relationship with Azalea. According to Green, she and Young rekindled their romance just three months after he proposed to Azalea.

4 Stephon Marbury

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Forty-year-old Stephon Marbury currently plays for the Beijing Fly Dragon and has been married to Tasha Marbury since 2002. His marriage vows didn’t stop him from getting it on with the family’s hired chef, though. While playing for the New York Knicks, Marbury had an affair with his personal chef. He paid her a million dollars to keep their secret, but once he quit paying, she went public.

Court documents reveal Thurayyah Mitchell, the chef, and Marbury hooked up five times during her employment, and she claims he made her believe “keeping him happy” was a part of her job description. After he fired her, she claimed he sexually harassed her, and Marbury paid her off for silence. Mitchell took Marbury before a judge when the money stopped coming in and his affair went public.

3 DeMarco Murray

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The current Tennessee Titans running back, DeMarco Murray once got caught up in a whirlwind of drama over allegedly cheating with a former teammates wife. At the time, Murray was dating a woman named Heidi Mueller (now his wife). Brennan Clay, of the Oklahoma Sooners, went public accusing Murray of sexting his wife on more than one occasion. Clay blew up all over Twitter over Murray and the tweets. He even went as far as posting screenshots of the explicit messages to Twitter.

After going public, Clay received multiple messages from women who had also received sexts from Murray, and he sent those on to Mueller showing that Murray wasn’t as faithful as she thought. Later, Clay did come forward stating he made a mistake and Murray did not sleep with his wife. However, those other women who came forward were probably telling the truth.

2 Brandon Marshall

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Famous athletes often go through great lengths trying to get some action on the side and keep it from their significant others. This New York Giants wide receiver banned together with a couple of other football players and created what they thought was the greatest idea. They put together a home where players could go and party and sleep with other women without being caught by the media or the WAGs.

However, Brandon Marshall’s perfect idea came crashing down when a 15-year-old was shot outside of the home during a separate crime. Once authorities got involved, all those involved with the “sex palace” were exposed. Even though it was presented to her in black and white, Marshall’s wife, Michi Nogami stood by her cheating man.

1 Carmelo Anthony

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In the beginning years of Oklahoma City Thunder baller Carmelo Anthony’s marriage to La La Anthony, a woman named Asia Monroe came forward claiming she had an affair with Anthony. She even provided emails and text messages as proof. La La went on the record stating she trusts Anthony, despite being hit with rumour after rumour of his cheating. Anthony reportedly would go out to clubs and justify his cheating by saying, “La La is married. I’m not.”

In 2017, news broke out stating Anthony had gotten his mistress pregnant. First, she was referred to as a stripper, but then a friend of the woman came forward to defend her reputation. The woman is a college graduate named Mia Angel Burks. She met Anthony a year earlier. Anthony is reportedly taking care of Burks until he a paternity test can be performed.

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