15 Athletes Confess The Harshest Thing They Ever Did

Fame, fortune, talent, money, wealth. These are all the things which most sport stars are blessed with, which often makes them do the craziest things.

In fairness, it may not by these that forced them to do it. It could also be how they were brought up or just a moment of solitary madness. Whatever it is, there is something about the height of being a sport star that drives one to do insane things.

Many a times it leaves one in a total state of confusion as to why certain sport stars behave in a fashion which will absolutely ruin their reputation forever. Many would say it is impulse. However, it is often the heavy pressure which sports stars are under that makes them incredibly vulnerable to quite unusual behavior.

Imagine being in the center stage, playing a sport being which by over 600 million fans at a single moment, live. Every movement of you is being analyzed, watched and criticized. Sport stars, whether through autobiographies, press conferences or social media have admitted to doing some of the worst things. Take a look at the list below of some of the worst things athletes have confessed doing:


17 Andre Agassi Turned To A Harmful Substance

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In 1997 Andre Agassi was enduring one of the wort periods of his career. Not having a Grand Slam title for two years, the world wondered what was happening to the most beloved tennis player of that era. In a moment of despair, Agassi’s friend offered him crystal meth and enticed him to ingest it. He admitted taking the drug to the ATP at the time, but was only revealed to the masses in his autobiography which was recently released.

Agassi writes in his book” "I snort some. I ease back on the couch and consider the Rubicon I've just crossed," Agassi writes.”

He had taken it out of a moment of despair, out of deep sadness, and the meth momentarily gave him a feeling of elation, forgetting about all the pressures of the tennis world. It’s one of the most revealing moments of tennis and sports at large.

16 Marion Jones Admits To Cheating

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It’s a moment most people, whether sport watching or just an avid follow of news would remember. The day Marion Jones admitted to using performance enhancing drugs devastated the athletics world. Jones was the darling of the sporting world. An accomplished point guard in basketball, a 100m, 200m and relay champion, she was the pride of American female sports.

Murmurs of her apparent juicing came about in 1992 when she missed a standard procedure test, but was bailed but her attorney Johnnie Cochran at the time. Looking back, experts say it was since these days that Marion had been using PEDs. It was only in October 2007 when Marion bravely stood to the press and came clean about her juicing for well over a decade. It was brave, as the consequences was known to her – stripping of her 2000 Sydney Olympics gold medals and a six month imprisonment. She made herself vulnerable to the entire world by openly admitting, and while many resent her for cheating, she is admired for coming out and possibly opening up several other investigations in the dark world of doping in the athletics world.

15 Tiger Woods's Infidelities

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Everyone knows about the shenanigans of Tiger Woods after he publicly came to admit it.

Without explicitly explaining the details, Woods famously came forward and confessed to an addiction, in which he was involved with several mistresses, some of who came forward to confirm the claims woods had been making.

What made it more spectacular was the timing of it all. Tiger Woods was the star not just of golf, but of sports across the globe. He was the poster boy for basically all major branding, including Nike, Tag Heuer etc. Needless to say that Tiger’s confession cost him a whopping $23 million loss in endorsements and sponsorships. He didn't really have a choice though, as if he didn't admit it, his mistresses would've just kept dishing more dirt on him.

14 Jayson Williams Tried To Cover Up Accident With Limo Driver

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It bothers many fans as to why famous sports stars gets involved in very dodgy situations, when they have all the money and wealth in the world. Take the example of NBA All-Star Jayson Williams, who shot his limousine driver dead and spent 8 months in jail for doing so.

Initially he denied the accusations, and tried to hide away by planting fake evidence at the scene. Eventually, after being released he admitted to the shooting, calling himself a ‘coward’ for trying to cover it up. He also in the process admitted to being an alcoholic as well, and in doing so committed himself to rehab to recover. Williams’s shotgun had accidentally shot his limousine driver, Christofi, and it is an incident that was unfortunate because it was not intentional. Williams says he has learnt his lesson in terms of owning up to his actions, but it is still one of the admissions that sends chills down spines.

13 Mark McGwire's Historic Season Was Tainted

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Mark McGwire name is sort of appropriate for his reputation. By admitting to steroid use himself, he acted as the ‘wire’ to the exposing of several other MLB athletes who were doping as well. He had been a sensation when he initially broke onto the scene as a rookie, by breaking the All-Star break. He was truly the star of his generation, and unfortunately his admission to doping tarred his reputation. During 1998, he broke Roger Maris’e single-season home run record, so he clearly was enjoying the best run of any MLB player sports followers had seen.

Upon his return to the sport as a coach, he reflected and commented on his earlier years, during which he confessed using performance enhancers in the 1990s, right around his season-record breaking years.

12 Michael Phelps Admits He Has A Problem

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The most decorated Olympics star of all time, out rightly admitted his addiction to various substances. After breaking the all-time tally for Olympics medals, Phelps was caught smoking up MJ by the Paparazzi.

He openly admitted to the public that he has a known problem, and he was going to enter rehab to help him with this. He checked into Brookhaven hospital for his rehabilitation, and has recovered since. He admitted that he would be looking to go into rehab, after the picture was posted all over social media of him smoking the ‘green stuff’. He pledged to ‘get better’ on the social media site Twitter to his followers. He also was arrested a couple of years ago over a DUI, further proving that he indeed had a problem.

11 Tonya Harding Admits She Knew Of Nancy Kerrigan Attack

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Tonya Harding has long denied that she had any idea that her country mate/figure skating rival Nancy Kerrigan was going to be attacked so that Tonya would have a better chance of bringing home gold to the USA. She has still denied orchestrating the attack to this day, but she has in fact now come forward and admitted she was suspicious of an attack coming to Kerrigan.

“I knew that something was up,” Harding said. However, she denied that she was the one who ordered it.

“No,” she said. “I did, however, overhear them talking about stuff. ‘Well, maybe we should take somebody out so we can make sure [Harding] gets on the team.’ And I remember telling them, I go, ‘What the hell are you talking about? I can skate.'”

Kerrigan has yet to comment on Harding's recent admission.


10 Darryl Strawberry Misunderstands The Meaning Of 7th Inning Stretch

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Darryl Strawberry is a reformed individual, having turned to faith following his MLB career and admitted addictions. During Strawberry's playing days, there were several addictions he couldn't control, including his sex addiction, which he fed between innings during actual games. Strawberry went into further detail on this in an interview with Dr. Oz:

Yeah, it was pretty crazy,” Strawberry said. “It was a pretty crazy lifestyle. You know, I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, that’s just the addiction, the drive.’’ Strawberry went on to say that some coaches and teammates even covered for him so he could fuel his addiction during games. That certainly didn't help him curtail the problem, but could you argue they were just trying to be good teammates?

9 Lance Armstrong's Inspiring Story Is Tainted

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It’s the most famous admission, and possibly the hardest to swallow of all. Lance Armstrong’s infamous admission to doping, was captured in an exclusive interview he conducted with Oprah Winfrey. He was cycling’s most decorated and celebrated star of all time. Seven Tour de France titles on the back of recovering from cancer was one of the most inspiring sport stories of all time.

It all came tumbling down when he eventually confessed, possibly due to the inevitability of him being caught anyway. He had made use of PEDs in every year of his successes at the Tour de France. His words in the interview with Oprah captured it all ““I'm a flawed character, as I well know. All the fault and all the blame here falls on me."

8 Pete Rose Betting On His Team's Games

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Quite appropriately, or ironic however once may want to see it, American professional baseball player and manager Pete Rose was nicknamed “Charlie Hustle”. Why is it appropriate you might ask?

Well Rose certainly lived up to the name “Hustle”, by doing a double feat and betting on baseball matches both in which he was a player as well as a manager for. The first one however, is one that Rose vehemently denies, but overwhelming evidence suggests that he bet on other players during his years as a player in the MLB. He was remorseful when he admitted about his dealings as a manager and betting, but continuously denied betting as a player, despite clear evidence by ESPN showing written evidence of Rose’s bets. He admitted in his book that ‘he only put odds on his team’, but would have been fully aware at the time that such practices were banned by the MLB.

7 Michael Jordan Not So Perfect

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If you want to know some terrible things Michael Jordan did, all you have to do is read up on stories told by some former teammates, media members, coaches and fans in general. Jordan would bully teammates, cheat in friendly games and pretended to be friends with people for his benefit.

There was of course the incident of Jordan trying to woo Madonna away from his teammate Scottie Pippen. There was Jordan openly admitting to a colleague that he was pretending to be Barkley's friend in order to get him to soften up during their Finals series. And of course, there was Jordan punching teammate Steve Kerr in the face. Finally, Jordan was accused of bullying Kwame Brown while he was GM/player with the Wizards.

6 Josh Brown Admits To Domestic Incidents With Wife

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We're in an age where there's a zero tolerance outlook on domestic violence from the media and the general public after years of the issue being overlooked. Former NFL placekicker Josh Brown essentially got himself blacklisted from the NFL after admitting to physically and emotionally abusing his wife. Perhaps he came out and admitted it because the evidence was too damming to ignore, as police stated they had over 20 reports of Brown abusing his wife. Brown also admitted to being a liar most of his life and that he had been abusing women from a young age. While Brown denied ever hitting her, he still committed some despicable actions:

"What I did was wrong. Period," Brown said. "Domestic violence is not just physical abuse. We're talking intimidation and threats, the attempt to control, body language. An abuser is going to abuse to a certain degree to acquire some kind of a reaction."

5 Michael Vick Admits To Funding Bad Newz Kennels

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Michael Vick was often criticized for having a poor attitude in the NFL, but no one could have foreseen what would be revealed following the 2006 season. Police searched Vick's property in April 2007 and came across Bad Newz Kennels, which was a dogfighting ring that housed over 70 dogs. All Vick admitted to was funding the ring, but denied any involvement. However, others accused him of not only promoting the ring, but eliminating dogs that underperformed. Vick pleaded guilty and served 23 months in prison, after which he made a successful return to the NFL. Vick has since become an advocate against dog fighting, hoping his experience can prevent others from committing such horrible acts. However, even over 10 years later, the acts are still hard to forgive.

4 Marcel Schuon Fixing Games

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Match fixing is the betrayal of those that love sports. It’s unfortunate whenever match fixing is exposed, as was the case with Marcel Schuon. Unfortunately, his name will not ring much familiarity, and is one of the stars who is known more for his involvement in German soccer match fixing than for his skill as a player.

He was one of the first soccer players to admit to match fixing soccer. Fortunately, he spoke up and exposed the king-pins behind match fixing in German soccer, including other players and coaches which amounted to 200+ people being exposed and charged. Schuon had approached the owner of betting shops to change the outcomes of games.

He had been handed three year ban by the German Football federation, but is fair to say his admission was a lesson enough for him to learn for.




1 Thomas Henderson Was Breaking Laws On NFL Sidelines

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Thomas Henderson played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Oliers and the Miami Dolphins.

As with many stars, his talent had given him money which led to many crazy admissions in a book he co-authored with Peter Knobler called “Out of Control”. In this book, he admitted to using coke on the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys, on national television. He admits in the book that he was ‘completely lost’ on that day. He also admitted to previously smoking the substance with two teenage girls, and threatened one of them with a gun. He had been placed in a treatment center to recover from his addiction. To top his crazy life all off, many years later he won $28 million in the US lottery and now spends it just relaxing.


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