15 Athletes Who Are Clearly Skipping Leg Day

There is nothing like conquering the dreaded leg day. Pushing through the pain and torture of four plates on the bar to achieve that one, perfect squat. And no, we aren't talking about the majority of people who are quarter reppin';  it's butt to ground or it doesn't count! Let's not forget the most testosterone fueled of exercises: deadlift. You pick the weights up and put them down. Maybe pepper in some hamstring curls, leg extensions, lunges, and calf-raises, and that's leg day. A small word of advice, even though you look ridiculous on them, the "childbirth" machines in the corner are actually pretty helpful.

That being said, we all have that one gym buddy that is always 'busy' during leg day. It's either "I'm too busy at work" or "Sorry, traffic was horrible," and never the true excuse: "I'm terrified of legs." Hey, when you're middle aged and in your senior years, you'll be paying the price. Does it make sense for 60-year-old knees to carry extra mass at the top if the legs aren't properly developed? Some people will learn the hard way.

Even professional athletes fall into this trap, and many of them are left with twigs for limbs instead tree trunks. Each case is different, but all of these athletes are clearly skipping leg day.

15 David Njoku

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Brown's 2017 first-round pick, TE David Njoku, exceeded expectations in his rookie year, especially in a dismal offensive system. Cleveland that hasn't seen a steady quarterback in decades. The former Ole Miss star reeled in 32 receptions for 386 yards, and four touchdowns last year. While that may not seem impressive, you've gotta remember, it's the Browns.

Njoku still has room to improve though, and some NFL scouts cited his physiology prior to the season.

Per his NFL draft profile, in the negative category, along with inexperience and blocking, they advised Njoku "Don't skip leg day, bro!" From the picture, you can tell that the TE is a beast of a man, but sure, his quads could use a little more mass. Don't go anywhere, we are just getting started!

14 Bartolo Colon

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

"Big Sexy" has somehow managed to pull off a long career in the MLB, despite being one Big Mac away from a heart attack. In 2017, at 44 years old, Colon entered his 21st season on the rubber undeterred by being shamelessly overweight. Forget about leg day, we are pretty sure that the four-time All-Star doesn't do any "day" in the gym! It baffles us that Colon is able to continue to rake in a paycheck into his 40s, and into triple-digits on the scale.

Okay, so maybe the Dominican-born pitcher hasn't hit the big 300 yet, but according Fox Sports, at 5'11", 285 lbs., Colon stated he "I feel good with the weight I have." His father even said that he was always very strong from a young age and "he was capable of pulping up to 1,000 crates of coffee beans in a day." Either way, I don't think the 2005 Cy Young winner knows his way around a squat rack!

13 Chris Andersen

via netease.com

While Chris "Birdman" Andersen is not the only NBA that graces our skinny legs list, he surely is one of the most outspoken. Always having a bad boy attitude on the floor, at 6'10," Birdman consistently bullied both shorter and taller opponents in the paint with his physical play, stemming from a strong upper body.

As you can see from the photo though, LeBron's favorite white guy's lower body does not match up with everything above the waist. Honestly, I even question the authenticity of the photo, since it looks photoshopped! It's like he's walking on stilts! Actually, now that we mention it, he does look like someone who could be a circus act, so maybe he his stilt-like legs are a good fit! Either way, Birdman's got some chicken legs.

12 Allen Iverson

via hdnux.com

Did you have any doubt that Allen Iverson was going to be left this list?  He's famous for his rant about practice, can you imagine how he feels about the gym? "Listen, we talkin' about leg day - not arms, not chest, not back - we talkin' about leg day!" Clearly, AI was a naturally gifted basketball player, but it seems like his lack of commitment to physical fitness played a role in his declining play in his later years.

Without a doubt, leg day was not "The Answer's" answer.

At only 165 pounds, Iverson used his skinny frame to dribble around defenders, contorting his body at the hoop to evade shot blockers, and having a historic career nonetheless. The now Hall of Famer is one of those special talents that didn't need leg day, but you're not Iverson, so don't use that excuse next week!

11 Dwyane Wade

via imgur.com

Rub a dub dub, two men in a tub. As pictured, we see best buds Dwyane Wade and LeBron James enjoying some much needed bro time in the recovery bath. I'm a little confused by the whole situation since why would D-Wade need to soak his nonexistent leg muscles? I think most of us had the same leg definition as teenagers. Before you Wade fans claim that the water causes a distortion effect with the camera, take a gander over at King James.  While skinny, you can tell that James has some bulk in his quads.

Like Iverson though, Wade's success is doesn't hinge on his lower-body strength as he uses mostly his upper-body midair to fight through the arms of defenders.  Still though, we would like to see a little more proportion to the twelve-time All-Stars physique.

10 Peter Crouch

via mirror.co.uk

"He's big! He's Red! His feet stick out the bed - it's Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch!"  That's what you'll hear in the stands if "Crouchy" is on the pitch. The 6'7" striker has enjoyed a long career in the EPL, using his length as an advantage to tower over opposing defenders, heading the ball into the back of the net. Knowing his height and the picture above, how much would you guess he weighs? 200 pounds?  Maybe 210? Well, we set you up in the wrong direction as Crouch comes in at a whopping 165 pounds. That's the same as 6'0" Allen Iverson.

He's like a stick bug running around the field!

Most soccer players don't have giant legs, but usually, their constant use of their feet leaves them with giant quads and calves. Not Crouchy! He's all skin and bones, with just a hint of talent!

9 Manute Bol

via thebwlive.com

The Sudanese-born giant, Manute Bol, comes in next on our list of athletes who skip leg day. At a towering 7'7", and only 200 pounds, Bol somehow managed to last 10 years in the NBA. He was the league leader in blocks for two seasons and even made an NBA All-Defensive Second-Team in 1986, all while barely being able to jump off the floor. We can't blame the guy for having sticks as legs though, since it's hard for taller athletes to put on muscle mass. At least Bol spent his time doing good deeds, as he was very active in trying to help his native Sudan improve their education system in the spirit of reconciliation.

Manute's son, Bol Bol, looks to follow in his father's footsteps next year as he joins the Oregon Ducks squad. At 7'3", Bol has a little bit more muscle than his pops!

8 DeSean Jackson

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Speed kills, even if he does have skinny legs! Deep threat DeSean Jackson may not have the strength or size of a typical NFL receiver, but his short stature and lack of muscle mass weighing him down allows the former Cal Bear to cut quickly, and gain separation down the field.  Unlike smaller pass catchers, whose careers can be cut short by injury, Jackson has enjoyed a decade of success in the NFL, employing the "please don't hit me" tactic, giving up on some plays to avoid excessive contact.  Still though, he's one of the most electric receivers in the game.

Like many of the athletes on this list, Jackson's speed his natural, not stemming from long hours in the gym.

Then why does he need to recover so much?

Gotta take care of these legs shoutout @ntrecovery 💯💯

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7 Tayshaun Prince

via rollersport.us

NBA champion and defensive guru, Tayshaun Prince, used his long limbs to his advantage as he enjoyed a 15 year career in the NBA. Along with his skinny-legged teammate, Rick Hamilton, and the rest of the early 2000s Pistons, Prince was able to dominate the Eastern Conference. Now officially retired, Prince still makes his presence felt in the NBA as the Assistant GM for the Memphis Grizzlies.

While many of you are probably sick of us spotlighting only skinny NBA players, seriously take a glance at Tayshaun's upper body. The dude has some serious muscles mass and definition in his arms, which shows you he actually hits the gym. Unfortunately, it looks like he only focuses on the glamor muscles, not the foundation.

6 Colin Kaepernick

via AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Well, we know that Colin Kaepernick does his signature pregame lunge, but other than that, the blackballed QB doesn't seem like he's been hitting the leg press recently. At first, Kaepernick's lanky, athletic body-type posed problems for opposing defenses, as he led the 49ers to a birth in the Super Bowl more than half-a-decade ago. But, as teams started to gain tape on the former University of Nevada quarterback, they were able to shut down his strengths. From a combination of poor play and owners wanting nothing to do with his outward political views, Kaepernick is currently an unemployed free agent.

Still though, that doesn't mean that Kaep's chicken legs aren't strong. As seen from this video, he actually doesn't skip leg day, although you could never tell from his physique.  Kaep's genetics will always have him looking like a flamingo, no matter how much he lifts!

5 Dwight Howard

via youtube.com

Dwight Howard is one massive individual. The former first overall pick's shoulders are almost the size of basektballs and at 6'11", not only does he have to walk through door's sideways, he also has to duck. You wouldn't want to get on his bad side in the club, because he probably could take you, and your whole crew down.

Despite the broad shoulders and otherwise God-like upper body, Howard has some room to grow in the legs department. When we say room, we mean lots of room.

Remember D-wade's skinny stilts from before? It looks like Howard's legs are even smaller than his! I've got some news from you Dwight, if you truly want to be "Superman," get off the bench, stop curling in front of the mirror, slap on 405 lbs. to the squat rack, and go yp the ground. Knowing Dwight's baby-esque attitude though, we highly doubt this diva ever hits legs.

4 Floyd Mayweather

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are going to keep this next one positive, because it seems whoever makes fun of Floyd ends up in the hospital. As one of the greatest boxers of all-time, "Money" Mayweather is no stranger to long hours in the gym. During his training, the undefeated boxer utilizes non-traditional techniques such as yoga, swimming, and even mental visualization.  Combined with his stellar technique and dodging skills, Mayweather truly is one of the best fighters ever.

But, this isn't a list about sports legends, it's a list about athletes who skip leg day, and Mayweather fits the bill. As a boxer, it's important to make weight, and added muscle mass can actually be detrimental to a fighter's success. While Floyd has ripped upper body, he still stands on two twigs.

3 Kevin Durant

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The reigning NBA Finals MVP, Kevin Durant, rounds out the top three athletes who are clearly skipping leg day. Look at the guy! He's gotta be 200 pounds soaking wet. I'm surprised he hasn't been blown away in the windy Bay Area.

Despite his lack of muscle, Durant still somehow manages to play a physical game, utilizing his length as leverage against smaller defenders.

It's not only leg day that KD is skipping, it's the gym as a whole. While we know now that he works out like a fiend, using doubt from his haters as fuel, it wasn't always like that.  We have to go back to Durant's infamous NBA combine, failing to bench one rep of 185 lbs. Now, the NBA MVP looks back on the criticism and laughs as he tries to bring home another ring. Oh yeah, he can put up 315 lbs. now too.

2 Brock Lesnar

via wwe.com

What can't Brock Lesnar do? The ripped wrestler has tried his hand in the MMA, in Hollywood, and as an author. Well, one thing Lesnar doesn't excel at is leg day. We understand, the 40-year-old does have above-average size tree trunks, but nothing that compares to his massive chest. He probably sprinkles in a few squats every other week, but definitely not as much as he should. With all the "legal growth hormone" that 'Brock Solid' has done in his lifetime, we would like to imagine that he would pay more attention to his lower extremities.

WWE's Wellness Policy doesn't apply to part-time performers which Lesnar is, and why he wasn't suspended following his doping incident for UFC 200. It makes you wonder how many leg days Lesnar sprinkles in.

1 Tyson Chandler

via imgur.com

What?! No. You've gotta be kidding me. This picture must be photoshopped. Well, I'm sorry to be the bearer of reality, this is indeed Tyson Chandler, our number one athlete that clearly skips leg day. The former NBA Defensive Player of the Year may have a stellar physique above the waist, but his top heavy figure must be trembling on those toothpicks that he calls legs. Is it me, or are his quads actually smaller than his calves? That cute waitress is more than twice as thick as Chandler!

The disproportionate NBAer is a favorite among the "friends don't let friends skip leg day" community. 

If that's the case, Tyson Chandler must be one lonely dude! I still can't get over this picture! How in the world does someone with those arms have skin and bones for legs.  He's so top-heavy that I'm surprised he doesn't topple over after every step.

Well, I guess that's enough chicken legs for one day. Don't forget to hit the gym and blast out some squats.

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