20 Athletes Who Broke The Code

There are many people who dream about having a job that in some way allows them to help people, but there are also those who dream about getting a job that allows them to showcase their athleticism, which is where the world of professional sports comes into play. Fulfilling such a dream can be extremely difficult, because whether you play a team sport like basketball or football, or a lone sport like golf, only those who are strong both mentally and physically will be able to truly succeed as a professional athlete. In truth, becoming a pro athlete makes sense, because those individuals get the chance to play the game they love for a living, while also getting that opportunity to make an obscene salary every single year.

All professional athletes play their respective sports at a level far above the rest of us, and most of them tend to live fairly comfortable and lavish lives thanks to all the money they make, but those are the two main differences between them and us, as they are still human beings. With that being said, no one should be surprised that pro athletes find themselves in intimate relationships with other people, seeing as relationships of that nature are biologically programmed into all of us. Whether we want to admit it or not, all men make mistakes when it comes to intimate relationships, and one of the biggest mistakes that can happen, is sleeping with your friend's significant other, which signifies the breaking of the "Bro Code." Male pro athletes usually become friends when they are teammates, so the code applies to them too, and if they break it, their team's chemistry always suffers to some degree; and this article will identify 20 athletes who seemingly broke the bro code.


20 Tyler Seguin

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Since joining the Dallas Stars in 2013, Tyler Seguin has proven time and time again that he is a legitimate NHL scorer, and the Boston Bruins must still be kicking themselves in the teeth for letting him go. The Bruins drafted him 2nd-overall in 2010, and in his first official season, he helped the team to win a Stanley Cup, and ended up being a huge contributor to their 2013 playoff run. Despite being a very good young player with a lot of upside, Boston decided to trade Seguin because they had concerns about his character both on and off the ice. Usually, teams will try to control such behavior, but in this case, it was a tad difficult, as rumors began to surface that Seguin was having an affair with Nathan Horton's wife.

19 Derek Fisher

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In a career that spanned 19 seasons, Derek Fisher managed to play in more playoff games than any other player in NBA history, and playing in all those games paid off, as he won a total of five championships. While playing with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2011, Fisher became teammates with small forward Matt Barnes, and although they got along at the time, there was no camaraderie between the two about four years later, when they got into a physical altercation. The altercation occurred after Barnes learned that Fisher was seeing his newly single ex-wife, which should not have been that big of an issue, but seeing as Fisher had been hooking up with her prior to the divorce being finalized, it meant that Fisher was legally still seeing his former teammate's wife.

18 Dany Heatley

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As far as German hockey players go, Dany Heatley will go down as one of the best, even though his last couple of seasons in the NHL were marred with injuries and very poor offensive numbers. Heatley ultimately played in the league for 14 seasons, where he played for five different teams, including the Ottawa Senators, with whom he had his best years, which included back-to-back 50 goal seasons. Heatley's tenure with Ottawa lasted for just four seasons, as he requested to be traded in 2009, which was surprising seeing as he was in the first year of a brand new six-year extension. At the time, people just assumed that he was not happy with his team's performance, but it is now believed that he may have wanted to leave to avoid former teammate Jason Spezza, as there were rumblings that he slept with Spezza's fiancee.

17 John Terry

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Soccer may still be lacking in popularity in the U.S. from a professional standpoint, but it is still the most popular sport in the world, and in many countries like England, fans follow their teams religiously. At one point, English center-back John Terry was regarded as soccer royalty, as he once captained Chelsea F.C., as well as the country's National team. In 2010, Terry's reputation took quite a hit when allegations about him having a four-month-long affair with Vanessa Perroncel emerged, and at the time, the model was married to Wayne Bridge, who had been teammates with Terry while in Chelsea. Both Terry and Perroncel denied the affair, but seeing as Bridge refused to play for England during the 2010 World Cup because of Terry being on the team, there must have been some truth behind the rumors.

16 Colin Kaepernick

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The NFL has been a source of controversy many times because of events that took place off the field, but during the last two seasons, the biggest "controversy" has been on the field, thanks to Colin Kaepernick. Whether you agree with it or not, Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem in order to bring light to a legitimate problem in American society, but just because he started a great cause, does not mean that he has lived a life without sin. While with the 49ers, Kaepernick was teammates with linebacker Aldon Smith, and in 2014, the two got into a fight at training camp when Smith found out that Colin was sleeping with his girl, Nessa. Apparently the affair was based on actual feelings, seeing as Nessa and Kaepernick are still dating.

15 Tony Parker

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There have been many great point guards in the NBA, and one of the all-time greats is still playing in San Antonio, as Tony Parker has spent his entire 17-year career with the Spurs, where he has helped them to win four championships. Aside from being an incredible player on the court, Parker is also known for getting involved with some very attractive women, including the absurdly beautiful Eva Longoria, who he was married to for five years before getting divorced in 2011. The pair got divorced for one reason: Eva had learned that Parker had been having an affair with Erin Barry, who at the time was married to his teammate Brent Barry. Needless to say, Brent felt nothing but resentment towards Parker, to the point that he could not stand the sight of him, which is why he decided to opt out of his contract with San Antonio.

14 Golden Tate

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Had the Seattle Seahawks decided to run the ball instead of throwing it with just under 30 seconds left in the game, they were most definitely going to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles. Although they lost the 2015 championship because of a bad play call, Seattle played the game without Golden Tate on the roster, and the wide receiver was a major reason behind the team's championship win the previous year. Following the 2014 Super Bowl, Tate left Seattle as a free agent, but he probably would have stayed with the Seahawks if their quarterback Russell Wilson wanted him on the team. Tate leaving in 2014 happened to coincide with Wilson getting divorced from his first wife, and both of these events occurred after Wilson learned that Tate was allegedly sleeping with his former spouse.


13 Pavel Bure

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Pavel Bure played in Vancouver, Florida, and New York during his NHL career, and as far as we know, he never slept with any of his teammates’ wives, but he did have other teammates outside of the NHL. Bure was also part of Russia’s national hockey team, and one of his teammates from that team was Sergei Fedorov, a fellow Hall of Famer with whom he apparently shared tennis star Anna Kournikova with between 1999-2001. Fedorov and Kornikova were indeed an item in 1999, and in 2000, she was photographed with Bure looking pretty cozy. About a year after the photo was taken, Fedorov finally responded, and claimed that when the photo was taken, he and Kournikova were married, and that she and Bure were indeed having an affair, even though she herself has denied being married to Fedorov.

12 Avisail Garcia

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For the past four years, Avisail Garcia has been playing right field for the Chicago White Sox, and last season, he performed well enough to earn his first All-Star Game appearance. Prior to playing in Chicago, Garcia began his Major League career with the Detroit Tigers, who in 2013, were left with no choice but to trade him midway through the season, after word got out that he had allegedly slept with Prince Fielder‘s wife. Although people claim that there was no affair, it seems rather odd that Garcia and Fielder got into a physical fight in the clubhouse prior to the rumors starting, and once Garcia was traded, Fielder filed for divorce. That season, Fielder was terrible offensively, and according to one of his other teammates, his poor season was indeed the result of very stressful personal issues.

11 John Harkes

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The U.S.'s National Men's Soccer Team shocked the sports world when they failed to qualify for the upcoming World Cup, which is pretty ironic seeing as the U.S. is so uninterested in the sport. The National team's roster has seen several great players, including John Harkes, a midfielder who once captained the team, in fact he was so good that his coach decided to give him the title, “Captain for life". He may have been the captain, but he did not lead by example off the field, which is why he was kicked off the team just a few months after the 1998 World Cup. In 2010, thanks to Eric Wynalda, one of Harkes' former teammates, we finally learned that Harkes was kicked off of the team because he had slept with Wynalda's wife.

10 DeMarco Murray

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Over the course of his NFL career, DeMarco Murray has played in Dallas, Philadelphia, and Tennessee, where he has managed to put up some fairly decent numbers as a running back. Unlike most of the other athletes who have found themselves on this list, Murray still has not been accused of sleeping with any of his professional teammate's wives, but he did willingly break the the bro code while playing in college. Prior to entering the NFL, Murray played for the University of Oklahoma, where he played alongside fellow running back Brennan Clay, who was married at the time. Clay was completely oblivious to the affair, but he eventually found out about it when he accidentally read a couple of very inappropriate and detailed messages and on his wife's old cellphone. This sort of betrayal must have really hurt Clay, as Murray was actually his mentor during their playing days together.

9 Jason Richardson

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It goes without saying that Steve Nash is one of the best non-hockey athletes in Canadian sports history, and seeing as he was named the NBA MVP in two consecutive years, he is by far the best basketball player that Canada will probably ever produce. Nash spent most of his career with the Phoenix Suns, but also played in Dallas and Los Angeles, and everyone who played with him will agree that he was a great teammate who deserved respect. Jason Richardson played with Nash in Phoenix, and he disrespected him by allegedly having an affair with his wife in 2009. When these rumors emerged, Richardson was quickly traded, and when Nash played with the Lakers in 2012, the team had to refuse a trade offer that included Richardson because Nash did not want him on the team.

8 Brendan Shanahan

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Brendan Shanahan currently serves as the President of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but as a player, he will be remembered as one of the best in history, as evidenced by his Hall of Fame induction in 2013. During his playing career, Shanahan found himself playing for several teams, including the St. Louis Blues, and while there, he scored a lot, and when I say that, I am not talking about goals. The 1994-95 season was shortened due to a lockout and it was during all that extra time off that Shanahan started having an affair with the wife of Craig Janney, his teammmate at the time. The affair caused St. Louis' General Manager to trade Janney for Wayne Gretzky, a trade that surprisingly failed to help the team. Apparently, only Janney really suffered from the affair, as Shanahan has been married to his ex since 1998.

7 Wayne Carey

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Most of the world does not watch or like american football, but that has not stopped other countries like Australia from developing and playing their own version of the sport. In the Land Down Under, they play Australian Rules Football, and according to many Australians, Wayne Carey is considered to be the greatest player of all time. As good as he was, Carey's reputation went in the toilet in 2002, after news broke that he had hooked up with a teammate’s wife in a bathroom during a team birthday party. Normally, someone would try to defend themselves against such allegations, but Carey decided to quit the team and go into self-imposed exile for an entire year to avoid the media, because everyone at the party had seen/heard the hookup occur.

6 Rafael Palmeiro

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The MLB has been around for 115 years, and the league's integrity has been tarnished several times, including the steroid scandal from over a decade ago that implicated many big-name players, including Rafael Palmeiro. Had Palmeiro not tested positive for performance enhancers, the former fist baseman would already be in the Hall of Fame, seeing as he is one of only five players to get 3,000 hits and 500 home runs. A good chunk of the baseball community dislikes Palmeiro, not just because he cheated, but because he was also a terrible teammate who was known for being incredibly selfish. Over the course of his career, Palmeiro was accused of sleeping with several women who were in relationships with teammates, including the wife of former second baseman Ryne Sandberg, and it was that affair that forced the Chicago Cubs to trade him in 1988.

5 Dave Martinez

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We just talked about Rafael Palmeiro, and the fact that he allegedly slept with Ryne Sandberg’s wife when both men played for the Cubs, but it appears as though the former Mrs. Sandberg got around the clubhouse quite a bit. Apparently, the Cubs dealt with a lot of affairs in the late 1980s, and Sandberg’s ex-wife was at the center of most of those affairs, as she actually slept with several of his teammates and coaches. Palmeiro was one of the players named, and so was Dave Martinez, who also ended up getting traded by Chicago in order to keep peace within the clubhouse. It seems as though the Cubs forgave his past transgressions though, seeing as they hired him as a coach in 2015, which allowed him to become the new manager of the Washington Nationals.

4 Paul Terry

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Earlier on this list we talked about John Terry, and how he is still considered to be a great soccer player, but what was not mentioned was that he has an older brother named Paul who was nowhere near as talented as him. While playing for the lowly Rushden & Diamond FC in 2011, Paul had an affair with the wife of Dale Roberts, his team’s goalie, and in a tragic turn of events that no one apparently expected, Roberts became so distraught by the betrayal that he took his own life later that same year. Seeing as his younger brother was caught in his own affair scandal the previous year, you would think that Paul would have paused to think before jumping into bed with a teammate's wife.

3 Mauro Icardi

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With this entry we will be talking about Argentinian striker Mauro Icardi, who started his professional career at the age of 18, which saw him leave his homeland to go play over in Italy. In his first year with Sampdoria (2012-13), Icardi became teammates with Maxi Lopez, a veteran forward who also hailed from Argentina, and because of their shared nationality, the two became quite close in a very short amount of time. Both players ended up spending a lot of time together, which is how Icardi met Lopez's wife, with whom he also became close with, except they got MUCH closer than Lopez had ever intended. Lopez eventually discovered the affair and divorced his wife, who has now been happily married to Icardi since 2014.

2 Thibaut Courtois

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This may be surprising for most of you to hear, but professional soccer players sleep around A LOT, and there are quite a few players who have been caught hooking up with their teammate's wife or girlfriend. Thibaut Courtois is a Belgian goalkeeper who has been playing professionally since 2009, and since 2011, he has been a part of his country's National Team, where he is teammates with midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. About two years ago, De Bruyne cheated on his girlfriend, and as you might have guessed, she was not pleased about it, so to get back at him, she decided to sleep with Courtois, who was more than willing to oblige. Seeing as they are still teammates, it appears as though both men were able to squash any animosity that might have existed.

1 Rick Manning

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1977 was a breakout year for Rick Manning, a very young center fielder who was considered to be a super star player with a lot of potential, which made the Cleveland Indians very happy, as they also had Dennis Eckersley, who was meant to be a great starting pitcher. Manning and Eckersley were roommates during the 1977 season, and became really good friends, but that brotherly relationship did not stop Manning from sleeping with Eckersley’s wife numerous times. At one point, everyone except Eckersley knew about the affair, and the front office knew that it was only a matter of time before Eckersley found out, so they traded him. In an ironic twist of fate, Manning turned out to be a major bust, while Eckersley went on to have a Hall of Fame career.


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