15 Athletes Who Totally Got Busted Flirting With Their Fans

Some athletes are married, have girlfriends, or try to score one night stands. There are even some athletes who hit on their fans. They think it won't get out. Nothing is a secret with today's social media. Some athletes love to slide into a fans DM's thinking it won't get back to them, but it almost certainly does in every circumstance. We've seen LeBron get accused of doing that more than once, which you will read in this article. Tiger Woods is a prime example of a player who loved to sleep with women thinking he won't get caught. Woods did get caught. and his legacy was tarnished immediately.

Perhaps it's not a good idea to have an attitude of, "I can do what I want, I make tons of money." Their selfish thinking does not show care for the consequences of hitting on a fan. This is what this article is about. Sometimes these athletes end up being successful in their endeavours, while others flat out get rejected and have to face the embarrassment. Here we will look at 15 times athletes got busted for getting a little too friendly with their fans, and sometimes crossed a line.


15 LeBron James

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LeBron slid into a girls' DM not once, but twice...the second time being a couple of months ago. LeBron allegedly went on Instagram and messaged an Instagram model, Heidi Hoback, who posted a pic of herself in hunting attire  saying, "Teach me to hunt and I'll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol. "She took a screenshot and responded with "Athletes slide into girls DM's all the time. So this isn't the craziest part but sheesh biggest buck I've ever seen over here."

LeBron claimed that he was hacked and that it wasn't him who sent the message. When have we heard that before? To people that thought it was a fake LeBron account she responded with, "To anyone saying his avi wasn't the same, Y'all love to hate, it was a funny story, sorry I shared."


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Mark Sanchez makes this list for getting caught flirting with a 17-year-old girl in a Manhattan nightclub in 2011. Eliza Kruger bragged on Facebook about the interaction saying, "MARK F–ING SANCHEZ” was texting her after hooking up with him at the nightclub. Eliza told deadspin.com "We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner. He lives on a golf course. There was a big storm, he’s a really nice guy, you know,” Eliza told the site. “He’s one of the kindest people, and he’s a genuine person." The age of sexual consent in New Jersey is 16...she checked telling deadspin.com.

Eliza comes from a rich family as her dad is a partner in the Stamford Connecticut financial firm Mile Capital Partners. Eliza also told deadspin that Mark would text her at 2AM on a Wednesday asking if she was out that night, she would respond with, "I have school tomorrow.” Sanchez would give her and her friends tickets to a game between the Jets and Bills, regular games and season finale.



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Marco Belinelii is a perfect one for not only flirting with fans, but sliding into a girls' DM's. In 2013 he messaged a woman on Twitter and she was having no part of it. He said in the message according to complex.com, " What's up? Wanna get something to eat?" She responded with "What?" He wasn't talking about food as he said, "yes, something long and thick to eat! LOLl." She responded with "I have a man I'm good on that."

She was having no part of it, and wanted to expose him as athletes do this all the time and just don't care about the consequences it could have. He was trying to have a one night stand with this girl and if she didn't care about being in a relationship she would've done it.

12 Julian Edelman

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The New England Patriots are under constant vigilance and a no-nonsense approach from Bill Belichick. After months and months of going through that, when they win a Super Bowl, they love to let loose. After the Patriots' victory in Super Bowl XLIX, Julian Edelman met a woman named Sabrina who was all too eager to cozy up to the Super Bowl champion.

After an evening together, the woman pulled a fast one on Edelman, uploading a photo of the two in bed together on social media and bragging about how she had just slept with an NFL star. This is obviously embarrassing for anyone being a victim of this. Fortunately for Edelman, he got sympathy and the woman was even banned from several nightclubs in the Boston area.



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In 2012 the New York Post reported that A-Rod was flirting with two female fans in the stands at a Yankee's playoff game. The game was an ALDS playoff game against the Detroit Tigers. Alex Rodriguez was benched for Game 1 of the series, but it didn't stop him from getting a number. According to the New York Post, he threw a ball into the stands asking the women for her number. The Daily Mail identified the woman as Kyna Treacy, a bikini model and designer from Australia. The Daily Mail also reported that she was 33, but she went on Twitter to say her age was "27".

Treacy is a former Bondi Beach girl who started her own swimwear line. Alex Rodriguez who now dates Jennifer Lopezand has had his share of women. He is just another pro, flirting with his fans and getting caught, which is why he is on this list.


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Tiger Woods really tarnished his legacy when he cheated on his wife with a thrall of women. But, this example of him being caught with a fan, happened to be his 21-year-old neighbor in 2010. He had a one night stand with the 21 year old less than a mile from his Florida mansion. Her name is Rachel Coudriet, who lived outside Orlando at the time. She told the Enquirer that she had an "exhausting” two-hour session with Tiger in May of 2009, on a couch in his private office. He knew the girl since she was 14 and he would invite Rachel to play golf, asking her to meet him at a party thrown by a mutual friend. He even joked about "cleaning his golf balls" to Rachel, according to the Enquirer. He even "neck" with Rachel in his Escalade SUV very close to the home. He shared that home with his wife at the time, Elin Nordegren.



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Marcus Jordan, the son of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, doesn't quite carry the same cache as his dad. Here is another instance of flirting with a fan on social media and being outed. Marcus Jordan tweeted to a women named Rachel, "too bad you wasn't n the chi this weekend, was ready for round 2, 1st black one, huh? dm me back boo. got a lot more for you $$." He later said he never wrote that stating, " Lol everybody that knows me knows I would never send an 'Accidental' tweet like that. Whoever it was, nice prank tho."

That's the best excuse to come up with...that it was a prank or he was hacked. It's usually the no.1 reason we hear when an athlete is caught. Whether or not it's true for Marcus can't be proven.


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It's a known fact nobody tries to flirt with their fans more than J.R. Smith who, in his senior yearbook wrote, "Get chicks or die tryin." Before a Knicks game in 2013 a fan direct messaged him on Twitter saying, "I'm going to your game tonight." Smith responded with "Dope." she replied with a smile emoji and Smith wrote back "Oh really." The woman wrote "Oh really what?" Smith replied with "You trying to get the pipe?" He not only flirts with his fans, but is a master at it. He also slides into a girls DM's just like his NBA buddy, LeBron James.

According to deadspin, the girl was a senior in High School and that night Smith went 0-8. He clearly had his mind on other things. He posted on his Instagram account a picture full of pipes on a wall. He can't fool many people though, he was just trying to hide the fact he got caught flirting with a fan.



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This guy got busted for flirting with a young fan on Twitter in 2013. He slid into a 17-year- old girl's DM first saying, "hey whats up." She responded with "hey nothing much thanks for the follow enjoying Arizona?" Instead of being a good person he responded with "what's your name and age?" She said I'm Alexis and I'm 17." He replied back "When you make 18?" Really man?!?!?

Alexis thought it was wrong and released the screenshot hoping it would go somewhere. What he did was wrong and should've known that he would get busted for doing that. It was probably a case of the young lady just wanting to get a little closer to one of her favorite players and it was badly misinterpreted.


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Troy Aikman might have been a pro on the fireld, but definitely isn't one with social media. Aikman thought he was sending a direct message to Mari Morrow. Instead it was a direct tweet that read "DM @Mari_Marrow. I'm in Dallas but will you be coming to LA soon... was thinking of you and wanted to say hi." He got busted, as it was all over the internet and not private at all. Next time Aikman has to make sure he is sending actual DMs and not broadcasting his business all over the media universe. Aikman was a franchise quarterback for the Cowboys, and now does the broadcasts with Joe Buck, but maybe he should stick to being a commentator and be a little more careful in where he flirts with women. Morrow would respond with her own tweet saying. "LOL if he was seeing me… he better not misspell my name :-).”



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Jose Canseco, like many others on this list, also got entangled flirting with a fan on Twitter. He direct messaged a woman saying, "Your the best." She replied with "You are, your Twitter is so great." Canseco replied with "Can I see your face." (Her profile picture had her face down lying on the floor).

She replied with "I changed my profile picture check now." Canseco said "Sorry I have a girlfriend I made a huge mistake."

It looks like Canseco either got busted by his girlfriend, or he saw a picture of her face and thought I'd rather just stay with the girl I have now. Canseco looks bad either way and if his girlfriend didn't find out while he was doing it, she knows now. It's not really known to this day what made Canseco change his mind but he must have hurt the woman's self-esteem and made her feel like she was being played.


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Joffrey Lupul plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs and it was brought into light that he was asking a woman for nudes. Lupul wanted nudes from this woman and she messaged him directly saying. "So, I'm not tweeting them. If there's an alternative form of contact you're getting some." Lupul replied with "Haha isn't that what DM is for?" She replied with "You can't send pictures through DM. "He replied with "Ahh thx didn't know that little DM bit. If I give you my email will you please, for the love of God not show it to anyone."

So he gave up his real email address for nude photos of a girl? Why not just make one up? The fan's name according to Twitter is Taylor Marie. She tweeted a message to Lupul saying. "Hey @JLupul you can’t tell me this doesn’t peak your interest… #imhot." with a picture of herself in a bathing suit.



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Ray Allen, who was pretty good on the court, had some choice words for a woman, whose name is unknown, when he sent her a direct message. Oh man did he get fried! He said a very vulgar message, "when you m----- think about my tongue or your (expletive), and switching back and forth from my (expletive) to my tongue."

He didn't care, or realize, that what he said would get out and got completely busted for it. Ray Allen's success was with the Boston Celtics, bringing them a championship in 2008 and winning the NBA championship with the Miami Heat. Allen got married to Shannon Williams in 2008 and the DM to the lady was leaked 2009. It never got out how it affected Ray Allen's marriage. I guess not too bad since he is still married.


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LeGarette Blount got exposed for direct messaging a fan who was in a relationship. The two-time Super Bowl Champion is a good player on the field, but off, he has some trouble with the ladies. The boyfriend, Rick Phillips, tweeted, "This man, LeGarette Blount, just DM'd my girl lmao. "Then tweeted "He's trying to fly her to Philadelphia." The girl's name is Skylar, who is a track and field star. She tweeted in all caps "YALL WOULD NOT BELIEVE THIS (EXPLETIVE)." Her brother took to Twitter and wrote, "This man, Legarette Blount, has been in my sisters DM's."

The next day Blount and the Eagles beat the Chargers with Blount having a pretty good game. He rushed for 136 yards. If this person is an Eagles fan, we wonder if the boyfriend forgave him after his big game.



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This sort of falls into the same category as the Julian Edelman incident mentioned earlier, as James Harden met up with a fan after chatting on Instagram, only for the fan to upload a photo of the two of them after a session. The fan in question here was model Farrah Flossit, who felt the need to share her escapades with Harden to the world. For what it's worth, a friend of Harden's has come out and claimed the photo was photoshopped. Harden didn't exactly address the matter, which may lead you to believe that it in fact happened and Harden just wanted to move on. In any event, Harden was single at the time so really did nothing wrong. Too bad the whole world had to find out.


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