15 Athletes Who Regret Having Kids

Many athletes have children. Some don't want anything to do with them, yet have to pay child support. Sometimes the athlete has kids with many different women never thinking of the consequences. It leaves the kids, however, without that other parent in their life because the parent either wants nothing to do with them, or their hectic schedule barely leaves them with any time to spend with their kids.

There are athletes with many different baby mamas, which you will see in this article. For example: Travis Henry, Marshall Faulk, Kenny Anderson, etc.. All these athletes never really did a lot of thinking before having a good time with women. The athletes would leave the women with little to nothing, and some even faced jail time for missing child support payments. No matter how rich one is, if you're supporting more than five kids and you retire, that source of income isn't coming in and your money's draining fast.

Athletes with several offsprings may regret having them because they owe so much in child support. Going to court isn't any fun either. Many athletes owe thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in child support. Some get lazy, simply do not want to pay, or just want nothing to do with their kids. Others simply had more kids than they could handle.


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In 2012, Terrell Owens faced jail time for owing a lot of child support. Owens had four kids with four different women and he had to have been wishing he's have been more careful. He owed $20,000 in child support for just one of his children. The mother, Melanie Smith, claimed Owens did not pay child support from for three months. The lawyer for Smith, Randall Kessler, told the Daily Mail, "We remain hopeful that he will choose to resume supporting his daughter, but, neither we nor our client have."had any indication from him since last year as to when, or if, he will ever provide another penny in support."

T.O's fallen on some tough financial times in his retirement. He has launched his own clothing line, so hopefully that helps him pay what he needs to, in order to support his kids.


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According to a Florida woman named Belkis Rodriguez, Cabrera fathered two children with her in 2013 and 2015. Meanwhile, he has been married to his wife, Rosangel, since 2002, and they have three children. Cabrera was paying child support for Rodriguez's two kids, but decreased the payments so much that Rodriguez didn't have enough to survive on, according to Deadspin. He allegedly decreased the payments to $6,400 per month in 2017 and now claims the kids aren't his.

Now Cabrera has accused Rodriguez of extortion and wants paternity tests to see if those kids are his. My question is, are they his children and what will the consequences be when the results are back? This really sounds like an episode of Maury Povich.


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Larry Johnson owed a whopping $900,000 in child support in 2015, according to TMZ. He was nearly a million dollars in debt with one of his baby mamas. Johnson put away nearly $26 million in a trust fund, according to one of the four moms he has. Laura Tate, one of the moms, says he was paying her $1,000 a month in child support when he was supposed to be paying close to $11K per month.

The woman, Tate, also claimed one of the baby mamas was getting more than her. Johnson had to pull some drastic measures to pay the woman back. His answer was handing over his $800,000 Orange County home. He also agreed to pay Tate $55,000 in incremental payments of $1,000.


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Before Bosh got married, he was in a relationship with Allison Mathis who claims he left her when she was seven months pregnant with his child. He obviously, sadly, didn't want the child. After Bosh ended the relationship with Mathis, she was forced to live with her mom in Maryland and gave birth through an emergency C-Section.

When they broke up she had no money for doctors appointments and she had stomach issues from the stress of it all. She claimed in 2012 that Bosh made her lose $250,000 on a TV deal. Bosh denied the claims that he was the reason she lost out on the show, Basketball Wives.

They were in court battles for about five years, but a judge recently threw Mathis's lawsuit out, the judge claimed there was not enough evidence to prove that Shed Media terminated her contract over the pregnancy. We just hope the child is okay.


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Allen Iverson cashed in about $140 million during his career. In 2013, his ex-wife Tawanna Iverson, went to court asking a judge to have Iverson deposit $1.27 million in a trust fund for child support. Iverson claimed he didn't have enough money to buy a cheeseburger, and the only income he had was a Reebok deal. He said the Reebok deal was not enough to pay his ex-wife what she wanted. Iverson has five kids with Tawanna. He gave her $400,00 in July of 2012 to avoid jail time. With the amount that she wants, he will be paying till about October 2026, when their youngest turns 18 years old.

Iverson has a trust fund set up with Reebok and will receive $32 million when he turns 55, but that's still a ways away.


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Andrea Pearson claimed Ochocinco failed to make $5,250 in child support payments, according to TMZ. Ochocinco told TMZ at the time "5k? That's it? All she had to do was call like normal people do. You can always tell who is in it for the money." Ochocinco was confronted by one of his ex's mothers. She claimed he owed $38k in child support to his 14-year-old son. Ochocinco claimed he couldn't afford that high of a payment because he hasn't been in the NFL since 2011. The woman claimed Chad was ordered to pay $6,000 a month in child support plus another $1,000 a month to be put away in a college fund for his 14-year-old son.

It's a shame things get this messy between the parents of a kid, as they don't get to see their parents co-existing in harmony.


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Why does Deion Sanders regret having kids? A judge in 2012 ordered Sanders to pay over $10,000 a month in child support to his ex-wife, Pilar. He claimed it was not fair. Sanders, according to TMZ, claims that $10k a month is actually six times more than the state of Texas requires. His ex-wife claimed he is worth $250 million and the court shouldn't have any sympathy for him.

Pilar's lawyer told TMZ, "Once again, Mr. Sanders has not followed the court's direct orders and has attempted to make up his own rules. It is clear that he still thinks he is "above the law." Sanders has three children with Pilar and also needs to pay $275,000 in legal fees. While Sanders seems to have a good relationship with his kids, it just shows you how messy divorces can get.


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Cromartie also has a huge child support order. He pays roughly $3,500 a month and $336,000 a year in child support. He has 14 kids with seven different women. Several women have taken him to court over custody and lack of child support payments. One of the mothers told the New York Post, "These kids have to Google to find out about their dad.” Today he is currently a free agent and not making any money in the NFL. He'll be in court forever trying to come up with $336,000 a year in payments due. One of the mothers claimed he left her days before their wedding and she gave birth to his sixth child alone.

In 2016, Cromartie got his current wife pregnant, even after he had a vasectomy. Cromartie has said that having kids even after getting a vasectomy must come from a higher power. However, things will be tough for Cromartie, as he's no longer earning an NFL salary and has 14 kids to support.


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Travis Henry owes so much in child support, he's broke. He has nine children with different women, all born within a few months of each other. They were born form 2001-2007. One time, an Atlanta judge ordered he make monthly payments of $3,000 a month for his four-year old son. In total, he was having to pay $170,000 a year...according to his lawyer, Randy Kessler, telling the New York Times his client, "Travis Henry, is broke." Henry told the New York Times, “I’ve lost everything in this mess I’ve gotten myself into."

He also talked about his lifestyle saying "Knock on wood, or something, I'm blessed not to have AIDS. That never crossed my mind." The Denver Broncos gave Henry a five year, $25 million contract in 2007, but as we know, he didn't receive all the money from that deal. Henry said back in 2007 that condoms were for sailors. Looking back, he probably wishes he'd used protection.


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Mike Tyson has eight children. In 2003 he even wasn't paying his psychiatrist. In 2003 he also filed for bankruptcy and owed $51,949 in child support to Kimberly Scarborough, who gave birth to their daughter in 1991. Tyson's debt was reported to be as high as $27 million back in 2003. He said at the time: "I was burdened with substantial debt to Showtime, taxing authorities, and parties to litigation. Since that time, my fight income, various asset sales and litigation recoveries have enabled me to pay a lot of my debt, I am still unable to pay my bills."

From 1995-1997 he spent $9 million in legal fees. In June of 2002 he had to pay $8,100 to care for his tigers and $65,000 for limos he would ride in. Talk about not putting your children first.


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Shawn Kemp, as far as we know has seven kids from six different women. There are also some rumors he has as many as 11 children with nine different baby mamas. Just think about the amount of child support he has to pay. He was accused of not paying over $200,000 in child support to just one of the eight women, plus legal fees. His eldest son plays for the University of Washington.

When he was behind in payments, Kemp tried to make it back into the NBA, in order to regain the income and keep up with payments, but his comeback attempt fell short after a drug arrest. For a while, Kemp owned a sports bar in Seattle, but it closed its doors in 2015. It's unknown now how Kemp is earning income.


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Marshall Faulk is one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. Faulk has six kids with three different women. Like all the other entries on this list, that means he has a lot of child support to pay. With his recent scandal, that will be even tougher. Faulk is currently on leave from the NFL Network after recent allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. The network is doing an investigation on the matter. Faulk is accused of exposing himself electronically and in person. With the suspension happening it will be tough for him to come up with all that money to support his kids. If the allegations against him, and they're pretty bad, turn out to be true, you wonder what else he'll be able to do for a living.


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In 2005, Kenny Anderson had stopped paying child support to Basketball Wives personality Tami Roman. He was supposed to pay $8,500 a month. He also missed child support payments for his two daughters. The missed payments came out to a total of $800k in missed payments. In 2012, Anderson and his baby mammas came to a settlement that would last over nine years. All the warrants issued for the missed payments were dropped according to TMZ.

In a 2006 article by the New York Post, it was reported Anderson also had seven kids with three different women after exiting the league in 2005. Anderson played for the New Jersey Nets and Boston Celtics in his NBA career.

Anderson's life was detailed in a documentary last year and he's trying to use his mistakes to teach his kids the importance of safe sex and how to be smart with money.


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In 2012, Evander Holyfield owed an immense amount in child support. He owed $500k for his 11 kids with eight different women. Alone, he owed $372,097 in support for his daughter Emani. Evander was held in contempt of court, according to TMZ. He was ordered to pay $2,950 a month to clear the debt of $563,900.91.

He was making checks out for $17,700 a month which brought his debt down to $546,200.91. In 2013 he even lost his driver's license over not paying child support. Even though he earned $250 million during his boxing career, he was forced to auction off his memorabilia to have enough to pay child support for his many kids. It just shows you how quickly money can disappear, no matter how much you have.


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Malone doesn't talk to all his kids. Karl Malone, at age 20, knocked up a 13-year-old girl when he was a sophomore at Louisiana Tech. From there, Malone was making small child support payments.

Demetrius Bell was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2008 and told ESPN at the time of his dad, "I treat it as if my mother went to the sperm bank. I don't hate him for not being in my life, it made me a better person."

Malone doesn't talk about Bell in public and you will never see them together. Bell did not meet his father, Malone, until after Bell graduated from high school. Malone told Bell that it was "too late for them to have a father-son relationship." Malone at the end of the day wants nothing to do with his son. Sad...

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