15 Athletes Who Surprisingly Still Succeeded With The Ladies

Becoming a pro-athlete takes a lot of work and requires a lot of different skills, however, one of the qualifications for becoming an athlete is definitely not good looks. This is very apparent if you look at the pro-athletes from any of sport over many different years. Some have strength, and some have power. Yes, some athletes are handsome, and others… well, they weren't so gifted with what most would call the handsome gene.

These athletes probably do not care if they are considered less desirable than their counterparts, though, because they are bringing in some major moolah and the women are still all over them. For some women, looks truly aren’t everything. And for other women, money can make you look a lot more attractive. The level of fame and attention that comes with dating a professional athlete can’t hurt much either. Does the specific sport have to do with how good looking of a woman the athlete can entice? Maybe football players have better luck than soccer players.

Some of the ugliest athletes out there have been known to bring in some of the prettiest women. Take the NBA’s Steph Curry for example, he’s not the greatest looking baller. Yet, he has hit the jackpot by marrying the stunning and talented Ayesha Curry.

Curry’s story is not uncommon. It seems the unattractive athletes have absolutely no problem bringing in women and sometimes they are the most beautiful women. Here are 15 unattractive athletes who have no trouble succeeding with the ladies.

15 Peyton Manning

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This NFL superstar quarterback played football for 16 years before retiring in 2016. He’s one of the most famed quarterback’s of the industry and easily recognizable by name. However, he has one very big “fault.” When people hear the name Peyton Manning, they often go straight to thinking about his oversized forehead. He’s constantly heckled over his “five-head.”

But, this football star doesn’t let it affect him. When the Indianapolis Colts presented him with a statue of himself outside their stadium, during his thank you speech he expressed thankful the sculptor promised to make his forehead smaller than reality. His awkward head shape hasn’t prevented him from kicking it with the ladies. He’s been married to the beautiful Ashley Thompson since 2001 and was even rumored to have cheated on Thompson with a weather girl in Indianapolis for a few years.

14 Dennis Rodman

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Where do you start with an athlete like Dennis Rodman? This now 56-year-old former NBA basketball player is quite the character and loved expressing himself through his appearance, however strange it’d be. At the beginning of his NBA career in 1986, Rodman looked completely normal, but as the years progressed his unique personality started coming out with rainbow color hair and extravagant piercings. His over-the-top personality has even led him to publicly cross-dressing on more than one occasion.

No matter how many weird hair styles, or how many tattoos or piercings this man has though, he’s never had trouble finding women. He’s been connected to some big names like Carmen Electra, Madonna, Vivica A. Fox, and famous porn star Jenna Jameson. Even at his older age, Rodman has no trouble finding a warm place to lay his head at night.

13 Chris Kaman


Chris Kaman is a former basketball player who stands at 7 feet tall! Chris started playing in the NBA in 2003 and played for 5 different teams before 2016. He was a big shot rookie player, playing in all 82 games during his rookie season. He was a fast-rising star, but he was also quickly featured on tons of “Top Ugliest Athletes” lists.

At one time, he sported some stringy shoulder length blonde hair to pair with his very pale spotted complexion. He was definitely seen as one of the creepier players. A couple of years after his NBA start, he did away with the long hair and went completely buzzcut/bald and grew out a bead. It was a big change, but it didn’t really help his appearance much. Nonetheless, women apparently didn’t care about his appearance because one named, Emilie VilleMonte married the strange American-German baller in 2010.

12 Alex Ovechkin

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One of the greatest modern-day NHL stars is also one of the most notedly unattractive athletes around right now. This Russian hockey player has played for the Washington Capitals and even scored his 1,000 career point last year – only the 37th NHL player ever to do so with only one team! Over his many years of playing hockey, he’s had quite a few run-ins with the puck, and that’s putting it lightly. Ovechkin has gained a very broken (now-crooked) nose and more than one missing tooth and has done little to nothing to fix those mishaps. As a pro-ice hockey player, he’s likely to lose more of those pearly teeth anyways.

Despite his gapped smile, Ovechkin has been linked with a few gorgeous women, including the Russian tennis star Maria Kirilenko. He is now married to the even more beautiful Anastasia Shubskaya, daughter of the famed Russian actress Vera Glagoleva.

11 Anthony Davis

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There is one thing you definitely can’t miss when you look at 24-year-old NBA player, Anthony Davis and that is his massive unibrow, not his massive eight-foot wingspan. Since puberty, Davis has openly embraced his natural eyebrow growth and has stated that he will never get rid of it, because it makes him unique. He refers to it as “The Brow” and even trademarked the phrase, “fear the brow.”

This unibrow-rocking athlete surprisingly still has luck with women. He once dated one part of the UNLV Lady Rebel basketball-duo Gonzalez Twins, Dylan Gonzalez, an aspiring singer. He is also reportedly dating the “proud lesbian” WNBA star Brittney Griner, despite her short-lived marriage to Glory Johnson. I guess the chicks don’t fear the brow, no matter how distracting it may be.

10 Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel is looking for his big comeback with the NFL after being dropped by the Cleveland Browns in 2015 and some major controversies during the following off season. The Heismann-winning rising star quarterback’s off-field antics were talked about more than his actual gameplay. His disrespectful attitude and extreme party habits may have possible cost him his life’s career.

Manziel hasn’t lost his touch with women though, despite his ugly behavior and less than fortunate facial appearance. The former Texas A&M legend has a large nose featured on a smaller face, but women don’t see that. He’s a party boy who had a lot of money to blow. His bad boy attitude is most likely what attracts the many, many hot women he’s had flocking his way.

9 Terrell Suggs

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Mr. T-Sizzle was really hard to look at during his early years with the NFL. He had tiny baby teeth and elongated gums in his oversized head. Terrell Suggs, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker was constantly heckled for his unusual grill. He was seriously known for his awful teeth just as much as he was for his insanely good gameplay. Suggs always said he would not fix his smile during his career with the NFL.

However, he fixed those chompers right up during the beginning of 2017 and it really improved his overall appearance. Suggs never really struggled in the dating department, even before his new smile. A beautiful Candace Williams married the big man in 2012. Their marriage was not perfect though, because Suggs cheated on his wife after finding even more women to hook up with him and his baby teeth.

8 Wayne Rooney

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The soccer star with a ginger complexion and small head has had just as much luck with dating as he has with the game. Wayne Rooney is an English soccer player who holds the second-most goals scored in the Premier League. Rooney has been in a committed marriage with Coleen Rooney since 2008 and the two share three children together with a fourth due later this year. There marriage was smooth, until Rooney was caught partying out with another woman and arrested for drunk driving.

He has some rather distasteful behavioral habits, and he’s no David Beckham in the looks department, but his wife stands by his side to this day, and his fling is probably willing to cozy up to this troubled soccer star.

7 Boban Marjanović

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Boban Marjanović has been compared to many unfortunate things, like an ogre or a troll. This Serbian NBA star has misshaped ears that stick out from his round head and his large nose covers up most of his face’s real estate. During the game, he’s consistently making comical facial expressions and his 7’3” body and ginormous hands are undeniably hard to miss.

This scoring machine has gained a large fan following during his time with the NBA and the Serbian national basketball team. The “Boban Mania” quickly started to seep into the female population. Marjanović has been seen with numerous pretty women and married one of them in 2014, Milica Krstić. Despite their staggering height difference, the pair look to be doing well and happily married.

6 Andrew Luck

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Andrew Luck may not have had a ton of luck in the looks department, but he has had quite a bit of luck in the dating department. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback has a super-fast 40 yard dash time of 4.67 seconds and a super-smoking fiancée. Many football fans have criticized Luck’s physical appearance; some have even gone as far as calling him uglier than the notoriously unattractive and former Colt’s quarterback Peyton Manning.

Andrew Luck may have a scrunchy smile and overly-round head, but that didn’t scare away Nicole Pechanec. Luck and Pechanec have been paired together since 2008 and have managed to stay out of the spotlight as a couple. Luck and Pechanec have a wholesome relationship together – perfect for Luck’s good boy, country, redneck appearance.

5 Marshawn Lynch

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This Oakland Raiders running back has been referred to as a jerk, or thug and some have even called him ugly. However, for Marshawn Lynch the line isn’t clearly drawn in the sand. Many people have come to his defence saying he isn’t unattractive at all. His net worth of almost $50 million might help his case, but his long dreads, extensive tattoos and grilled-out teeth don’t help at all.

Lynch has a collection of custom teeth that he switches out when he feels the time is right. Some are normal white pearly teeth, others are decked out in silver or gold studs. A couple of pairs even have words printed in diamonds on them. However, some women must find this endearing because he has been pictured with quite a few good lookers over his years with the NFL.

4 Gustavo Ayón

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Gustavo Ayón is mainly a Mexican basketball star who briefly played for the NBA from 2011 to 2014. Although he isn’t exactly that notable in the United States, Ayón is a big basketball star. He currently plays for the Real Madrid Baloncesto and is worth a lot of money. He is also unfortunately compared to a cartoon character named the “Crimson Chin.” Granted, he is one of the really tall basketball players (6’10”), and it seems to be extra hard for the taller men to find normalcy in their other features.

Ayón has grown out his facial hair in a goatee form, which has greatly helped to hide the size of his hefty chin. Ayón is also one of those rare athletes with no controversies or scandals tied to his name, and that must definitely help him find women to hold on to at night.

3 D.J. Mbenga

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D.J. Mbenga was a big shot NBA player, and one of the strongest players in the industry during his time. His Belgian-Congolese roots have a huge influence on his life, as he didn’t have an easy upbringing. However, he has been known to cause a few controversies – even being arrested for public intoxication after trying to fight a cop and being sued over a pinky ring.

His short neck, small head and seven-foot stature highlight his large ears. Nonetheless, this bizarre-looking baller doesn’t struggle in the dating department. Maybe it’s his accent, or the fact that he’s foreign that helps him attract women; it could be his NBA status though. He was rumored to have dated Kara DioGuardi, the American singer-songwriter and a woman way out his league.

2 Calvin Booth

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The former NBA pro is currently 41-years-old and the Assistant General Manager for the Denver Nuggets. Calvin Booth may have a stunning wife now, but his big head and goofy grin could have prevented that. Booth hasn’t played with the NBA since his career end in 2009, and during his career he didn’t really accomplish anything noteworthy and didn’t break any records. His NBA profession may have began with the Washington Wizards and ended with the Sacramento Kings, but the main thing people might remember about him is his silly face.

Despite all of that, Booth has been seen out attending functions with other pretty women, besides his wife, Keisha. Booth was spotted with the pretty and highly influential Tijana Ibrahimovic, an entertainment journalist and television personality, attending a fundraiser for Autism.

1 Kelly Olynyk

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Kelly Olynyk may play for the Miami Heat but he certainly does not bring the heat when it comes to looks. Standing at seven-feet, this powerful centre is hard to miss; it’s impossible not to see his grungy long hair and bulging beard plastered on his lengthy face. Olynyk’s hair has been growing for quite some time and he’s undetermined on when (if ever) he’ll chop it off. He’s never had a hair cut in the United States, choosing to keep his salon visits in his home country, Canada.

He’s not been linked with any notable women of public status, but he has been pictured with numerous lookers. This Canadian basketball player seems to keep his private life private, but because he’s not too good looking, when he’s seen out with women – it’s big news. He also has quite a few female fans who excite at the sight of him.

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