15 Awesome Photos Of Anllela Sagra

In recent years we have seen several fitness models rise to prominence through the use of social media. In fact, many of these women have been able to attract Instagram followers that number in the millions. One might reasonably ask, how do relatively unknown bodybuilders gain such a massive online fan base? The answer is simple: by posting some of the most jaw-dropping photos ever seen on the information superhighway.

One of the best examples of an Instagram fitness sensation is Colombia's Anllela Sagra. The 5-foot-9 beauty has used her movie star good looks and world-class physique to gain an impressive 9.8 million Instagram followers. At just 24 years of age, Sagra has already established herself as a social media powerhouse.

After studying fashion design and dabbling in traditional modeling, the South American beauty would meet a trainer that would change her life. Sagra began working out frequently and gained a muscular physique, which is often seen as undesirable in the world of traditional modeling. She then changed her focus to fitness modeling, and even placed 3rd in a competition, while also receiving several compliments from the judges.

Now that you have heard the story, it’s time to see what all the fuss about. With that in mind, here are 15 breathtaking photos of one of the hottest models on the planet.


15 Curves & Camo

Despite the fact that she’s wearing camouflage, Anllela Sagra is still very easy to spot in this fabulous Instagram post. The Colombian-born beauty has a prominent rear end that would even make fellow fitness queens (and Belfie specialists) Jen Selter and Sommer Ray do a double take. The social media icon appears to mean business, while sporting military-inspired outfit, complete with backward hat. Sagra is waging war on dull Instagram photos and appears to be winning, based on this image. With just under 200,000 likes, it’s fair to say that this post was hit with her followers.

Fit Fact: In 1999, the women’s bodybuilding (IFBB) Hall of Fame was established. The inaugural class featured some of the most legendary names in the sport such as Cory Everson and Carla Dunlap.

14 Let's Ride

Let's ride! Sunday's feelzzz 😋

A post shared by •ANLLELA SAGRA• (@anllela_sagra) on


Bike riding appears to be one of the many exercises that Anllela Sagra takes part in, in order to stay in such tremendous shape. The toned Latina poses in her ripped jeans and black sports bra in front of an expensive looking bicycle. The caption below the pic reads, “Let’s ride! Sunday’s feelzzz.” There are definitely more than a few of her social media followers who would love the spend their Sundays riding around with this gorgeous gal. This captivating Instagram post received over 93,000 likes from her rabid fanbase.

Fit Fact: Fitness modeling has become so popular that there are even agencies throughout the world in places such as London and New York. While many fitness models primarily pose for magazines, there are others who compete professionally.

13 Time To Lift

Via AnllelaSagra.net

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Anllela Sagra knows that the stunning brunette spends countless hours in the gym. This photo shows the 5-foot-9 beauty flaunting her impressive abs, with several dumbells in the background. Actually, the 20-pounders in the back drop look kind of rusty and should probably be replaced. That being said, even dilapidated equipment can’t take away from the gorgeous model’s marvelous physique. When it comes to producing amazing photos, Anllela Sarga proves that she is second to none.

Fit Fact: Even the term "fitness" has come along way since it became a part of our vernacular. Prior to the industrial revolution, one was considered fit, by simply having the ability to carry out day-to-day activities without experiencing undue fatigue.

12 Triple Threat


Here we get three stunning images in a single Instagram post. The brunette star shows off her belfie skills in a photo that highlights her toned lower half. As the caption clearly indicates, Sagra decides to take a break from wearing her usual workout attire. That being said, this white two-piece outfit most definitely flatters the fitness model’s famous figure. This candid Belfie collage brought in over 173,000 likes on social media. Anllela Sagra proves that she knows how to keep her fans happy, with this popular shot.

Fit Fact: One of the earliest appearances of female bodybuilders on mainstream television came back in 1995, on the talk show Geraldo. Competitors like Nikki Fuller, Sha-ri Pendleton, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls and Linda Murray all made an appearance.

11 Bang!

With one of the best bods on social media, Anllela Sagra has managed to snag more than a few lucrative endorsement deals over the years. Here we see the Colombian model posing with an energy drink, in a bikini with their logo across the top. Just about any company’s clothing would look amazing being modeled on the beach by this lovely Latina. The post received well over 72,000 likes from her legions of Instagram followers.

Fit Fact: When one thinks of the term fitness, images of bodybuilders and folks with impressive physiques will often be the first things that come to mind. However, in recent years, things such as mental and emotional health have begun to be considered when accessing an individual's overall fitness level.

10 Just Look At Those Abs

Via twitter.com

Anllela Sagra is model who loves showing off her flawless midsection. That being said, anyone with abs like that would probably be displaying them quite frequently as well. While she obviously works out quite a bit, Sagra also needs to pay attention to her diet in order to keep her tummy toned. The fetching brunette provides her fans with another phenomenal image, as she poses in her workout bottoms and gray tank top. After seeing photos like this, it’s easy to understand how Sagra has managed to become one of the biggest names in fitness.

Fit Fact: Physical exercise, eating right, and sufficient rest are three important factors, if one hopes to become (or stay) physically fit. While the first two are somewhat obvious, getting enough sleep is an important and often overlooked factor.

9 Tennis Time

Via Pinterest.com

Those who follow professional tennis are used to seeing beautiful women like Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, and Genie Bouchard frequenting the court. However, as we can see here, Anllela Sagra makes for a very attractive tennis player in her own right. While the young model looks a bit unsure what to do with the tennis ball, she still looks amazing holding it. Sagra’s short shorts help to draw attention to her long legs, which always appear to be in peak physical condition. At 5-foot-9, the proud Colombian even has the height we have come to expect from the hottest women in tennis.

Fit Fact: Female bodybuilding first appeared in the 19th-century circus and vaudeville shows throughout Europe, though the sport (at least for females) didn’t really take off until the early 1980s.


8 Tight Dress

via pinterest.com

In this photo, we see Anllela Sagra posing in a form-fitting grey dress. The dress is so tight that one has to wonder how she got into it in the first place. That being said, the outfit certainly compliments the frame which helped the internet sensation earn almost 10 million followers on Instagram. The brunette shows off her signature curves next to cozy looking dog bed, while posing for another outstanding selfie. While Jen Selter and Sommer Ray lay claim to being the queens of the fitness belfie, It’s Sagra who just may have the best selfies in the business.

Fit Fact: Female bodybuilding events in the late 1970s differ from those we see today. For instance, in those days, the contestants wore high-heeled shoes and were not supposed to clench their fists while posing.

7 Black & White

Sometimes is good to go B&W😋 @anllelasagra_ #whitechocolate

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As the caption under the photo states, “Sometimes is [sic] good to go B&W.” It’s difficult to argue with Sagra’s assessment after seeing this jaw dropping black and white image. The model appears to be going for the sexy librarian look with her stylish glasses. Moreover, as per usual, Anllela Sagra proudly flaunts some of the best abs in fitness. Her ripped jeans and black sports bra help to complete what is already an extremely memorable photograph. When it comes to online modeling, the bodybuilding starlet proves she is in a league of her own, with photos like this one.

Fit Fact: Prior to becoming a movie star and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a very accomplished bodybuilder. In fact, he won the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest on seven separate occasions.

6 Short Skirt


Even with the gorgeous skyline in the background, it can be hard for one to take their eyes off of Anllela Sagra in this charming Instagram post. The Colombian fitness guru models her short, black skirt and a sports bra while posing on the balcony. In the caption, Sagra is promoting a supplement which apparently helps her with hydration. She is also wearing a backward baseball cap, which has become something of signature accessory for the social media standout. Just over 47,000 likes, which is a lot, still seems like too few for this outstanding photograph.

Fit Fact: In 1984, Racine, Wisconsin’s Corinna “Cory” Everson emerged as one of female bodybuilding first major stars. The 5-foot-9 powerhouse won both the NPC Nationals and the title of Ms. Olympia at the height of her career.

5 I Heart

Via listal.com

This fun photo shows Anllela Sagra making a heart sign with her hands, while posing at an exotic location. One the many benefits of being a gorgeous, world-famous social media star is getting to travel to tropical destinations (like the one shown here) for photo shoots. Even the silly facial expression she’s making in the photo, doesn’t detract from Sagra’s undeniable beauty. The pic is easily among her best, which is really saying something, given her body of work.

Fit Fact: One of the downsides for many women in bodybuilding, is that the decreased body fat which comes with training, often results in a smaller bust. For this reason, it is estimated that roughly 80% of all female fitness competitors have had comprehensive breast augmentation during their careers.

4 A Walk On The Beach

Via BeautyMuscle.com

This image looks like it could easily be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. With her camouflage top and unique bottoms, it’s safe to assume that Anllela Sagra was the hottest thing on the beach that particular day. The Instagram phenomenon shows us why she has become one of the most talked about celebs on social media, with impressive pics like this one. The 5-foot-9 stunner demonstrates that she has definitely had prior modeling experience, with her ability to create a seemingly endless supply of fantastic photos.

Fit Fact: Figure competition is a relatively new contest in the world of bodybuilding. In these contest, participants are judged on definition and muscular symmetry. This is stark contrast form fitness shows, where muscle size is the focal point.

3 Shower Time

Back in the day...

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Even when posing in the shower, the 24-year-old brunette looks anything but washed up. Hopefully, she put her phone away before turning on the water, because those things can be expensive to replace. Based on the caption below the pic, which reads, “Back in the day,” we can conclude that this photo was taken a while back. Hopefully, by now, she’s been able to purchase a proper shower cap. Jokes aside, Sagra sizzles in yet another amazing photo, with her black bottoms and stylish hat. This shot received over 218,000 likes, which is a lot even for Anllela Sagra.

Fun Fact: In 1985, the groundbreaking documentary Pumping Iron: The Women was released. It was one of the very first documentaries to shine a spotlight on women in the sport of bodybuilding.

2 Swimsuit Beauty

Seriously. 👀 @anllelasagra_ 💻 AnllelaSagra.Net 👻 anllela_sagra .

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If there are two things that people in this world can’t get enough of, it’s pepperoni pizza and Anllela Sagra bikini pics. In this pic, the Latina beauty looks both incredibly attractive and slightly irritated in this instance. While she may not look very approachable here, Sagra still shows she can rock a bikini with the very best of them. The 5-foot-9 model steals the show in her black swimsuit, while kneeling in the ocean water. It probably won’t surprise anyone to discover that Colombia's greatest export received well over 104,000 likes on Instagram for this post. Those who aren't following Sagra, soon will be after seeing this pic.

Fit Fact: Due to the emergence of stars like Sagra in recent years, the “ Instagram Model” has been (somewhat) officially recognized as a modeling sub-genre, as of the late 2000s.

1 Hanging With Lauren Drain

Keep it #STRONG W my bae @laurendrainfit

A post shared by •ANLLELA SAGRA• (@anllela_sagra) on

This post features two of the most popular Instagram models in the world, Anllela Sagra and Lauren Drain. Both women look like they could easily contend for the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic, in their revealing bikinis. Seeing these two ladies side by side is a real treat for those who appreciate amazing Instagram photos. The fitness model movement looks to be in good hands for years to come with these two young ladies at the helm. 86,000 likes seems like far too few, for a photo that features two of the hottest ladies on the internet.

Fit Fact: The Blonde Beauty in the photo is a model by the name of Lauren Drain. She is a former member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, who became a fitness model following her eventual banishment.


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