15 Photos Of Holly Sonders That Would Drive Her Husband Crazy

Holly Sonders may be the most beautiful woman in golf, as she appears regularly in the Sports Illustrated edition. She has also appeared on Golf Channel and Fox to cover the game, which has sometimes brought her harsh criticism considering the focus is generally on her looks. But what can we say, she truly is one of the game's most beautiful women. The Ohio Native has had no problem turning her killer looks and powerful personality into a multi-million dollar career in golf, despite not actually being a member of the Women’s Professional Golf Association.

Sonders married radio personality Erick Kuselias, though it isn’t known when they were married as they have kept a private life. Erick has been a very supportive and understanding husband, as his wife has gone on to become a reputed golf personality and worked her way into the golf landscape. There have been numerous rumours that the couple is separated and may be getting a divorce, but like most things involving the pair, that is all being kept private and Holly is putting her focus on her career.

But for Erick, seeing his beautiful wife in the pages of Sports Illustrated or on the golf channel in some tight-fitting outfits would be enough to drive any man crazy. Holly may be every mans dream of the perfect girl, one that is drop dead gorgeous and loves sports, perhaps more than they do. And time and time she continues to prove why she is the most beautiful woman in the game of golf today.

15 Bold

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Sports Illustrated featured Holly Sonders in a photo spread, and this photo doesn’t say much about her golf game, except that we’re sure the power in her swing is definitely coming from her confidence. In just a grey sweater, Holly shows off her beauty in this open-door photo that shows a softer side to the golf commentator. Her husband would be in heaven to wake up to a perfect sunny day over looking a golf course with his stunning wife walking around in nothing but a sweater. As someone said best on Instagram, no one has the right to be as beautiful as Holly Sonders is being in this photo. And she’s definitely getting her fair share of invites to be golf partners.

14 Purple Pleaser

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Holly Sonders definitely knows how to rock the single color, as this time she’s sporting an all-purple blouse and skirt combination as part of another Sports Illustrated photo. Thankfully Holly talks golf for a living or we wouldn’t get these photos in the pages of Sports Illustrated or on Golf.com, and we’re glad Holly is deemed one of the most beautiful women in golf because it gives Sports Illustrated a reason to photograph her. Holly might be the total package of looks and knowledge, as there is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who knows her sports and can keep up the conversation about the sports world. Holly probably makes men insecure with how much she knows about golf, especially when looking this amazing at the same time.

13 Hour Glass

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Holly shows off her hour-glass figure in this white dress that is similar to the one she wore at the US Open when she was providing coverage of the major tournament. It definitely is showing off her figure, and begged many to ask on Instagram if this dress could fit anyone any better. Someone even went as far as call her the gravy on everyone’s biscuits. Considering how great gravy is, we’ll take that as a compliment. It’s hard to describe how stunning Sonders looks in this outfit, and if this is what she was wearing to the US Open, she more than likely had a few players lifting their heads during their back swing to take a look, sending their ball slicing into the rough.

12 All Red Everything

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This photo was taken for Sports Illustrated, and Holly says in the photo that the photographer did a great job capture the shot just before nightfall. We think he captured her just at the right time in this red dress that shows off her curves and if anything, Holly made the sunset look even better. Sonders looks to be walking on water, perfect for the goddess that she is in this photo. Holy said of this photo that she dropped her phone in a puddle while she was in Wisconsin and went through to try and save the photos she could. We’re glad she saved the photo, and even more so that she uploaded it to Instagram. If she needs to get save more photos, we suggest maybe putting the phone into some rice.

11 Pretty In Pink

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If Holly Sonders appeared on television playing wearing this pink skirt and shirt combo, we would be perfectly fine if the cameras just wanted to follow her around on the course. Not only the fact that Holly looks amazing in this outfit, she looks to lay perfectly in the fairway! Though the question is, is she going for the hole or is she going to lay up? We tend to think she’s going to put some power in her swing and get it on the green.

One of the greatest things about Holly is that, along with killer looks that would easily make her stand out on the fairway, she knows her game well, and that’s why she has ended up working for many channels and publications covering the game of golf.

10 All In Black

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Holly looks ready for a night out in this all black outfit with leather skirt and heels. It’s a different look for the 29-year-old bombshell, who prefers to be in active wear and comfortable clothing, but there is a time and place to dress to the nines, and Holly definitely knows how to pull off a totally put together look. Here elegant personality and undeniable confidence has made her one of golfs most sought-after people, and she has managed to turn her looks and personality into extreme wealth, as Holly is reportedly worth $6.5 million. So she’s a gorgeous woman, who plays golf and has a ton of money in her bank account. Her husband has more than one reason to be happy in this marriage.

9 No Clubs In The Clubhouse

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Holly’s breaking one of the rules about bringing clubs into the clubhouse, but we feel we can let it slide this time, and well, any time she wants. This photo is another Sports Illustrated creative idea, and is bound to get plenty of guys in the clubhouse asking if she needs a partner to tee off with. Though we are wondering how far she is going to be driving in those heels, and we’re wondering which club allows a knotted tank top on their course. Not that we have anything against it, more so that we would like to get a membership to the club. Sadly, even with heels on, she could probably out drive most guys who think they could ever have a shot with her.

8 Most Beautiful Woman In Golf

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This photo was taken for Sports Illustrated’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf second edition, and interestingly enough was taken at the Trump Bedminster National Golf Course, located in Bedminster, New Jersey. If that sounds familiar, that’s because current President Donald Trump has used the course as one of his many vacation spots and it has often been called Camp David North. With how Mr. Trump has been with women in his life, we’re sure he would have no issue if Holly Sonders came walking through the club house in this tight fitting blue dress and knee high boots. Her husband may want to keep an eye on here around the president, however, as Holly is one of the most beautiful women in the sport and could get some unwanted attention.

7 Too Beautiful For Golf


What’s not to love about this picture of Holly Sonders? Form fitting dress that shows of her legs and a beautiful smile. She’s a gorgeous woman and this photo from Sports Illustrated’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf definitely deserves to be in the pages. Unfortunately, there are some that think photos such as this and Sports Illustrated having an issue dedicated to women’s looks in a sport is degrading, as the men don’t have an issue dedicated to their looks. Holly Sonders has made a name for herself because of her ability to talk about golf, but also because she’s drop dead gorgeous. And it’s a matter of opinion if you think Sports Illustrated shouldn’t be having an issue dedicated to the most beautiful women in golf or not.

6 Sonders On A Wall

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Holly has no issue showing off her perfectly toned legs while sitting on this rock wall. Holly went through a minor knee plastic surgery, but she has not opened up regarding her surgery, instead remaining very private about what she had done. Whatever it may be, it looks great and the doctor should be thanked for the work they did. At 5-foot-8, she appears to be all legs in this photo, which we’re sure her husband will have no issue with if she looks this good every day. With the massive ring on her finger as well, someone is trying to make a statement that Holly is with him, as that’s quite a rock she is sporting. We’re sure she takes those off when she steps up to the tee box.

5 Still Beautiful In 2017


It should come as no surprise that Holly Sonders is a fixture in the Most Beautiful Women in Golf issue golf.com puts every year. This photo, from 2017, is just another example of how beautiful Sonders really is, sporting a blue single piece bathing suit and white heels. Since her early days with the Golf Channel, which she joined in 2011, to her first cover for Golf Digest in 2013, Holly constantly reminds us time and time again why she is truly one of the most beautiful women in the sport. Along the way, she has been able to maintain her reputation for being a reputed golf personality and analyst, proving she is a woman who can have it all, from looks to brains to personality, to succeed in the golf world.

4 Perfect Swing

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Holly’s form looks great her -as does she- in this mini skirt and purple top that shows off her tiny frame. Sonder started off her career in golf during her life at Michigan state university, and built it, along with her killer looks and engaging personality, into a career in the golf world. But we have a feeling if Sonders was to show up on the tee box in this outfit, there wouldn’t be any issue getting silence on the course through her back swing. The only difference her is, no one would be looking at the ball when it comes off the driver, at least not with her standing in her follow through motion, so hopefully Holly keeps an eye on her own ball.

3 A Little Short For Golf

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With how tall Holly looks in this photo, we’re not sure that club is the right size for her. It looks a little short for her, as does everything in this photo if she is actually going to be taking a swing. Her husband wouldn’t mind standing behind her as she got into position to take her shot with that little club in this workout outfit. The club is more than likely a weighted club used for training purposes, and Sonders definitely has kept her body in perfect condition, as she has toned every muscle which is perfectly shown off in this photo. But Holly was to step onto the course wearing this, we’d hope they wouldn’t turn her away and would perfect fine letting her play through in front of us if she wanted.

2 A Casual Look

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Holly doesn’t need to wear skimpy clothing or show off her legs to look beautiful, as this photo shows, even in a pair of jeans and a form fitting top, there is no doubt why she belongs in the Most Beautiful Women in Golf issue year after year. How great would it be to be her husband and walk in and see your wife on the floor listening to music looking like a pure angel. Her career has escalated so quickly that even Sonders needs some time to sit back and relax and take it all in. The Ohio native may not be on the course putting in birdies, but we can see why she captivates audiences on her golf shows on Fox and in the pages of publications like Sports Illustrated.

1 Keep Your Eye On The Ball

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Holly’s husband would love everything about this photo. First off Ricki Fowler is keeping his eye firmly on the ball and not on his wife. Though he could be checking out her legs in her short green skirt. The other thing is she is taking a drop near water, showing that Sonders will be totally honest because if you aren’t honest in the sport that you make a living at, you’d be willing to lie anywhere. We’re still proud of Fowler for keeping his eye on the ball, as we’ll be honest and say we would have a hard time doing so with a beautiful woman such as Holly as our playing partner for the day. In fact, if Holly wants to take a couple drops to prolong the round, we would be perfectly fine with that.

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