She, Tonya: 15 Photos Of Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an actress who originally hails from Dalby, Queensland, Australia. At just 27 years of age, the 5-foot-6 megastar has already established herself as one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

She has been nominated for (and won) several awards, while being featured in some of the most popular films over the last several years, including flicks like The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad.

The versatile blonde performer added to her already impressive resume with her portrayal of former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding in the film I, Tonya. The talented Aussie star also produced the film.

I, Tonya tells the story of an impoverished skater who goes on to become one of the sport's premiere athletes, despite having to deal with an abusive mother and husband. The movie is based on the story of Tony Harding, a female Olympian who is best known for her alleged involvement in having rival skater Nancy Kerrigan struck in the knee prior to the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Robbie gave a riveting performance that has her nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. In honor of her success playing the infamous figure skater, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate Margot Robbie by showcasing some of her most gorgeous photos to date.


15 Couch Time

Via imgur.com

Robbie is an actress who never appears shy in front of the camera. Of course, with movie star good looks like Robbie has, it probably isn’t difficult to exude confidence. Here we see the Australian beauty modeling in a t-shirt and undergarments, while posing on the couch. Margot Robbie reminds movie goer why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in film with this magnificent photo.

Fun Fact: Margot Robbie comes from a fairly large family. She was 3 siblings which include an older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister. Her mother Sarie Kessler works as a physiotherapist. Her father, a man named Doug Robbie, previously owned (and worked on) a farm. In fact, Margot Robbie grew up on a farm off of the Gold Coast hinterland in Australia.

14 Pool Side Stunner

Via GoldCoastBulletin

Margot Robbie looks nothing short of breathtaking while modeling an ultra classy black and white swimsuit. The curvaceous starlet shows off her flawless figure while seated on a rather large diving board. Robbie’s fashion-forward hat adds some additional flavor to an already outstanding shot. One can be certain that the award-winning actress turned more than few head at the pool on the day this image was captured. When it comes to taking gorgeous poolside pics, Robbie proves she knows how to make a splash.

Fun Fact: Tonya Harding was born in Portland, Oregon on November 12, 1970. She began figure skating when she was just 4-years-old. Harding spent the majority of her childhood training and even went so far as to drop out of high school in order to pursue her Olympic dream.

13 Black & White Swimsuit

via VanityFair.com

Robbie’s black and white swimsuit blends in nicely with the pillow next to her legs, in a photo that showcases the blonde superstar’s natural beauty. It’s clear that if her acting career had gone awry, modeling would have been a good 2nd choice. The 5-foot-6 stars sizzles in a bathing suit photo that will definitely have folks talking. The flattering one-piece helps to highlight the movie stars hourglass figure.

Fun Fact: The 2009 Australian thriller I.C.U. is considered to be Margot Robbie’s film debut. Despite being filmed back in 2007, then flick wasn’t released until 2009. I.C.U. is the tale of 3 teenagers who are targeted by a serial killer. In the movie, Margot Robbie plays the lead role of a bored teen by the name of Tristen Waters.

12 On The Red Carpet

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Having been a part of so many successful films in recent years, Margot Robbie is no stranger to red carpet premiers. Moreover, she always seems to be wearing the perfect outfit when arriving at an awards show. Here we see the talented actress dressed in a short black dress, which helps draw attention to her lower half. The 27-year-old likely made more than few jaws drop to the floor in this provocative little number. Robbie always seems to sizzle on the red carpet.

Fun Fact: Tonya Harding married her 1st husband Jeff Gillooly when she was only 19-years-old. After roughly 3 years of marriage, the couple ended up getting a divorce in 1993. While they were officially divorced at the time, Gilooly and Harding were still romantically linked heading into the 1994 Winter Olympics.

11 Eye Of The Tiger

In this eye-catching Instagram post, we see Margot Robbie modeling a tiger (or perhaps leopard) print dress. It’s fair to say that the I, Tonya star is showing us a bit of her wild side with this outfit choice. Based on the caption below, it would appear this image was from a shoot with Vogue Magazine. Her loyal social media follower appear to have appreciated this photo, which received over 388,000 likes online. Robbie looks ready to become queen of the jungle in this memorable post.

Fun Fact: Margot Robbie landed two very lucrative endorsement deals recently. In 2016 it was announced that she be the face of Deep Euphoria, a fragrance by Calvin Klein. Moreover, she also inked a deal with the car company Nissan and even appeared in their television commercial in 2017.

10 A Formal Occasion

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The schoolgirl outfit is often a popular theme used in various modeling shoots. As we can see here, Robbie is more than capable of pulling the look off. Her stylish attire has just the right combination of both sophistication and sex appeal. There are defiantly more than a few gentlemen out there who would love to skip class with this blonde stunner. In this instance, Margot Robbie teaches everyone a lesson in style.

Fun Fact: Tonya Harding’s career had more than its fair share of memorable moments. However, from a skating standpoint, her biggest accomplishment was becoming the 1st American female to land a triple axel in competition; a feat she accomplished back in 1991. She is also only the 2nd woman to ever accomplish the feat, with Japanese skater Midori Ito being the 1st.

9 Harley Quinn

Via Pinterest.com

In this photo, we see Margot Robbie playing the DC Comic villain, Harley Quinn. She was cast as Quinn in the 2016 superhero film, Suicide Squad. In the comic world, Quinn is a beautiful and psychotic character who is often romantically linked to Batman's arch enemy, The Joker. As the image clearly shows, Robbie did an excellent job of bringing the character to life and looked pretty darn good while doing so.

Fun Fact: Suicide Squad was originally released in theaters in August of 2016. Besides Roby, the cast also featured stars like Will Smith and Jared Leto. The blockbuster didn’t receive rave reviews from critics. However, it still brought in big numbers at the box office. Suicide Squad managed to rake in impressive $746.8 million at the box office, with a budget of $175 million.


8 Smile For The Camera

Via auscelebs.com

Ripped clothing, most notably jeans and shorts, have long been a popular style. Here we see the smiling Hollywood star wearing a pair of shorts that like they recently emerged from a blender. The being said, the bottoms still look incredible on the 5-foot-6 beauty. Moreover, her fetch white top helps to draw attention to her flawless abs. This fun photo is easily among the Aussie award winner’s very best.

Fun Fact: After her skating career ended, Tonya Harding capitalized on her notoriety by making several public appearances. In fact, back in 1994, she was even featured in a professional wrestling  show in her hometown of Portland, Oregon for the AAA promotion. The local card featured legendary performers such as Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr.

7 Cover Girl

Here we see Margot Robbie modeling on the beach, wearing a towel and matching bottoms. This Instagram post was used to promote her upcoming cover photo for the popular publication, Elle. If the well over 1.2 million likes this pic received is any indicator, the magazine should do quite well. Robbie’s insightful captions and gorgeous photos make her a must follow on social media outlets like Instagram. People who aren’t currently following the Aussie, will likely be doing so in short order after getting a glimpse of this fun photo.

Fun Fact: Robbie gained considerable notoriety when she played Leonardo Dicaprio’s (character's) wife in The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie received positive reviews from critics. Moreover, The Wolf of Wall Street managed to bring in $392 million at the box office on a $100 million budget.

6 A Boat Ride

Via Pinterest.com

This photo from a Vanity Fair photo shoot shows the marvelous actress taking a boat ride in partially see-through shirt and white bikini bottoms. The actresses smile serves to show off a set of teeth that any dentist would be proud of. After seeing this gorgeous image, who wouldn’t want to set sail (assuming this is a sailboat) with this breathtaking Australian- born actress?

Fun Fact: Figure skating isn’t the only professional sport Tonya Harding has competed in over the years. In 2002 she appeared on a celebrity boxing show and beat up on tabloid star Paula Jones. The fight would be the start of Harding’s 6-fight professional boxing career. After losing her pro debut via split decision, the former Olympian went on to win her next 3 bouts against lesser-known opponents. Tonya Harding would finish her career in 2004 with a 3-3 record.

5 Strike A Pose

Via pinterest.com

Perhaps it’s just the photographer's angles, but Margot Robbie always seems to appears taller than her listed height of 5-foot-6. Regardless of height, the film star always looks to be in peak physical condition and seems to also have the uncanny ability to produce a seemingly endless supply of amazing photographs, like the one here. Robbie models a super stylish white one-piece as she stares off into the distance.

Fun Fact: While Tonya Harding was allowed to compete, following the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, she did receive severe punishment from the United States Figure Skating Association afterward. For her involvement in the Kerrigan incident, Tonya Harding was stripped of her 1994 U.S. Championship title and banned from participating in (or coaching) figure skating for life.

4 Candid Swimsuit Shot

Via Pinterest.com

While movie stars often try their very best to avoid the media at times, it can be very difficult to steer clear of the paparazzi, especially when you are a high profile celeb like Margot Robbie. While this image isn’t from a photo shoot, Robbie still appears to be ready for one in her stunning tiger themed bikini. The Suicide Squad star steals the show in a candid bikini pic that could easily be featured in a magazine.

Fun Fact: In 2015, Robbie starred in the World War II drama, Suite Francaise. It was during the filming of the move that she met the  director and future husband, Tom Ackerley. The couple wed in December of 2016 in a private ceremony in New South Wales, Australia. They currenly reside in Los Angeles, California.

3 Red, White, And Blue

Via gotceleb.com

Here we see Margot Robbie showing us her Aussie pride in an outfit with colors similar to that of her home nation’s flag. The blonde fashion plate poses for a photo for the popular lifestyle magazine, Elle. Her outfit appears to be both comfortable and figures flattering as she sits perched on a tree branch. Robbie shows why she has been asked to pose for some of the world most popular mags, with this fun photograph.

Fun Fact: While she is best known for her appearances on the big screen, Margot Robbie has also been featured in several well-known television programs. She was a series regular on the Australian soap opera Neighbors from 2008-2011. Robbie also starred in 14 episodes of the drama series Pan Am.

2 Being Tonya Harding

Via dailymail.co.uk

In this image, we see Margot Robbie playing the infamous figure skater Tonya Harding in her hit film, I, Tonya. At 5-foot-6 the Australian actress is roughly 5 inches taller than Harding who stand at around  5-foot-1. Despite the height difference, Harding must have been thrilled to have an actress as beautiful and talented as Robbie bringing her to life on the big screen.

Fun Fact: I, Tonya was a biopic written by Steven Rogers and directed by another Australian by the name of Craig Gillespie. The film was a major hit with critics, and both Robbie and the film itself were nominated for several awards. The movie was filmed on a budget of just $11 million dollars. The low budget flick has brought in $27.1 million at the box office at press time.

1 Dressed In Black

Via Bowensmith.com

Margot Robbie manages to always find a new and unique outfit to showcase in seemingly all of her many photo shoots. Here we see the world famous actress modeling a form-fitting long black dress while staring seductively into the camera. One would be hard-pressed to find a more photogenic actress in all of Hollywood, and that’s really saying something. The 27-year-old never fails to impress when modeling, and this photo is certainly no exception.

Fun Fact: While much of the attention headed into the 1994 Winter Olympics figure skating event was focused on Kerrigan and Harding, neither woman ended up winning the gold that year. While Nancy Kerrigan would end up winning a silver medal, it was a Ukrainian skater by the name of Oksana Baiul who ended up winning it all. Harding wound up finishing in 8th place.


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