15 Photos Of Tomi Lahren That Will Make Colin Kaepernick Forgive Her

When it comes to political commentators, few have managed to garner more attention in recent years than Rapid City, South Dakota’s Tomi Lahren. At just 25 years of age, she has already established herself as one the best known conservative television personalities.

She gained significant attention for her “Final Thoughts” segment on her conservative talk show TheBlaze. Since that time she has gone on to make some controversial statements on a wide array of political issues. Folks will also recognize Lahren as a Fox News contributor, which is one of her primary gigs these days.

There is no question that Tomi Lahren is a polarizing figure in US politics. That being said, the 5-foot-5 blonde could certainly be described as easy on the eyes. Regardless of how one feels about her political views, she could easily be listed among the best looking commentators in the business.

Lahren has criticized a number of people in recent years such as NFL player Colin Kaepernick for his decision to kneel during the National Anthem. In fact, her comments on the quarterback made headlines back in 2016.

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While it’s probably safe to assume that Kaepernick isn’t a fan of the blonde Republican, even he might appreciate the 15 smoking Tomi Lahren photos we are about to see.

15 Patriotic Cape

via yahoo.com

Tomi Lahren is sporting a blue one-piece bathing suit, which features a popular slogan amongst conservatives in the United States. She also has a cape, which is made to look like the American flag. Interestingly enough, this was actually her Halloween costume last year. As with many things involving Lahren these days, this photo was the subject of controversy. Critics say that the Fox New contributor was disrespecting the flag in this image. Folks will certainly have their own take on the issue, but it’s still pretty impressive that she manages to look kind of cute, while wearing a fanny pack.

Political Tidbits: While there are certainly exceptions, for the most part, liberals in the US are passionate about issues like women’s rights, equality under the law, and the separation of church and state. They are most often affiliated with the Democratic Party.

14 Classy White Dress

Via The Ringer

The conservative commentator shows us her keen fashion sense in this stylish white dress. Lahren has proven to be a natural in front of the camera, which was likely helped her become a television star at a relatively young age. Of course, her movie star good looks certainly haven’t hurt the 25-year-old’s career either. This shot reminds us why, in some circles, Tomi Lahren is considered to be one of the most photogenic women in the news.

Political Tidbits: The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest party in the United States. Libertarians tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal, making them something a sort of hybrid of the Democrats and Republicans. The party focuses on issues such as laissez-fair capitalism, civil liberties, and usually favor non-interventionism.

13 Strike A Pose

via pinterest.com

It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that Tomi Lahren has landed a few modeling gigs since gaining notoriety. Here we see the young Republican posing for the cameraperson in a stunning red dress. This image was a part of photo shoot for Her Magazine and was taken in Salt Lake City, Utah. The shot was featured in the publication’s Election Issue. If she ever gets tired of politics, Lahren might have a future in the modeling business, based on photos like this one.

Political Tidbits: While it isn’t overly popular in the United States, communism has caught on in other regions of the world. The ideology incorporates concepts such as the common ownership of the means of production. In theory, communism sets out to eliminate social classes in a society.

12 Conservative To The Core

Via: Imgur

This photo reminds us that for better or worse, Tomi Lahren is a conservative to her core. The young, blonde media star can be seen here taking a selfie in an outfit that features several elephants. For those who aren’t familiar with US politics, the elephant is a mascot for the Republican Party. Lahren can be seen here wearing a tank top and white swimsuit bottoms, in a photo that even those who aren’t fans of her party, might appreciate.

Political Tidbits: While beliefs may vary somewhat, in general, American conservatives are in favor of things like free markets, free trade, and often share Judeo-Christian values. In the United States, these beliefs are usually associated with (and shared by) members of the Republican Party, though this wasn’t always the case.

11 A Girl And Her Dog

Based on this post, one might get the impression that Tomi Lahren isn’t exactly a party animal. The caption reads, “Another Saturday night rager of Ko-Ko and I watching Shark Tank. Seriously though I'm counting my blessings this week. Every segment of "final thoughts" hit well over 1M on Facebook. Thank you for watching and sharing. God Bless.” It’s hard to believe that there wasn’t a line of would-be suitors lineing up to take the blonde television star out, especially after seeing photos like this one.

Political Tidbits: It’s impossible to know when human’s formed the very first government. That being said, it is believed that the first small city-states were established roughly 5,000 years ago. By around the second century BC, places like Egypt began to govern larger areas.

10 Stunning In Pink

With well over 133,000 likes, this is easily one of Tomi Lahren’s most popular photos. Posting pics like this one is a part of the reasons she has managed to gain over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, which is more than some popular movie stars. The post says, “When you’re a killer and a sweet thang..and 25 and 1/2 today.” The Fox News star looks geat in her lacey dress, in a recent photo that was taken roughly 6 months prior to her 26 birthday. Even her harshest critics may be tempted to follow Lahren after seeing this photo.

Political Tidbits: The word democracy, which in Greek means “rule of the people,” is a term that refers to a government where the people elect their representative through a process known as voting.

9 Pool Time

Via Reddit.com

Unfortunately, for her fans at least, there aren’t a very many Tomi Lahren bikini pics out there. However, there is this one, which features the blonde beauty posing for the camera in a pool full of floats. While Lahren is clearly the first thing one notices in the photo, folks may also see the "no diving" sign posted near the edge of the pool. Let’s hope no one was diving in a pool that looks to be about 6 inches deep. Speaking of diving, Lahren definitely made a splash with this fun swimsuit pic.

Political Tidbits: Socialism is an ideology that takes many different forms and is often referenced on political talk shows. The common element that almost all form of socialism share is social ownership, with some form of democratic control also usually present.

8 Yellow Day

Based on the post here, it seems that Lahren is having some issues with her microphone. In her own words, “Went for it in yellow today. Made it as challenging as possible for the crew to mic me. Sorry.” While it may have been tough for her crew to deal with, the dress, which has made by Calvin Klein looked nothing short of amazing. While 7,765 likes probably seem like a relatively small amount for this pic, it’s important to remember this was posted almost 2 years ago, when she wasn’t as well known.

Political Tidbits: There were several events in the 1600s and 1700s that lead to a rise in representative forms of government. England’ Glorious Revolution and the French Revolution serve as excellent examples.

7 Reppin' The Cowboys

Since South Dakota doesn’t have an NFL team (or any pro sports team for that matter), it appears that Tomi Lahren decided to become a Dallas Cowboy’s fan. Her Instagram post reads, “Still reppin' those Cowboys! P.S. Thank you, Lady Gaga, for keeping it about the game and the music!” The comment is referring to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI halftime show. Lahren smiles for the camera in her short shots and Cowboy’s t-shirt, in a photo that received over 69,000 likes from her followers.

Political Tidbits: The government of the United States is classified as a Republic. The federal government is made of 3 separate branches. These 3 branches are known as the executive (The President), the legislative (Congress and The Senate), and the judicial (The Supreme Court).

6 Staying Warm

Via Politico

Lahren has never been one to shy away from patriotic apparel, such the cozy looking American Flag themed coat she is wearing in this photo. The blonde Republican stares confidently into the camera in a simple but very well executed photograph. It’s hard to believe someone who looks as peaceful as Tomi Lahren does in this photo can generate so much controversy with her commentary; though she clearly can. The television star looks very approachable in this memorable photograph.

Political Tidbits: Thousands of year ago hunter-gather tribes lived together in non-hierarchical communities. However, in some instances tribes would select chiefs to help govern, using a variety of different methods. In some instances, ancient communities would be governed by a group of elders or councilmen.

5 Starting The Day

In this Instagram post, Tomi Lahren takes a short break from discussing politics and tells her fans about the benefits of exercising. “How do you start your day? Four years ago I started running every morning- first thing in the morning. It changed my life. It's amazing how getting in a sweat can build your confidence and allow you to kick the rest of the day in the a$$. Go forth!” Based on the photo, it appears that her exercise routine is working quite well, as the blonde beauty appears to be an outstanding shape.

Political Tidbits: Capitalism is the economic system used in the United States. In basic terms, it means that private citizens have the ability to control means of production and the profit from those means.

4 Have A Seat

Via Tumblr.com

This photo was captured during Tomi Lahren’s inaugural Snowflake Awards. The awards are mockingly given to folks whom she doesn’t politically agree with. While folks may have different opinions of the concept, one thing is certain, the host picked the perfect dress for the occasion. Here we see Lahren striking a pose in a black gown that most certainly got her fan’s attention. The Fox News contributor has a lot of great looking photos out there, but this one is easily among her best.

Political Tidbits: While the Government of Canada is officially referred to as Her Majesty’s Government, Queen Elizabeth II (of England) doesn’t run the country. Since 1867 the country has been a federal constitutional monarchy. Like the United States it is also made up of 3 branches; the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

3 Politicon

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Here we have Tomi Lahren striking a pose in a stylish dress, at an event called Politicon. For those unfamiliar, Politicon is sort of like a comic con that features prominent guests from the world of politics. Previous lineup’s for the show have included figures like Ann Coulter, Chelsea Handler, and James Carville. Even amongst a cast of political all-stars, Lahren managed to stand out in this flattering dress. Despite being a relative newcomer to the political scene, the South Dakota native still has a pretty large fan base.

Political Tidbits: The word government, at least in the political sense, refers to a group of independent national governments here on Earth. As of 2018, there are approximately 200 nations that are considered to fall into this category.

2 Headshots

Don’t let Tomi Lahren ’s angelic looks fool you in this shot. The caption below her image reads, “Got the official Fox News headshots but don't let the smile or the blue fool you, I've got plenty of hell for the Left.” Even is a relatively conservative outfit, the political pundit still looks phenomenal, with her just her flowing blonde locks and a little bit of makeup. It’s pretty impressive when one can post a simple headshot and receive almost 1,000 likes on the social media site, Instagram.

Political Tidbits: The word politics is derived from the Greek word Politika. Politika essentially means “affairs of the cities.” Politics, in the broadest sense, refers exercising governance and/or control over some form of organized human community.

1 Her Best Marilyn Monroe Impression

Via rank.ezvid.com

The blonde conservative gives folks her best Marilyn Monroe impression in this photo. She is such a lightning rod for controversy that people tend to focus on her politics as opposed to her keen fashion sense. Tomi Lahren probably isn’t the first person that comes to mind when folks think of fashionable clothing, but outfits choices like this could change that in the future. Lahren shines, while wearing her blue dress in this flirtatious photo.

Political Tidbits: There are probably folks who think monarchies are now relegated to science fiction television shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, there are still some countries, like Saudi Arabi for instance, where kings and queens still run the show. A royal’s power can vary greatly depending on the type of monarchy established. In an absolute monarchy, the sovereign has almost total control, while in a constitutional monarchy, they may have little actual power.

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