15 Beautiful Female Athletes Caught At Funny Moments

Ever since a certain Miss Jackson revealed a little too much of herself at the Super Bowl, the Wardrobe Malfunction has been a thing. As the power of the digital world keeps increasing, cameras are virtually everywhere. Sometimes it's a professional photographer or TV broadcast that happens to catch these moments. Recently however, fans have been able to snag some hilarious shots with their camera phones. So moments like these will just keep coming, perhaps much to the athlete's chagrin, and there is a big time market for leering. For some reason (perhaps understandable), many fans just can't seem to get enough of seeing their favourite athletes on some of their worst days (or at least most embarrassing). Why would this be the case you might ask?

There is only one real true answer: it is forbidden. We’re all checking out gorgeous women (and some men) who at the peak of their physical conditioning are primed for battle in an epic sporting event, but now have to worry about an article of clothing that has become unhinged. Whether these pics reveal all or nothing, they’re all shots of beautiful women at some interesting and embarrassing moments. While some have been able to move past these embarrassing moments, the fans will never forget as they have become part of the history of sports.

Check out these pictures of 15 Beautiful Female Athletes Caught At Embarrassing Moments.

15 Flavia Zoccari Chose The Wrong Suit

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An athlete works for the better part of their entire life for this one grand moment to shine. Technology catches up to skill and creates a swimsuit to compete with to help with ergonomics and aerodynamics. You get ready to swim your tail off for glory and you hear a nasty tearing sound.

Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari had this truly unfortunate thing happen to her at the Mediterranean Games several years ago. She chose to wear the recently banned but now unbanned Jaked 101 trunks, which supposedly gave swimmers an unfair advantage. There was no advantage this day, since the rip right up the back disqualified her from the competition. To add to her heartbreak, the moment was caught to be preserved forever.

14 Interesting Outfit Choice

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You have to wonder if Venus really thought about her wardrobe on this day or if her head was focused on the competition and she just threw something on. Maybe she actually DID contemplate her wardrobe that day and decided this would be a great addition to her arsenal.

Besides a dress that's obviously way too short, her under garments happen to match the colour of her skin! At first glance, it pretty much looks like she's not wearing a single thing under her outfit. That's what you call a fully-functioning attire mishap. Who wouldn't be distracted by staring at Venus’ gorgeous physique and trying to decipher if they saw what they think they saw?

13 Steph Gilmore’s New Way To Hang Ten

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The old saying is “when you got it, you flaunt it,” although “shake what your mother gave you” also works. Stephanie Gilmore has been flaunting it for years now, surfing the shores of her native Oz since she was ten years old. She became a champion surfer as she got older. Also as she got older she became a spokesperson for surf brand Roxy and shot some requisite and provocative ads for the company.

Several years later in 2014 she was given the chance to do a photo shoot for the Australian version of Vogue. Thankfully for Gilmore, Stephanie had the hand-eye coordination of a… well of a surfer to avoid a total catastrophe during the shoot on Australia’s Bondi Beach. While the surfer has done several fashion shoots over the years, this one is her most popular, for obvious reasons. Right as she was about to lose her top, Steph was able to hang onto her chest and ten at the same time, simultaneously saving the shoot and her top from heading into the Atlantic Ocean.

12 Ekaterina Rubleva’s Most Memorable Performance

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For anyone who thinks that Ice Dancing, or dancing in general is not a sport; three words – “you try it.” The twirls, the curls, the lifts, the intense fast paced choreography. It might all be plotted out in routines, but these men and women are as much athletes as any football or basketball player. Ekaterina Rubleva is currently one of the Ukraine’s finest. An ice dancer who has been doing it since she was a kid because her parents couldn’t afford a baby sitter and brought her to the rink, Rubleva was a pro for nearly twenty years.

At the 2009 European Championships, she would have to gather that classic soviet composure and stalwartness when in a performance with her partner, Ivan Shefer, Ekat’s strap on her dress broke and her cup had runneth over. Somehow, they still placed 8th in the event. Somehow, she was able to keep smiling throughout the ordeal!

11 Olga Graf’s Victory Lap


How cool must it be to be playing in the Olympic Games, representing your country, IN your country. Especially when you happen to be first person from your country to medal in any event that year! That might be the definition of an adrenaline rush. Olga Graf accomplished this feat at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

She will be remembered more for what happened after she snagged a bronze in the women’s 3000-meter speed skating competition. As she threw her arms up in victory, she unzipped her suit, pretty much all the way before realizing she forgot to put on a t-shirt before the big race. “I totally forgot,” she said through a translator. “We have very good suits and they are very tight, you just want to breathe and take off your suit".

10 Lindsey Vonn’s Best Marilyn

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It's probably the most iconic attire mishap of all time, Marilyn Monroe standing above a sewer grate in a white gown as it gets blown up and she does all she can to keep it down. Naturally, whenever this same incident happens to any celebrity, they all do their best to conjure up their best imitation of the memorable pose. But what happens when the person in question doesn't realize their under garments are exposed?

That's what happened when skier Lindsey Vonn showed up at the LA Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala back in 2016 found out what happens when you're wearing a dress on a windy day? Can you blame her for not knowing? She's usually in a ski suit for crying out loud.

9 The Struggle Is Real

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Cheerleading is an integral part of being a high school student in America. Some find it antiquated and see no place for it in the modern world, while others see it as a great way for young girls to be expressive and make new friends. If anyone asks this cheerleader, she probably would say she loves it, except this particular photo.

The male cheerleader in the photo is clearly struggling to keep the female cheerleader up on his shoulders. He is clearly struggling, but that appears to have less to do with the girls size and more with his bad form! It's no wonder he isn't competing on the football team, as he clearly neglected his strength training. Maybe the two would be better off switching places.

8 CoCo Screams At Snot

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Colleen Vandeweghe is sports royalty – her grandparents are former NY Knick’s player Ernie Vandeweghe and 1952 Miss America Colleen Kay Hutchins. Her mom was an Olympic-level swimmer. So, she clearly knows about the importance of competition, or rather she takes competition very importantly. Currently ranked at number 17, she is one of the best tennis players in the world.

She's also one of the fiercest competitors on the clay, which makes this picture all the more funny. We're not sure what CoCo was actually doing in this picture, perhaps yelling at an opponent, but it sure looks like she's actually either madder than a hornet screaming at booger. Or perhaps she thinks she can simply will a snot rocket to form.

7 Wetlifting Accident

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Most competitors in any sport, no matter the competition know emphatically that what they compete in is no joke. Everyone who steps up to the plate, the ice, the clay, the court, re field, etc. knows that their opponents are also striving to be the very best at what they do.

How this pertains to one of Ecuador’s most revered athletes, weightlifter Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero is special. While she has taken gold in several games, such as the Pan American games, her dream, like many other athletes is claim Olympic gold and hear her country’s anthem on the podium. It's too bad this happened for her. So far, Olympic gold has eluded her but internet infamy has not. While in competition at the London games in 2012, she strained to clean and jerk 271 lbs. over her head when nature came calling and the Ecuadorian powerhouse relieved herself on the world's stage.

6 The Most Revealing Cycling Team Ever

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C’mon ladies, surely you knew how this would look once you tried on your cycling gear, didn't you? Please tell us that unfortunately once you realized the big time snafu that it was far too late in the game, so to speak, to get these outfits changed. That could be the only explanation for this picture.

The uniforms of Columbian cycling team, while certainly met with their fair share of criticism were actually designed by team member Angie Tatiana Rojas and were approved by the Bogata cycling committee. We all know what this looks like - six women who are comfortable in their own skin. While nothing actually is showing or out of place, at first, second, or maybe even tenth glance it sure looks like all these ladies are giving it away for free.

5 Laura Enever Wipes Out

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News flash in case you didn't know - water can hurt. All that pageantry and pomp and circumstance you'll see when a surfer catches that big wave and the feeling of elation on their face - they caught a great wave and have achieved something that so few people have been able to do. That also means crashing and burning on the water is just as powerful of an emotion. Sadly, it also hurts very much. Smashing back into the water can feel like someone slamming onto concrete.

What's worse in this day and age, a picture of a grand wipeout is pretty easy to capture. Tats what happened here to surfer Laura Enever. If you don't believe crashing and burning hurts, take a look at this pic for more than just the angle of Laura’s derrière. She sprained her ankle and had to drop out of competition.

4 Kelly Kelly Opts For The Sink

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If you know or knew a partier or were or are a partier yourself, you've probably seen this happen a handful of times! A party girl who has partied so hard that she couldn't care less who sees her doing her business with god-knows-who at god-knows-where.

But it's not every day that the party girl is former WWE Diva/Hockey wife, Kelly Kelly. Who would have thought that the girl who played an exhibitionist that Vince McMahon himself had to teach to dance could party this hard. But there she is, one of the most popular divas ever deciding she was too good for the toilet. Luckily, Ms. Barbie Blank worked for the company at a time when they weren't so PG. Otherwise the former Kelly Kelly would have most likely been heavily reprimanded, if not fired for a leak like this (pun intended).

3 Maria’s Mishap Or Homage

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Maria Sharapova is one of the reigning beauty queens of the tennis court. At 6 foot 3, she towers above the competition with her svelte model frame. Unfortunately for her though, she did experience some drama when she tested positive for banned substances in 2016 before the Australian Open.

What does one do when they're banned from playing the game they love? Take their For gorgeous leggy self to the beach, of course! In today’s day and age the photographers followed Ms. Sharapova to the sand to catch this shot. What on Earth is the Russian beauty looking at? Does it matter? Maria looks hot looking down at her holiest of holies. But perhaps she was recreating Anna Kournikova’s own wardrobe malfunction.

2 Charlotte Flair’s Slippage

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In the wacky world of professional wrestling where everything is scripted - even the attire mishaps are carefully choreographed… most of the time. Famous moments like handprints on Sable, Miss Jackie in the UK, or even Marlena were all memorable moments during the now-fabled Attitude Era. But in the days after the Attitude Era, the company shifted gears to a more family-friendly atmosphere, so when we see a mishap now?

Now with an greater emphasis placed on the girls’ skills in the ring, the women’s division is better than ever, with Charlotte Flair on top, like her father decades before. Unlike Ric (obviously), Ms. Flair is a little top heavy. Mix that with her ability to pull off crazy moves like a moonsault, and something's gotta give. It did on this night when Charlotte primed herself for a Deathmatch h-defying leap, her top didn't prime itself and the Queen went one way while her top went another.

1 New Olympic Games, New Attire Mishap

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Ice skating is a pretty hard sport to pull off. Dancing is a pretty hard sport to pull off. Ice dancing is just a ludicrous combo-idea that plenty of viewers love. If all of that plus the pressure of competing isn't enough for you, now tack on the fact they are dancing on the ice for your country. The very country that is hosting the Olympic Games. The very country that your partner applied for citizenship for so that he could skate in the games with her. Pressure cooker scenario, right?

Yura Min had this exact thing happen to her just days into the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. But clearly she didn't have enough pressure, so her dress decided to succumb to the pressure instead and the top hook came off right as her routine began. Instead of stopping and risking losing points, she just somehow willed her dress to stay on as she finished her routine in front of the world and her country men.

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