8 Female Golfers Who Are A Hole In One (And 7 Who Are Bogeys)

There are a number of reasons a fan might consider someone a success in the world of golf. For female athletes, the measuring stick widens even more when you consider that a number of talented golfers who take up the sport have branched out into a host of other avenues and built successful careers for themselves.

Some women dominate the game, while others leave it to take up a role on television shows discussing the sport or moving into other media like film. Some of the best female golfers on the planet have figured out a way to tackle both. But for every success story, there are names we associate with the sport for a variety of wrong reasons. From terrible looking swings to bending the rules, to leaving the sport for mysterious reasons or simply failing to hang up the spikes when it's time to do so, we can't give passing grades to these ladies.

The result is a list of 15 female golfers who are being categorized as either a "hole in one" or a "bogey". The "hole in one" list of ladies have done wonders for themselves, the sport or found a way to do both. The "bogeys" have been linked to something unfortunate or downright wrong and hurtful to the game's success.

Did we get it right? Were we too harsh? Think these ladies should be ranked based on different criteria? By the way, this list is not a ranking. These ladies were added in no particular order. There is no denying that all these women made where they are for a good reason.

15 Hole In One: Paige Spiranac

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If you want to meet a female golfer known for being too attractive for the game, look no further than Paige Spiranac. She has actually caused controversy over the outfits she chooses to wear while practicing and playing the game she loves.  Her golf wardrobe has led to debates over the female dress code and how strictly it is adhered to.

To her credit, Spiranac realizes that controversy creates cash and she's all about embracing her looks to sell herself in the game of golf. She might not be the most successful golfer on tour but she's making big bucks and earning sponsorship deals that make her a hole in one on this list. Her Instagram account also grows in popularity everyday. She is sort of like the "Happy Gilmore" of women's golf. You won't hear any complaint from the new fans drawn to the game by her.

14 Bogey: Michelle Wie

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If you had to ask another fan of golf to name any female golfer, the name Michelle Wie might pop up. She was one of the first females to make a splash in mainstream media thanks to her incredible talent and success at an early age. What largely goes unnoticed, however, is how bad at certain parts of the game she is.

Despite making a lot of money when she signed her first endorsement contracts, since turning professional in 2009, she’s only won twice. She's also one of the worst putters in the game. For someone so famous, there are only a bit more than a dozen female golfers ranked for putting who were worse. In her defene, 2017 was a much better year with her making close to a million dollars on tour and having a tie for third at the Women's British Open.

13 Hole In One: Elise Lobb

Another golfer who made her name and found success off the course, Elise Lobb realized early on that being a co-host on Fox Sports show "Swing Clinic" would get her more place than swinging the club would. As they say, sometimes it's better to teach than do.

Meanwhile, her Instagram profile has all sorts of gems to prove she's one of the more attractive women in the sport and whether she's on the course or in front of a television camera in a studio, she has our vote as a hole in one. In this particular photo, she's going all pink and supporting the fight against Breast Cancer. Looking good and working for a strong cause.  In her case, cancer hit too close to home as her Aunt Lisa was diagnosed with the disease.

12 Bogey: Lexi Thompson

Perhaps it's not fair to add a golfer as strong as Lexi Thompson to the list of bogey's for one incident, but she had some controversy surround her when in 2017, Thompson was informed that she was being given a four-shot penalty for an infraction she committed the day before.

Based on rules that allow fans to let officials know when someone has bent the rules, a television viewer emailed LPGA officials after noticing Thompson didn’t properly replace her ball while putting in the 17th green during the third round. The result was that it cost her the tournament. She was forced to play in a playoff which she ultimately lost. Most of the time, we associated the term bogey to a single hole. Hopefully, that's all this is for Thompson who made one mistake, got caught by a fan and it won't have a lasting effect on her career.

11 Hole In One: Blair O'Neal

Now more a model than a golfer, Blair O’Neal first got our attention when she won Big Break Prince Edward Island. She also won The Big Break Dominican Republic and she'd been playing on the Symetra Tour until realizing she could make a whole lot more money showing off her assets than putting for them. She took a four-year hiatus from golf from 2007 to 2010 and used that time to help finance her golf aspirations.

She’s been a part of many publications including Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and Golf Magazine. She also co-hosted the Golf Channel’s “What’s in the Bag” and “School of Golf. and if you spend any time on her social media accounts like Instagram, you’ll have a hard time not becoming a fan. She’s super talented and gorgeous, definitely a hole in one.

10 Bogey: Nancy Lopez

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Nancy Lopez was one of women's best golfers but there's a simple reason to add her to the bogey list. She had, undoubtedly, one of the worst looking swings in golf. She even said one time, "My swing is no uglier than Arnold Palmer's".  But, the one thing about it that worked was that she was able to repeat the swing over and over to the point she became so good at it, she dominated the game.

The super-slow backswing and loopy swing plane will go down in history as one of the craziest swings in golf history and not something anyone should try to emulate or adopt as their own. Like Charles Barkley, there's only one woman who could have made that swing work and it was Lopez.

9 Hole In One: Belen Mozo

Belén Mozo is a 30-year-old Spanish professional golfer currently part of the LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour. But, perhaps the thing that's gathered her more fans than her success on the course is her desire to show off the fun she has off the court. As one of golf's most attractive athletes, she enjoys a good day in the sun, likes to hit the beach show photos of her doing both. If she isn't posting photos in the sand, she's posting photos at the gym and that means she's dedicated to her craft.

Another thing that puts her in the hole in one category is that she's not afraid to fight for what she believes in. She publicly slammed the LPGA tour for asking players to play in dangerous conditions during a storm swell in 2017 and it caused huge controversy.

8 Bogey: Laura Davies

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Laura Davies may not be the most attractive woman to every play the game, but that's not really a reason to add her to the list on the bogey side of things. Why she's here is because she's had a lot of success but not in some time and while her friends are asking her when she's going to call it a career, she's hanging around and not winning anything.

Since 2015, her best finish is a tie for 47th place at a big event and more often than not she either doesn't play the tournaments or isn't making the cuts. Basically, in 34 events, she's only made 12 cuts and she's making less money in winnings than a typical average joe might be working at McDonald's (no offense to people who work at McDonald's).

7 Hole In One: Anna Rowson

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Flat out, Anna Rawson is one of golf’s hottest female golfers. That said, while she can be seen in a number of photos playing the game, she's not really involved in professional golf these days. A 5’10” professional model she hasn't been relevant on the LPGA tour since 2010. In 2011, she did so poorly professionally, she lost her LPGA tour card. But, Rowson has turned lemons into lemonade.

Outside of going back to school and earning a Masters degree in Business at Columbia University in 2015, she’s figured out how to make a living modeling and teaching golf on YouTube. Not done using the game to create a career, she figured out a way to take her best assets and make a living off of it. She seems much happier promoting clubs and looking amazing as an ambassador of the game for that we give her full marks. She's a hole in one for sure.

6 Bogey: Christina Kim

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Christina Kim is one of golf's larger women but you'd never think of her as an unattractive person considering her outgoing personality and flamboyant style. Clearly, while she's found some success in the game, the perception is she's more about fun than looking like a professional athlete. Why she makes the list is because she's a bit too nutty for some of golf's traditionalists.

She wrote a book called Swinging from My Heels: Confessions of an LPGA Star in 2010 and in that books she talks about everything from her on-course antics to her struggle with body image. She's about as colorful a character as there in women's golf and that may be both a positive and negative depending on your perspective. We tend to dig her gig but most golf fanatics find her a bit too much to take in.

5 Hole In One: Natalie Gulbis

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On many lists, Natalie Gulbis is the most attractive female golfer to ever play the game professionally. She may be the most famous female golfer who became famous by taking advantage of her good looks. She offers a mix of model meets neighbor next door and she's branded that look into a small fortune.

If you asked a random fan who didn't know golf, as well as an enthusiast, might, there is pretty good chance they'd say the name Natalie Gulbis if they could say a name at all. This means, despite some criticism she might get for being more of a face than a golfer, she's doing something right for the game itself and that makes her an easy selection for the hole in one side of this list. We can't take away from her the fact that she's pretty good. She's been doing this for years and you have to be skilled to stay on the tour as long as she has.

4 Bogey: Jane Blalock

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Here's the most obvious choice for women to place on our Bogey list. The easy selection goes to Jane Blalock who, while being a hugely successful pro-golfer in the ’70s, she was also accused of cheating and that reputation still follows her around today, even if it isn't entirely true.

Blalock had won 27 titles on the tour, was a Rookie of the Year, and once managed to make 299 cuts in a row. The problem is, many believe she didn't earn these accolades cleanly. She was accused of improperly marking her balls on the green, improving her lies, and other infractions that most of us non-pros might do. For a pro, it's a huge no-no and she was ultimately suspended. She was then involved in an ugly lawsuit, which ended with a “ruling that the LPGA was in violation of antitrust.” She's back on decent terms with the LPGA but she'll likely never be involved in the Hall Of Fame.

3 Hole In One: Sandra Gal

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Not only is Sandra Gal a very attractive female drawing fans to the sport, she's a tremendous golfer who has seen some pretty good success over the past couple years. In 27 tournaments she played in 2017, she made 18 cuts and had two top-ten finishes. She did something similar in 2016 and 2015, making more cuts in both years. She's ranked in the Top 100 and participated for Team Brazil in the 2016 Olympics.

Overall, she's clean-cut, respectable and hasn't drawn attention for any of the wrong reasons. She's considered attractive without going out of her way to blast her social media feeds with racy photos and she understands that sometimes, the best thing for golf is finding the right mix of talented, successful and appealing.

2 Bogey: Jang Ha-na

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She's quit golf but not without controversy. Ranked as the No. 10 female golfer in the world, she suddenly split from the game, left the tour and said it was because she wanted to spend more time with her family. A very good golfer while on the LPGA tour, it didn't quite add up and it could have had something to do with the fact that she had some problems off the course.

There was one incident where her dad somehow dropped a golf bag on her from the top of an escalator in Singapore. She also claimed that she found "something more precious than golf," but went on to join the Korean tour after turning home and leaving the LPGA. No one really knows for sure what happened there but because of the controversy and mystery, we're labeling her as a bogey.

1 Hole In One: Kelly Rohrbach

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The casual fan probably doesn't know the name Kelly Rohrbach. At least, not if you try to connect the name to the sport of golf. Yet, the newest Baywatch babe got her start as a golfer before moving on to model and act in a number of fashion shots, shows and films. Rohrback played the role of C.J. Parker (made famous by Pamela Anderson) in The Rock's latest incarnation of the Baywatch series and she’s built up quite the resume through tv shows.

Back to how she's connected to golf, Rohrbach played golf in some Pro-Am and exhibition tournaments and attended Georgetown University on a Golf scholarship. Clearly, she's a hole in one for her looks, her success and her more than 1.1 million Instagram followers.

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