15 Female Golfers Who Need Extra Support

Golf is a game of inches. Women strive for the perfect swing and a competitive edge to get that ball down the fairway, onto the green, and into that ever sought after cup. Recently the LPGA has implemented some changes to their dress code to prevent their professionals from wearing plunging neck lines and shorter and shorter skirts. COME ON LPGA! What’s the harm?

These days athletics are arguably more about branding than about championships. We all know that only 3 or 4 teams are actually competing for the championship in the NBA, but that doesn’t stop players league wide from living life like reality stars to snap up as many lucrative sponsorships, tv spots, and media buzz as they can because they’re a commodity. In the same regard there can only ever be one #1 golfer out there on the women's tour but there can be numerous ladies who present themselves as athletic, attractive, and alluring. And it seems these days that there are some absolute stunners taking to the tee box. If you're tired of watching a bunch of old guys in polos, these women will definitely get you excited about golf.

Now we’re understandably a little bummed out by the LPGA’s new dress code rules because we’re all about freedom of expression and a woman’s body is her own to do with what she will. So we’ve put together a list of ladies who’s branding might be most effected by the lack of "fun" clothing to spice up the golf course.

15 Natalie Gulbis

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Natalie Gulbis is an American golfer from Sacramento, California who now resides in golf crazy Nevada. She attended the University of Arizona and launched into her professional golf career in 2001. Natalie has had some awesome top 10 finishes in almost every Major tournament on the LPGA. Oh, and did we mention that she’s an absolute beauty with a rocking physique that would make any guy follow her around the golf course like a lost puppy?

Gulbis has a great drive and her all around game is solid.

We’re not quite sure where she stands on the new dress code rules but from our perspective it’s a shame that on those hot days in the desert that she can’t opt for something with a little less fabric up top.

14 Paige Spirinac

So excited for the US Open!? Who do you think is going to win?

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Paige Spirinac has been tasked with being the major opposing voice to the LPGA’s recent strict dress code changes and has spoken openly and loudly about her feelings towards the new regulation.

Paige is a mind bogglingly beautiful woman who is athletic, smart, and proud of her game and her body.

In a world where athletes have to brand themselves and market themselves outside of the game itself, why can’t Paige wear a lower cut top on the tour to increase her social media followers and public profile which unarguably translates to erasable dollars away from the golf course? Spirinac might be the most attractive female athlete on the planet and knows that she can use that image to better her situation. Don’t stand in her way LPGA!

13 Lexi Thompson

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Lexi Thompson was a golf phenom at a young age and was the youngest woman to ever qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open at the age of 12. She went on to turn pro in 2010 at the age of 15. Lexi also went on to become the youngest lady to ever win a Ladies European Tournament and won her first Major in 2014 when she took home the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

Lexi is a champion on the course and a fierce competitor who’s had her eye on the prize from a young age.

Now at the age of 22 it’s hard to not notice the beautiful woman that Thompson has become. We know she’s more focused on championships than what we think of her body, but a guy can daydream can’t he?

12 Blair O’Neal

Blair O’Neal is an absolutely beautiful woman who crushes the golf ball like a champion and won the NCAA women’s long-drive championship twice during her time with the Arizona State Sun Devils. She turned pro in 2004 and the whole world, not just the golfing world took notice as she quickly booked her first modelling after making the transition to the big leagues. Along with appearing in the Swimsuit Issue 3 years in a row, she has been named as one of the ‘Hottest 50 Athletes of All Time’ by the venerable Sports Illustrated and we’re not going to sit here and argue.

As a consummate professional she is a very sought after brand representative and model.

Keep doing your thing Blair, because we love to watch you do it.

11 Kelly Rohrbach

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Ok Kelly Rohrbach is better known as a model and an actress who made a splash playing C.J. Parker in the Baywatch reboot that hit the big screen last year.

But lucky for us on this list that Kelly attended Georgetown University on a Golf scholarship!

Her golfing is now mostly limited to Pro-ams as her acting career starts to take off and she doesn’t have as much time to spend on the course, but that’s beneficial for us because she’s not hampered by the new LPGA rules about dress code!!! So Kelly, you go out there and play in whatever outfit you see fit, maybe your baywatch wardrobe? we wont judge. We promise. Just play a little more golf!

10 Cheyenne Woods


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Cheyenne Woods is golf royalty as she is the daughter of Susan Woods and Earl Dennison Woods Jr., Tiger Woods’ half brother, which means Cheyenne is Tiger’s niece. Talk about having a leg up on the competition name wise (and gene wise). Woods has had a golf club in her hand as long as she can remember and took all the appropriate ate steps through school and the European Tour to land herself on the LPGA big stage in 2015. She has yet to win a tournament in the big show but that doesn’t mean we don’t mind it when the tv cameras follow her around the course.

Cheyenne is as beautiful a woman as she is a wonderful athlete.

We’ll be watching closely as she hunts down that first victory.

9 Meghan Hardin

Meghan Hardin first caught our eye as a contestant on the Golf Channel’s Big Break series at the age of 19. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her.

The California native was the perfect picture of a stunning beach babe, she just happened to be crushing it on the golf course.

She went pro at the age of 20 after turning down numerous scholarships. In high school she was the first woman to make the men’s golf team and would eventually go on to become captain of that team and show the boys how it was done despite never playing a full 18 holes until she was 13-years-old, considered a horrifically late start in the world of golf. Meghan is an absolute babe and a trailblazer at that.

8 Valeria Ochoa

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Valeria Ochoa hales from the legendary Colombian city of Medellin the once fabled stronghold of Pablo Escobar. She caught our attention on The Big Break III: Ladies Only and we have to say that she took our breath away.

Valeria has the kind of body that every guy dreams about and every woman wishes she had.

As a matter of fact, I think that applies to her golf game as well. Perhaps a little more well known for her stunning good looks than her play on the links we’re happy to say that we’re fine with being distracted by Ochoa every time she makes an appearance and wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of her from time to time. Valeria, let us know if you need anybody for your foursome anytime soon.

7 Belen Mozo

Belen Mozo is a gorgeous Spanish golfer who is working her way LPGA. As an amateur she became the first woman to win both the Women’s British Amateur Championship and the British Girls Amateur Championship. While attending college at the University of Southern California Belen was named a 4 time All-American which set the stage for her professional debut. She turned pro in 2010 and through 2017 she gas had 5 career top 10 finishes. Belen is a Spanish spitfire who’s body is as constant as her game and she leaves heads turning like her hips on a smooth swing. We definitely tune in whenever she’s in the pack in the hopes that we’ll catch a glimpse of her doing her thing in the sun.

6 Holly Sonders

Ok, fine, Holly Sonders isn’t currently a pro golfer but she did have a great college career playing for Michigan State and is currently one of our favourite Golf Channel personalities and it is because she covers many important events… but its also a little bit because she is drop dead gorgeous and we can’t take our eyes off her. In a climate where great looking ladies are stuffed onto the sidelines and more ogled the listened to, Holly has a great head for the game and we appreciate her coverage, even though sometimes we would like to see her a little bit less covered. Sonders has a long career ahead of her as one of golf’s most recognizable personalities and one of golfs most recognizable bodies.

5 Kathleen Ekey

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Kathleen Ekey is just the cutest thing out there and she’s a heck of a great golfer to boot. Is there anything more attractive than an absolute beauty who can smash it off the tee box, has a good up and down game, and knows her way around the green… I just can’t think of anything! She played her collegiate golf at Furman University eventually transferring to the University of Alabama where she graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. Ekey is from the great state of Ohio and turned pro in 2009. She worked hard on her game and eventually took the leap to the LPGA in 2012. We’re sure she’s not to concerned about the new dress code because she’s still trying to track down that first tour victory.

4 Nikki Garrett

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Nikki Garret is a professional golfer from down under. This Australian made a splash on the European Tour back in 2006 and was named Rookie of the Year. She has 2 wins on the tour and participated in the 2006 Women’s British Open where she finished T42. Nikki has had her fair share of attention about her body, probably a little more than she’d like. in 2007 she sued Zoo Magazine for making her out to be a prostitute. The magazine used a photo originally meant for a women’s golf calendar and paired is with lewd language that infuriated Nikki to the point of legal action. Don’t worry Nikki, we just think your beautiful and appreciate your golf game as much as your body and wouldn’t dream of saying anything that rude.

3 Sharmila Nicollet

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Sharmila Nicollet is a golfer that comes to us from Bangalore, India and she is just a stunner. She turned pro in 2009 and was India’s lady golfer of the year in 2007 and the WGAI’s player of the year in 2010. Nicollet began pursuing golf seriously at age 11 and won her first tournament at age 15 and was the youngest Indian golfer to ever qualify for the Ladies European Tour at age 18. She has gone on two win 2 European Tour Tournaments since. Now we don’t often hear about Indian golfer but if there’s more of them out there like Sharmila we wouldn’t mind hearing about more of them. Nicollet is an absolute beauty and a babe that we’d like to share a drink with while she talks about kicking our ass at golf… which she could… easily.

2 Gerina Piller

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Gerina Piller is an awesome lady golfer from Roswell, New Mexico who now resides in For the Worth, Texas. She studied and golfed in El Paso, Texas before turning pro in 2007. Piller has had some big top 10 finishes at the Major LPGA tournaments over the years which naturally lens her to getting a little more tv time, which is ok by us. She has a lovely swing and a lovely body that we don’t mind following around the course. An accomplished athlete and a naturally gifted beauty, we would love to ride in the a cart with her for a casual round and pick her brain about the new dress code rules. What do you say Gerina? Spare a round for a fan?

1 Maria Verchenova

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Maria Verchenova is a Russia professional Golfer and we must say she might be one of the most attractive female athletes out there at the moment and we don’t think she gets the attentions deserves. She hasn’t had the most successful golf career after turning pro in 2006 but she is a staple of the Ladies European Tour which makes us think we might start following the tour across the Atlantic a little more closely if it offers us the opportunity to lay our eyes on Maria’s beautiful game more often. She is the first Russian to become a full-time member of the Ladies European Tour which is a great accomplishment for a great lady. If you ever want to come over to North America and check out a few of our courses we’d be happy to have you Maria!

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