15 Instagram Fitness Models That Are Absolutely Jaw Dropping

Thanks to the internet, millions of people from all across the globe have immediate access to information within the matter of seconds. This can be both good and bad, depending on what it is being used for and by whom.

In the world of social media, it has given companies like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram a chance to thrive without having to do much work on their end. These applications are driven by the users and they have grown into the some of the most downloaded applications in the world.

For a beautiful fitness model, Instagram has become their medium for broadcasting their bodies to the public, eventually becoming a star of their own. And it all happened after one picture. One day, each of these women posted a seductive photo on their Instagram and it went viral or became an internet smash. In other words, one sexy sundress pose can turn a sexy woman with 150 followers on Instagram into a star fitness model with millions of followers.

Of the hundreds and thousands of beautiful models using Instagram today, we went out and found the 15 hottest fitness models that will make your jaw drop because, let's face it, fitness models spend their time working on their body, trying to make it perfect.

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15 Avital Cohen

1...2🤦🏻‍♀️ My Night is Shining🎇🎆 #China😁

A post shared by A V I T A L🏋🏻‍♀️C O H E N (@avital_cohen5) on

Some women were blessed with a figure that make both men and other females jealous. Avital Cohen was not only blessed, she was given immunity for her entire life, just based off her insane photos from Instagram. If there is one thing we know, it is talent and she is extremely talented.

Originally born in Israel, Avital Cohen has become one of the biggest stars in her home country, and around the globe. She has grown a large fan base online with nearly a million followers on Instagram alone. It is not easy to maintain a figure like hers and she manages to go to the gym six days a week. She also loves hitting the gym to keep up her healthy lifestyle. But she did not stop at being a simple fitness model. She started her own clothing line called Gym Girl Glam.

14 Tana Ashlee

The difference between a fitness model on Instagram and a "fitness model" on Instagram is that the fake ones can be spotted within seconds of entering their Instagram pages. Tana Ashlee is about as real as they come, and she even has a website to add the icing on the cake. If you check her training site out, TrainwithTana.com, than you will quickly feel that you are wasting your life away because she is one of the most dedicated fitness guru's we have ever encountered.

From her workout plans to her fully customized meal plans, the beautiful brunette shows us all that it takes hard work and dedication to making your body as clean and perfect as possible.

13 Sarah Stage

Hope you're having a great day! 🦄

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If the name sounds familiar, that is because it is. Back in 2015, Sarah Stage was a pregnant lingerie model that was becoming a star on social media because of her size during the pregnancy. She remained in fantastic shape and posted selfies about her toned body even though she was nine months pregnant. However, she became involved in a controversy when she posted a photo, nine days after giving birth, of her perfect body post-pregnancy. It was as if she didn't just give birth.

She became known as the six-pack mom. She was not using anything and it was all natural. She worked hard for her tone figure and she wanted to keep it. Regardless of how you see it, Sarah Stage has been one of the sexiest female fitness models on Instagram for several years now.

12 Caitlin Rice

Since the age of 16, Caitlin Rice had been in the spotlight. She started off as a professional model and was starting to become pretty popular until she realized that staying overly thin was not healthy. It was even worse because she was nearly dealing with an eating disorder until she finally gave it up to become a physical specimen that any woman, or man, should be jealous of.

But why not take advantage of what she knows and follow in her footsteps instead of being jealous? She has her own website that teaches you workout techniques, proper eating habits, meal plans, weight loss programs, coaching programs, and anything else dealing with living a healthy lifestyle. With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, she has grown into a fitness model that is loved by tons of fans. She is truly one of the hardest working fitness models on Instagram.

11 Alice Matos

Many of the women on our list started their Instagram accounts only a few years ago and have become stars simply from sharing their lives with the rest of the world. It always helps when the woman posting photos is also a fitness guru because it adds a benefit that both men and women can learn from.

How can you get a body like Alice Matos, the Brazilian bombshell fitness model with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram? The six-pack model does not wake up with the perfect body, she works really hard to get it there. Her workout regimen is insane and goes on for five days a week, with about 130-140 total reps, across about 4-5 exercises, from weight lifting. She even has a weekly nutritional meal plan that would cause all of us to crawl into a ball and cry after three days.

10 Anna Nystrom

Work for it. 🌲💪🏻❄️

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In case you were wondering, the sexiest women in the world do not come from the United States, Brazil, Russia, or even, Japan. They almost all come from a cold northern land known as Sweden. One of Sweden's hottest cities is also one of their largest, Stockholm. The women are tall with beautiful bright blonde hair, long legs, and a figure that should be used for sculpting the perfect female specimen.

Can you imagine going to Sweden and finding out that almost every woman you run into would be a 9 back in the States? But her looks is not the only reason she belongs on this list. She is a licensed personal trainer that runs her own company, creates and sells art, and works as a fitness model for extra cash.

9 Kali Burns

How popular does a fitness model have to be in order for anyone to consider them popular enough to do modelling full time? Well, it does not matter honestly. Kali Burns is the sexy Australian gym nut that has under a million followers on Instagram. If you compare her account to someone like Sommer Ray, who has nearly 18 million followers, she can hold her own. She just needs some savvy marketing guru's to turn her into another superstar in the Instagram world.

She has already become a star thanks to her pics on social media that she posts several times a day, and in some of the greatest poses you can think of, with a body like hers. She understands exactly what part of her backside she should show-off and she does it perfectly. Most of her workout routines involve working out that part of her body.

8 Emily Sears

Kali Burns is not the only sexy Australian fitness model on Instagram. Emily Sears is also a fellow Aussie but with much more notoriety thus leading to a larger social media presence, with 4.4 million followers on Instagram. The Melbourne native now lives in Los Angeles, an area that she could grow her popularity and become an even bigger success. It has helped too. She has been on more than 15 different magazine covers including GQ, Maxim, and FHM. She has also worked for Esquire and Ciroc, among several other companies, as a model.

Because she has turned into a professional fitness model, her livelihood depends on her body. So she spends a lot of time working out to perfect her figure. She also has a calendar that comes out every year which was also one of the first things she ever did to become a professional model.

7 Paige Hathaway

At just 26 years old, Paige Hathaway has become quite the star in the world of fitness and modelling. She is known worldwide as a fitness icon because of her social media fame after posting photos of her amazing frame. Just a small town girl from Minnesota, Paige got her first big break when entering a bikini contest back in 2011. She ended up placing 2nd in the competition but it gave her motivation to work harder and longer to become a fitness guru and model.

She has done everything from personal training to being featured on the cover of a fitness magazine, and she is still just 26 years old. She is barely out of college and yet she has been hired as a motivational speaker too. Her entire career stems from being noticed online and turning that into a business venture that would grow into an international success.

6 Jenna Renee Webb

Many women that end up having an eating disorder do not bounce back and turn their lives around. But for Jenna Renee Webb, it was her motivation because she was a larger girl in high school before the eating disorder and she did not want to continue down that road. In fact, in 2008, she was down to just 96 pounds. That was when she realized it was time to change her habits and she quickly started going to the gym and eating right.

However, sadly, most people probably know her for another reason. She has become known as the ex-wife of Travis "Hapa" Browne, the UFC fighter best known for marrying Ronda Rousey just a few months ago. His career was taking off before Jenna posted photos on her Instagram account of alleged domestic abuse injuries she suffered from Travis.

5 Lais Deleon

Just a few reasons why women should lift weights 👇 TAG A FRIEND & COMMENT more of YOUR reasons for a chance to win one of my Training Programs! 😏💪 Each comment with a reason + a friend tagged counts as 1 entry. - 1️⃣ Improve your posture! We all look and feel better when we stand up straight with proper posture. If this doesn't come naturally, strengthening your back muscles will help keep those shoulders back, a strong core will keep your belly tight and spine aligned and strong legs & glutes will stabilize your hips & lower back! 2️⃣ Burn more fat all day! Cardio burns calories, sure, but only while you do it and it can also waste muscle. Lifting weights not only burns calories while you do it but also increases the calories you burn AT REST. Gaining muscle increases your metabolic rate. 3️⃣ Protect your joints & bones! Strong muscles absorb some of the shock and load off of the joints they surround. Strengthening your muscles and ligaments keeps bones properly aligned and can prevent injuries. 4️⃣ Builds healthy curves & shape. You can literally build the body you want through strategic strength training and isolation. How amazing is that?! 5️⃣ Build mental strength and confidence. Weight lifting rarely comes easily at first. The act of setting a goal to start lifting, the determination it takes to frequently do something that's HARD, and watching yourself improve builds incredible self confidence. Pushing yourself a bit harder each day makes you physically & MENTALLY strong! - If you're new to weight lifting & feeling lost, I'd love to help you!! Check out my programs at LAISDELEONFITNESS.COM to learn my ways! 😏🏋️‍♀️💪

A post shared by Lais DeLeon (@laisdeleon) on

There are only a few women on this planet have the power to stop traffic or cause accidents simply from walking down the street. Lais Deleon is one of them. Her figure is amazing and she is a gorgeous woman with the greatest smile in the world of fitness models.

Lais focuses on eating the right foods but with some added flavour. Her website has recipes for healthy foods that looks like restaurant quality meals. Because who wants to eat rice and chicken all the time? Since Lais DeLeon's passion is having a healthy lifestyle, her website shares many options to help all of us consumers a chance to be like her, to live like her. From free workout plans to recipes for diet meals, Lais does it all on her web page and even gives you a chance to try them out for free.

4 Amanda Lee

It is not easy to describe how close to perfection Amanda Lee's body is but we can say that it does not come easy. She works hard to keep her incredible figure, especially her world-famous backside, in perfect condition. The word flawless is not used enough when talking about Amanda Lee.

She has become a star on Instagram with over 11 million followers. She has become so popular that she even has a fan page on Reddit, that is not something that comes easy. But not only does she have something that only one other woman on our list has, her sub-reddit has 15,000 subscribers which helps legitimize her incredibly fit body. The majority of the videos posted on social media feature Amanda Lee working out to keep that figure in place and those videos went viral and can easily be found using a search bar and keyboard.

3 Sommer Ray

Arriving in 2018 like

A post shared by Sommer Ray (@sommerray) on

How do you manage to keep 17.6 million followers on Instagram happy? If anyone knows, it is Sommer Ray. She has become a YouTube sensation and Instagram superstar simply from posting her workout videos. After growing a massive fan base online, her workout videos quickly turned into swimsuit shots and selfies from inside her bedroom where she was rocking lingerie, towels, and, sometimes, nothing at all.

How long ago did she start posting videos online? It was only 2013 when she changed her life forever after posting Vine videos of her mother and herself singing songs and having fun while driving. But her biggest claim to fame, prior to the social media days, was that her father was an international competitive bodybuilder. She even posted a few photos of him a couple years ago on Instagram.

2 Jen Selter

Consistency is 🔑

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At first glance, Jen Selter looks like a sexier Kim Kardashian in her prime. The only problem is that she also looks as if she spends her time partying and living it up 24/7 without a single worry in the world. However, that is just not the case. Jen Selter is one of the hardest working fitness models on Instagram and she is not slowing down anytime soon. She has an incredible 11.7 million followers online and reached that mark after her now infamous rear was showcased all over her social media accounts.

Selter used her fame to pursue the things she loves, living healthy. She has her own website, mostly discussing fitness, and even has her very own mobile app called fitplan. But her most incredible accomplishment has to be when the New York Post named her a fitness columnist in 2014.

1 Sveta Bilyalova

You have to go to Russia at least once in your life. Trust us. Sveta Bilyalova is a prime example of why. Sveta Bilyalova went from being a normal Russian young woman that was unheard of in 2013 to a superstar fitness model on Instagram simply from posting on Twitter a few incredible selfies that had everyone asking about her.

The 25 year old has over 5 million followers on her social media accounts and  has even reached major publications such as Sports Illustrated. But one of her greatest internet moments remains when she came up with a great way to find out if a woman has fake boobs or not. No, seriously. Just do a search for it and you will love it. It is SFW so do not expect anything dirty.

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