15 Beautiful Olympians In Their Athlete Outfits

It’s that time of the year once again folks, the Olympic Winter Games are just a couple of days away. We love the Summer Games, however, there’s just something so special about the winter festivities whether it be the ice hockey competitions, ski competitions or the mesmerizing figure skating comps. Even if we don’t know half of the athletes we still get so caught up in it with hours upon hours of Olympic coverage per day.

Whether it be the summer or winter games, a factor a lot of us keep to ourselves is the number of stunning athletes. What makes them that much more steamier is the attire they’re forced to wear in their competitions. We’ll feature an array of stunning ensembles we secretly ogled at from the world gymnastics, volleyball and figure skating. We’ll also reveal some other smoking Olympians who manage to take their outfits to another level in sports like curling and bobsledding – yes, we’ve got a wide range of sports to cover on this list.

From the beautiful Aly Raisman to the legendary Lindsey Vonn, we’ll take a look at stunning attires from both the summer and winter games. Without further ado, here are 15 Olympians we secretly ogled at in their revealing athlete outfits. Enjoy, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s begin!

16 Leryn Franco

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It’s not every day that a javelin thrower can steal someone’s heart but that’s exactly what Leryn Franco did during the 2012 summer Olympic Games. From her short shorts, to low cut uniform ensemble, Franco had the fans eating out of the palm of her hands. Tabloids were all over the beauty, even the likes of TMZ referenced her as being the steamiest Olympic athlete ever, now that’s some serious love.

It shouldn’t be too shocking, but aside from rocking her Olympic uniform to perfection she also rocks other attire as a model, not to mention she was a former beauty pageant contestant. You can also find her on the big screen back in her native land of Paraguay as an actress – yes, she’s a jack of many trades.

15 Jaqueline Carvalho

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Volleyball is one of the most beloved sporting games during the Summer Olympics. However, if you ask most dudes, they’ll tell you they prefer women’s volleyball. Why? Well, the answer might be in their revealing attires - similar to the javelin thrower above, female volleyball players wear minimal clothing to keep up with the hot weather. Short shorts and minuscule tops is the dress code on the norm.

Looking back at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, perhaps nobody did it better than Jaqueline Carvalho, the beautiful Brazilian. As if winning back-to-back gold medals wasn’t enough, Jaqueline received worldwide recognition for her stunning looks in her Olympic attire. For what it’s worth, the 34 year old is enjoying motherhood nowadays while still looking stunning as ever.

14 Michelle Jenneke

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Michelle Jenneke became a household name during the 2012 Olympic Games, oddly enough, it wasn’t for her prowess at the Olympic hurdle competition but instead, she received extensive praise for her warm-up routine before the competition. Her dance went absolutely viral and she’s still feeling the effects nowadays with a massive following via Instagram of nearly half a million followers.

A couple of things helped the routine, for one, she’s a stunning Australian blessed with godly genetics from head-to-toe. Her attire was also something we secretly ogled at, hell most of us didn’t even know Diadora was still around till we saw it on her smoking Olympic attire. Still only 24, the beauty continues to work strongly on her craft. We hope to see her terrific routine during the 2020 games.

13 Lolo Jones

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Lolo Jones is a pioneer on this list, she’s one of the few athletes in the world that we’ve ogled at in two separate Olympic Games, summer and winter. Her attire during the Olympic hurdles speaks for itself, Jones is a hell of an athlete and that was best represented by her stunning physique, seriously speaking if you need cheese to be grated, request Lolo’s stomach...

As if competing at the Summer Games in 2012 wasn’t enough, she would reappear as a part of the bobsled team during the 2014 Winter Games. Fast-forward to 2018 and the 35 year old is once again set to reappear at the Winter Games as a part of the bobsled team. She’s taken pictures in the uniform and given the tight spandex feel of the outfit, we couldn’t help but to secretly ogle.

12 Elena Ilinykh

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The sport of figure skating is all about class and the finer things in life, however, certain dude’s like some of us here on The Sportster just can’t help ourselves but to ogle at some of the beautiful women in the domain. After all, it’s not as if the females are dawning turtlenecks and not-so revealing attires. Instead, we’ve had lots of instances in which figure skaters revealed a little too much and that’s in large part because of their smoking Olympic outfits which are usually comprised of a short dress enough to make anyone salivate.

In terms of the country that does it the best in terms of looks in the sport, it’s hard to argue that a nation does it better than Russia. Elena Ilinykh rose to fame during the Sochi Games in large part, due to her stunning looks. She won a bronze medal but in the hearts of many, she was gold worthy in more ways than one.

11 Camille Leblanc Bazinet

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Russians are quite steamy, however, we have to show some love to the Canadians as well who showcase some of the most talented and beautiful female athletes year after year, particularly during the Winter Games. For that reason, Camille Leblanc Bazinet is unlike the norm for a couple of reasons.

The 29 year old is a remarkable athlete thriving in Cross Fit sports. You know you’re worthy when the likes of Sports Illustrated are interested in featuring you in their magazine and website. Not only is the Quebecer strong as hell, but many have secretly ogled at her looks. Granted, a chick with muscle isn’t everyone’s forte, but Bazinet seems to be different with girl next door like features. She’s also shredded to the core.

10 Allison Stokke

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A track and field athlete specializing in the pole vaulting competition, Allison Stokke became a household not only for her prowess in the craft, but also for her stunning looks while rocking the Olympic attire. If you tuned in to watch her pole vault, it’s most likely a big reason for it was to ogle at her beauty just a little bit...

Like lots of other summer athletes on the list, Stokke’s ensemble is made up of short shorts and a revealing top. Although the outfit is mouth-watering, it’s Stokke who’s the real hero of the outfit. She’s a stunning Olympian and therefore it shouldn’t shock anyone that she became a viral name a decade ago. You can still get a glimpse of the 28 year old beauty via Instagram and yes, she’s aged like a fine wine, still looking better than ever somehow.

9 Lindsey Vonn

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Before we start to ogle, let’s take a moment and appreciate the fact that Vonn is set to appear at yet another Winter Olympic competition. The 33 year old beauty easily qualified for the games. Although we love to ogle at her looks, we rarely give credit where credit is due – she’s got such a body given her hours upon hours a day spent inside of a fitness facility. More than a pretty face, she’s one hell of an athlete.

Okay, now to the inappropriateness (you knew it was coming). One can argue that Vonn is one of the most popular female Olympians of all-time and a lot of that has to do with her look. She’s got over a million followers via social media and let’s just say a lot of them aren’t there to keep up-to-date with her ski career. Whether it be rocking a smoking bikini or dawning the ultra-tight Olympic outfit, Vonn’s got us ogling on the norm.

8 McKayla Maroney

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First and foremost, let’s give some love to McKayla for her brave statement against Larry Nassar. Making such a reveal isn’t easy and we applaud her for having the courage.

The now 22 year old is regarded as one of the greatest gymnastic team members of all-time leading the charge at the 2012 games alongside her Fierce Five group members. Maroney made the headlines for her gold medal winning performances, though many couldn’t help but to ogle - not only is she beautiful but her fierce looks got the blood boiling of many watching at home. Sadly, she’s now retired and off social media since posting a controversial video that featured herself dancing in minimal clothing – a video many though that had leaked out accidentally, though that was not the case.

7 Alexandra Saitova

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Admit it, you never thought a curler would be featured among some of the steamiest Olympic athletes? Well, you’re not alone and Alexandra Saitova is one of the exceptions, she’s a smoking Russian blonde and although the curlers attire is extremely tame, we’ve still managed to ogle at her in the ensemble nonetheless.

The now 25 year old took part at the Sochi Winter Games in the curling tournament, although she wasn’t a success on the ice she received worldwide coverage for her dazzling looks. Publications ran rampant with coverage on the curler, there are several revealing shots available of the beauty who cashed in nicely on her fame following the Olympic Games. Sadly, it doesn’t appear as though she’ll be featured at the upcoming games, we’ll miss you Alexandra.

6 Silje Norendal

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It’s almost impossible to look steamy in snowboarding attire, however, don’t tell that to Silje Norendal who’s a rare exception in the sport. Let’s face it, unlike skiers who rock super-tight spandex outfits, snowboarders instead are forced to rock a more baggy attire along with large snow pants. It isn’t the most revealing attire, however, when you take a look at Silje Norendal and her terrific smile in the outfit, you’ll quickly change your minds.

A four-time X-Games gold medalist, the Norwegian is a popular figure in the sport and still so young at the age of 24. She placed just one position off the podium at the 2014 Olympic Games in the Slopestyle contest, with a smile like that she should have been given the gold!

5 Emma Coburn

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Don’t lie, even when runners are a sweaty mess and out of breath, you’re still secretly ogling, we don’t blame you, look at their attires. Runners have low cut tops along with short shorts or underwear type attire - depending on one’s desire. While rocking the ensemble, Olympian Emma Coburn is seriously the total package. She’s got a shredded stomach and is if that wasn’t enough, her legs are also perfectly sculpted.

The Olympian received worldwide praise back in 2016 when she earned a spot on the podium as a bronze medalist in the 3,000 meter steeplechase. She made history becoming the first American Olympian to win a medal at the event, a remarkable achievement given the country’s overall talent at the Olympic Games.

4 Kaetlyn Osmond

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We ogled at the beautiful Russian Olympic figure skater earlier in the article, now, we ogle at a magnificent solo act, the Canadian Kaetlyn Osmond who’s without a doubt one of the steamiest figure skaters in the sport nowadays.

Once again, the revealing nature of the attire makes ogling an absolute must. Osmond has rocked some of the greatest outfits, who can forget her black dress which was not only short, but also featured a revealing cut which likely made you ogle that much more at the young Canadian beauty. Despite her tremendous success at the national level, Kaetlyn is still only 22 with a heck of a future ahead of her. We hope to see more of her at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

3 Jamie Greubel Poser & Aja Evans

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When you look at some of the steamiest duos heading into the 2018 Olympic Games, you likely wouldn’t think that a pair of bobsledders are a top the list. Not only are the pair of Jamie Greubel Poser and Aja Evans impressive Olympic athletes but they also got it going on in the looks department. Don’t lie, you likely ogled at their promotional photo for the Olympic Games in their smoking Olympic outfits, seriously, when did bobsled attires becomes so “Not So PG”?

Creepiness aside, the duo is scheduled to appear at the Winter Games with high hopes of earning a podium finish for their country. With or without a medal, the two Americans will make the headlines, though they hope it’s with gold medals around their necks.


1 Aly Raisman

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Like McKayla, props to Raisman for her recent statement against Larry Nassar. She admitted to almost passing out during the testimonial which just goes to show how much courage her efforts really took.

Not only is Raisman one of the most successful Olympic gymnastics team athletes of all-time, but she’s also insanely beautiful to look at. She was killing it at the last summer games, but many couldn’t help but to ogle at the beauty in silence. Then, during NHL Awards, poor oblivious Marcel Dionne (an NHL legend) broke the silence for millions complementing Raisman on her legs stating, “look at those legs”, his actual words in front of a live crowd and millions watching at home... We’ll give him the pass since he’s of an older age.

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