10 Best Owen Hart Backstage Stories Ever

There is not s wrestling fan or wrestler on this planet that doesn’t miss the legendary Owen Hart. As the youngest of the Stu and Helen’s dozen children, he was doted on growing up, which allowed him to get away with a lot of pranks and ribs growing up. One rib that he did growing up a mere few feet from the Dungeon was record the screams of men being stretched for their dear lives.

Just about every superstar that shared a locker room with the King Of Harts has at least one great Owen rib story. The Rocket just loved to make people laugh. By all accounts, he didn’t do anything mean, just incredibly outrageous to make himself and everyone around him laugh.

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10 The Vampire’s Watch

Let it be said that Owen Hart was a very patient man, at least when it came to this rib. At a show, while the vampire, Gangrel was in the ring Owen snagged guy’s watch. When Gangrel got back there he searched frantically for it. Owen even helped. Obviously, he didn’t find it. Months later, when the company came back to town, Gangrel’s watched “magically reappeared.”

9 Deadly Bags Of Concessions

During the late nineties, House Shows weren’t just places to try out spots you might want to pull out on the big shows, they took advantage of not being on camera. Naturally, a couple of merry wrestlers like Mick Foley and Owen would find ways to find the funny during their encounter.

Both men seemingly had one mission in mind: make the guest referee, Stone Cold Steve Austin crack up. The two beat one another with light bags of cup lids and popcorn—each man sold like they were in devastating pain.

8 Luger’s A Weakling

Despite what some fans might’ve thought about his in-ring ability, the Total Package, Lex Luger was certainly put together. He was just too easy to rib. Besides Perfect ripping off sections of his Narcissist gear.

When he and his then partner, Davey Boy, came up against Owen, he was unable to hoist the Rocket up to launch him. Not only was Owen sandbagging him for fun, as soon as Davey Boy would come in, Owen would work with his brother-in-law and go right up like a feather.

7 Trying Stu

No one was immune from getting ribbed by the King Of Harts, not even the patriarch himself, Stu. The Big Tiger had come with Bret and Owen to WrestleMania weekend in Atlantic City. While Stu was with Bret, hey received a phone call from Stu’s good friend and former wrestler, Reggie Parks.

While the two legends were friends, Bret couldn’t understand why all of a sudden, Stu was getting hot wanting to take Reggie on. Stu then put the phone down looked at Bret and realized it—“Owen got me.”

6 Spiking The King’s Chili

For years the Kansas City territory was the domain of Harley Race. Afterward, whenever the WWE could come to town, the King would host huge barbecue gatherings at his home. Which meant the perfect time for the King Of Harts to get a lot of people at one time.

On one of these epic Harley gatherings, Owen dumped a bunch of hot sauce into the chili, leaving everyone gasping for air and rushing for water. Once Harley spotted Owen not doing any of that, he knew who had been behind the prank.

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5 Hacking Hacksaw

After a long night in the arena and longer travel to the hotel, all the superstars want to do is just get in their room, go to sleep, or hit the gym, which meant the perfect time for Owen to strike.

This time, his target was Hacksaw Jim Duggan. One night, Duggan gave a ring to the front desk and asked where he could get his swoll on. Owen Hart took the phone from the attendant and told Duggan “why don’t you look it up yourself, you lazy bastard, and, if you don’t like it, come down here and do something about it.”

When the desk clerk pleaded with Owen to tell the truth, The Rocket insisted that the clerk just relax and when Duggan asks to tell him it was Jim Powers.

4 Pranking The Chairman

Did you think that, since Vince McMahon’s name and company was on Owen’s checks, that the Boss would be safe from the Rocket’s ribs? It might be the best one of all, too.

During the feud between Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Henry Godwinn, the two got it on in a Hog Pen Match. They’d be working inside of a makeshift hog pen, complete with a bunch of pigs. When the animals arrived at the arena, Owen quickly showed the handlers where to bring them—Vince’s office.

3 Coca-“Cole-a”

Poor Michael Cole. The guy survived being a war correspondent only to come home, get a job with WWE, and basically be ribbed by anyone and everyone during his early years.

Speaking of “poor,” that’s exactly what Owen did when the new announcer had to interview him in 1997. Owen poured Coca-Cola down Cole’s pants right as they went to air. Cole actually no-sold it for the interview.

2 Raising Ramon’s Ire

Lex Luger wasn’t the only superstar Owen would rib during a match. Several others got it as well, most notably Razor Ramon. During a big tag match in Jerusalem between Bret and Razor vs. Owen and HBK, Owen worked Razor in a big way.

As Razor twisted his arm, Owen mimed smoking a cigarette. When he tried to lift the Rocket, Owen went dead weight, cracking up Bret and Shawn. Once outside the ring Owen maniacally attacked Razor with cables, unbeknownst to the Bad Guy, Owen hogtied him.

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1 Owens On Drugs

By all accounts, Owen never did a drug a day in his life, which would explain why he didn’t necessarily know how someone on drugs would act. One such day, AEW commentator Jim Ross, then the WWE Head Of Talent Relations, had to drop the hammer down on a repeat offender.

Owen, sensing Ross was feeling bad about it, doused his nose in donut powder and proceeded to stumble towards Good Ol’ JR. Since JR had, unfortunately, seen one or two people all souped-up during his career, he saw right through the King Of Harts.

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