Top 15 Steamiest Women In Sports Movies

We all know that there are some smoking hot female actresses that capture our undivided attention for various reasons. We also know that there have been some of the best and worst sports flicks in movie history that have equally drawn our focus. Now when you combine beautiful women and sports, it's like peanut butter and jam, a timeless classic loved by all.

While some of the following fifteen characters/actresses are listed because of their obvious smoking-hot looks, others are girl-next-door quiet types that make you actually think you may have a chance of hooking up with them and not just heading home for a lonely night in the basement. A number of these movies have left fans claiming for a part two to be written, but we doubt that in doing so it would do justice to the movie or the characters themselves. Whether you watched the movie for the comedy or the motivational inspiration, either way you more than likely have left walked away remembering one or more of these fifteen steamy actresses.

15 Claudia (Vanessa Angel) - Kingpin

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If there is anything that could possibly make bowling steamy, it was Vanessa Angel in the best bowling movie ever made. While we highly doubt that a pair of pumps make for quality bowling shoes or that there has ever been a better use for that little hand dryer on the ball return thingy, who are we to judge. Sure one could see from a mile away that Claudia was going to end up leaving Stanley for Roy in the typical bad girl falls for the good guy love story, but are we really going to sit here and critique the plot of a movie like Kingpin?

Playing the character of Claudia seems to be the typical role for Angel as her resume includes such movies as Hall Pass and a number of National Lampoon's flicks. All we know is two things. One, the sport of bowling would be a heck of a lot more popular if there were a lot more Claudia's in the alley and two, there would be a lot more gutter balls thrown...

14 Kate Veatch (Christine Taylor) - Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

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There is something about Taylor wearing a slightly unbuttoned white blouse that would make a man want to "dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge" a million red balls in order to have a chance at her character Kate Veatch.

Apparently fans of the movie weren't the only ones who thought Taylor was smoking hot, as her husband Ben Stiller may have had some influence in her getting the leading lady role in the movie, let alone a number of other roles prior or after Dodgeball. Now maybe it's just us reading into it, but did anyone else find it awkward when the Dodgeball Charity Reunion commercial featured a part when Kate threw up in her mouth just a little while talking with White Goodman? Unfortunately for fans of the still hot 46 year old mom of two, her recent role on the TBS show Search Party isn't all that promising.

13 Virginia Venit (Julie Bowen) - Happy Gilmore

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Some question as to whether or not golf is really a sport and some may question as to whether or not Happy Gilmore is a sports movie. Well the answers to both questions are yes. Now that we have clarified those two pressing questions we can get to the point of adding Virginia Venit to the list.

As the subtly sensual Public Relations expert in Happy Gilmore, Venit may have two of the most famous jugs (of beer) in golf movie history. While we can certainly do without picturing Happy's grandmother in the middle of our dream, the visual of seeing Virginia roaming around it white satin and lace lingerie makes us want to go to our own "happy place". After numerous movie and television roles, including her breakout role in Boston Legal, Bowen has found her ultimate success as Claire Dunphy on the award winning Modern Family.

12 Darcy Sears (Ali Larter) - Varsity Blues

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There is something about Ali Larter that screams "girl next door" and yet there is also something about her that screams "drop dead gorgeous". We should start listening to the voices in our heads more often.

As the head cheerleader of the West Canaan Coyotes, Darcy Sears sexiness, attitude and snug fitting cheerleading outfit made her way into all teenage football players wildest dreams. Speaking of dreaming, there had to be plenty of them following her whip cream bikini scene..... James Van Der Beek must have had some serious duct tape action going on in order to get through that shot! If that wasn't enough there is also the strip sequence with JVDB during a car ride home.

Varsity Blues wasn't the only sports action that Larter has been a part of during her career, she also played a very sexy sports agent in the short lived TV show Pitch.

11 Isis (Gabrielle Union) - Bring It On

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Okay, let's clear the air right off the bat, yes thinking that Gabby was a smoking hot cheerleader even though her character was only 16 is a little creepy. There, we said it. But, all things considered, at the time, Union was a 26 year old playing a 16 year old, therefore we were really drawn to someone who was of legal age, therefore less creepy.

Leapfrog forward nearly twenty years and the now 45 year old East Compton Clover looks like she has hardly aged a bit. With the same spunk and attitude in real life that her Isis character did in the classic cheerleading flick, Union has been known to express her knowledge and feelings about the game to her husband Dwyane Wade, who is currently seeking his fourth NBA ring with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now the question we all want to know is, does she still rock the same Clovers outfit from time to time? And if she rocks the same dance as she did in Cradle 2 The Grave, then Wade just keeps on winning.

10 Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) - Blue Crush

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There are a couple of classic surfing flicks that top Blue Crush when it comes to riding the waves. The Endless Summer, Soul Surfer and North Shore are all top notch films (regardless of how cheesy they may or may not be). However, none of those had the stunning visual that was Kate Bosworth as the leading character. Like how could any film not be ranked among the best when the main character Anna Chadwick is roaming around most of the film in a bikini.

Filmed when she was only 18, Bosworth's career catapulted off of the success of Blue Crush and while the now 35 year old blonde beauty has yet to earn any major film awards, her roles increased dramatically in size and value. While the equally sexy Sasha Jackson filled the lead role in Blue Crush 2, it didn't have nearly the success as the original.

9 Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym) - Stick It

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Long before she became known as Andy McNally on the short-lived and cancelled way to soon TV series Rookie Blue, the sexy 36 year old Canadian found herself donning a unitard in the 2006 gymnastics flick. After years of supporting roles on the small screen, Stick It was Peregrym's first venture onto the big screen - which for fans meant a chance to see the then 23 year old beauty in a skin tight outfit for countless scenes, not to mention her in a skin tight outfit contorting her body in a number of ways that let the imagination run wild.

Oh, did we mention how training for Stick It turned her body into one of the sexiest figures in Hollywood? While her movie career has been short-lived, Peregrym has once again found success on television playing the role of Scarlett Harker on SyFy's vampire hit Van Helsing. Now we just have to have a word with her about chopping off her once long beautiful hair.

8 Annabelle Farrell (Brooke Langdon) - The Replacements

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Langdon joins a number of females on this list as sexy sideline supporters that leave a memorable picture in our mental Rolodex. You know how Joey Lauren Adams had that raspy sexy voice in all those Kevin Smith flicks? Yea, well add that to a skimpy cheerleaders uniform that displayed her goods and Langdon gives us good reason to include her on this list.

Actually come to think of it, there is a whole squad of scantily clad dancers and strippers who made up the replacement cheerleading squad. Just one question, while it's understandable that the team needed replacement players due to the strike, why would the original cheerleading squad? Are players and cheerleaders filed under the same union?  Oh well, lucky for us they were, otherwise Langdon would have never made this list.

7 Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) - Love and Basketball

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It's been nearly 17 years since fans saw Monica and Quincy McCall hit the courts in the small budget but big fan following hoops flick. While it isn't Hoosiers or He Got Game, L&B did a pretty good job depicting the game both on and off the court.

It also did a great job of blowing up Lathan's career into the big time. After some TV and bit part movie appearances, Lathan's role as Wright launched her career. Now sure there were some cheesy moments that made fans shake their heads, but as a baller, you had to appreciate Wright's game. Now honestly, hands up, how many of us wish we were in that dorm room playing one-on-one with Sanaa Lathan? Okay, hands down everyone.

6 Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) - Any Given Sunday

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Some guys like a powerful controlling woman. Look no further than Christina Pagniacci, the owner of the Miami Sharks. Now most of us are used to the bubbly, sexy, fun loving Diaz characters like bootie shaking Natalie Cook (Charlie's Angels) or the strip teasing Christina Walters (Sweetest Thing), but the change of pace into a more serious role provided viewers with a sexiness of a different kind.

Now was it realistic to have a female in the role of owner/manager of a pro football team, probably not. Was it a way of getting a sexy leading lady into the movie, definitely so. Although we didn't get a quirky scantily clad scene out of Diaz, we got to see more of a powerful front office female view of the blonde beauty. Oh and did we mention the form fitting dresses? Now at 45 years old, Diaz has taken a well deserved hiatus from filming for the last three years, with her final role to date in the latest film adaptation of Annie.

5 Autumn Haley (Halle Berry) - The Program

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Shoot, with a tutor like Autumn Haley you know that would be enough incentive for us to go to class. Hell, we might even do some work. Who cares if she had a boyfriend the size of Alvin Mack...okay, that might scare us off a bit.

While the movie itself wasn't the box office success, it did become a cult classic for a variety of reasons. Considering it is the weekend of the NCAA Championship, it is only fitting to throw in a NCAA football flick on this list. Sure we didn't get to see the sexy Halle Berry that other movies like Swordfish or Die Another Day portrayed, but if Autumn Haley paraded around like Ginger or Jinx Johnson, we would have failed our classes for sure.

4 Yvette Denslow (Jenny McCarthy) - BASEketball

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Back in the 90s, you would have been hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't have Jenny McCarthy on their top ten hot list. 25 to 30 years later her place on that list may still be intact. As an actress though, well that is a completely different story.

On a whole, BASEketball was pretty dumb, even when compared to some of the other comedy movies on this list, but that's what you get out of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. However they do get some credit for giving us Yvette Denslow (McCarthy) and Jenna Reed (Yasmine Bleeth). When you combine all of the sexual innuendos that McCarthy's character had in the flick with the former Playboy Playmate of the Year, well that just makes for one hell of a fantasy. While most of McCarthy's roles, either on big screen or television cater to her fun loving, quirky attitude, there is a serious side to the now 45 year old actress. Fittingly for McCarthy, her last feature film, Tooken, was a spoof on the Taken movie trilogy.

3 Lucy Draper (Kathy Ireland) - Necessary Roughness

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Easily the sexiest kicker in all of football history, the former swimsuit model, who even at her current age of 54 is still capable of turning heads, was the ultimate California girl back in the late 80s and throughout the 90s. Although her role with the Texas State Fightin' Armadillos wasn't exactly earth shattering acting, it certainly made it worth having to see Manumana's rear end and an awkward camera angle for a period of time.

Oh did we mention Kathy Ireland wrapped in just a towel before heading into a steamy shower? Sorry, our bad. Now considering that she was able to boot the ball with easy from 40 yards out, there may have been some NFL teams that could have used Draper's leg during that era.

2 Laila (Zoe Saldana) - Drumline

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Was Drumline really a sports movie? Depends on how you look at it. We'll consider it eligible for this list based on the fact that there was football involved as well as cheerleaders and the halftime band performance, all of which make up a typical high school or NCAA event. Now what we want to know is how a freshman like Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) could catch the eye of the North Carolina A&T State University's hottest cheerleader, who is also an upperclassman?

We aren't saying that you can't fall for someone younger than you, but don't you think that Laila's crew would be giving her more of a hard time for hooking up with an immature first year student. At 23 years old, Drumline became a launching pad for Saldana who went on to bigger hits like Avatar, Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy. For those who enjoy cheesy flicks, they actually made a Drumline 2 (straight to TV) that kickstarted the career of the beautiful Alexandra Shipp. Do we see a pattern here?

1 Gloria Clemente (Rosie Perez) - White Men Can't Jump

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Kanye West may have disrespected Rosie Perez's twins, but for fans of Gloria Clemente, we were all thinking the same thing back in 1992 when the second greatest basketball flick ever was released. While she was loyal to her boyfriend Billy for a long period of time, a ride or die chick if we ever saw one, considering all the crap he went through with the Stucci Brothers, what we question is - was Gloria in the gym (or on the concrete if you will) with Billy when he was putting up all those jumpers?

If Gloria ever needed a late night study buddy for another run on Jeopardy, chances are plenty of ballers would gladly help memorize irrelevant facts and pass her a glass of water when she got dehydrated. Rumors of a WMCJ 2 have been circulating around and while it may not do the original justice, fans would be more than happy to see Gloria roller-skate up to the court one more time.

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